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Summary: SPOILERS: ER - Up to "Lockdown", BTVS - Up to "Grave"

LAST EPISODES SEEN: ER - "Lockdown", Season 8 Finale; BTVS - "Grave", Season 6 Finale.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER, that's owned by Warner Brothers, Amblin and a load of people with more money than I will ever have. I also don't own Buffy, that's owned by Mutant Enemy, et.al, I would love to own Carter and Spike and use them as the perfect bread for a Susan sandwich.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: First off, although this chapter isn't, this series will be NC-17 for het and slash. this is me, we're talking about, remember? With the cliffhangers on both shows (mainly ER), I've decided to fill in the blanks. For BTVS, Willow, was of course, "saved" (or whatever the term is) in the finale, though she's going through a great deal of grief over Tara's death and her skinning of Warren, and that whole trying to destroy the world thing. Spike has been resouled and is back in Sunnydale but has yet to contact the Scoobies because of the "attempted rape" and a bunch of issues/guilt associated with now having a soul. Giles is still in town, I figure that this episode takes place about a week after "Grave" on the Buffy side of things. For ER, the mysterious disease did in fact turn out to be smallpox, albeit a weakened strain. Everyone in the ER was given the vaccine in time, except for Pratt, who died (I wish!). Hey, he can die, this is my alternate universe, okay, Pratt is dead and Deb mysteriously survived. It's about two weeks after the "outbreak" and things have pretty much returned to normal, or as normal as things at County get. So without further adieu, here's the beginning of what seems like it's going to be a VERY long story.
Rated: NC-17
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Published: September 14, 2004 Updated: September 14, 2004

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