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"Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes, Part 24"
By MonaCK and Cathy Roberts

"Follow me," Millicent said to Dave, and she headed down the hallway
to the electric lift. "When I first learned I would have to spend
most of my time in a wheelchair, I was livid. I hate not being able
to do things for myself, but John assured me that I'd be able to get
up and down the stairs and then he had this installed. It's quite
fast, and there are some days when I just ride it up and down the
stairs for the fun of it," she admitted with a grin. "Race you to the

Dave followed Mrs. Carter down the hallway, and waited as she lifted
herself into the electric lift. And the small smile that had been
playing on his lips grew wider as she spoke, appealing to his
competitive side. "Race? Hell yeah," Dave quipped, as he waited for
the woman to strap herself in. "Are ya ready?"

Millicent secured the strap, then grinned back at him, her hand
hovering over the controls. "Ready. On the count of
three...one...two...three!" She hit the button that started it up and
laughed as she began to descend the staircase.

Dave couldn't help but laugh as well, as he started down the stairs,
and he was genuinely surprised at just how fast the chair was going
down. In fact, as quickly as Dave headed down the stairs, even taking
two at a time, it was evident that the older woman was going to beat him.

"Whoa, Mrs. C," he said, as they reached the bottom and he helped her
into the wheelchair that was waiting there for her. "Did John have a
racing engine installed in this thing?"

Dave had to admit, he was in much better spirits then just a few
minutes prior. Maybe somehow...everything would turn out okay.

"I believe so," Millicent said, laughing. "He would think of
something like that. This way."

Millicent led Dave out through the patio doors and across the lawn,
but she slowed as she neared the guest cottage since she saw someone
sitting on one of the lounge chairs in front of it. "It appears as if
we've found John," she remarked, and then she continued on the way.

John looked up as he heard the sound of his grandmother's motorized
wheelchair, but he was more surprised to see that Dave was with her.
He had walked a bit, then his back really needed a rest and he had
found himself near the guest cottage, wondering if Dave was still
going to take the job. He had been selfish, he knew that, by wanting
to have both Dave and Luka. But he couldn't help the fact that he
wanted to hold onto the two people he loved. So many people he had
loved in the past had left him one way or another-- either by just
leaving him or by dying, and he didn't think it was so outrageous for
him to *want* to stay with the two of them.

As Dave and his Gamma neared, John got to his feet, not sure what to
say to Dave after all they had shouted at each other earlier. But, an
apology was definitely in order, he knew that much. He looked past
his grandmother and at Dave. "Dave, I'm sorry. I said things I
really didn't mean, and I know they hurt you, which is something I
never wanted to do."

Dave's eyes had shifted over towards John as they walked towards the
cottage, realizing that he was still happy to see the man, despite the
fact that they had just had a pretty horrible fight. And as they
arrived, and John spoke, Dave returned his gaze.

"I'm sorry too, Hoss," he said, shuffling his feet a bit uncomfortably
to be saying this in front of John's grandmother. No matter how nice
the woman was, there were some things that should be kept between just
the two parties. "I...shoulda thought before I spoke, and I didn't. I
was hurt...but that wasn't an excuse. I wasn't thinking of how you
might be feeling...and I'm sorry about that..."

Dave's voice was soft, but sincere. He hated the way that they had
ended things inside. Dave hated that he was the one that had ended up
driving John from the house. And more than anything else, Dave was
still sorry that he hadn't picked up the phone to make that call...to
tell John that he was coming home to Chicago.

Millicent smiled. "I think that John can give you the tour of the
cottage. Will you be joining us for dinner, Dave?"

"If John doesn't mind," Dave said, as he looked towards the other man.
"I wouldn't mind staying..."

"I wouldn't mind it at all," John said, although he knew he didn't
feel one bit like eating. Still, he could always sit there and just
enjoy the company. But, was Luka going to be there? John was afraid
that Luka was busy packing to leave him behind. But he wasn't going
to ask Dave that question -- he didn't want to cause him any further pain.

"Then we'll see you at dinner. Enjoy the tour of your new home."
Millicent said as she turned around and headed back toward the house.

John looked at Dave, and then headed for the door, but he stopped as
his hand touched the door knob. "I do love you, nothing has changed
that." He could at least reassure Dave of that truth.

Dave was standing behind John -- close enough to touch him, but Dave
didn't dare do that. And as John spoke, it was as if a bit of the
weight that had been on him had lifted off of his shoulders. "I know.
I love you too...you do know that...right? It's...why I went a
little nuts back there, but...John, your grandmother is a really wise
woman," he said, his voice soft, but full of sincerity. "I'm not
gonna push you to make a decision anymore. You gotta come to that
decision on your own, and while you figure things out...I'm not going
anywhere. Cause...I can't be without you again...and if that means I
gotta share you for a little while...then I guess that's what I have
to do...cause it's better then not bein' with you at all..."

Dave still wasn't 100% sure of things...but he knew that this was the
way it was going to have to be for a while. So, he had to accept it.

John turned around, his eyes searching Dave's for any sign that he was
just joking around. It was quickly obvious though, that the man was
serious. It was still a decision that John didn't want to have to
make, but at least Dave wasn't insisting that he make it immediately.
"I don't want to be without you, either, Dave," he admitted. "But I
also don't want to be without Luka, and I know that hurts you and I'm
sorry. Thank you for letting me have some time to think about all of

It still felt like a dagger in Dave's heart to hear those words, after
those times when John had said to Dave that it would be only him in
John's life, but there was really nothing he could do about it. It
was either John's terms...or no terms. And not having John in his
life was not even close to an option.

But still, Dave kept himself calm, and nodded. "I knew that running
after ya woulda been a mistake. I was too busy huggin' your toilet
bowl to be of much use at all. But...yeah. I pushed. Luka pushed.
And it was a mistake. I can only speak for myself, but I think we're
both sorry about it.."

"Not as sorry as I am, trust me on that. Shall we go in now?" John
didn't want to think about the fact that their argument had made Dave
physically ill, or about the fact that Dave seemed to know what Luka
was feeling. Did that mean they had talked some more? And if so, to
what end? To decide again that they knew what was best for him? John
hoped not. He really hoped not.

Dave nodded, and watched as John opened the door to the cottage. And
as they stepped inside, Dave took some time to survey his surrounding.
No, it was not the largest house he'd ever seen...but it was larger
than any place Dave had ever lived before, he could tell that, and
they had only made it to the living room. "Whoa, John, this is where
I'm gonna live...?"

His voice was a mix of awe, and a bit of disbelief. He couldn't
believe that this was happening...that he was working on the Carter
estate...and that he was not going to have to worry about rent while
doing so. This place was larger than *anywhere* he could have
dreamed of affording on his own.

"This is it. The kitchen is over there," John pointed to the spot
where an open counter separated the living room from the kitchen.
"There isn't a dining room, although you could put a table in that
corner of the living room. Upstairs is a bedroom and the master bath
and there's another full bath behind that door," he explained as he
pointed to one of the closed doors in the open room.

Dave nodded, his eyes sweeping the room. "This place is pretty damned
amazing," he commented, as he brought his gaze back over towards John.
"I can't believe I'm gonna be living here. I mean...this is bigger
than I think my family house was in New York...and it's bigger than
any apartment I've ever had.. I haveta remember to thank your
grandmother again when we get back to the main house."

John looked away, suddenly feeling guilty for having been born to a
wealthy family when others weren't nearly half as fortunate. "Do you
want to check out the upstairs? It's also furnished, although if you
don't like anything in here, I'm sure Gamma wouldn't mind putting this
stuff in storage and letting you decorate it the way you'd like."

"Nah...man, this place is perfect. I'll need to go out and get a TV
and stuff like that...but that's okay. I sold the big screen TV when
I moved last year...I probably won't get anything nearly as big this
time around. John...man...thank you...just...thank you. Yeah, I
guess it wouldn't hurt to look at the bedroom."

In his excitement, he headed towards the stairs, and then turned to
look at John. "Come with me?"

John smiled and then headed Dave's way, wondering just what Dave was
going to think about when he saw the bed. It had been bought when his
grandmother was into her light and airy, yet sturdy phase. The
furniture was oak that had been stained light, 'white oak' he thought
they called it. And the bed was a king-sized brass and iron affair,
with plenty of places on the head and footboards to which a person
could be secured. Oh, yes, John *definitely* wanted to see Dave's
face when he saw that bed for the first time.

Dave got to the top of the stairs, and then turned in the direction
that John indicated to head into the bedroom. The door was closed, so
he opened it slowly. The first thing that struck him was the size of
the room. It was twice the size of his bedroom at his last apartment.
And the second thing that struck him was the bed that was in the
room. And slowly, a grin spread over his lips. "That's...a Hell of a
bed, isn't it?"

His grin grew broader, and he turned to look at John.

John grinned back at Dave. "It's a beauty, isn't it?" He walked past
Dave and into the room, and then sat down on the bed. It was a tall
bed, too, and he didn't have to bend too much to sit, he observed as
he began to bounce on the mattress. "The mattress is fairly new, so
you shouldn't have any trouble sleeping."

"Yeah...I'll have to take it for a test spin later," he said,
continuing to smile. Well, not really. Dave was going to have to go
back to his hotel that night, and pack. And then he was going to check
out in the morning and head back here. "Oh...I don't know if I told
you, but I got me a set of wheels, it's not much, but no more mooching
for rides."

The more that Dave thought about it, especially being alone with John
like this, the more Dave thought that things would actually work out
okay. He had nice digs, and well...at least part of John's heart.
There wasn't much that Dave could complain about.

What John wanted to do was suggest that Dave take his 'test spin' on
the bed right then, but instead he nodded. "I don't think you had a
chance to tell me about having a car. That's good, not that I ever
minded giving you a ride."

Dave couldn't help but grin even broader, and raise his brow. "The way
that I remember it, you weren't the one doin' much riding," he
commented as his eyes swept over John's body. "It was mostly me on

John stopped bouncing as he realized that Dave had misinterpreted what
he had said and he could feel himself blushing, still, he could give
as good as Dave. "From what I remember of those pictures we saw on
the internet, it could be done that way, we just never got around to
trying it out."

"Hmm...well...it's a good thing I'm back in town then. Maybe we'll
have to give a few more positions a try. That is, if you're
interested in that..." Dave suddenly realized that the conversation
was taking a turn towards the sexual, and he wasn't sure that was such
a good idea. Because as much as Dave still wanted John, he wasn't
quite sure that the reverse was still true.

John slowly grinned at Dave as he felt his cock grow hard, and he
scooted back until he was in the center of the bed. "There's plenty
of time for a test spin," he said, his eyes locked on Dave's.

Well. That was an invitation if Dave had ever heard one. And Dave's
dick thought so too as it twitched at the thought of climbing into
that bed with John. "Yeah? You think there's enough time before
dinner? I don't wanna keep you from anything..." Or anyone. He
certainly didn't want to step on any toes.

"Doesn't matter since I'm not hungry," John quickly replied. Inside,
he felt elated that Dave still wanted him, even after the arguing and
nasty words that had been exchanged. A part of him felt slightly
guilty for even thinking about making love to Dave the day after
having made love to Luka, but another part of him decided that it was
only right to give Dave equal time. After all, John needed to have
some basis for making his decision.

"Oh...I guess that's where you and I are feelin' a bit different
today," Dave said, as he sauntered over to the bed. "Cause...you
see...I've been really hungry...hungry for a certain guy named
John...who rocks my friggen world..."

Dave climbed up on the bed, and got on all fours, climbing across the
bed towards John, hoping that they could be together for the first
time in weeks. And Dave was determined...determined not to think
about the fact that John was likely with Luka the day before...or even
that morning...no. Right now, this was his time. And Dave intended
on making the most of it.

"Well, I guess I should correct myself," John said as Dave loomed over
his body. "I'm not hungry for *food*, but I am hungry for you." He
reached up and began to loosen Dave's tie. "What a shame I didn't put
a tie on when I changed. If I had, then we'd have two ties here right
now, one for each wrist."

"It's okay," Dave said, his arms now straddling either side of John's
body. "We got plenty of time to play with the headboard on this bed.
Right now I just wanna play with you. Do you know how long it's been
since I've tasted anything as sweet as what I'm about to taste?"

Dave's cock twitched to being fully hard, as one of his hands moved
towards the bottom of John's shirt. Soon his hand was underneath it,
and he gasped as he felt the smooth skin under his fingertips.
"God...I missed you so fucking much..."

And unable to resist any further, Dave swept his lips down on top of
John, kissing him fully and passionately, and yes, maybe a bit
possessively, while his hand continued to massage John's skin.

Dave's tie was forgotten when they kissed -- all John noticed was how
good Dave tasted and how much he had missed kissing the man over the
past few weeks. And the touch of his hand...it was setting John's
skin on fire, and he wanted more. Not as concerned with undressing
Dave, John began to unbutton his own shirt, eager to feel Dave's touch
on all of his body, and not just the little bit Dave could reach right

Soon, the fabric of John's shirt was pushed away from his body,
leaving Dave free room to move his hand all over John's skin. He had
really missed this -- the feeling of the man underneath him, the
feeling of the man he loved in his arms, the feeling of complete
abandon that Dave felt when he was with John.

The kiss finally ended -- out of need, not want -- and Dave found
himself looking into John's eyes, hoping that the love that Dave felt
was echoed in the other man's expression. "God...I love you so much.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you enough. You'll never no how sorry I am
that I didn't tell you enough..."

It had managed to drive John away from him. Not completely, as
evidenced by the fact that the two of them were sharing a bed, but
enough that Dave was no longer allowed to have full control over his
lover's heart. But Dave was determined not to let that get him down.
He was going to enjoy whatever time he did have with John.

Dave's hand brushed over John's cock, feeling his hardness through the
fabric of his pants. Yeah, right now, John's cock was his. And Dave
was determined to make it feel *so* good, that John would forget that
there was ever another man who occupied John's thoughts.

"God, it hurt so much when I thought you had dumped me, but I should
have known how much you loved me. I'm sorry." John said, looking up
at Dave. "Maybe one day you can forgive me for doubting you?" Dave's
hand was hot, even through the fabric of John's pants, and he arched
his pelvis upward, pressing his cock against the palm of Dave's hand.
"I want you to make me come, please?" John asked, his need for Dave
so urgent that it hurt.

Dave nodded, wanting to do anything he could to make John happy. He
was here, John was under him. Hell, Dave would probably try to walk
on the walls if John asked him. And with his hand, he easily opened
the top of John's pants. Sitting up on his haunches, he pulled John's
pants and underwear down over his hips and legs

And then there it was...John's cock. In all its glory.

"Yes," he muttered, just before he brought his mouth down on top of
John's throbbing dick.

"Yes," John echoed Dave's word as his hands threaded their way through
Dave's hair. Luka was good at sucking cock, but the two men were so
completely different at how they did it. And, John felt badly about
thinking it, but he couldn't deny that it thrilled him to know that
Dave would swallow. Soon though, what Dave was doing to his cock made
all thoughts of Luka and swallowing leave John's mind -- the only
thing left behind was Dave. "God, yes," John repeated, wondering how
it was that he could even begin to think about giving up the man who
was making him feel so damn good.

Dave's mouth swept down on John's cock, sucking as he went along, his
teeth grazing over John's skin. His hand touched Carter's
balls...whoa...was that a lack of hair he felt? Dave hadn't really
looked at it, but that meant that John was still shaving. A brief
thought went through his head of Luka shaving him, but it quickly left
his mind, and he continued with the task at hand. He was going to
make John come, because Dave wanted to taste every last bit of it as
it entered his mouth.

Dave gave John's balls a light, and then a stronger squeeze as his
mouth continued to suckle on John's cock. Yes. This was where he

John moaned as Dave played with his balls. "Harder," he managed to
say as he felt Dave's hand squeezing against them. "Harder,

Dave obliged, squeezing the life out of John's balls, loving the way
that they compressed in his hand. And then, almost teasingly, he
brought his mouth, which had been tightly sucking on John's cock up
off of his body. Dave's eyes were wild with desire, but he couldn't
help but wonder...hope...pray...that he was delivering the best damned
blow job that John had ever had in his life.

"Does *he* do it like this, John? Does he squeeze your balls until
you cry out his name? Does he suck on you until you come, and swallow
it all? Does he do it to you like I do it to you? I need to know...I
need to know that you're thinking of *me* and only me when I'm doing
this to you. I need to know that it's *me* that you want when I'm
doin' this to you...and not anyone else..."

He knew he was playing with fire for asking, but he figured that he
had John by the balls anyway...a few questions could hurt. And
then...then he would give John the sweet release that both of them craved.

John shook his head. "No. He doesn't do any of that. Lu..." John
somehow didn't feel right saying Luka's name out loud. "He doesn't
swallow. And he doesn't kiss me after I suck him off," he confessed.
"I haven't asked him," John added, not wanting to be too unfair to
Luka. After all, Dave hadn't squeezed him either until John had asked
him to do so. Nor had Dave tied him down on his own -- that, too, had
been something John had requested. But he somehow hadn't ever gotten
around to asking the same of Luka.

"You...you think you should have to ask someone for that..? How can
someone not want...?"

Dave shook his head. If he spoke any further, he was going to get
upset. So instead, he decided to go back to doing what he did best.
And eagerly, wanting to get the conversation back to the two of them,
he once more began his oral assault on John's cock, his hand squeezing
John's balls ever harder than before.

It briefly occurred to John that Dave misinterpreted what he meant
about not having asked Luka, but then Dave's mouth was back on his
cock, and his hands were all over him and John simply quit thinking.
"Yes, oh, God, Dave, yes...." John cried out as he felt his orgasm
near. He didn't even dream about making it last -- he wanted to come
for Dave right then. "God...Dave!" He screamed out as his body
erupted in a flash of pleasure.

As John came, Dave's own cock twitched hard at the feeling of John
spasming in his mouth. And he swallowed it, all of it. It was better
than any dessert that Dave could have asked for...and it was a taste
that Dave had missed so very much. And here it was...for his
enjoyment. Luka didn't do this for John. And for that, Dave was
really happy. And as he finished up every last drop, Dave crawled up
to the top of John's body to do something else Luka didn't do, and
kissed John fully on the lips, letting his tongue explore the inside
of his lover's mouth.

John eagerly sucked on Dave's tongue, relishing the taste of himself
on his lover's lips and tongue and wishing that he could go without
oxygen for a long time so that they would never have to stop kissing.

When the kiss did finally end, John grinned up at Dave. "I love you.
Now, fuck me senseless."

Dave rose a brow. "Yeah? You have any thoughts in mind as to HOW you
want me to fuck you? I mean...there are so many options...I can do it
like we used to do it...when we were first together...or we can do it
like we saw on the website.. with me facing you...how about that way?
I really wanna see your face when I come tonight...and I want you to
see me...so you can *see* how much I love you."

Dave knew that it was more than a little possessiveness and jealousy
coming through, but he really felt like he had something to prove, and
an even bigger something to lose. The love of his life.

John shook his head. "I think I'm going to ride you. That way we can
still see each other."

Dave nodded. "I think I like that, that way, I'll be givin' you a
ride, and it won't even be in my car…I think my engine is much
smoother though," he said, as he kept his eyes locked with his lovers.
"But I think I might have too many clothes on. Not fair that you're
naked, and I'm still pretty much fully dressed..."

Rolling over on his back, he looked over to John expectantly.

"Nope, not fair at all," John agreed. "Although I'm not fully naked."
It didn't take much though, for John to shrug out of his shirt. "So
why don't you do something about it? Strip for me, Dave," John said
as he moved over on the bed and propped himself up on one elbow.
"Strip for me slowly."

"I think I can do that," Dave said, as he sat up in bed.

Scooting over to the edge, Dave stood, and then turned to face John,
as he lazily lay looking over to him. And then, slowly, and very
deliberately, Dave peeled himself out of every inch of his clothing --
starting by throwing his tie up to John in the bed. Then, he
unbuttoned his shirt, undoing the cuffs while he kept his eyes locked
on John's, a small smile creeping over his lips. Tossing the garment
aside, Dave's hands moved down to his pants. He unbuttoned them, and
then slowly unzipped them, letting them fall where they dropped until
after he pulled down his underwear. Soon, his clothing was pooled
beneath him, and he kicked away the garments, leaving him in his full
glory for John to admire.

"Do you like what you see? Do you see how hard I am for you? How
much I want to be inside you...pressing my hard cock in and out of you
until you scream...scream *my* name in pleasure? How much do you want
it? How much do you want *me* and only me?"

John scooted over on the bed, reaching out to stroke Dave's cock as he
answered. "I love what I see, and I want you in me just as much, if
not more, than you want to be in me. God, I love you." He punctuated
his statement by placing a kiss on the head of Dave's cock. "One of
these days, Dave," John said with a slow smile as he looked up into
his lover's face, '"I'd like to make you scream because I'm pressing
my cock in and out of you. Would you do that for me, Dave? Would you
let me fuck you?" John continued to slowly stroke Dave's erection as
he waited for the answer.

Dave had been grinning as John spoke, the words that he was saying,
enough for Dave for the moment. And once more his heart did a flip
when John told him that he loved him.

As John continued, however, Dave's smile wavered slightly. What was
that? John wanted to fuck *him*? Dave thought about this for a
moment, and he had to admit that his thoughts were likely altered
because of the fact that John was stroking his ever-growing harder
cock. He was also thinking about how good it had felt to be rimmed by
John the couple of times that he had done that...and John seemed to
like to be fucked so much...

And if it meant that it would be one less reason for John to go
running to Luka...

"Yeah...Yeah, I think that at some point that might be fun to try.
I've never done that before...and...I'm...assuming that you have...?"

He didn't want to think about it, but Dave couldn't help dwelling on
it...comparing, wondering if Luka did something that John liked more,
or if there was something he could improve upon...because if there was
one thing that was more clear to him than ever -- he did *not* want to
be without John in his life.

"Once," John admitted. "It was pretty damn incredible and I can see
why you like it so much. Fucking me, I mean." Then John thought that
he was sounding as if he was bragging, and he didn't want that. "Not
that I mean me in particular, but me as in a guy." He knew he was
blushing, but he didn't care right then. It was enough that Dave had
said that he'd be willing to try it.

John started to move backward on the bed, tugging slightly at Dave's
cock to get him to follow. "Right now though, I want to be fucked. I
need you in me so badly, Dave."

Dave nodded, deciding to put the comparison talk on the back burner --
at least for that moment. He followed John up on the bed, and
situated himself so that he was ready for John when it hit him.
"John? Do you have any lube up here? I don't know if I can do this
without lube..."

No way was he going to hurt John. Not that way. Not ever again...

"Shit." John muttered as he shook his head. Then he smiled as he had
an idea. "Hold on, okay?" He moved down Dave's body a bit, then
wrapped his lips around Dave's cock, sucking it in and making sure he
had it wet and slick. Then, before it could dry, John quickly moved
back into position. "You're going to have to hold your cock steady
for me," he instructed.

By the time John moved himself back over Dave's cock, he could have
told Dave that the world was flat, and he would have believed him.
Oh, how he had missed the feeling of John's mouth on his dick like
that...and though he knew the reason was to get him wet enough to slip
inside John's ass, it didn't mean he didn't feel a bit disappointed
when John pulled away.

But Dave was able to refocus on what they were doing. And listening
to John's instructions, Dave moved his hand to base of his cock, a
smile twitching on his lips as he realized just how much John was
still talking dirty for him. He liked that. He liked that a lot.
And he shut his eyes as he held himself in place, waiting for the
feelings to consume him as John finally lowered himself.

"I want you so bad...please...let me fuck you...God..."

"No, I think I'm going to fuck myself on you," John stated as he began
to slowly lower himself upon Dave. God, but he had forgotten just how
good it felt to have Dave's cock inside his body. It took every ounce
of self-control that John had, but he managed to keep his pace slow as
he descended on Dave's magnificent cock.

Eyes closed, John moaned when he felt Dave's pubic hair tickling his
balls and he knew that he had taken in every single inch of Dave.
"Dear God, you'll never know just how much I've missed this."

"Oh...yes, tell me...tell me how much you like it...when I'm in
you...when I'm pressing my dick into your warm...wonderful body...like
this." Dave's eyes were at half-mast when he spoke. And as his hands
grabbed onto John's hips, Dave pressed his pelvis up so that his cock
was further pressed into John's ass. He knew that it was pressing
against John's prostate, and Dave could only hope that John was
feeling half as good as Dave was at that very moment. He knew it
wouldn't be long -- it had been far too long since Dave had last made
love. But Dave was going to try to make it last as long as he
possibly could.

John opened his eyes and looked down at Dave as he answered. "When
you're in me, it's as if the rest of the world no longer exists. The
only people in it are the two of us, and the only thing that matters
is knowing how much you enjoy fucking me. I love knowing that I can
make you feel good just by doing something as simple as this," John
said as he constricted his sphincter muscles around Dave's cock. "Or
this..." John rose up a bit, then slowly descended back, settling
against Dave's groin.

"Oh...God...God...yes...yes...you know...how to make me
feel...so...oh...John...John...I'm gonna..." And then Dave's vision
went to a world of colors. His eyes shut because he had no choice,
and as he came, he screamed out John's name over and over as the
feelings of passion overtook his body. Emotionally, physically, it
was all almost too much for him to handle.

John watched intently as a thousand emotions seemed to flitter across
Dave's face, and when it looked as if Dave's orgasm had crested and
ebbed, John slowly stretched out over Dave's body, doing his best to
make sure that Dave stayed snugly within his ass the entire time. "I
love you," John murmured and then his lips sought out Dave's. If
only, he thought, he could be able to say that to *both* Dave and
Luka, and not have the other be jealous, then life would be wonderful,
but it didn't look as if they were going to give in to his desires on
that issue.

Dave wanted to return the thought, tell him that he loved him too,
promise John that he would never leave him again, but his thoughts
were cut off by the simple gesture of an after sex kiss. Yes. This
made it all worth it.

To be continued
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