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A/Ns: I don't actually have anything to say here except to enjoy. ;P

Chapter One

"Randi, have you seen my films on Mr. Eisner in Three?" he asked,
rummaging through the box where x-rays were supposed to end up. He
glanced up at the desk clerk, watching as she, herself, looked through
papers on her desk. "I don't know if they'd be over there."

She looked up at him, annoyed. "I'm not looking for your stupid films.
I lost a file and I can't find it."

"Help me and I'll help you," he said, smiling sweetly. Sometimes, you
just had to know how to handle her.

"Fine," she replied curtly. Obviously, her day wasn't going very well.
"But you'd better help me find it. Weaver's been all over my ass about
it this morning. Here's your film, right here, just open your eyes.
God, doctors. You guys are so lucky I'm here to run the place."

John smiled, half amazed and half amused. "Thanks, Rand. Now what are
you looking for?"

"A file," she replied, shoving some papers aside. "It's in a manila
envelope. There were three new employee files and that one got lost."
She picked two files up, reading them off. "I have Dr. Luka Kovac, Dr.
Cleo Finch, and I can't find this Dr. Muh-Something-Or-Other. I *know*
they were right here. Somebody had to have touched them. I can't
believe this."

"Relax, Randi, they have to be here somewhere," John stated, glancing
on the floors and under the desks just in case it might've fallen. "Do
you think you accidentally threw it away?"

"Why would I throw away something I needed??" she asked.

"You wouldn't," John replied. "That's why it's an accident. Is this it?"

She snatched the file from him before he could even look at it. "Yes!
It is. Dr. Dave Malucci. Thank you. I knew I didn't throw it -- "

"What?" he asked, and he felt like he was frozen. He couldn't move. He
couldn't think. He couldn't even breathe. He couldn't do anything but
focus on that name. That name he used to know. "What did you say the
name was??"

She eyed him suspiciously. "Dr. Dave Malucci. Why? You know him?
Jeeze, Carter, you look like your puppy just got hit by a truck or
something. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," he replied hastily, brushing off her concern.
He began to walk away from her, glancing over his shoulder, regarding
her carefully. "And, um, yeah, I know him. I used to, I mean. We
haven't spoken in.. years."

"Well, he's coming in tomorrow, so you'll have your chance then," she
replied, and he swore he could've died.

Tomorrow?? he thought, rushing into the Lounge. He headed for the
couch; he needed to sit down. Dave was coming tomorrow, to Cook County
General, to work there?? Why there? Was it because of him? It couldn't
be coincidence. Not like that. It just.. but why? Why there??

"Carter?" he heard, glancing up with a startled gasp, and cleared his
throat quickly. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Dr. Greene," he replied, nodding. He stood up, brushing the
sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. "Just taking a
breather. It's busy as hell out there, man, just.. crazy."

"Sure is," his boss replied, making himself some coffee.

John nodded. It sure was.


To be continued..
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