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How do you pack up two years worth of memories into one little box? Dave wasn't completely sure, but he was doing an awfully good job of it. Two years. Two years for what? To be laughed at right out the door.

As he continued to throw things into the box, Dave's mind wandered, thinking about everything that had happened to him in the previous few months. His relationship with Carter had gone straight into the shitter. His job had followed suit after he had slept with someone that he completely didn't have feelings for in a complete rebound situation. And yes -- he had fucked up with the whole Marfans thing...but by far the wasn't worst thing that ever occurred in this ER. Dave had heard stories about the infamous Doug Ross...and even he hadn't been fired. Doug had quit. Even Dr. Green, from the rumors he had heard, had had his share of troubles. But, no. Somehow, Dave was worthless. Dave wasn't worth fighting for...by anyone. Least of all Carter.

With all of these thoughts running through his head, Dave's head whipped around when he heard the lounge door open, and the hairs on his back bristled when he realized who was walking through the door. Weaver. The woman who Dave wanted to see least of all.

He caught her glancing at him, and Dave returned the look with a glare. A glare that could kill. A glare that told everything to Weaver without Dave having to say so much as a word. And with the anger towards this woman still coursing through his body, Dave slammed his locker shut, and then never looked back. He was done. Completely and totally done. He wasn't even going to bother to appeal -- why did he want to be somewhere where *everyone* seemed to want him gone? What was the point? Fuck it all. Fuck *all* of them.

He pushed his way out of the lounge, ignoring the stares of his former co-workers. He was about to head out the doors of the hospital when he thought better of it. Why the Hell not? One of the few redeeming qualities of the hospital had been the view of Chicago from up on the roof. How many times had Dave gone up there just to think...especially when things had gotten bad with Carter? Dave had to say goodbye...and it would give him one more opportunity to just think...

He headed to the elevator, and his eyes opened in surprise as he almost bumped directly into Jing-Mei, who was coming out of it. She looked...really upset. Like she had been crying. "Jing-Mei?"

Her eyes uplifted, reddened from emotion as she looked towards Dave sadly. "I...I quit," she said, her voice very soft. "I...after the way they treated...they treated you...they...they wanted to demote me...I...I told them I'd rather not work here at all...I...it's done, Dave. You...you should be glad to get out of here..."

Shaking her head, Jing-Mei walked away, and Dave's eyes followed her, curiosity and new resolve replacing what had been anger only moments earlier.

So Jing-Mei was gone too, huh? It gave Dave a certain satisfaction that Weaver was going to be scrambling for coverage. Without thinking about the full consequences of that decision, Dave headed up to the roof. As the elevator moved up towards the top floor, his thoughts wandered once more as he thought about the other reason he was leaving Chicago. John Carter.

How that man had torn Dave's heart in two. Never before had Dave been as open...as honest with *anyone*, and they broke up over something *so* stupid. Trust. Of course Dave trusted Carter. He had always trusted him. But now...now he wasn't so sure. Was it wrong of Dave to give his heart over? He didn't know anymore. But as unsure as he was about all of that, one thing was crystal clear. John Carter was *it* for him. The chick he had screwed in the ambulance held absolutely no emotion for him.

The doors opened to the roof, and Dave was still steeped in thoughts of John when he walked out in the cool night air, leather jacket on his body, and box of possessions tucked under one arm. And as his eyes swept the roof, he stopped dead in his tracks. For standing right in front of him, was the very person he had been thinking about. Carter. Dave's heart did a flip-flop, like it always did when he saw the older man. And Dave had to remind himself that Carter was no longer *his*, so he couldn't walk up and try to seek comfort in the man's arms.

So instead, Dave stood silently and just stared, wondering if Carter was going to notice that he was standing there.

John leaned his elbows on the wall and looked out over the city. It was hard to believe that Deb had quit. It made it all so much more obvious that there had been more behind Kerry firing Dave than the sex in the ambulance. Just thinking about Dave having sex with some bombshell cut through John like needles. It never should have happened.

It wouldn't have happened if John had kept his temper that night not so long before his grandfather died. He and Dave had been seeing each other for about a month or so, and things had been going great, or so John thought. Dave had asked John to move in, and John had accepted the offer.

The only problem, the main problem, really, was that John had never believed that they'd last as a couple. He could see that so clearly now that they were apart. It had been his own insecurities that doomed them.

It had been a stupid argument, really, that ended things between them. John had been giving Dave a blow-job to awaken him that morning and as Dave came, he shoved his penis deeply down John's throat. It had taken John by surprise and he had said something about it. Dave had been afraid that he had hurt John in some way and kept asking if John was okay, over and over again. No matter how many times John had assured Dave that he was fine. It had reached a breaking point when Dave told John that he trusted him and believed him. To John, if Dave felt that, then he would have never kept asking him the same question. They had argued a bit over that, and then Dave had stormed out to go to work. John had lingered in the apartment, hoping for Dave to blow off work and return, but he didn't. John had ended up cleaning the apartment for Dave, wanting to leave him with one good memory of a sort. Once at work, though, John had pretended that nothing had happened between them. Ever. And so had Dave, even though John had seen the hurt in the man's eyes.

But it was so hard to work with Dave every day and pretend to not love him. Especially when his grandfather had died. It had been sweet for Abby to come to the house after the funeral, but John couldn't help but wish it had been Dave.

And when Dave and Chen and Kerry had made a mess with the Marfans case, John had wished he could have comforted Dave, told him that everything would be all right. But he never did. He had picked up the phone several times, but never dialed. Never took Dave aside. Maybe it was his fault that Dave had gone after the paramedic? Maybe it had been some sort of revenge or reaction to being ignored? John would never know now that Dave was gone.

Or would he? Dave was only gone from County. He still lived in Chicago and John knew the way to Dave's place by heart. He checked his watch, seeing he was officially off from work. He could go to Dave and tell him he was sorry about everything. Ask for another chance. Even if Dave turned him down, John could at least rest easy knowing that he tried.

John took a deep breath, squared his shoulders and turned away from the railing, set on his course of action. He would find Dave and do his best to make things right between them.

He was halfway to the elevator when his mind fully registered the form of the person who had stepped out of it -- Dave. John felt his heart give a jump over being face to face with the person whose kisses took his breath away. John didn't have to go to Dave's place, the man was right in front of him.

John took a few steps closer to Dave, and then shyly smiled. "I didn't expect to see you here tonight."

A half smile twitched on Dave's lips, but he still wasn't quite sure what to make of that kind of reaction. Kindness. It was the nicest that Carter had been to him since the breakup. And since this was likely the last time that Dave would see Carter, it was all okay. Another conclusion that Dave had drawn while riding up in the elevator was that since he had nothing left for him in Chicago, he was going to move. Move far away. Move to California on an offer that his brother Steve had made to him when Dave had told Steve that he had been canned. So, Dave felt that he couldn't be outright rude. After all, that just wouldn't be right. Not to mention, Dave was still head over heels in love with Carter.

"Yeah," Dave finally said, after a moment's silence. "I hadda go get my stuff outta my locker. Ya know...since I'm no longer workin' here and all..." It had been too long. Far too long since they had spoken to each other. And yet, Carter still managed to take his breath away. "So...uh...yeah...how ya been?" Well, it was a start.

"My back's seen better days, but other than that, I'm okay," John said. It wasn't what he really wanted to say. He wanted to tell Dave how miserable he'd been without him, but he just couldn't seem to find the words.

Dammitt though, wasn't that what he had been intending to say to Dave once he reached his apartment? John shook his head. "I take that back. I'm not okay. I haven't been okay since that morning when we fought. I've been miserable without you, Dave, and I...I'm sorry about what happened. I think we both said and did things we wish we hadn't done. I know I did." John took a few more steps closer to Dave. They were close enough that John could pick up Dave's scent and it made his blood run hot -- as always.

"I'd like for us to see if we can make up and get past what happened." God, please let Dave want the same thing, John prayed.

Dave's eyes opened wide, and his arms relaxed. As a result, the box that he was holding fell to the ground, luckily with nothing falling out of it. Dave... was shocked. Even after...even after everything, John wanted *him*? How was that possible?

"I...is it that simple, John? I mean...we...there's been so much that has happened...but...God...I've been pretty damned miserable without you too, John... that... that chick in the ambulance...only enhanced how much I missed you...'cause I felt *nothin'* for her...it...it was all because of how angry I was that we broke up...it...was impulsive...it...was stupid...I..."

Dave took a step closer to John. "I've been resistin' the urge to kiss you since I spotted you on this roof...I'm so sorry, John...for everythin'..."

"I've been resisting the urge to kiss you every day. I've missed you so damn much." John moved until their bodies were touching and then he held Dave's head steady as he lowered his lips to Dave's -- it was as if no time at all had passed, the kiss was that urgent, that real, and the rest of John's body responded immediately, his penis hardening just because it was Dave that John was kissing.

This...was exactly what Dave had been craving for weeks...and now, it was right in front of him. John. His John. Back into his arms. Dave's tongue parted John's lips, and he moaned into the kiss, Dave's arms reflexively wrapping further around John's body. And as the kiss finally ended, Dave was left completely breathless. "Whoa...why...why were we too stupid to do this a month ago?"

John shook his head. "I don't know. Too damn prideful, maybe? Too stubborn because we both thought we were right." He rested his forehead against Dave's. "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were fired, I wanted to check on you, but kept chickening out. Think you can ever forgive me for that?"

Dave shut his eyes, thinking things over in his head while his mind formed an answer. His hand came to rest on John's cheek. It seemed that his whole body had missed John's touch...John's embrace...John *caring*. "I...yeah...God...I missed ya so much, John...I...I still love you...you know that, right? I never really stopped...it was a stupid...stupid fight we got into...and I shoulda tried to make ya talk to me..."

John grinned. "I know I look like I'm dressed for work, but my shift is over. How about if I go and ditch this lab coat and then we can go to your place and make it up to each other properly? I know I have a lot to atone for, so I might just keep you up all night doing so."

His body was aching for Dave and John knew that the only thing that would ease that ache was doing all he could to pleasure Dave.

Dave lifted a brow upwards, and a slow grin spread across his lips. "Hell, yes," he said, as he kept his gaze locked on John. "I don't know if you can feel it, but man...my cock is *hard* for you already. I want you so bad, John...I've wanted you for so *friggen* long that I can't *wait* get alone with you." Dave pulled the other man closer to him still. "I want to make love to you all night long...wake up in the morning...and then make love to you again before you haveta go to work...do ya think you can handle that?"

John grinned as he ground his pelvis against Dave's. "I can handle that and then some. Did you ride your bike here or ride the El? I've got my Jeep so we can take that back to your place." The sooner they were in Dave's apartment, the sooner they could start making up for lost time

"I took the El. It's a little hard to fit all of your worldly possessions on the front of a bike," Dave said, as he looked down towards the box. "I think a ride home would be *great*...especially since my taxi driver will be bringin' me upstairs..." Dave finally pulled away, long enough to bend down and pick up the box that had fallen to the floor. "Let's go...I can't wait to get you home...and neither can my cock..." It was going to be just like old times...only different, since they wouldn't take for granted that the other would always be there.

John reached into his pocket for his keys and he handed them out toward Dave. "I'm parked in the garage, third level, two spots from the end on the row by the outside wall. I'll meet you there." He couldn't help but lean in toward Dave for one more kiss -- it was awkward since the box was between them, but John just reminded himself that in a very short time there would be absolutely nothing between them.

Dave listened intently to John's instructions, and then with keys in hand, and a smile as big as Illinois on his lips, he headed toward the elevators so he could get to the parking garage. There was still a *lot* to talk about...but it could all wait. It could wait until after their reunion. And what a reunion it was going to be.

Dave found John's jeep pretty easily, and after unlocking the door, he put the box on the back seat and slipped into the passenger's side, to wait for the man he loved.

While Dave was taking the elevator, John was throwing caution to the wind and he took the stairs down to the ER, signing out and then going into the lounge to get ready to leave. He was pleased to note that it took him about five minutes to make the trip from the roof to walking out the door and heading in the direction of the parking garage.

He still had to give Kerry his answer about taking the position of Chief Resident. She had been right in that it should have been his in the first place. If he had been Chief Resident that night then both Dave and Deb would still be working at County because he wouldn't have made the same mistake that Deb had made. John knew deep down that he'd take the position, even though it seemed he was getting it by default.

As he approached his Jeep, he could see that Dave was already inside and waiting for him. A grin spread itself over John's face as he opened the door and climbed up behind the wheel. "I was wondering if you still had that massage oil? The one with the strawberry scent? Because my back is killing me and I'm pretty sure that your hands can work some magic on it."

Dave nodded as he handed John back the keys to the Jeep. "Yeah... I've got that...and some other stuff that'll help with your back...in fact... I think a back rub might be just the thing to keep the mood goin'...dontcha think? With...ya know... makin' love bein' the result of some nice...hands on...massagin'?" Dave couldn't wait. Now that he knew it was going to happen, he was rock hard and ready to be inside of John. And it hurt since it was pressing up against the fly of his jeans. "Man...I can't wait to get you alone," he said again as he waited for John to pull out of the parking garage, because if he hesitated much longer, Dave was going to seduce him right there and then.

Yes. Dave knew there was still a lot to work out...like his decision to move to California...but...hey...maybe that would be something that John would be up for doing as well. After all, John didn't know where his career was going...Dave knew that he hadn't been given an attending position...maybe getting away would be good for both of them?

John laughed. "You and me, both." He wanted to speed to Dave's place, but the fear of having to sit there, rock hard, while being given a speeding ticket, stopped him from exceeding the speed limit. As it was, there were a few lights where he just barely made it through on the yellow caution.

He reached a hand over and rested it on Dave's crotch, feeling the hardness under the denim. "God, you are so hard. I'm wondering if we might have to put off the massage until after we take care of you. That just has to hurt." John glanced sideways at Dave, a wicked smile on his face as he imagined the two of them never getting any further into Dave's apartment than the entry way.

"Oh...don't worry," Dave said, as he cast John a sly glance. "Once we let the monster out of it's cage, it'll have plenty of room so it won't hurt anymore...but...God...does it feel good to have ya touchin' me there again, John." Dave placed his own hand over John's, and lifted it away from his cock. "But...if ya don't stop doin' that...there isn't gonna be anythin' hard for you to play with at the apartment..."

"We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?" John asked as he dutifully put his hand on the steering wheel. "I know this might be a touchy subject, but...the EMT. Did you use a condom?" John and Dave had been very religious about using condoms at first, but after getting carried away one night, they had opted to not use them again. Both of them had made sure they were tested weekly, and they had been monogamous, so it hadn't been a worry. But Dave had been with someone since they had fought and broken up, and now John was afraid that the extra closeness they had shared was now lost to him for quite a long time. He could still enjoy making love with Dave with condoms, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Dave looked out the window as he spoke, the familiar scenery around him as they drove. "Yeah," he said, as he continued to look out at the buildings. "Yeah...I used a condom. Last thing I need is another Malucci runnin' around," Dave quipped, as he turned back towards John. John was one of the few people that knew about his son -- the son he hardly kept in touch with, yet whose mother Dave still managed to give most of his paycheck over to. Paycheck. Well, it wasn't like he had one of those anymore. So, it seemed that Dave was going to be writing out one less check...

"That's good to hear, because I was afraid I'd never get the chance to taste you again," John commented. And that was enough about THAT subject. He didn't want to think about Dave with someone else, even if it was a woman. John made note of a side street as he passed it and he grinned once more. "Almost there."

The grin on Dave's face spread wider as he realized where they were. Almost there indeed. There were only about a minute from Dave's apartment. A minute to get there...thirty seconds to get out of the car. Another 3 1/2 minutes to get up the stairs...so...in approximately five minutes, Dave was going to be alone with John, and well on his way to getting naked. His desire grew as John finally pulled into a parking spot, and as Dave darted out of the car, he decided to leave his box right where it was -- he didn't want to take the extra time to grab it before being along with John. "C'mon...I absolutely can't wait," he said, as he reached for John's hand. And practically pulling him, Dave led him towards the elevators that led to his apartment.

John couldn't help but laugh as Dave pulled him along, and he was still laughing as the elevator doors closed behind them. "We're all alone in here, you know," John said as he squeezed Dave's hand. "Remember that time we were stranded in the elevator at work and you took advantage of me?" The truth was more that John had taken advantage of Dave. That had been in the very earliest days of their relationship, when they were both too scared to admit that they were falling in love.

"Boy do I remember...I think at first you were pissed at bein' with me in there...or at least ya acted like it. I think we were both more than a little confused at what was goin' on...but man...I was head over heels for ya even then, though I was the last one to admit it..." Taking advantage of them being alone, Dave reached out his hand, and brushed it against John's cheek before kissing him gently. "But man...I'm not afraid of admittin' it now...I love you...and I *want* you..."

John sighed into the kiss as he let his free hand rest on Dave's hip. "I love you so much it hurts. There have been a few times since we broke up that I've desperately needed you, but was too stupid to reach out to you. God, we've missed so damn much, haven't we?"

"It doesn't haveta be that way anymore," Dave said, as the elevator doors opened. Grabbing John's hand once more, he led him to the doors of his apartment. After fumbling with the keys for a moment, he finally opened the door. And as the two of them entered, Dave barely had the door shut behind him before he found himself in John's arms, kissing him intently as his hands began to roam the other man's body. God. It was just *right*. This was *where* Dave belonged...in the arms of his lover and true companion.

John couldn't restrain himself as the door was closing. He just had to touch Dave, feel his skin under his hands, and feel Dave's bare skin against his own. And Dave's intense kiss seemed to indicate that Dave shared the same sentiments. Not content with simple caressing, John's hands raced to undo Dave's clothes, first pushing that jacket off of his shoulders and then working on the belt and zipper of Dave's jeans.

"God, I need you in me now, Dave. I don't want to wait," John said, nearly breathless as he kissed his way from Dave's lips to an ear.

"That...can definitely be arranged," Dave found himself saying, as his own hands mimicked John's actions. Dave's hands went to John's shirt, first loosening and pulling off his tie before unbuttoning the buttons. Shrugging the shirt off of his shoulders, Dave let it fall before moving his hands down towards the top of John's pants. "I haveta find the lube...but God...I can feel it in you already...pressin' into you...feelin' your muscles around me...God...I missed it all so much...I missed *you* so much..."

"I can feel you in me, filling me...possessing me," John said as his hands worked frantically to strip Dave.

It was like they were addicted to each other, and once John was without any clothing at all, Dave's hands roamed his body, relearning those crevices that had been like a familiar road map to Dave once before. "I...God..." Swept away with emotion, Dave lifted John into his arms, and carried him off towards the bedroom, the entire time Dave's eyes never leaving John's.

John managed to slip his hand between their bodies, and it found Dave's penis as the man headed toward the bedroom, grasping it firmly. "If you drop me on that bed, you're coming with me," John said with a smile, determined to not let go of that penis no matter what happened once they were in the bedroom.

When John's hand found Dave's dick, he nearly dropped John out of his arms, but then quickly recovered. "Whoa...you're *bad*," he said, as his grin grew wider. "But I'm *not* complainin'...It's for you...it's all for you...I'm hard for *you*..."

Slowly he walked, taking care not to lose his balance as his mind was split in two places -- his cock and his steps. And as Dave finally entered the bedroom, he finally stopped walking. "Well...I think if I can't just dump ya on the bed...I'd better get on there with ya." He said, as he began to walk forward again. All he knew was that he was *really* close to exploding, but he didn't want that to happen yet. No. It had been far too long for it to end so soon...

"Oh, this is going to be interesting," John said, his grin broader. "I should warn you right now that I have no intention of letting you go, so if I were you, I'd move extra carefully. Hey, do you still have those handcuffs?"

"I do have those handcuffs," Dave said, as he took another step closer to the bed. "But I don't wanna use them on you yet. Why don't we save them for a special treat a little bit later...I...I wanna have all of you on all of me when we make love right now, John...I wanna feel your hands...I wanna be able to touch all of you...do...do ya think you can do that for me...?" Dave carefully deposited John onto the bed, and true to his word, Dave's own body followed. He had no choice, really. John literally had him by the balls...

"On you, huh?" John considered that, then shook his head. "I'm not sure that's going to work, not with my back acting up right now. I think it'll work best with me on my back." John and Dave had been so new to gay sex that when they were first together, they had no idea how many different positions there were for making love. Finding out just what could be done had been done by surfing the Internet and viewing many web sites with helpful pictures. That fact-finding mission should have resulted in a many nights of experimentation, but their fight had happened the next morning, so the only other position they had tried had been with John on his back and holding his legs up in the air.

He gently squeezed his hand around Dave's penis, marveling once again at how that simple organ was able to give him so much pleasure and fit so perfectly within him.

Dave moaned involuntarily as John's hand compressed around him. And bringing his lips down to John's neck, he began to nuzzle him as his own hands found a path to John's cock. Capturing the length in his hand, he began to run his fingers up and down the shaft, enjoying the feeling of John's skin under his fingertips. This was what Dave had been having dreams of since they had broken up. It had been far...far too long.

John moaned. As good as it felt to have Dave touching him, John wanted more. "God, Dave, I'm going to die here. You've got to take me now," he gasped out. It was so hard to concentrate when Dave was licking his neck that way.

"Ya gotta let me go then, Hoss," Dave said, a grin growing on his lips as he pulled back slightly. "Cause I can't get the lube with you havin' a death grip on my cock..." Dave was absolutely aching to be inside John...possess him...mark him as his own once again. The way it was supposed to be.

"Damn, but that's a difficult choice," John replied with a grin of his own. He gave Dave's penis one last squeeze, then ran his thumb over the tip, thrilled to find a puddling of pre-come there, evidence of how turned on Dave had become. John spread the liquid over the head of Dave's erection, then released him. "Hurry up and find that lube, I'm more than ready for you."

As if to prove his point, John moved his hand down to his groin, stroking it over Dave's hand and then to his own testicles, cupping them as he spread his legs for Dave. "If you don't get a move on here, I'm going to have to do myself, and while I know how much you like watching me do that, I think that right now your penis would prefer to be in on the action, don't you?" John teased as he ran his finger, still slick with Dave's pre-come, around his perineum.

Dave's eyes widened, and as if on fire, he left John's embrace, not wanting the guy to get ahead of him. "Hell...yeah...I definitely wanna be the one who makes that happen," he said as he scrambled for the lube which was in it's place in the night table. He quickly opened the drawer, grabbing the tube before making his way back towards the bed. Dave was already applying it by the time he approached John, and then he offered the man another grin. Positioning himself, Dave pushed John's legs upwards, so that he could find John's opening easily. He was going to just push himself inside, when he thought better of it. "I think I'd better stretch ya first...it's been a while, don't ya think...?"

John felt as if he could handle Dave just as he was, but it had been a stupid argument about Dave hurting him or not that had kept them apart all that time and John didn't want another one to start. Not when he was so close to be claimed by Dave. John reached down and grabbed Dave's hand. "I like your fingers in me almost as much as I like having your penis inside, so go for it," he said with a wide grin.

Taking the tube of lubricant, Dave put a liberal amount on his finger. And then he brought it to the puckered hole, gently inserting it inside, keeping his eyes locked on John's as he did so. Then he inserted a second...and then a third. Finally satisfied that the man was stretched enough to accommodate his bulging cock, Dave pulled out his fingers, and then lined his dick up once more. First, he inserted just his tip. And then the rest soon followed as he slowly began to possess the man that he loved all over again. "Oh...yeah...that's it...that's good...yeah..."

God, Dave was filling him completely. John had thought that Dave's fingers had felt wonderful after having gone such a long time without having any anal stimulation, but Dave's penis was truly exquisite and John knew he would never get enough of it.

"You feel so good, Dave..." John said, his eyes locked on Dave's as he enjoyed the myriad of emotions that passed through them. "Make me yours once again."

"That's right," Dave said, as he continued to press himself inside. "You're mine...all mine...no one else but me...I *own* you, John...I...Oh...God...I...God...own...you...yeah..." Dave's eyes shut, as he balanced himself by holding onto John's legs while his cock stroked the inside of John's ass. Damn. The way that John's muscles gripped around Dave's cock...man...no woman could match this. No *one* could match this. Instinctively Dave knew that John would be the only person he would be with for the rest of his life.

John closed his eyes as waves of pleasure spread outward from his bottom. How could he have stayed away from Dave for so long? Let things get so wrong between them? He had been so stupid to deny himself the pleasure that Dave gave him, and the chance to give that pleasure back ten times over. Knowing how much Dave liked it, John contracted his sphincter muscles once again, making that Dave would have to work harder to move in and out. Making it feel even better for the both of them.

Since Dave was holding his legs, John was able to let his hand stray to his own erection, and he began to stroke it in sync with Dave. Matching Dave's every movement so they could come together. "Faster..." John urged, but that would make it end too soon. "No, slower," he amended as he opened his eyes and looked up at Dave again. "Do me slow and long and hard."

Dave was going to do his best to accommodate John, but he honestly wasn't sure how long he was going to last...especially while watching John play with himself along with the movements that Dave was doing inside John's ass...he did slow down, his eyes moving from John's, down the length of the other man's body, and then settling on John's cock. "God...do you even know...how erotic that is? Watchin' you like that? Damn..."

Dave continued to keep his movements slow and deliberate...hoping to avoid the inevitable for both of them for as long as humanly possible.

John slowly smiled. "I'm sure it's no where near as erotic as watching you thrusting into me. God, I wish we had discovered this position first thing. The only thing missing is maybe mirrors on all the walls, so I could see you from every angle imaginable." It really did turn him on to see Dave that way, to be able to watch his penis appearing and disappearing. It was hell on his thighs to be in that position, but definitely worth every muscle twinge.

"Well. Maybe we'll haveta get some mirrors," Dave muttered, momentarily forgetting his plan to move to California. Dave's entire universe was focused on the man in front of him...driving him to ultimate pleasure so that Dave could follow suit. God. He felt so damned good. Dave had almost forgotten...but then again, maybe he hadn't. John had been haunting Dave's dreams almost nightly, in almost a torturous manner because Dave had thought that this could never be again. Obviously, Dave had been very wrong.

Dave continued to thrust inside of John, his rhythm steady as he continued to try to push both of them towards the edge without actually falling over. "God...you drive me friggen wild...so good...and mine...you're all mine... "

"Forever," John gasped out as he let go of his own penis. Any more stimulation on it and he was going to come and that just couldn't happen until Dave was ready. It just couldn't happen, period. John wanted Dave to last all night long and then some. His body had other ideas, however, and John could feel his orgasm building.

"God, Dave...oh, God..." John cried out as his body was thrust into another universe, one where the only thing in existence was a pleasure that burned fiercely, branding Dave's name deep into his soul.

There were colors flashing before Dave's eyes, and he honestly wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to last without causing himself some serious damage. Ever so slightly his movements increased, his eyes shutting as the feelings took over his body. "God...yes...John...yeah...I'm...I can't...oh God...yes!" Unable to control himself any longer, he finally let himself fall over the edge, coming in spectacular fashion as he continued to press his cock against John's prostrate. He could only hope it was enough to send John into pure ecstasy as well.

Dave's last frantic thrust was enough to send John's body and soul hurtling through that other universe as his penis erupted. John could feel his belly and chest being covered by his hot come and he imagined how Dave's come was filling him inside. "God...Dave," John said, panting.

He looked up into Dave's face, loving the look of ecstasy he saw still there. Moving his hand up to cup Dave's cheek, John smiled. "God, I've missed you...missed this. You'll never know just how much I've missed you. I never want us to be that stupid again."

"I know exactly how much you missed me...cause I felt the same. God...John...I...I never thought we'd be together again...I...I love you...I never wanna be without you..." Pulling out of John, he collapsed next to the other man's side. And with a sigh, he gathered John into his arms. Dave felt so satiated...more than he had been in a very long time. He felt like an idiot that he had let it go so long with them not talking.

John smiled as he agreed with everything Dave was saying. All of his doubts from before, about their relationship being doomed from the start, were gone. "I love you so much it hurts, but..." John pushed back from Dave. "I don't think you want us stuck together quite this way. Let me run into the bathroom and clean up a bit," he said, indicating his come covered belly and lower chest. "I promise I won't take long.

"You'd better not," Dave said as he planted a light kiss on the other man's lips. "Cause if ya take too long, I'm gonna haveta come in there after ya...and then, I won't be able to be held responsible for my actions." Another slow smile spread across his lips as he eyed John up and down. So nice. John was a fine looking man...and Dave was sure he would have to pinch himself to believe that John was actually in his bed once more. But here he was. Both of them had admitted how stupid they were...and now they could begin to grow from there.

John paused as he was getting off of the bed. "And just what kind of actions would you have to take?" he asked with a wry smile. "Going to pull another 'he-man' stunt and carry me back to your bed?" John found himself wishing that Dave had done just that before. That after their fight, when John had arrived at work, that Dave would have walked right up to him, scooped him up into his arms and taken him to an empty room to screw some sense into him. As stupid as that fantasy sounded, their stupidity of letting things go on was even worse.

"Absolutely," Dave said, his grin growing wider still. "Cause...ya know...I gotta take care of my property." His voice was teasing as he looked over towards John once more. "Ya got any complaints about that?"

John reached out and tenderly caressed Dave's leg. "Not a single one." Then he headed on out of the bedroom and to the bathroom. He first cut on the hot water, letting it reach a decent temperature while he relieved his bladder. Testing the water, John found it warm enough and he grabbed a washcloth and quickly cleaned himself. He rinsed the cloth out as thoroughly as he could, then hurried to get it back to their bed so he could wash Dave's penis before the material cooled.

While John was out of the room, Dave let his eyes drift shut, and decided to think about nothing...nothing except how good John had made him feel. Inevitably, his thoughts drifted towards California once more. Should Dave go? Should he assume that John would be willing to go with him? From where Dave was sitting, neither of them had very much to work towards in Chicago. Maybe they could both get jobs in a hospital in LA. Dave didn't know. But he was also determined not to worry about it until he had to. He just wanted to enjoy the night.

Dave's eyes opened again as he saw a familiar figure enter the room, and he smiled once more as he watched him approach the bed. "It's about time," Dave teased, a half grin forming on his lips. "I was gonna send out search and rescue..."

"I can always turn around and go back," John joked even as he sat down on the bed beside Dave. "I have a warm wash cloth here, just for you, so spread 'em so I can get you clean. You never know, I might end up sucking you off during the night or something."

"I'll try my best not to choke you if you do," Dave replied, as he obediently did as he was told. Dave was sure that the cloth was going to feel good on his cock. Dave was completely spent, his dick lying flaccid against his skin. And he did have to use the bathroom, but that could wait until after John was finished doing whatever it was that he was going to do. "Have your way with me," he teased, as his eyes sparkled in anticipation of the sponge bath he was about to receive.

"Don't I always?" John replied with a smirk. He lowered the cloth to Dave's body, first running it down the length of Dave's shaft before grasping the penis with his free hand. He lifted it up and ran the cloth all the way around it, paying special attention to the tender head and making sure that while he was thorough, he was also gentle.

Once satisfied that Dave was clean, John leaned over and planted a kiss on the cockhead. "There, all done. Let me go get rid of this washcloth."

Dave grinned. He had thoroughly enjoyed the bath, but his bladder was telling him that perhaps it was *not* a good idea for John to have handled his cock that much when something *else* was wanting to have relief. He took the washcloth from John's hand. "Thank you for a great job," he said, as he quickly sat up. "But I'll take care of puttin' the washcloth away. I gotta take a piss..." Dave retreated from the room hastily after casting a quick glance back over towards John.

John chuckled as he stood and watched Dave hurry out. He then fluffed up their pillows and turned down the covers, thinking that for once they wouldn't have to worry about a wet spot since they had been in too much of a hurry to ever pull the covers away.

John crawled into the bed, thinking about how a day saddened by Deb's leaving County had turned out to be so good in the end. He now had the chance to be Chief Resident, and, more importantly, he had Dave back in his life. It just couldn't be any better than that, he thought with a grin.

After taking care of what he needed to take care of, Dave quickly returned to his lover's side, climbing under the cool sheets as his arms instinctively went around the man that he loved more than anything in the world. He planted a soft kiss on John's ear and sighed. "What time ya haveta be at work in the morning?" he found himself asking. Dave was curious just how much time he had to seduce John once more when they awakened to start their day.

"Seven," John said with a sigh as he snuggled closer to Dave. As great as the sex had always been with Dave, it was the snuggling afterward that John had missed the most. His back was still sore, and it looked as though Dave had forgotten about the massage, but John was too content right where he was to mention it. A massage would mean losing contact with Dave's body, and John didn't want that at all.

Dave nodded. "Why don't I set the alarm for a little after five then...so we can spend a little time together before you haveta go back there," he said, as he planted a soft kiss on top of John's head. Dave had a feeling that he was going to sleep better than he had...well...in about a month or so. "I gotta catch some Z's man," Dave said, right before he yawned sleepily. "I'm sorry...as much as I wanna spend the whole night makin' love to you...I think ya wore me out..."

"That's okay," John said, also yawning. "I'm pretty tired myself. Yes, go ahead and set the alarm for five." He smiled, even though he knew Dave couldn't see it. "I think we can find something to do before I have to return to the ER."

"Yeah...maybe we can...I dunno...fold laundry or somethin'," Dave teased, as he reached an arm over to set his alarm. Once that was done, he wrapped his arms fully around John once more, feelin' his eyes drift shut. "Mmm...sleep well...I hope ya have lotsa good dreams," Dave quipped, right before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

"I'm sure I will," John said. At least he hoped that his sleep wouldn't be plagued by nightmares. He was back with Dave, his demons had no reason to be hanging around. Resting his head against Dave's chest, John let the rhythm of Dave's heart and the sounds of the man's breathing lull him to sleep.
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