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"Tell me exactly *how* you got yourself into this mess, Malucci,"
ordered Luka, looking sternly at the younger man.

"Well, I sort of had a bet with this fic writer," said Dave, blushing
furiously. "Look, I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, you promised
you'd help me out, right?"

"That was before I realized exactly what was required," snapped Luka.

"Yeah Malucci," added Carter. "Just cause you couldn't keep your mouth
shut, doesn't mean the rest of us have to suffer."

"Who said anything about suffering?" asked Dave. "C'mon guys, you
don't know what she's gonna do to me if we don't do it. I mean she's a
slave driver. First she got me digging this basement for her, and let me
tell you, you *don't* want to know what sort of stuff she was putting
into it. After that I had to dig out a swimming pool for one of her
friends. And I overheard her on the phone to some chicks called Kelley
and Sarah and I'm not even gonna say what she was gonna have me do for
*them*! I'm telling you, she's completely nuts. I don't know what she's
gonna do to me if we don't do this."

Luka looked at the bundle of Index cards in his hand. "I find myself
agreeing with you...anyone who could think up all of these instructions
has got to be a little bit...strange."

Carter took a handful of cards and started reading. "Yeah, I mean, I
don't even know if some of these positions are possible. You know I've
got a bad back."

"Didn't stop you letting Abby climb all over you when you broke into my
apartment," muttered Luka.

Carter glared at him. Dave quickly interrupted. "Look, are you two
gonna help me out or not. I mean, I'll be totally in your debt if you
do." He looked at them pleadingly.

Luka rolled his eyes. "Okay, fine. But you will owe us large time for
this favor."

"Big-time," muttered Carter. He caught Luka glaring at him and added
hastily, "Yeah sure, I'm in."

Dave breathed a sigh of relief as he took the cards from Luka and
Carter. "Okay then, first thing is, we've got to get undressed."


"Okay," said Dave, when all three were standing there naked. "There's
a box of stuff..." He looked quickly round the room and saw it
standing in a corner. "There, that should be full of all the stuff we'll

He and Luka pulled the heavy box into the center of the room and opened

"Your fic writer is obviously planning on keeping us here for a
substantial period of time," commented Luka, dryly. "That is, judging by the
amount of food she has provided us with."

"Yeah," added Carter, as he started pulling out items. "There's
chocolate mousse, bunches of grapes, whipped cream in a can. Loads of
stuff." He rummaged a bit further in the box and then said with a puzzled
expression on his face, "But she seems to have forgotten to put in any
plates or spoons. What are we supposed to eat off of."

Dave started to blush. Luka tried to stop from smiling as he said,
"Isn't that obvious?" he asked, indicating the three of them. "I see
three fine plates in this very room."

Carter blushed as well as the implication hit him. He quickly dropped
the carton of custard, which he had been holding.

Luka sighed, "I suppose that we had better get started. Did your fic
writer say what order we were to do these in?"

Dave shook his head. "Nah, guess we can just pick one at random."

Luka picked up the cards and fanned them out so that the blank side was
facing away from Dave. "Pick a card," he said ominously. "Any card."

Dave bit his lip nervously...his hand hovered over the bunch of cards
for a few seconds before darting down and pulling one out. He read it
slowly first, then reread it. "Oh boy!" he said finally.


To be continued.
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