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By MonaCK and Cathy Roberts

After a rather pleasant conversation with Millicent, and their bellies full of delicious ice cream, Luka and John made their way upstairs to John's suite of rooms. And Luka barely had the door closed behind him before he had the other man in his full embrace.

"What do you say we don't worry about moving my things until tomorrow... I have other things I'm interested in exploring before that happens..."

Covering John's mouth with his own, Luka moaned, happy to be in contact with him in this manner once more. He missed this intimacy...and he missed this contact, much more than he had been willing to admit to himself.

John wrapped his arms around Luka's waist, pulling him in closer until there was no space at all between their bodies. Luka tasted of ice cream and John was savoring every bit of the kiss, but most especially everything the kiss indicated -- Luka loved him and John loved Luka back. While it wasn't the same level of love that John knew Luka felt for him, he was sure that his feelings would grow -- pretty much the same way a certain part of his anatomy was growing. John hoped that Luka could feel just how much John wanted him at that moment and he parted his lips for Luka, wanting the kiss to deepen and never end.

At John's gentle urging, Luka let his tongue slide into his lover's waiting mouth, pulling the younger man closer to him as he moaned into his lips once more. Yes. He wanted this, he wanted this so much...to make love...to be one with John...finally. Finally, his feelings were being realized, and Luka's heart nearly skipped a beat at the thought of that.

There was no more Dave. Not anymore. No more barriers to stop the two of them from being together. Just like John had promised to be faithful to Dave those weeks prior, Luka knew in his heart it would be no different now for him. He could trust John. John wouldn't leave him.

It had been many, many years since Luka had felt love as strong as this love was. And as Luka's hands found the bottom of John's shirt, Luka realized that all of that didn't matter anymore.

All that mattered was this wonderful person in his arms.

A lack of oxygen finally brought their kiss to an end and John grinned happily as he imitated Luka's actions, doing his best to undress Luka even as Luka was busy removing John's clothing. Somehow they managed to get each other naked, and for John it seemed as if he had never before seen Luka.

"You're beautiful...just beautiful," John softly said as he tenderly caressed Luka's sides and then let his hands rest on Luka's hips, near enough to Luka's erect cock to be teasing. "I don't think I ever really appreciated just how magnificent you are, Luka and I'm sorry about that."

Luka felt a blush cross his cheeks as he returned John's intense gaze. "I always hoped you'd come to your senses one day," he quipped, a teasing grin on his lips. "But know that I have always thought that you were beautiful...and absolutely perfect. And now...I intend on showing you just how beautiful you are..."

A quick glance over John's shoulder told Luka that the bedroom door was locked, so with a smile he led John over to the bed, sitting down on top of it before pulling John down to his side. And as he brought his lips to John's once more, Luka's hand began a very gentle, tender assault over the rest of the man's body - starting at the side of his face, and ending near the top of John's thigh, teasingly...as if he could reach out and grab John's cock at any moment.

The kiss ended, once more because they were breathless, and Luka looked at John with pure lust in his eyes.

"I want to make love to you," he finally managed to say, his eyes dancing with desire.

"That's good, Luka, because making love to you is definitely on my agenda for tonight. And tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night and the next day and so on." John knelt between Luka's legs as he reached out and finally touched Luka's cock, retracting the foreskin to reveal a glistening and very sensitive head. "And I think I'll begin right here," John said and then he flicked his tongue out over the tip of Luka's cock, teasing the man a bit before slowly sucking the organ into his mouth.

"Oh, I'm not going to argue with you...I...oh...that feels...very, very good...John...that feels..."

Soon, coherent thought was no more. Luka hadn't been with another man since he'd been with Mike on the cruise. And even then, Mike hadn't been a man who he was in love with, so it was not the same. But this...this was something close to Heaven. He had never received oral sex quite this way before meeting John. And he knew now that it would never be the same again with any other.

This was the person he was meant to be with...even if John didn't fully understand that yet.

Luka's eyes fluttered closed as he leaned backwards, and he reached his hand down to the top of John's hair, caressing his scalp gently as John worked towards bringing Luka ultimate pleasure.

John lingered with Luka, bringing him to the edge of release time and time again, then backing off until he knew Luka could handle more stimulation. The moans and whimpers that John kept hearing were all he needed to hear to know that Luka was enjoying the beginning quite well. And John was determined that it was only the beginning, and he finally stopped altogether so they could move on to the next stage.

Looking up at Luka through eyelids heavy with desire, John grinned as he took in the total look of lustful abandon that was on Luka's face. "Okay, that was my turn, now what do you have planned for me?"

At first, Luka was surprised when the contact stopped. John had brought him close to the brink so many times that he had almost lost all control. But he hadn't. And now Luka's desire for the man before him was stronger than ever. And he wanted them to belong to each other in every way possible. Reaching down, he found John's arm, and pulled up the younger man so that their faces met. And with a heart full of love, lust, and emotions that were indescribable, Luka's lips descended upon John's.

Luka then pulled John onto the bed next to him, taking the opportunity to wrap his arms around the man that he loved.

The kiss finally ended, and once more both men were breathless with desire. In a haze of love, Luka's voice was husky as he spoke.

"I want you to make love to me...the way that I make love to you..."

Luka hoped that John understood what he meant. It would be another wonderful way for the two of them to be bound to each other.

He reached down and took John's cock in his hand, rubbing the shaft up and down with his fingers as he kept his eyes locked on his lover. "I want to feel you inside me..."

Oh," John was definitely surprised by Luka's request. Neither Luka nor Dave had ever before hinted at wanting to be fucked. Dave had often expressed an aversion to the idea, much the same way that Luka had an aversion to swallowing, John thought.

His grin grew wide as he thought about the idea. John knew first hand just how good it felt to be fucked by someone he cared about and who he knew cared about him as well, and the idea had a definite appeal to him. "Well, I guess we can give it a try. I've never fucked another man, though, but I've seen pictures and a porn flick or two, so I think I can manage it without hurting you."

"Ah...so I will be your first for something," Luka said, matching John's grin. That actually made him quite happy. He would finally have something of John's that Dave would never have. And the jealous, competitive part of him was happy about this, even though he knew that John's history with Dave should have been the furthest thing from his mind.

"It's been a long time for me," Luka said, bringing a hand up to the side of John's face. "But I think it will be okay as long as you stretch me first and use plenty of lubricant. Do you have any lubricant in here," he asked, his gaze leaving John's as he darted his eyes around the room. Luka thought he *might* have some in his room, but he wasn't exactly sure. He also wasn't looking forward to having to get dressed to go take a look, though he supposed that John had a robe or something he could borrow for the short trip next door.

"It's in the bathroom and I have more than enough, so you don't have to worry about that," John placed a quick kiss on Luka's mouth, then scrambled off of the bed. "Why don't you pull the covers back and get comfortable while I gather things together. I'm pretty sure I have some condoms since I never got to use up the ones I bought for the cruise." While John and Dave had made a conscious decision to not use condoms, John wasn't going to just assume he couldn't with Luka. For one thing, he had no idea what kind of precautions Luka and Mike had taken, and for another, he wasn't going to expose Luka to anything that John might have caught from Dave, even though John was confident that Dave had been clean.

Luka nodded, and watched as John headed off to the bathroom. Thoughts were going through his mind -- he couldn't help but wonder if that meant that John had not taken precautions with Dave when they were fooling around on the cruise together. This worried Luka. He wasn't sure what the man had been into before he had seen John again -- much as he had said that he had not done anything at all. It was hard to trust the word of a man who would hurt John again in such a manner. So, at least for the time being, until John could get tested, Luka was going to make sure that they used a condom for all of their love making sessions -- at least for ones where they actually fucked each other. While the risk was still there for blow-jobs, since Luka was not one to swallow, that didn't concern him as much.

He pulled the covers off of the bed, leaving the clean, cool sheets behind. And positioning himself on his side, he faced the door to the bathroom, waiting for John to reenter the room.

John grabbed a box of condoms and a bottle of lubricant from under his sink, then added a soft and fluffy towel to the collection, for cleanup purposes. Grinning, he returned to the bedroom, and the sight of a very aroused Luka just lounging on the top of his bed nearly took John's breath away.

"God, but you've got a beautiful cock, has anyone ever told you that?" John asked as he dumped everything on the sheets and climbed onto the bed, his hand automatically reaching out to stroke Luka's hardness.

Luka's eyebrow rose, and a grin twitched on his lips. Cock? That was different.

"Well...no, John...I don't think that anyone has ever told me in quite that way before," Luka quipped, as his eyes swept his lover's body. Centering on the focus of his attention, his smile grew broader. "I do have to say that I like what I see as well..."

Though it was hard to concentrate, Luka managed to sit up so his eyes lined up with John's once more. And reaching out his hand, he tenderly stroked the side of John's cheek. "You are so beautiful...so beautiful..."

Though he was anxious to have John inside him, Luka was also content with these moments as well. And as his hand reached down to stroke John's hardness, Luka moaned into his lips, so happy to be back with John in this intimate manner.

As the kiss grew longer, John moved around until he was straddling Luka's thighs, and he very gently began to push Luka down against the mattress, his hand still firmly attached to Luka's cock, squeezing it just as gently as he knew how.

The kiss ended, leaving John practically gasping for air. "Just lie back and enjoy yourself while I get you ready," John commanded as he reached for the lubricant. "I intend to make sure you are good and ready before I even *think* about entering you. I can't stand the thought of hurting you, Luka, so I hope you're willing to put up with a lot of foreplay."

Luka nodded, his body so filled with desire that he couldn't consciously put two words together. So he lay his head down on the pillow, and shut his eyes, letting waves of emotion rush over him as his essence continued to fill with feelings of lust coupled with love. At John's words about foreplay, Luka nodded, and he barely uttered the word "yes" while trying to keep absolute control over his own body.

There was one thing John had done often with Dave that he had yet to do with Luka, and that was to rim him. It seemed to John that rimming would be an excellent way to gently stretch the man and make him ready. Raising Luka's legs so he could reach that area, John instructed Luka to hold his thighs up, and then he began to make love to the area, using his mouth and hands on Luka's cock and balls.

"I really do like your cock, Luka," John said as he ran his hand over the object in question. "It's soft as velvet, yet so damn strong. I loved it when you fucked me, thrusting into me as if your life depended on it, over and over again, and I love sucking on it, making you moan just by using my mouth and tongue."

"Mmm...Yes...John...I love it when you do all those things to me too," Luka uttered, his voice barely above a whisper. "I love it when you suck me...I love it when you talk like this...I love it when you touch me...you are so...so good at making love...God...yes...John...I need you..."

Luka arched his head backwards as emotions continued to sweep his body. It felt *so* good, he couldn't even put it into words.

John's ego swelled as he heard Luka tell him how good he was at making love. Even dumped, he still had that special touch, John thought. He continued his oral assault upon Luka's cock, then moved to his balls.

"I love your balls, too, Luka. They're so heavy in my hand, but they still manage to fit into my mouth when I want to suck on them. Do you want me to suck your balls, Luka?" John looked up to Luka's face as he gently massaged his testicles, wanting more confirmation that this was, indeed, everything Luka wanted.

Luka had never heard John talk *this* dirty before during their lovemaking sessions. It was...different, but not unwelcome. He was going to comment on it, but one more gentle squeeze from John put all thought of anything other than the moment out of Luka's head.

"Yes...anything...anything you want, John...I'm yours...whatever you want to do...I want you to do to me...it all feels so wonderful..."

"As you wish," John replied with a grin, and then he couldn't speak any longer as he had his mouth full of Luka, first one testicle and then the other. John would tenderly suck one into his mouth, then massage it with his tongue for a while before releasing it and doing the same to its mate. As Luka's body increased the amount of writhing it was doing, John knew it was time to move onward -- or downward as the case happened to be.

Without warning, he slid his mouth off of Luka and then let his tongue trace a path down the perinium to his ultimate destination. John's ears were waiting for any comment Luka might make and he was ready to stop what he was doing if Luka happened to complain about it. But John somehow had a feeling that Luka wouldn't complain. After all, he had said that John was good at making love, so it just stood to reason that Luka would enjoy everything John did to him.

He had to.

A shudder filled Luka's body as John's mouth released his testicle. And a whimper escaped from his lips, his body truly missing the contact that had been there only moments before. But soon, Luka's body was filled with a new and different feeling...one that he was not quite sure he had ever quite felt...but...it felt very...very good to him.

"Yes...yes...John...that's...very good...yes...wow...that's...I can't...oh...wow...yes...keep...keep doing just that...keep doing..."

Luka's lips hung agape as all wetness disappeared from his mouth. And as he arched his head back once more on the pillow, Luka was quite sure he had never experienced the almost uncontrollable feelings such as these before in his life.

And then John put all thoughts aside as he slowly inserted his index finger alongside his tongue, wriggling it around and going deeper until he found Luka's prostate -- the center of the utmost pleasure for a man.

John sat up on his haunches and watched the myriad of emotions that Luka wore on his face while just one finger stroked his insides. "Are you sure you want my cock in you, Luka?" John asked, knowing that Luka did, but asking anyway, just so he could have the satisfaction of hearing him saying it once again.

It had been a very long time since these kinds of pleasures had swept over Luka's body. And he was already close to the edge as John spoke, so it took a moment for the words to register in Luka's head. And as he realized that John was asking if he could enter him, Luka nodded, and then spoke, realizing that John needed verbal affirmation.

"Yes...yes...I want you...all of you...inside of me...please..."

John grabbed the bottle of lubricant and poured a generous amount into his hand, then he rubbed his hands together, doing his best to warm up the lotion before he touched Luka's flushed skin. Again, John just used one finger, wriggling it a bit, moving it in and out before adding another finger to the equation. When he was finally satisfied that Luka's ass could accommodate his cock, John rolled a condom onto his own member, then liberally coated it with the lubricant as well.

He moved up until his cock was just touching Luka's ass, and John realized that his entire body was shaking as his mind finally grasped that he was about to fuck Luka Kovac. "Are you ready for me, Luka? I need you to relax and just feel what I'm doing, but don't be afraid to tell me to stop or slow down if you need me to, okay?" As much as John's body wanted to just thrust right into Luka then and there, John wasn't going to do so until he knew Luka was truly ready for him.

Luka's eyes fluttered closed, but they opened again at John's words. He then noticed just how nervous the man was. "I'm ready for you, John...are...you okay with this? If this is something that you are not ready for, we can do something else, I don't want you to feel like I am pressuring you..."

The memories of the night on the cruise ship when John had completely lost it had not been forgotten by Luka. He never wanted John to feel that all Luka wanted him for was sex. This was...so much more than that. And by the same token, Luka did not want John to feel like he was being forced into anything in the slightest.

"It's okay to wait for another night, yes...I very much want this, but I want *you* to be comfortable more..."

John smiled into Luka's eyes, touched by his concern. "I'm okay, and I'm comfortable with this, I really am. I just want it to be good for you, Luka, and I don't want to hurt you. I never want to hurt you." And, then, to show Luka that he really did appreciate the amount of trust that he was putting in him, John thrust his hips forward slightly, letting just the tip of his cock enter Luka's body. He immediately gasped out loud from the pleasure, and it took all his control not to come right then. He knew then why Dave, and Luka, had stopped immediately upon entering him -- the sensation was overpowering.

All concern left Luka as John finally entered him -- and Luka knew that he was not doing it out of any kind of obligation, but because he really wanted to do this. And as the familiar rushes of lust filled him, it took all of his willpower not to cry out...not to beg him to press in further...

He knew that John needed to do this at his own pace. But Luka also knew that John would need gentle coaxing. "Yes...that's it John...possess me...I'm yours...yes..."

Luka's words impelled John forward, and he held his breath as he felt the velvety warmth begin to completely encase his cock. "God, Luka, you're so tight and soft inside. This is incredible. I see why you didn't mind the idea of fucking me before...Jesus, yes!" The combination of pure physical pleasure and the trust that Luka had in him, together with Luka's love, was almost more than John could handle, and he soon found himself quickly thrusting in and out of Luka, his eyes on Luka's face the entire time as he watched his lover be pleasured. *His* lover -- John liked the sound of that. Luka was his, he had told him so, and John nearly laughed out loud over that fact. Instead, he kept on talking. "Mine. All mine. I like the sound of that, Luka. Tell me again who owns you?"

"Yes...John...Yes...you...God...you own...me...yes...you own...God...yes...you own me...I'm yours. Oh...yes...harder...please..."

He could feel John playing with his prostate...almost pressing it but not quite. And Luka was just close enough to the edge that he knew that one more touch there, especially by John's cock, would lead to ultimate release.

"Anything for you, Luka," John vowed, "Anything." And he thrust harder and was caught by surprise when Luka came, the contractions of his cock sending a ripple through his anus and over and around John's member. John immediately came to a stop, letting Luka simply enjoy his release, but intending to resume what he was doing just as soon as it became apparent that Luka had recovered enough to enjoy it.

As waves of his orgasm washed over his body, Luka cried out John's name as his hands grappled to reach for anything to hold onto, and only coming up with the sheets that were on the bed. Tightly he held the fabric in his hand, seeming to come in buckets. It was always a rather interesting sensation for him when he was able to come to release without any hands touching his penis. And it was a *wonderful* feeling.

"Oh...Yes...John...you...you are so amazing...I...I love you...God...how I love you..."

John wanted to kiss Luka, and he was able to bend over enough to reach the man's lips, but just barely. "I love you, too," he whispered as he straightened his body once more. "Are you ready for me to continue? Do you think you can still handle my cock after coming like that for me?" John asked with a grin.

Luka returned the smile, and nodded. "Oh, I think I can handle you, John. I'm just glad that you're enjoying this so much....very...very glad..."

And once again, Luka's heart did a bit of a leap as he realized that he had been John's first at something. This was something that Dave could *never* claim. And then he pushed all thoughts of Dave out of his head, not wanting to mar the moment by thinking of something so unpleasant.

It was just the two of them -- Luka and John. And that was the way it was going to be from then on.

"Oh, I am. I just might not ever let you fuck me again after tonight," John joked. "It's something I'm going to have to give a lot of thought to, because each way has a lot of plusses going for it." He adjusted his hips, wondering if the slight movement would be enough for him to be able to gauge if Luka was as ready as he claimed to be.

"Mmm...it does have its...appeal...doesn't it...oh...yes...that is very nice," Luka said, locking his eyes with his lover. Yes. Every movement the man made was intoxicating to Luka. And what was even more intoxicating to him was that Luka knew this was only the beginning. There were many more nights like this in their future.

"Yes, it does," John agreed, emphasizing each word with a thrust or withdrawal of his cock. He knew that his own release wasn't far off, yet John didn't want it to end quite yet. "Tell me again," he suddenly demanded as his pace began to increase. "Tell me that you love me and that you're mine."

"I'm yours...I'm all yours, no one else will ever be with me again...only you...I love you...John, I love you...and I'm *yours*."

Luka kept his eyes locked on John's face, enjoying the emotions that passed over his features with every push that John made inside him. It felt good, even though he was far from being hard again. Luka didn't care about that, though. He was so happy to see John enjoying what he was doing...and he was really enjoying John being so close to coming...

"Come for me, John...please come for me..."

John might have been able to hold out during his orgasm, but Luka's words triggered something in his heart and John screamed out Luka's name as he came over and over again, thrusting as far into Luka as he could get.

His body trembled from the force of his release, yet John managed to grab hold of the bottom of the condom as he pulled out of Luka and then he collapsed onto his lover's chest, his heart beating a thousand beats a minute and all because of the man before him -- or, was that under him, John thought with a grin.

"Tell me again," he said as his head rested against Luka's chest. John knew he'd never get enough of hearing Luka telling him how much he loved him and he made a promise then and there in his heart that one day he would love Luka just as much.

Luka smiled, as he wrapped his arms around his lover's quivering body. "I love you. I love you with all my heart, John. And I am *yours*," he said, his voice calm and full of love.

Yes. This was how wonderful it was supposed to be. Luka knew that anything else that had happened with other people was just child's play, and this was the real thing. And Luka intended on showing John just how special he was for the rest of both of their lives.

"And I'm all yours," John said. He then moved so that he could look at Luka. "I *do* love you, you know that, don't you?" It was important for John that Luka knew he was loved, even if it was the little bit that John felt.

Luka was aware that he did not own all of John's heart, but he could live with that for now. After all, Dave was not around, and it did not seem that the man would be around for a long while. So there was no reason for Luka to even worry about that. "I know," he said, after a moment's thought. "And whatever love you can give is enough for me..."

Luka lifted his head slightly, and kissed John, a sleepy smile crossing his face. "What do you say that we get cleaned up and then get some sleep? I don't know what your schedule is for tomorrow, but I do have an early shift..."

The thought of spending the night lying next to John's side was almost as exciting to him as their lovemaking session had been. Luka had missed the closeness. And he looked forward to regaining the sense of familiarity that the two of them had once shared.

"Well, I happen to know, courtesy of the Chief Resident, that we're both on the same shift, so I think that your idea is an excellent one." John preceded Luka into the bathroom so he could properly dispose of the condom, then he turned on the shower to let the water get hot. Life with Luka was going to be very good, John just had the feeling that it couldn't be anything *but* good. And this time he wouldn't do anything to mess things up. He had had to have learned his lesson from Dave, right? He wouldn't let Luka slip through his fingers the way he had let Dave get away.

"If we shower now, then it'll save time in the morning," John said as Luka walked into the bathroom. "And if we drive in together, then we'll end up coming home together, too," he added with a smile.

"That sounds like a very good idea, Dr. Carter," Luka teased, as he watched John prepare the shower. "And showering together sounds like a good idea as well. It's been a long time since we've shared this activity. But I have to say that I am very much looking forward to getting used to everything again."

With a grin, he slipped into the shower as the temperature was adjusted, and then he turned to wait for his lover.

Yes. Everything was going to work out right this time. Luka was with the person he was meant to be with. And Dave Malucci was a million miles away.

To be continued
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