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"We did have a good time, Carter," Randi said, chuckling slightly. "But I don't think that we had as good a time as you two did while we were gone. You guys have a very interesting way of relaxing.."

When Maggie and Randi returned to the room, and opened the door, they had both stopped in surprise as they looked at the figures on the bed before them. Maggie was amused. Randi? Turned on. But both had similarly devious thoughts. It was one of the reasons they got along so well.

Taking the Polaroid camera that she had used for sight-seeing off from around her neck, Maggie snapped several shots of the unsuspecting lovers, and then handed the prints to Randi for safe keeping. They were -both- sure that there was something they could use those shots for to embarrass the two of men later.

Luka was so intent on what he was doing that he hadn't heard the door open. And his eyes were closed, so he hadn't seen anything before him. But now he heard the voices, and he slowly opened his eyes, looking over towards the door with a slight sigh. He wondered how long they had been standing there for, and decided that silence was the best route of action for the moment. He quickly shifted his eyes away, hoping that the ladies would leave, even for a few moments, so that he and John could get cleaned up.

John slowly smiled and stretched lazily on the bed, not feeling self-conscious in front of the women -- after all, they weren't into guys, so what difference did it make if they got a good look? Not that he was much to look at, but still...he twisted around on the bed so he could look at them. "It's a very effective way to relax. You should try it sometime."

"Actually," Randi said, eyeing her girlfriend with a bit of lust in her eyes. "You and Luka have given me some *very* interesting ideas on how to spend the rest of our evening...so if you'll excuse us..."

And without even stopping to gauge their reaction, Randi pulled Maggie by the hand into their bedroom of the suite, both giggling as they anticipated looking at the pictures they just took, and scheming exactly what they were going to do with them.

As the ladies left, Luka looked over to John, brushing a hand over John's thigh as he spoke. "Maybe we should clean up, and then go to sleep?" Not that he was sure how they would go about cleaning up this big of a mess...

"Not much to clean up," John said as he sat up. Then he saw that Luka had made quite a mess. "Here." John grabbed a bit of the sheet and wiped Luka's chin, then he smiled down into Luka's eyes.

"The bedroom has a king-sized bed, and I think there's plenty of room for the both of us in it. No sense in you sleeping under a wet sheet."

Luka smiled softly, and then nodded.

"I think that sounds like a very good idea. I'll bet that your king-sized bed is more comfortable than this pull out sofa as well."

With a bit of reflection, he realized that this was going to be the first time that he was going to be spending an entire night with John. And that was very interesting indeed. He sat up from the bed, and smiled over towards John.

"I'm going to go brush my teeth. I'll see you in the bedroom in a few moments."

John couldn't help but feel a slight disappointment as Luka hurried away. He had wanted to kiss Luka, taste himself in Luka's mouth and on his lips while Luka had the pleasure of tasting himself, too. But, either Luka had never liked that in the first place, or else he had never gotten that far, it was clear that it wasn't something he wanted to do. With a sigh, he reminded himself once again that Luka wasn't Dave, and the things he and Dave had enjoyed weren't necessarily things that Luka would enjoy.

After Luka disappeared into the bathroom, John unpacked his pajamas and pulled them on, suddenly feeling ashamed of his body. Strange how he hadn't felt that way when Randi and Maggie were getting their eyeful, he mused.

The door to the bathroom opened and John grabbed his toothbrush, ready to head in there so he could also get ready for bed.

Luka had quickly cleaned himself up, taking care of brushing his teeth and relieving his bladder while he was in the bathroom, and within a few moments, he was ready for bed, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Not that he wasn't ashamed of being naked...but he was going to be sharing the bed with someone else -- someone he had never slept with before -- regardless of the fact that he had just had sex with John.

With a smile, he reentered the bedroom, toothbrush in hand. "It's all yours. I'll keep the bed warm for you," Luka teased, as he placed his toothbrush on top of the nightstand.

As John left the room, Luka pulled back the blanket, and carefully slid between the sheets. Ah, it felt good to lie down again, and he knew that it wouldn't be long until he was off to dreamland, physically satisfied, and emotionally spent.

After brushing his teeth and washing his face, John returned to the bedroom. Luka seemed to be asleep, so John didn't even bother talking to him as he turned off the lights and crawled into bed.

As his back slowly relaxed, John could feel his eyes tearing up over the stupid fact that he wasn't able to cuddle with Luka the way he had with Dave. He needed to quit comparing Luka with Dave. It wasn't fair to him, it wasn't fair to Luka and it wasn't fair to Dave.

John wiped the back of his hand against his eyes, then closed them, hoping he was exhausted enough to sleep all the way through the night. If not, then there was a television in the other room, and he could watch it without disturbing everyone else.


Being exhausted was enough to put John to sleep, but not enough to keep the nightmares at bay. It was the usual dream, the one John could never remember, but in the dream state he cried out for help, then sprang up in bed as his body responded to the terror.

Luka felt movement on the bed before he even heard the cries for help, and in a panic sat up to try to figure out where he was. In his half-dream state, Luka was in Croatia...buildings were falling around him as he desperately tried to get to the source of the screaming. But, as his body began to fully awaken, he realized that he was in a hotel room with John...and John was obviously suffering from some sort of nightmare.

"John...John...it's okay..." Luka put a hand on John's shoulder, and tried to calm him down. This was disconcerting, and it worried Luka to see John caught up in a nightmare after all of the good things that had happened earlier that night.

John jerked his body away from the hand that touched him as he looked wildly around the room, not recognizing it at all. A small whimper escaped his lips as his mind only knew that he was trapped.

"John...It's me...It's Luka...you're safe...please, John..." Luka wasn't sure what to do for John...but his children had endured their own nightmares, especially once Vukovar was under siege, and he had known what to do for them. What John needed was to be comforted as he was brought out of the grips of the terror that held him.

"John...please..." Luka reached for him again, this time trying to pull him into his embrace. "You're safe, and it's okay."

As arms wrapped around his body, John's mind raced back to the last time someone had held him after a nightmare -- that had been Dave, and John's body slumped into Luka's arms, craving the familiar comfort.

There was a knock on the door and then it opened as Maggie stepped into the room. "Is everything okay? I heard screaming," she said as the light from the outer room revealed Luka holding John in the bed.

Luka's eyes drifted towards the door as he held the trembling man to his chest. "John had a nightmare. He's going to be fine..." At least, Luka hoped he was...but there was no reason to wake the girls or have them be worried, too. "You should go back to sleep."

Even from where she stood, Maggie could see that John was shaking like a leaf. Randi had told her all about the stabbing and how John had seemed to recover from it with no ill effects, but Maggie was sure that John had merely been doing all he could to make people believe he had been doing fine. And when Randi had told her that John had gone on a sudden personal leave months after returning to work, she had suspected the worst. Not that she had ever asked Randi, nor had Randi ever offered up any information on where John had gone or what he had done, but she didn't need to.

"How about if I get him some water?" she offered, thinking that doing something normal like drinking water would help to settle John down.

Luka thought for a moment, and then nodded, still holding the trembling man in his arms. "That would probably be good."

He watched as Maggie left the room, and then focused his attention back on the other man. "Do you want to talk about it, John?"

John could feel his heart rate slowly returning to normal as he listened to Maggie and Luka talk, so when Luka finally spoke to him, he was in a lot better shape than he had been when he had awoken.

"Nothing to talk about it since I can't remember it. It's an old one, though. Now you know why I had wanted to sleep on the pull out bed even though you volunteered to take it. It isn't fair to subject you to this," John said, but inside he was glad to have Luka there -- glad to have strong arms holding him tightly, protecting him from his fears, no matter what they were.

"It might not be the most ideal situation, but John...you're my friend, and I care about you...of course I want to make sure you're okay. I'm just glad that I was here for you..." How often had John been having nightmares? Was this an every night occurrence? It certainly seemed that way from the way that he was talking, Luka thought.

A few moment's later, Maggie arrived, a glass of water in her hand, with a sleepy Randi shuffling her feet behind her. Luka couldn't help but chuckle at the disheveled state that his co-worker was in upon first waking up.

"Is everything okay," Randi asked, as she unsuccessfully tried to stifle a yawn.

Maggie rolled her eyes as she handed the glass of water to John. "She sleeps through you screaming loud enough to wake the dead but wakes up when I turn on the faucet in our bathroom," she commented.

"I hear people screaming in my building at all hours of the night and day so it's not such an unusual thing," Randi commented as she sat on the bed beside John. "Hearing you fumbling with the glass in the bathroom was an unusual noise."

Randi put her hand on John's back and began to move it in a slow circle. "You okay, Dr. Carter?" she asked.

John nodded. "Getting there, and Randi, it's John, remember?"

She laughed. "Yeah, don't mind me. I'm still half asleep. That relaxation method you recommended put me out like a light." Her hand moved lower on his back. "We could see if it would help you relax again," she commented as her hand slipped under the waistband of his pajamas and lightly brushed the top of his buttocks.

John felt an immediate reaction to her touch, but he wasn't sure if it was from Randi herself or from the fact he was in Luka's arms and resting against the man's sturdy chest. He was gay, right? Nothing Randi did should make him feel that way.

Luka looked at Randi curiously, moving slightly as Randi sat down next to John on the bed, and then looking up towards Maggie as Randi began to do this 'relaxation technique'. Maggie looked amused more than anything else. Whatever it was that Randi was doing seemed to be okay with her.

Luka felt John shift in his arms, and he moved his arms slightly to accommodate for the shift in position. "What exactly are you doing, Randi," Luka asked, as he watched the young woman's hands.

"We're all friends here, right?" Randi asked as she moved so that her hands could reach around to the front of John's pajama top. She could feel the heat from Luka's body against her arms since Luka was holding John rather close, but she was still able to work the buttons loose. "I'm just trying to help him relax so he can go back to sleep, that's all. There are no ulterior motives behind this, except that I've thought you were hot for a long time," Randi said against John's ear as she spoke to both Luka and John.

"You and Maggie can help or you can watch, doesn't matter much to me, although if you help, then I'm sure we can get John relaxed that much faster."

His top was now half unbuttoned and Randi was able to run one hand inside the material to caress John's skin. Her fingers came in contact with a small nipple that was as hard as her own were and she smiled as she heard John gasp out loud with pleasure.

Luka thought for only a moment, watching as Randi began a gentle assault on John's body before bringing his own lips to Carter's earlobe. Help him relax -- that he could help him do. But he'd be damned if he was the going to just *watch* someone else pleasure John...

"I think I'll sit this one out guys," Maggie said, grabbing a chair on the other side of the room. "But I hope you don't mind if I just sit back and enjoy the show..."

It occurred to John that he should perhaps ask if anyone cared about what he wanted, but between what Luka was doing with his ear, and having Randi's hands all over his body, the words just didn't manage to leave his lips. It was just easier to give in to what they wanted than to talk.

Randi's hands returned to undoing his top, and it was soon removed from his body before her hands went down the front of his pants, fondling his growing erection. "Lie him down on the bed," John heard her tell Luka and the next thing he knew he was being gently lowered to the mattress, his eyes fluttered closed as he simply enjoyed their touches.

Randi looked over at Luka. "You can do whatever you want to most of his body, but his cock is mine," she commented as she began to pull off John's pajama bottoms.

The pants flew through the air, landing near Maggie, who reached down and picked them up. This was going to be even better than watching John and Luka had been, she thought as she watched Randi lick her lips before taking John's cock into her mouth. Maggie's gaze then went to Luka, and in the dim lighting she tried to tell if he looked amused or jealous over what Randi was doing. Maybe if he was turned on, they'd be treated to the sight of him screwing John. One could hope, she thought, certain as she could be that John was the type who preferred to be screwed as opposed to doing the screwing. Luka though -- she wasn't so sure about. Maybe he liked both?

At first, Luka wasn't quite sure how he felt about everything that was going on. Randi seemed to be taking over. A quick glance to Maggie showed that she was more curious than upset over the situation...and he...himself? Well...his intentions were to make sure that John was going to relax on this vacation...and the look on John's face told Luka that he was definitely doing that. John was well on his way to full relaxation.

Luka smiled, and then continued on, bringing his lips down to the side of John's neck, and working his way back up to his ear. Yes. John was going to relax...both he and Randi were going to make sure of that.

John moaned deeply at the double assault upon his body. It seemed that a deep warmth was coming from both ends and meeting in his belly before shooting directly to his brain. "Yes," he whispered hoarsely, "God, yes...don't stop." But he wasn't sure if he meant Luka or Randi or both.

Luka was encouraged by John's actions...his words...the way that he seemed to reacting to both his and Randi's actions...it was almost intoxicating. His own body was responding...and though he would eventually have to take care of that need, at that moment it was all about John...

Randi had been eyeing Carter's cock hungrily, and no sooner had her mouth covered him, then she was letting his smooth skin run in and out of her mouth. This wasn't quite the relaxation technique that Randi had in mind when she first came in, but it was working. His eyes were closed, but it was apparent from his words and body language that Carter was enjoying her attentions.

"The fun is only beginning," Luka muttered, as he released his teeth from John's ear. "We are going to make sure you have a very...very relaxing vacation..."

John was more than relaxed -- except for his penis -- it wasn't relaxed at all, but stiff as a board, and he was enjoying Randi's mouth very much. She was about equal to Luka when it came to oral sex -- but neither one of them held a candle to Dave and his technique. Damn it, he thought, once more mentally kicking himself for allowing thoughts of Dave Malucci to jump into his mind. Dave was his past and this...this was his present, and Dave had no place in it.

His back suddenly arched as he felt Randi's fingertip lightly brush over his opening, but then her hand was somewhere else while her mouth worked him over, and he began to relax once again.

Randi smiled around John's cock when the mere touch of her finger against his ass excited him. She was tempted to do more, but she had long fingernails and didn't want to risk hurting him. Still, maybe she could coax Luka into fucking John while she and Maggie were there. It was a sight she'd definitely enjoy.

"You liked that, didn't you, John?" she asked, her own voice betraying her arousal. She'd never heard Carter say anything remotely dirty, but just about every guy she'd ever known had ended being turned on by a little bit of 'gutter' talk, and she was sure that Carter wouldn't be any different. "I'll bet you'd really like it if Luka's cock was down here, about to enter you, wouldn't you?"

John's answer was another whimper and Randi grinned once more as she took that as a 'yes'.

Luka lifted his eyes to look at Randi, and to look down at John to see that his arousal and excitement was evident. He once again brought his lips down to John's ear. "Would you like that, John? Would you like me to fuck you?"

They hadn't done that yet...but Luka had to admit that it held a certain appeal. While he had been with other men in that way before, he'd never done it in this particular way since Randi seemed to be interested in having sex with John as well. If John's answer was 'yes', then Luka knew it was going to be a very interesting experience.

John's eyes flew open at Luka's question. Dave had been the only person to enter him, and John wasn't sure he wanted another man to ruin that memory. But then Randi's finger fluttered over his opening again, and he found the desires of his body overruling the desires of his heart.

"Yes," he said, his voice rough and his breath a bit hard to catch. "I need you to be in me, Luka. Please?"

Luka thought for only a moment, and then brought his mouth down to John's ear, capturing the lobe and sucking on it for a moment before pulling away. "I'll be right back," he whispered, and then looked down to Randi. She was enjoying herself, obviously liking the reactions that John was having to both of them.

While Luka stumbled to his suitcase to grab some condoms and lube, Randi had lifted her mouth off of Carter long enough to replace it with her hand. She couldn't even begin to hide the fact that she was turned on, and touching herself with her free hand, she felt just how wet she was.

Maggie walked up behind Randi, unable to resist kissing the back of her neck while Randi continued to intently stroke Carter.

Luka applied the lube to his own penis, and then rolled the condom over the top of his shaft, eager to give this a try...they hadn't done this...but he knew from previous experience what the feelings would be like. He applied a liberal amount of lube on the outside of the condom, and then climbed back onto the bed.

"I've never done it with a third person before," Luka admitted, as he looked towards the women. "What do you think is the best way to do this..."

"Four," Maggie huskily said as she began to undress Randi. "Make that four people."

John's eyes flew open at hearing that, and he began to wonder just how this was going to work.

"I've got an idea," Randi said as her robe dropped to the floor, revealing her naked and lithe body. "Luka, you enter John while he's on hands and knees. Then I'll get on my back so I can suck him off, and Maggie can work her magic on me."

Maggie laughed. "Good idea, but what if I wasn't intending to do that? Maybe I was thinking that Luka could fuck John while he's on his back, then you could ride John's cock while I straddle his face? Maybe I'd like to find out if the rumors about his oral sex techniques are true?"

"I think the objective here is to relax John," Randi replied as she began to disrobe Maggie, kissing her neck between every word. "If he's working, then he won't be relaxing."

"It hardly seems fair for Maggie not to be getting any attention though, Randi," Luka stated, looking at both the women intently. "But perhaps you can show her a good time later...or show her a good time for a little while now...and suck off John when he's close to finishing..."

It had been a while since he had last possessed a man...but he had to admit that he was looking forward to doing this with John. Moving onto his knees, he placed a hand on the younger man. "I'm ready for you, John...

John raised his head and looked down his body at Luka, the women seemed to blend into the dimness of the room as his awareness narrowed to just he and Luka. "It's been a long time," he said. "I'll be tight." He hoped that would be all the hint Luka would need to know that he really needed to stretch him and make him ready to take Luka's penis. "Maybe too tight?"

"This is something I can handle," Maggie said as she grabbed the lubricant. "Let me." She spread a good amount over her fingers, and then began to work it around John's ass, lightly massaging the area before slowly inserting her finger. "God, he's right. He's tighter than a shy virgin," Maggie said, and then she gave a little yelp as she felt Randi's fingers begin to stroke her to more wetness.

John sighed with pleasure and let his head drop back to the mattress, more than willing to ignore the 'shy virgin' comment as long as his friends were making him feel that good. Maggie would make sure he was relaxed enough to take all of Luka, and he was now finding himself eager to see what it would feel like to have Luka inside of him. He and Dave weren't the same size, and John had no idea if that would be noticeable once things got going.

Maggie worked her magic on John, making sure that by the time she was finished, her finger easily slid in and out of him. Luka, by that point, wanted nothing more than to be inside of John...and he had kept himself occupied by stroking his own penis while he watched Maggie play with John...and Randi play with Maggie...it was like something out of a fantasy.

Maggie moved aside as Randi took her fully into her arms, and Luka waited while John positioned himself on his hands and knees. He moved behind him, lining up his penis so that he could easily slide himself in...and then he did...moving slowly because John was still rather tight. It felt...pretty extraordinary...John was by far the tightest that he had ever been with -- likely because others that Luka had fucked were rather experienced.

"Y..yes," Luka said, his voice barely audible.

John thrust his hips back toward Luka, doing his best to take in as much of him as he could. "Jesus, Luka...that feels so..." and then Luka's penis brushed against his prostate and all coherent thought went out of John's mind. He made a whimpering sound, and then tried to scoot his body back a bit so he could impale himself further upon Luka.

Luka shut his eyes, not really particularly caring what the women were doing at this point, he was so enjoying the sensation of being inside of John. And as John pushed himself further onto his penis, it was all that Luka could do to keep from crying out.

Randi had pulled away from Maggie, but kept her hand on Maggie's wetness, enjoying the effect she was having on the other woman. "I think...it's time to put plan B into action," she said, even though she was quite aware that the men were in a completely different world. "Or maybe that should be plan BJ," she added with a wink.

The guys were positioned towards the middle of the bed, so Randi was able to pretty easily lie down and slide her body so her mouth was positioned directly under John's hard cock. Her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, and Maggie was able to easily position herself between them so she could have easy access to Randi's wet opening. And while Randi eagerly took John in her mouth once more, Maggie set to work to satisfy her lover.

John moaned once again as he felt a mouth on his penis, and he wanted to thrust it into the mouth below him -- but he also wanted to push back on the penis inside of him. He finally had to just stay still and just enjoy the feeling of Luka thrusting in and out while Randi's mouth moved up and down.

It was too much. Far too much, and he wasn't sure he could delay his orgasm, although he did his best to try. But his best wasn't quite good enough, and he screamed out his pleasure as his orgasm hit, rocking his entire being.

As John screamed out, Randi began to swallow and suck greedily, even as her hand reached up to fondle someone's balls -- she wasn't sure whose she had, but since they weren't tight against a body, she suspected they were Luka's and not John's. The thrill of having made John come was enough to send Randi over the edge as well, but she wasn't able to cry out as she came.

That left Luka yet to climax.

As John orgasmed, the way that his body reacted to it was almost enough to bring Luka over the edge with him. He began to press himself further inside...and when Randi fondled his testicles, that was all that it took to make him come.

Crying out in pure pleasure, he thrust himself further into John, feeling tears of pure joy spring to his eyes as the pleasures rushed over his body. And finally, the shuddering stopped, and he tried desperately to catch his breath after an amazingly intense orgasm.

"Wow," he finally managed to say, the only sound that his lips seemed capable of making.

John's eyes were closed and he was panting as he waited for Randi to move so he could collapse on the bed. He was spent and sated and more than ready to fall into a peaceful slumber.

The next thing he knew, he was being bundled toward the middle of the bed, and a pair of lips was upon his. As he drifted into the kiss, he could taste himself, and he knew he was kissing Randi and not Luka or Maggie.

"Thank you," John loudly whispered as the kiss ended. "All of you." He felt Randi move again, and then her body settled in behind him. Another movement on the mattress told him that someone -- Maggie -- was on the other side of Randi. The only body missing from the bed was Luka's, and John opened his eyes to look for him in the dim room, suddenly wanting to cuddle against his chest as he fell asleep.

While the girls settled themselves next to John in the bed, Luka had carefully retracting himself from inside his lover, and then he took care of disposing the condom and cleaning himself up. He was *completely* satiated. It was pretty amazing, Luka thought, that they had only fooled around a handful of times, and now the first time that he had fucked John, it had been with two women in the room.

After he was thoroughly cleaned he walked back to the edge of the bed to find John looking up to him, and a slight smile twitched on Luka's lips. Yes, that was the look of one satisfied man.

Luka crawled into bed beside John, taking the other man into his arms as he settled down. And as he rested his head on the pillow, Luka planted a soft kiss on top of John's head.

"Sleep well," he muttered, as his eyes finally drifted shut.

"I will. Thank you," John whispered as he closed his eyes, the vestiges from his nightmare long gone as he nestled against Luka, this time welcoming sleep instead of dreading it.

To be continued
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