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Summary: After discovering a coworker's secret that could be endangering his life, Luka takes it upon himself to make him safe again. Notes: I swear, last thing and then we can get on with the prologue. This fic is purely experimental. No one's beta'ing it, I'm the only one seeing it before it gets put out there. Any mistakes are my own. I hate putting a higher rating on it since most of it is suitable for R. However, take into account that some parts might be NC-17, and I will label them as such. Okie dokie? Good. Now let's get started.
Rated: TV-M
Categories: Regular Characters: Dave Malucci
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Published: August 28, 2004 Updated: August 28, 2004

1. Prologue - A Better Man by The She Devil [Reviews - 0] (954 words)