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By MonaCK and Cathy Roberts

It was torture watching Dave and not being able to touch him, and John's penis grew harder as he saw more and more of Dave's body. There had been several times when John had been tempted to disobey Dave, but he didn't. Since John couldn't touch Dave with his hands, he settled for using just his eyes, and he kept those on Dave the entire time.

Dave stood for a moment, and then reached for Carter, pulling him close and kissing him roughly before releasing him. "Now...strip for me, John...I used to love it when you stripped for me."

And, pulling away, Dave moved towards the edge of the bed, eagerly anticipating the show.

"Do you want it fast or slow?" John asked as he started to remove his cuff links.

"Slow," Dave answered, his eyes roaming Carter's body.

"I can do slow," John said. He tossed his cuff links over to the top of the dresser, and then began to strip, making sure he did it as slowly as possible. When he finally pulled off his last sock, John straightened and looked expectantly at Dave. "Was that slow enough for you?" he asked with a slow smile.

Dave's mouth went dry as he watched Carter strip. Man. That still *really* turned him on...watchin' his body unwrap like a really sexy present. As Carter became naked before him, Dave grasped at the sheets on the bed, trying to find something to clench so he didn't start to jerk off. He didn't wanna jerk off tonight...he wanted Carter to somehow cause him to come.

"Yeah. Yeah you did good, Carter...really good..."

Finally finding his legs again, Dave stood, and walked over towards his lover, and pulled John into his arms. "And now...now we're gonna have some fun..."

Wrapping his arms fully around him so their bodies were touching, so close you couldn't even put a credit card between 'em to separate 'em, Dave kissed Carter fully and passionately. And man...his dick was so hard, Dave was sure he coulda hammered nails with it.

Once again, John's mouth automatically opened for Dave, letting the man's tongue go where it belonged. He sucked on it hungrily, knowing he could never get enough of Dave. As they kissed, John's hands ran up and down Dave's body, caressing him everywhere.

Dave pulled away, his eyes wild with desire as he looked towards the man that he loved. "I think...I think it's time to put these handcuffs to use...what do you think?"

He led John towards the bed. True, there was nothing that he could really tie him back with, but...

"What if we hooked these to the edge of the table? I think the legs of the nightstand might just be high enough to bind you without you gettin' hurt...what do you think?"

Dave's eyes surveyed the countertop, and he smiled as his gaze settled on the "prolonging" cream that Carter had procured. "Maybe we should give this a try too, huh?"

John pulled the covers all the way back, then climbed onto the bed as Dave spoke. "I think you're right about both things," he said as he stretched out on his back. "Which one of us is going to get to test the cream? You or me?"

"I think," Dave said, as he held the container in his hands, "That you should go first. I wonder if this stuff is edible," he mused as he looked at the label. "Hmm...it does say it's safe to ingest, so I think we'll be alright if I put some of this on you...maybe I'll cover it with paint too," he said, a teasing smile on his lips. "But first..."

Dave put the container down, a look of determination on his face. "Lay back," he commanded, his voice taking on a more dominant tone. "It's time to chain you up..."

He waited for Carter to position himself, and then Dave grabbed the first set of handcuffs, making sure the keys were well within reach. He then proceeded to lock Carter's left hand into the silk end of the cuff, and then carefully attached it to the leg of the table.

"Is that alright? I'm not stretching ya too far, am I?"

After getting the okay, Dave moved across John to the other side, and quickly bound his other hand. Then, he pulled back, smiling slightly.

"Can't tie down your legs...gonna have ta trust that you won't move them much," he said, his eyes sparkling.

"I'll try my best not to, if that's what you want," John jauntily replied. He pulled once more at the handcuffs, liking the silk lined ones much better than the ones Dave had used on him before. His own penis was as hard as Dave's looked to be, and John was aching to touch or be touched.

"Are you going to put that on my penis now?" he asked, hopeful that the answer was going to be a yes.

Dave grinned, and shook his head. "I'm not putting it on until I hear you say that you want me to rub this stuff all over your cock and your balls. I wanna hear you talk *dirty* Carter. I wanna hear you tell me everything you want me to do to you...*dirty*."

Dave got up from the bed and went back over to the dresser, picking up the paints and the tub of cream in his hands and bringing them back to the bed. Straddling Carter's legs, Dave sat on the tops of Carter's thighs so he could have easy access to everything as he place the containers beside them.

Talk dirty? Dave wanted him to say those words -- sure, he'd said the 'f' word once or twice, but now Dave wanted to hear all the other ones, too? Hell, he wasn't even sure that he knew the kinds of words that Dave wanted to hear. John watched Dave move around, then he sighed as he felt Dave's body settle upon his legs. "Okay, I'll try. I want you to rub that all over me."

Dave shook his head as he picked up the jar of cream in his hand. As he twisted open the top, he cast Carter another glance. "Not good enough. You have to be specific. I mean...I"m sure you don't want your thighs to be hard...or your arms...what part of you do you want me to rub this on, John...tell me."

Dave knew it was gonna drive him crazy to talk like that...and the thought of John being driven crazy was only serving to excite Dave that much more.

"My peni...my cock, Dave. I want you to rub that on my cock. Make it even harder than it is now." Okay, it wasn't so hard to use the slang words, John thought, and he continued, "Rub it in slow and easy, taking your time as you run your hand up and down my cock, teasing me as you squeeze the tip of it." No, wait, that sounded demanding. John raised his head and looked pleadingly into Dave's eyes. "Please?"

A grin flickered across Dave's lips, and he nodded as he put some cream in his hands, warming it slightly before placing it on Carter's cock. "Good, Carter. Very good. I'm gonna do it like you like it...slow and easy. I'm gonna tease the Hell out of you...rubbing your cock up...and down..."

First Dave said it, and then he did it. His hands ran over John, feeling his cock between his fingers as he squeezed the tip, feeling the pre-come on his fingers.

One the cream was fully rubbed in, Dave replaced his hand with his mouth, touching and tasting the sweet nectar of Carter's juices. Yes. He had *longed* for this. Absolutely longed for this. He wanted this. Now he was getting it for the second time in the same day.

"Yes," John breathed heavily as Dave's mouth took over where his hands had left off. "That feels so good, Dave. I love it when you suck on my pen...cock. Don't stop, please don't stop," John begged for real that time.

Carter's words encouraged him. And his mouth continued to suck on Carter's dick. His hands grabbed Carter's balls, and he began to squeeze them...hard...just like Carter liked it.

His own cock absolutely throbbed in anticipation. He couldn't wait to come...or more accurately...he couldn't wait for Carter to make him come...just like it should be...the two of them...

Man...he never wanted this to end. Ever. And Dave tried not to think about the fact that when the cruise drew to a close, it was just gonna be him alone on this ship again. He wasn't sure if he could go back to being without Carter...even though they had only been together again for a few hours now.

"Oh, God yes, Dave...just like that. Squeeze my balls harder, please? Yes!" John threw his head back against the mattress as surges of desire raced through his body. His penis...no, it was his *cock*, was warmer than it had ever felt before, but he didn't know if it was from the cream or Dave's mouth or both, but his balls were starting to feel warm as well, and John was pretty sure that there had still been some of the cream on Dave's hands when he started to play with them.

"Jesus, Dave," John wanted so badly to come, but he wasn't sure if that was allowed. "Please? Let me come for you Dave. I've gotta come now, please?"

At these words, Dave drew his mouth off of John's cock, keeping a hand very lightly on it while he brought his eyes up to meet Carter's. "You wanna come, huh? How badly do you wanna come...you need to beg some more before I let that happen," he said, quietly enjoying the torture that he was putting Carter through. But he also knew that it was a sweet kind of torture. To be right on edge was nothing short of exquisite.

"Really badly, Dave. I need it so badly. Please? I'll do whatever you want tonight if you let me come now...I'll suck on you all night long...I'll let you fuck me all night long...I'll let you do anything. Please? I'm so hard it hurts, please, Dave?" John raised his head again as he begged Dave. "Anything you want. Anything." John was more than willing to promise all of that and more if Dave just let him come that one time.

Dave looked down at Carter's cock. Yeah.. it did look like it was almost painful, being as hard as all that. And with a grin, he brought his mouth back down on top of his shaft, licking, sucking, anything to try to draw it out of him., because Dave wanted to taste it as badly as Carter wanted to spill it.

Dave's hands found Carter's balls once more and he squeezed them...a little harder this time as he felt them contract against his hand. And he readied himself, knowing it wouldn't be long before he made Carter scream.

Dave was going to let him come! Even as John's mind registered that fact, his body reacted to it, and a million suns exploded inside of his being as he screamed out Dave's name.

Dave was prepared for it...but even so the sheer force and volume of come that fell into his mouth surprised him, and he found himself eagerly and quickly swallowing all that he could to try to not waste a precious drop. Whoa. It still was a pleasant thing to think about - that he had this kind of effect on another human being.

As Dave finally lifted his mouth off of Carter, he smiled. And didn't hesitate in crawling up the side of the bed to kiss Carter fully on the lips.

John's mouth was wild as he kissed Dave back, sucking and licking and kissing and trying hard to breathe while his heart was racing a mile a minute -- and all because of the man kissing him. His hands wanted to touch Dave and they moved, but couldn't reach him -- the handcuffs -- he was restrained and that made his kiss even wilder as he realized he was still at Dave's mercy. And he could feel the hardness of Dave's pen...cock against his hip.

So hard, so very, very hard.

And all his.

Dave broke away, breathless as he looked at his lover. Man. Man...he wanted him *so* bad...any way he could have 'im. *Any* way. "I'm gonna unchain you now, John...I want you to touch me.. I want you to make me scream...scream like I just made you scream...I want you to make me come any way you can think of to make me come..."

He didn't care how...he just wanted to have *some* part of him inside of Carter's body...whether it be his mouth or his ass.

He quickly took Carter out of his restraints, after getting up to gather the keys from on top of the dresser. And as quickly as Dave unhooked him, Dave was back in bed, waiting for Carter to make the next move.

The second that Dave was on his back, John straddled his hips, feeling Dave's balls and cock pressing against his anu...his ass. "You're as hard as I was, aren't you, Dave? It's not going to take much to make you come, is it? You were hard all through dinner, I could tell. I was hard, too. My cock ached from having you so close to me, but untouchable." John began to rock back and forth on top of Dave's groin, not sure if it would do anything for him or not, but he personally needed to feel something hard against his ass.

"How should I make you come? Do you want me to put my mouth on your balls and suck on them until you can't stand it any longer and you start to beg me for release the way I begged you? Or should I just suck at the tip of your cock until you explode in my mouth? Maybe you want me to lick around your ass, Dave? There's a word for that, did you know that? It's called rimming. Where I lick small circles around your tight asshole and then fuck you with my tongue. You don't want my cock up your ass but you loved having my tongue there, didn't you?" John was getting turned on by what he was saying and his rocking intensified.

"Maybe you want to watch me play with myself? Would that make you come, Dave? I can grab that fake cock and slide it in and out of my ass while you watch and wish that it was your cock moving in and out of me? Would you like that?" John's hand moved to his chest and he began to toy with a nipple while his other hand moved to Dave's groin to play with the only part of Dave's cock that was visible under John's body. "Yeah, maybe I'll do that. Handcuff you to the bed and make you watch me fuck myself."

Oh man...Dave was on sensory overload as Carter spoke...and maybe he was beginning to realize that he liked to be dominated more than he wanted to admit to himself. "Yeah...yeah...Carter...tie me up...do it all to me...I wanna watch you...I want you to make me scream. And I wanna watch you play with yourself..."

Man, it was making him harder just thinking about it...if that was at all possible...

John leaned forward, letting his body cover Dave's as he reached for the first handcuff and snapped it closed around Dave's wrist. "That's not too tight, is it? I don't want you to be hurt, Dave. I never want you to be hurt." John asked, looking intently into Dave's wild eyes.

Dave shook his head as the second handcuff was snapped shut. "No. It's perfect...just...just perfect. You...couldn't hurt me...."

Not anymore, not ever again...

"Okay, Dave, imagine that this is your cock I'm putting the lubricant on. Hell, forget that. I'm going to put the cream on you, to make you last longer so you can fuck me all night long and into the morning." As John spoke he opened the jar and began to smooth the cream up and down Dave's cock, pausing every now and then to lean his head over to lap up the pre-come that was almost pouring out. Then he put the cream on the fake cock and smiled at Dave.

"Are you ready to watch me, Dave?" John asked as he pinched his own nipple, making himself moan by the action.

Dave moaned as Carter rubbed his dick up and down...man...he was *so* hard...and *so* horny...and as Carter spoke again, he nodded. "Yeah...yeah...I wanna watch you..."

Man, this was gonna be *such* torture...and so good...so good to watch Carter...

Dave tested the limits of his handcuffs, and sure enough they were secure around his wrist. Not being able to touch anything was odd in its own right. Dave kept his eyes glued to Carter, wondering what he was gonna do next.

His legs spread, John leaned back until he could easily put the head of the fake cock at his opening -- and then he slowly began to push it inside, knowing he didn't need to be stretched -- not after already having had Luka and Dave that day. He bit his lip as it first burned a little bit, but a guttural moan echoed in the room as the tip scraped against his prostate and he pushed his body downward onto the toy.

Then he remembered that he was supposed to be tormenting Dave with his words, too, talking dirty to him as instructed. "God, it feels so good, Dave. Not as good as your cock. No cock is as good as yours, but this one is nice. When I move it like this," John twisted it around and gasped from the pleasure it sent through his body, "Oh, man, you know that's so good and you can't do that to me." John's eyes were at half-mast as he rode the fake organ, forgetting once again about talking dirty. His cock was too spent to get hard again, but his body was definitely responding to the actions and his nipples ached because they were such hard little nubs.

Dave lifted his head slightly, needing to look as Carter pleasured himself...man...he *really* seemed to be enjoying it...and Dave was able to appreciate the motions in a way that he was unable to when Dave's own dick was in Carter's body. "Yes...God...yes..."

Dave's cock ached -- ached to be touched...something. And Dave briefly thought whether or not it would be possible for him to come without even being touched. Because...man...he had *never* felt this turned on all at once before...

Dave bit his lip, unable to do anything else except continue to stretch his legs out as he felt sensations of pure want and need fill his body.

"God, John..,please...touch me..I need you to touch me...oh...God...I can't take it anymore..."

Somehow he had gone from being dominator to dominated, but he didn't care...

John was so caught up with pleasuring himself that he didn't hear Dave at first, but when those words finally registered in his brain, he didn't hesitate. The fake cock was quickly removed and John was just as quickly holding Dave's upright and steady as he lowered himself upon it.

"Yes, Dave. This is what I need...your cock inside of me, stretching me...God..." John reached his hands down on Dave's chest to balance himself as he moved slowly up and down Dave's hard cock, their moans combining in the night air.

"Mmm...oh...yes...yes...." Dave's body arched up to match Carter's as he moved his legs, trying to get as much leverage as he could to pump in and out of Carter's ass. It was odd not being able to use his hands, but he quickly adapted. Yes. Yes, this was what he was crying for. He continued to press himself inside of Carter, moving as rapidly as the other man's motions would allow.

"Yes...yes...I...I can't hold off...I have to come...God...please...I have to come..."

And losing absolutely any control he had left in his body, Dave's world went into a haze as his cock emptied in a sea of colors, filling Carter with his come as his eyes shut. There were pleasure waves throughout Dave's body, and he would have been a fool to say that he felt anything other than pure bliss.

The only thing John could feel was a slight throbbing on the outer rim of his ass -- a throbbing that was probably Dave's cock contracting as it came. When it stopped, he lurched forward onto Dave's chest, his hands holding Dave's face in place as his mouth landed upon Dave's lips, kissing him passionately, and wanting Dave's tongue just as deeply inside of him as Dave's cock had been

Dave returned the kiss, a bit frustrated because his hands were still useless. Dave was so full of emotion -- he had come with such full force, that he felt like all of his feelings were on the edge of his body. Dave felt ultra-sensitive, as if the slightest movement would make him climb through the roof.

His tongue strokes matched Carter's as Dave's legs moved up, trying to capture anything that he could of Carter's body. And as the kiss finally ended, Dave's eyes were full of all the emotion he'd been feeling.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you? That was fucking *amazing* John. I swear...more amazing then when we've done it in the past...man...I don't think I could live without that again if I tried.."

"Really?" John asked. "Did you enjoy it that much? Because that's how I feel every time with you, Dave." He looked into Dave's brown eyes, looking for a sign that Dave really meant what he said and wasn't just talking.

"I'd never lie to you," Dave said quickly, his gaze matching Carter's. "I swear, I really enjoyed it...and I've never felt quite this way...it's..,it's different this time.. yeah...I've never stopped loving you...but maybe...maybe being apart for so long sealed it for me...I can't live without you...I don't wanna live without you..."

He was speaking from his heart. Completely from his heart.

John slowly smiled. "Good, because I don't want to live without you, either." He gently kissed Dave's lips, and then sat back up, a shocked look on his face.

"Shit, Dave, we did it again. I forgot all about a condom." This time though, he didn't feel as panicked as he had that other time. "Maybe this is a sign that we're meant to be only with each other?" He asked as he squeezed his ass around the base of Dave's cock, wondering if Dave could even feel that slight movement.

"Mmm...yes," Dave said, feeling the effects of Carter squeezing his muscles around him throughout his body. "I think...no...I know that we're meant only for each other. I've known that since before I left Chicago. My heart's been with ya all this time. I hope you took good care of it," Dave joked, as he smiled up to Carter. "Not to mention that this way...if we don't' use a condom...I don't gotta pull outta you right away. I like bein' inside you, you know..."

Again he tried to move his hands, and was frustrated that he was still locked up. And trying his best to muster up a puppy dog look, he brought his eyes up to John's.

"I don't suppose you can let me outta these shackles..."

John slowly smiled. "I might be able to do that, but if I move, you might slip out of me, and I want you to stay in me just as much as you want to stay there. I think it might be best to just keep you right where you are until the cruise ends. Hell, I'll just book all the cruises between now and when your contract ends and keep you here the whole time...just like this. You can ask the patients questions and me and Nurse Davis can do that rest, although I'll only be able to do but so much since I'll have your cock up my ass all the time."

Dave couldn't help but laugh at that thought. "Yeah...but I'd imagine that it would become mighty uncomfortable for me after a while. A man's gotta piss some time. And no offense, John, but I ain't doin' that inside of you. Not to mention, that I think my legs would start to cramp after a while. So while it's a *really* good idea, and one I wouldn't mind doin', I don't think it would work very well in application," Dave teased.

"You're probably right. I guess I'll just have to keep my fake buddy around for those times you can't be there, huh?" John slowly pulled up and off of Dave, sighing as an empty ache raced through him at the loss. He reached for a key and started to free Dave. "I told you about that dominatrix, right? You should have seen the fake one she had in her bag. It was huge, Dave. Maybe twice your size. And she had it secured in a strap or something, I guess so she could fuck her clients." Dave's right hand was freed and John moved to unlock the cuff around Dave's left wrist.

"It ended up in Weaver's locker," he said, chuckling. "You should have seen us at that class, trying to get each other to admit to being the one who put it there."

As soon as Dave's hands were freed, he immediately brought them down to touch Carter's skin, smiling as the guy talked to him about the dominatrix. "Yeah? You had fun talking about that I'd bet...so who was it? Who finally admitted that they put the dildo in Weaver's locker? Man, I wish you had taken a picture of that, I can just imagine that a dick was about the *last* thing that woman wanted to see," he said, as he moved his hand over Carter's soft skin.

"No one ever did admit to that, but I think everyone was thinking that Gallant did it. He's a new med student. Very studious and mannerly. He's in the army or something like that, and it really wasn't right that Weaver wrote him up and made him go. He's just a med student, damn it." John's voice was hard as he reached the end of the sentence -- it had been bad enough that Weaver had punished him and Luka, but Gallant -- he was just a student and all of them could see the way her verbal tongue lashing had hurt him. Shamed him. "It just wasn't right and I couldn't let her get away with doing that to him."

Something about the last bit of Carter's rant about the way Weaver has treated this med student caught Dave's ear, and a smile spread over his face. "It was you, wasn't it," Dave said, continuing to caress Carter's skin. "You did it. You put the dildo in Weaver's locker..."

Dave's grin broadened. "I *knew* there was a devilish side to you. I'm glad that I'm not the only one it comes out for these days. The quiet ones, I tell ya," Dave teased.

John grinned. "No one could figure out just how it got in there. Weaver even made maintenance come down to inspect it, to make sure no one had forced it open. Fuck, it used to be *my* locker before the bitch exiled me to Atlanta, you'd think she'd remember that, right?" John asked angrily as he flinched away from Dave's touch. "I know I fucked up with the drugs, and I deserved to be treated like a pariah when I came back, but it fucking hurt to walk into the lounge and find my stuff in a box, Dave. A fucking cardboard box, because they took my locker away while I was gone. They fucking took it away, like I didn't matter any more."

Whoa...instant change. "Hey...hey...it's okay...you're one of the most respected doctors in the hospital now, John. No, you didn't deserve that...but it took a while for you to earn everyone's trust again...you've got it now...I can tell ya that for sure..."

Dave lifted his body so that he was leaning down on the mattress with his arm, and sighed. "I know it hurt, man. Trust me. I know how it hurt. It hurt a lot when Weaver fired me, too...but I think I've moved on pretty well from that. And yeah...you've moved on from it, too."

"You stood up to her, though, didn't you? No one else does that. Hell, Dave, if I had been there when she fired you, I wouldn't have said anything. Just like I sat by while she reamed out Gallant. We all did." John got up from the bed and began to pace the room. "Sure, we said a few things, weak protests, really, but we didn't say anything. The only one with enough guts to talk back to Weaver these days is Deb, and that's because she basically blackmailed Kerry into giving her a job as an attending. *I* wanted to apply to be Chief Resident. Hell, I *did* apply, but Weaver pulled it. She was 'concerned' that the pressures from the job would jeopardize my recovery. Well, guess who she appointed as Chief Resident when Deb quit? Me, that's who. And she didn't give a fuck about my recovery then. I could have gone over to North Western and been an attending, but no, I stayed there at County. She wouldn't hire me as an attending, no way. She wanted someone with more experience and then she ended up with Deb, who fucking killed that kid because she was too incompetent enough to look at his films."

John was getting more and more agitated as he paced. "Weaver didn't want me in her basement, she didn't want me as Chief Resident, she didn't want me as an attending. Abby didn't want me, you acted like you didn't want me, then you left and then Susan didn't want me. No one ever fucking wants me except for fucking!"

Dave sat up, completely dumbfounded that such a nice evening took such a drastic turn. "Whoa...John...do you really think that that's what this is all about? That all I'm interested in is fucking you? Do you really think that that's why I'm here? Because I wanna get laid? Damn it...if I all I wanted was to get laid, I coulda had that hundreds of times over already. But, no. No. I didn't. Because it didn't fucking mean anything. It didn't mean anything unless it was you."

Dave sat up, and then got to his feet, daring to try to walk over to him to stop him from pacing. "Damn it, John. Would you listen to me? I'm *not* gonna leave this time. I'm not gonna do that. And you could tell me that you never wanted me to fuck you again, and I would do it if it meant I could stay with you. Do you have *any* idea how fucking special you are?"

Dave finally put his hands on his shoulders, forcing Carter to look at him. "I'm sorry I acted like an ass back then. If I could take it all back, I would. You have to know that. I loved you then. And I love you now..."

John shook his head. "I know you love me. I didn't mean you...never you. But I'm not special, Dave, you've got to believe that. I'm a coward who won't even stand up for someone, instead I sneak around and do something childish to strike back at Weaver. But not you, never you." John said, his anger suddenly gone as he looked into Dave's eyes. "Never you."

"Hey...there's nothing wrong with a good prank...and it gave all of you something to talk about while you were in that class, right? I'll bet it was funny as hell. Hey -- we all have our ways of coping with things and striking back. And trust me...it's not that great to be the type to shoot off your mouth. It often comes back to bite ya in the ass. I called Weaver a Nazi Dyke. A -dyke-! I said that...do you have any idea how much I regret those words now? Man...I was so insecure about my own sexuality...and my own feelings. And I'm sorry...but you are *very* special. *Very* special. And I don't want you to ever forget that...I won't *let* you forget that..."

He pulled Carter firmly into his arms, losing himself in the other man's embrace.

"But I'm not," John muttered as he wrapped his arms around Dave. "I'm not. You're the one who's special, Dave. I've never had anyone before tell me that they'd want me even without the sex. Never. God, I'd do anything for you, anything to make you as happy as you make me."

"You don't haveta do anything more than what you've already been doing," Dave said, as he continued to hold Carter close to him. "Just being here makes me happy...just knowing that you still love me...man...that makes me happier than I can even begin to tell you. That you love me even though I was an ass...I don't know how I got so lucky...but I'm not gonna question it."

Pulling back slightly, he brushed a hand down the side of Carter's face. "What do you say we go nap for a little while...it's been way, way too long since I last slept with you...and I intend on fixing that right now..."

John smiled weakly. "I've missed that so much. I know we weren't together for long, but I got used to you rather quickly." John grabbed Dave by the hand and led him back to the bed. He had shocked himself by his angry outburst, but Luka had been right when he had said that someone who loved you wouldn't leave you for revealing what you were feeling. Dave was still there with him.

John straightened the covers and then slipped under them, waiting for Dave to get into the bed so they could nestle up against each other.

"I missed it, too. It was hard to get used to sleeping alone again," Dave commented as they walked over towards the bed. He easily slipped under the covers, and gathered the taller man in his arms, almost immediately going back to the position that they had both been most comfortable in when they were last together. And as Carter leaned his head against his chest, Dave smiled as he planted a kiss on top of Carter's ear.

"Yeah...yeah...this is what I missed...more than the sex...I missed...just bein' with you..."

And he sighed as he leaned back against the pillow. All was *really* right with the world.

To be continued
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