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"One minute he was ringing the doorbell, the next we were on the
kitchen floor"

The words had been spinning around his head for hours now, ever
since they came trundling out of Carol's mouth earlier that

Why couldn't he do that? He couldn't even *kiss* Susan, let alone…

He shrugged his shoulders and yet again, put it down to experience…
Yeah, that was it, Doug was older…he'd been around the block a bunch
of times… a whole bunch of times.

The patient he'd been suturing asked him what was up, wondering why
the strange behaviour, the glazed expression he had taken on… but he
couldn't explain it.

He couldn't explain why he was struggling to keep Doug out of his
mind to himself, and he sure as hell wasn't going to spill to a
patient that had just come in off of the street.

Maybe he'd try again with Susan, but this time, you know, try and be
a bit more like Doug, more mature, definitely less clumsy, more
charming, more…warm… Armani scented.

Oh god.

He quickly finished the patient and headed to the men's room and
splashed his face with water. He should *not* be daydreaming about
the way he smelled…the way it felt to be all squished up against him
in that bathroom stall.

And he *definitely* shouldn't have that feeling in his stomach…

The End
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