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Hi, Welcome 

to the mirror web site for the ER Realm of Slash, ERROS.  We started this group to give ER-centered slash writers a forum to discuss writing, post stories, and have friendly discussions.  ERROS contains NC-17 (or lower rated) ER male slash (although we will allow stories that have female slash provided they are a part of an overall male slash story) fanfiction. Crossovers with other shows are allowed, but no "real person" stories, please.

This list is still evolving, so at the moment, members can post unfinished stories for critique, as well as completed series.

Types of stories?  We'll play it by ear, for now.  We definitely will not allow any stories that portray anyone engaging in relations with someone under age 18, but other than that, we're pretty open-minded.  We do ask that if you post a story that contains anything kinky that you place a warning of some kind in the subject line and then list the kink in your introduction to the story (please see the "rules" section for additional information).  If, after reading the rules, you should have any questions about what is and is not allowed, please contact the list owners.

Given the adult nature of this list, you MUST be 18 or older to be a member.


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