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Summary: Author's Disclaimer: "Emergency!" belongs to Mark VII Productions and
Universal Studios. "ER" belongs to Warner Bros. No copyright
infringement is intended in any way, but this story is strictly
supposed to be fun. I have no knowledge about medical background and
canon “ER” characters. Any errors are strictly mine alone.
Author’s Credits: My special thanks to Cathy R., Mosca, and Beverly M.
from the ERROS Fan Fiction List for answering my questions regarding
the ER show and characters. My thanks to Becky for the beta! :o)
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Regular Characters: Other-Male, Peter Benton
Genres: Crossover
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Word count: 9304 Read: 8791
Published: October 28, 2004 Updated: October 28, 2004

1. Chapter One by Rainbow SweetPea51 [Reviews - 1] (9304 words)