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Sunlight streamed into the opened curtains of the cabin, and Luka woke with a smile on his face. There were various reasons for this -- first of all he had slept better than he had in ages, no doubt due to the gentle rocking that the ship had offered them. But there was another reason as well. It had been ages since he had been so satiated before falling into a deep sleep. And last night had offered that to Luka.

Looking down at the figure by his side, he noticed that his lover was still fast asleep. Luka did not want to wake him, but John looked so peaceful, he could not resist placing a soft kiss on top of his head.

Still John didn't stir, so Luka made his way out of the bed, intent on taking a shower before waking John to go to breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later, Luka was completely cleaned and freshly shaven. With a soft smile on his face he made his way back into the bedroom, only a towel draped around his waist.

"Come on, John...it's time to wake up," Luka quipped, his voice a little above a whisper. "I promise...there's coffee waiting for you if you do..."

One of the features of the suite was that the maids came into the sitting room in the early morning hours to start enough coffee for all of its occupants, and Luka could already smell the fragrance from beneath John's bedroom door.

Yes. This was a *very* nice way to start their vacation...

John had awakened slowly, mostly due to the sound of water falling somewhere. Sleepy, he had reached out, hoping to touch Dave, but his hand found a cold sheet instead, and that made him wake up enough to remember he was on a cruise ship and *had* been in bed with Luka, not Dave.

Never again with Dave.

The sounds of water ended -- Luka's shower, John had figured out, and John found himself somewhat saddened that he hadn't been invited to join Luka with that. Still, opening his eyes to the site of Luka Kovac clad only in a towel -- and promising coffee, wasn't something to sneeze at.

John slowly smiled. "Are you going to bring it to me here in bed or do I actually have to move in order to get it?"

"Oh...I might be convinced to bring you a cup," Luka said, unable to resist even for a moment the cute look that John was giving him. Luka made his way out to the sitting room, and quickly fixed two cups of coffee to bring back in. Years of working with John in the ER had helped him learn what kind of coffee John liked...and he figured that they were both in for a treat with the gourmet coffee they had on board ship.

Luka handed John a cup and then sat on the edge of the bed to talk about their plans for the day.

"I figure that as soon as you were ready, we could go find the breakfast buffet...and then maybe explore the ship a little bit? I understand that there is a lot to see...and if this is going to be our home for two weeks, then I want to know where we are going," Luka commented as he held the hot beverage in his hand.

The previous night had been wonderful...but part of him was still wondering if perhaps they were moving things a little too fast. At least, for himself. Dave was not in the picture anymore as a reality...but as someone inside of John's mind...he was not too sure of that...

"That's a good idea. I noticed they have a gym and spa on board, and a massage would be great." John took a long sip of the hot coffee, savoring its richness. It was like what he had at home and, thankfully, nothing like what they had to put up with at work.

"Yes. A massage would be wonderful..." Luka had noticed that they offered special massages for two, but he was hesitant to suggest anything like that. Again, Luka did not want to push John into anything he wasn't ready for.

"What do you say that you finish up your coffee, so you can take a shower and we can go get something to eat?" Though, Luka had to admit, the sight before him was one he could very easily get used to seeing regularly as well.

"You underestimate me, Luka," John said as he crawled out from under the covers. "I perfected the art of drinking coffee while showering a long time ago. Give me fifteen minutes and we can go." John went into the bathroom and started the water, taking several large gulps of the coffee as he waited for the water to become hot. When it was, he put the cup on the counter and then stepped under the hot spray, sighing as the heat seeped into his aching back. A massage was definitely going to be on his schedule for the day.

Luka smiled after John as he slipped into the shower. He took a moment to finish his coffee, and then got up, intent on going back to his bedroom to gather his clothing for the day. He still had to unpack. But there was plenty of time for that later.

Still with a smile on his face, Luka opened up the door and spotted Randi on the couch, with a rather mischievous grin on her face. At first Luka was embarrassed, but then he realized - this woman had seen him with a *lot* less than a towel on. "Good Morning, Randi. I hope you had a good night's sleep..."

She grinned back at him, running her eyes up and down his body. "I had a great night. Can't say I slept all that much, though. And you?"

"As if you have to ask," Maggie said as she walked out of their bedroom. "God, Luka, if you keep on making John scream like that then you're going to have security here before too long. As it was, I was surprised they didn't come knocking on the door last night." She poured herself a cup of coffee as she spoke, grinning the entire time. "Maybe Randi and I need to take, shall we say, appropriate steps, to ensure that we get a good rest every night?"

Randi snickered. "Actually, Maggie, I had my eyes on some of the boutiques. I promised souvenirs of the cruise to quite a few people and it would be nice to not to have to pay for them all myself."

Luka blushed as the ladies spoke -- he hadn't really realized that they were being that loud...but then again...John had a way of being rather...verbal when in the heat of the moment. As for security, Luka was quite sure they were used to those kinds of sounds coming from the rooms of this ship, especially during this week -- but he was not going to argue with them.

As Maggie and Randi continued, however, his embarrassment went away, and his look turned quickly to one of curiosity. "What do you mean...appropriate steps...and what are you talking about...having to pay for souvenirs...did you not bring enough extra money with you on the cruise? Do you need to borrow some cash?"

Maggie and Randi looked at each other and laughed, but it was Maggie who spoke. "Oh, we brought plenty of cash, but I can think of things I'd much rather spend it on besides souvenirs."

"Who's getting souvenirs?" John asked as he stepped out of the bedroom dressed in casual pants and shirt, with sandals in hand.

"Well, you and Luka are going to be buying them, but our friends and family will be the ones receiving them," Randi said as Maggie disappeared into their bedroom.

Luka, who was still dressed in only a towel, looked from Randi, then to John, and back to Randi again. He was feeling quite underdressed to be having a silly conversation like this. "What are you talking about? Why would we have to buy you anything, Randi?" Luka was completely confused.

"Well, we might get you a lei once we dock in Hawaii," John said with a smirk, "but other than that, I agree with Luka. Why would we have to buy you anything?"

"Because Randi has computer skills, her own website *and* a scanner," Maggie said as she came back into the room, something in her hand. She waved her hand in the air. "What I have here, *gentlemen* is the photographic evidence of just how well you each perform when giving a blow job." She looked at the top picture. "I must say, you two are extremely photogenic, maybe we should just go ahead and put these on Randi's site anyway."

"W...what?" Luka felt his face go pale, and he moved his hands from where it was holding his towel up, not caring if the thing fell, in an attempt to try to get these supposed pictures back from Maggie. "When...when did you..."

Luka's mind went back to when they were first alone in the hotel suite in California, and the two of them had not known that Maggie and Randi were watching them. That must have been...Luka cast a panicked glance back to John. He knew that neither of them were exactly out at the hospital, and this would be a *very* bad thing to have happen...

"Blackmail *is* illegal, Maggie. Are you really sure that you two want to risk having Randi go back to jail by violating her parole?" John asked. Although he would do whatever it took to keep those photos off of the Internet, he was more interested in getting his hands on the pictures, thankful they were Polaroid's with no negatives.

"I'm free and clear now," Randi said. "No parole, no probation." But she really didn't plan to push the guys any about the money. She was willing to settle for a luau in Hawaii as payment. It was something she and Maggie had discussed last night when John and Luka were keeping them awake. Already sated, they didn't have anything better to do, and they both agreed that an authentic luau was just what they all needed. Randi looked over at Maggie, ready to let her lover continue the negotiations.

John's face fell when he heard that Randi wasn't in any danger of going back to prison. Not that he would have wanted her to go, but it *had* been something that he could have used against her. Sighing, he looked over at Luka, then followed Randi's gaze to Maggie. "Fine. Name your terms," he said.

Maggie thought about this for a moment, and realized that they had indeed won. Holding the pictures just out of reach of John, she began to rattle off the first things that had come into her head. "First of all, we want carte blanche with your credit cards. We both feel that we need to have something very nice to remember this trip by, and you're going to buy that for us...and the second thing...is for all of us. We want to have a luau when we get to Hawaii."

Maggie smiled over to Randi, waggling her eyebrows. She figured she'd open up with the world, and hope to get the luau in return.

"My credit cards, huh?" John said as he sat down on the couch beside Randi. He bent over and began to put on his sandals, pretending to think over Maggie's demands. When he finally straightened up, he leaned back against the cushions and shook his head. "I don't think so. I'm afraid you're going to have to go ahead and put those pictures on Randi's web site."

John saw Luka's scowl, but he couldn't even risk winking at him to let him know he had things under control. He just hoped that Luka would stay quiet until he was done with all he had to say.

"I do hope that when your father was working as a police officer that he met a lot of lawyers, Maggie, because you and Randi will definitely need one when Luka and I sue the two of you after those pictures are posted."

Maggie considered this for a moment, and then turned towards Randi. "Excuse me while I consult with my partner," she said, as she pulled Randi aside.

While the girls were talking, Luka made his way over towards John. "What are you doing? Are you really going to let them put those pictures of us on the Internet? I'm not sure I feel very comfortable with this... I really like to try to keep my private life private, John..."

"Luka, they're not going to put those photos on the Internet, trust me on this, okay?" John said. "Why don't you go on and get dressed and I'm sure that when you come back out here, everything will be settled." John wanted to hug Luka and give him a quick kiss of assurance, but he didn't think Luka would be too appreciative of the affection at that moment. "Go on, I've got this covered. If it's one thing the Carter family knows how to deal with, it's blackmail, and I mean the serious kind, not this play acting stuff the girls are pulling."

Luka thought for a moment, and then nodded. He had no choice but to trust John, so without saying a word to anyone in the room, he headed into his bedroom, intent on getting ready for the day.

The girls, meanwhile, had finished their meeting, and watched as Luka left the room.

"We've had a discussion," Maggie said, looking over to John. "And we're willing to negotiate..."

John looked her directly in the eyes, but didn't dare smile. "Go on. I'm listening."

Maggie felt a bristle run through her, but didn't back down. Damn. Neither she nor Randi had estimated that Carter was going to be this much of a hard ass about this.

"How about we just have something where we all win. We give you back these photos...and you buy us all a luau on the big island once we get there..." Maggie rose a brow. That seemed fair enough...

"Let me see if I have this straight. You give me *all* of the Polaroids now, and, in return, you will have faith that once we reach Hawaii, I'll treat all of us to a luau. Do I have that right?" He evenly asked. On one hand he was enjoying the little 'game', but on the other hand, John felt a bit hurt that Maggie and Randi thought they'd have to twist his arm in order to get him to treat them, to treat *all* of them, to something.

"Yup. You've got it right, Carter. It's pretty simple. A little give and take. You give us what we want; we give you what you want. Consider it a little revenge for being a *bit* too loud while you were in the sack last night," Maggie teased, as she waved the pictures in front of his face.

John's eyebrows rose and he slowly smiled. "I can see where you might be a bit perturbed over having your *sleep* disturbed last night. How about this? Give me twenty minutes of your time right now, and if I make you scream, then you hand over those photos without another word or demand. If I don't make you scream, then you get your luau *and* I'll ask Luka to take the two of you shopping for souvenirs, but he'll keep my credit card, and there will be a spending limit of, oh, say five hundred dollars each.

Maggie looked over to Randi...and then back to Carter. Hell. Either way, she won. And odds were pretty damned good that they would be getting their luau after all since Carter did *not* make her dress blow up. Without another word to Randi, *Hell* she had given the guy a blow job the night before, Maggie smiled. "You're on, Carter."

"Your room or mine?" he asked, hardly believing she had said yes. He had always found Maggie attractive, even once he knew she was a lesbian, and he was looking forward to having the chance to show her that his oral skills were just as good when he was with a woman as when he was with a man.

"Yours. After all, it seems to be where all of the loud action is," Maggie replied, grinning over towards Randi.

"Oh. No *way* are you going to have this done without me watching," Randi quipped. Just then, the door to Luka's room opened, and he stepped out wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt and a pair of shorts. He had overheard the part about Randi watching, and he eyed John to find out exactly what was going on.

"Luka, why don't you and Randi head on to the breakfast buffet while Maggie and I bring the negotiations to an end?" John asked. While he really didn't care if Randi watched or not, he really wanted to be alone while he tried to make Maggie scream with pleasure -- both to save his pride if he failed, and, also to test her trustworthiness if he didn't.

Randi looked disappointed, but by the same token, being alone with the Croatian hunk had its appeal too. She was sure the he was still attracted to women...and well...if Carter wanted to try to make moves on her lesbian girlfriend...who was she to argue?

Luka felt a slight twinge of jealousy, but it soon passed as Randi slipped an arm through his. And with a final look towards John, he led Randi out of the room towards the elevators.

Maggie turned back towards Carter with a grin. "Well. I've heard that your tongue is magical. I guess I'm about to find out if it's true or not. I figure, either way, I'll end up satisfied out of this."

"Most definitely," John agreed with a grin. He got to his feet and walked over to Maggie, then scooped her up into his arms. "I think that when the twenty minutes are over, we're both going to be wishing we had more time."

He reached up and plucked the photographs out of her hand, then tossed them onto the table as he walked by it on the way to her bedroom. "You don't need those any more."

She didn't argue with the guy -- but she marveled at the fact that he had managed to get the pictures away from her, without her actually *getting* anything out of it yet. "I hope this doesn't mean that you won't carry out your end of the bargain," she quipped as she let him carry her into the bedroom. "After all, I just lost my ammunition..."

John simply smiled as he lowered Maggie to the bed. Then he began to undress her, starting with her shirt, and nuzzling her skin as it was revealed to him. She smelled of a minty shower gel and she wasn't wearing a bra under her shirt. Which made it all the easier for him to suckle at her breasts.

Maggie furrowed her brow as John laid her down onto the bed. This was *not* how she expected the morning to turn out...and she had to admit that this was pretty intriguing. Well, John *did* seem to know what he was doing...but still...this was a guy...she couldn't remember the last time she had been with a guy...and she had *never* enjoyed it when she had been.

So she simply lay back, and decided to let Carter do *all* of the work.

John had never been with a reluctant woman before, let alone a lesbian, so he found Maggie's stillness more of a challenge than an insult. He'd show her that the sex of the person giving you pleasure didn't matter -- what mattered was the gift itself.

He finally had her shirt removed and he kissed his way over her belly and then skipped her shorts to go to the skin of her lower thighs, delaying the moment when he would touch his tongue to most intimate part. It was a joy to let his tongue caress her legs -- she was freshly shaved and the skin was smooth and even.

It was just as much a joy to notice the way her legs would move, and he wondered if it was reflex or if he was starting to get to Maggie.

Her eyes fluttered closed -- she had no choice in the matter -- Carter was *very* good at this, much as she didn't want to admit it. However, there was something that Maggie was good at that she was going to use to her advantage. Years of having sex in odd places had made it so Maggie was a very quiet lover. And therefore, she *knew* that she was at an advantage. If Carter was able to make her scream, despite all of her efforts not to -- then he truly would have won fair and square.

Meanwhile, with only a bit of her guard up, she intended on fully enjoying all of this. It was almost like a warm bath over her body, and she was instantly glad that she had shaved and waxed in preparation for the cruise. She was hairless everywhere because that was how Randi liked it.

John was tempted to look at his watch, to see how much time he had left, but he resisted that urge. As much as he was enjoying Maggie's legs, it was now time to move to a part of her body that he knew he would enjoy even more. He easily undid her belt and slid the zipper down. His lips lightly caressed her belly as he bared it when he pulled her shorts down, and he was pleasantly surprised to find more and more smooth skin. Granted, all four of them had been in various states of undress the evening before, but John's attention hadn't been on Maggie, but rather on Luka and Randi. Even in the car on the way to the pier, his attention was firmly on Luka and not on Maggie and Randi. All in all, getting to see her this way now was a nice surprise.

When he finally had Maggie completely undressed, he sat back on his haunches and ran his hand over her naked -- in every sense of the word -- skin. As he reveled in the silkiness, he found himself wondering if his own skin would feel as good hairless as Maggie's felt.

"How?" he asked her, hoping she'd know what he meant. If she waxed or something, then there was no way he'd do that, but if it was some other method...although John wasn't quite sure he'd trust a razor near his pride and joy, either.

She was biting her lip, refusing to give into the feelings that Carter was invoking in her...because like it or not...he *was* invoking them, and she opened her eyes, surprised, when he stopped kissing her and he spoke.

"Shaving...and some waxing around the edges," she said, raising a brow. "Why...are you interested in being completely shaved, Carter? You know, I can do that for you..." She grinned broadly, not believing for a moment that Carter would take her up on it.

"You're probably about the only person I'd trust to do that, too, you know. Okay. We can be a little late for breakfast." He quickly lowered his head and began his oral assault, half afraid that if he kept looking at Maggie he'd back out of what he had just agreed to have her do. He remembered seeing pictures of gay men who were smooth. It had been one time, after he had first let Dave do him, when they had gone onto the Internet to find out the 'correct' way to do things, and they had stumbled across an endless number of photos that depicted what they had in mind and then some.

Maggie was genuinely surprised. Carter was going to let her shave him? Now that was something. Now, if she could just focus on the way that razors moved over smooth skin instead of that glorious thing that Carter was doing with his tongue. Whoa...now that was nice...it had been a long time since anyone had found...whoa...bite her lip...she had to bite her lip to keep from...

"God, Carter! Jesus!" Ah...shit...yes...she had screamed out...but man...this was something *quite* spectacular...

John's penis was throbbing in time to the muscular contractions of Maggie's orgasm, but he didn't make any move to give himself any relief. Instead, he kept his attention on her, kissing his way back up her body until his lips hovered over her mouth. "Will you slap me if I kiss you or do I need to brush my teeth first?" he asked, not sure if she'd one, want to kiss a man, and two, taste herself.

Without being able to verbalize an answer, Maggie grabbed the back of his head, and kissed him thoroughly. It also gave her time to distract from the fact that a *man* had made him feel that way.

And as the kiss ended, she still held his head close to hers.

"Two things, Carter. One. You tell *anyone* that you were able to get me off, save our little group, and I'll kill you. Two. Where the Hell did you learn to do that with your tongue?" Based on that experience, it was a damned shame that Carter seemed to be leaning towards being with guys...because wow...while the night before she had been musing what it would be like for Carter to lick her dry, she now understood first hand what kept the women coming back. Or maybe that was first tongue.

"Now...about me shaving you..." Maggie began.

John chuckled. "Well, your first answer, is that my lips are...well, sealed. Your second answer is that practice makes perfect and I've had plenty of practice. As for the third thing, my bathroom or yours? I've only got an electric razor with me, will that do?" He knew he'd probably stay hard the entire time that Maggie shaved him, but there was no getting around it. If he took the time to jerk off, then they'd be extremely late for breakfast, and he didn't want Luka or Randi walking in on them -- they'd see the results soon enough.

Maggie raised a brow. "No...an electric shaver is okay but if you want a really close shave, you need to use a regular razor. Why don't you join me in my bathroom?"

She grinned broadly, lifting herself off of the bed. She took a moment to put on her clothing, and then moved her head towards the bathroom door to indicate that Carter should follow her. She had to admit that this was a bit of a challenge for her -- she had shaved her partners, but never before had she shaved a guy.

She had had sex with guys...but she knew from an early age that it was not something that particularly excited her. However, what Carter had done with his tongue...that was something special.

As they entered her bathroom, Maggie went to her toiletry case, and pulled out a fresh razor. She then raised an eyebrow, and waited for Carter to strip down.

"Everything or just my pants," he asked, not sure if he wanted to risk getting shaving cream on his shirt. He sat down on the toilet lid and pulled off his sandals, then began to remove his pants as he spoke.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with, Carter," she said, as she took out her can of shaving cream. Normally, when she did this, she dry-shaved. But that was when she was doing this for herself, and not to someone else. And since she had never shaved a guy before...she needed to be extra careful.

John stood and dropped his pants and boxers, then kicked them aside while he began to unbutton his shirt. "Where do you want me?" he asked, knowing it was a waste of time for him to hope that Maggie wasn't going to comment on his erection. This was Maggie Doyle, after all. She wouldn't even think of turning down the opportunity to make some wisecrack about it.

Maggie turned to face him, grinning as she took in his whole body. "So...I guess Luka didn't *completely* drain you last night, if giving me a little tongue action does that to you. Well, at least that'll make it easier for me to shave," she commented, as she motioned for him to sit back down on the commode.

She raised a brow. If she was into that sort of thing, she might even think that was an impressive hard on. But as it was it was odd enough that she was about to shave a man who had managed to give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

John grinned. "Anything to make life easier for you, Maggie." He sat down and spread his legs, moving his body until his bottom was right at the edge of the lid and, hopefully, giving Maggie all the room she needed. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see it if she accidentally drew blood -- God knew he'd feel it quick enough.

Maggie returned the grin, and sprayed a liberal amount of shaving cream into her hand. Building up the lather, she covered the area, and then, slowly, she brought down the razor and began to shave...

To be continued
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