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Our Rules

1. List members MUST be over 18.


2. Sorry, but we're not accepting f/f slash stories.  However, primarily m/m slash stories that also contain f/f slash are accepted.  If in doubt, contact the moderators.


3. No "real person" fics.  Keep your George, Noah, Eriq, Goran, Tony, Paul, Mekhi, Sharif and Erik fics in the drawer.


4. No slash involving underage characters will be allowed.  If you have a situation that involves a character remembering something that happened to them as a child, and you're not sure if that counts as underage sex, then check with the moderators and we'll let you know if it's acceptable for posting on this group.


5. Crossover stories are acceptable.


6. Spoiler warnings should be given.


7. Kink is acceptable, but please give a warning in your introduction.  Below are a few examples of what could be considered as 'kink', but if in doubt, remember to contact the list owners for clarification:



Non-consensual sexual contact

Mental torture







Toys/non-human objects




Drugs of any kind





8. Please do not post any petitions, advertisements for other yahoo groups or web sites, or advertisements for conventions without first checking with the moderators.


9. Please provide a valid email address (at least in the story) so people can contact you with feedback or questions that they might not feel comfortable posting to the list. If you don't want private contact, then you still need to provide a valid e-mail address to the list owners.


10.  All stories posted to ERROS will be archived at the ERROS web site (www.errealmofslash.com).  If you do NOT want your story archived, then please state that clearly when you post.


10. Other rules may be added, if the list members determine they're necessary.


11. This is supposed to be FUN!


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