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Dave heard Luka walk out of the room, followed by the sound of the door closing. Pulling idly against the handcuffs he confirmed that he was securely fastened...helpless against whatever plans Luka had for him. The thought of it sent a tingle of anticipation through Dave's body. Luka would be able to do absolutely anything he wanted...and Dave would have no way of stopping him. Sure he had the 'safe word'...and he did trust Luka. Shit, he'd been sleeping with the guy for months. But this was different. It was one thing to have sex with someone...it was a whole different ball game allowing them to have total control. Oh well...he trusted Luka not to hurt him...much.

Luka seemed to be taking his time getting ready, thought Dave. It felt like he had been waiting for hours. He wondered if he should call out...see how much longer he was going to be. Jeez...what if something had happened to him. Dave suddenly remembered reading a book where the heroine had been handcuffed to a bed and her husband had had a fatal heart attack. He shuddered at the thought of Luka collapsed on the floor and him tied to the bed, unable to help him.

Hearing the door open, he relaxed slightly. "Luka," he said with relief. "Man, I thought you'd changed your mind or forgotten about me."

Dave heard footsteps coming towards the bed, but there was no reply. "Luka?" said Dave, with a tremor in his voice. It suddenly struck him that while the idea of Luka having a sudden heart attack was pretty unlikely; the possibility of him being attacked by a burglar - a burglar who even now could be making his way over to the bed...knife in hand - was not as far-fetched. Dave started pulling frantically at the cuffs trying to loosen the rope that was tied around them.

"What's wrong, Dave?" asked Luka.

Dave breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the mattress dipping as Luka sat down beside him. "Jeez Luka," he gasped, "You scared the crap out of me. You were taking so long...and then you didn't answer me...shit, I thought there was somebody else after coming in."

"I'm sorry," said Luka, "It took longer than I thought it would to get ready." He gently stroked the side of Dave's face. "I didn't think you would get so upset."

"I...I wasn't upset...just a little worried...shit, I thought I might be stuck here for ever."

"You don't have to worry about that," said Luka, reassuringly. "If you had needed to get free, you would have been easily able to untie the knots. I wouldn't put you in any danger...you know that."

"Yeah...I was just a little freaked out, I guess."

"Do you want to continue? I mean we can always do this another time..." Luka tried to hide the disappointment he felt. After all the effort he had put into planning this evening, he hated the thought of it going to waste. But if Dave was uncomfortable about it, then he had no intention of forcing him.

"Oh I want to continue," said Dave hastily. "I mean, you've got to do something about this." He bucked his hips to indicate his cock, which was starting to strain against his jeans.

Luka smiled, even though Dave couldn't see him. "Okay then. Now, just lie back, I'll just be a minute."

Dave strained his ears to try and figure out what Luka was doing. There was the sound of the lights being switched off...then he heard the sound of a match being stuck. Then a few muttered curses before another match was struck. The sound of clothing being removed brought a smile to Dave's face.

Luka stood at the end of the bed, savouring the moment before he began.

Sitting down, he started untying Dave's sneakers. "Dammit Dave," he said, "Why do you have to tie the knots so tightly."

"Hey, you were the one who complained when I kept having to stop to retie them every five minutes," retorted Dave.

Luka ignored him, and finally removed both sneakers, placing them carefully on a chair. Dave's socks followed, then Luka bent down and started sucking on Dave's toes.

"That tickles," giggled Dave.

"It is supposed to be erotic, not funny," grumbled Luka, as he gently held Dave's ankle and drew a line up his foot. Dave gasped and tried to jerk his foot away, but without success. Grinning, Luka turned his attention to Dave's other foot for a few minutes, before dropping it back on the bed.

Crawling up the bed, he knelt, straddling Dave's body, and pulled his t-shirt up revealing Dave's well-toned torso. Dave moaned with delight as he felt Luka's hands teasing gently at his nipples. "Oh man," he gasped, "Don't...don't stop."

Luka ignored him, and moving back down Dave's body, he slowly undid his belt and pulled it out of the loops. Dave tensed slightly, wondering if Luka was going to use it on him. It wasn't that he was afraid of the pain or anything...hell, he could take it...but still...there was something unnerving about waiting for it...waiting for the belt to come swishing down on his bare flesh... Holding his breath he strained to hear the swishing sound that would precede a lash from the belt, but it didn't come. Instead the gentle caress of the leather against his nipple sent a shudder through his body.

Luka straightened up, frowning as he looked at the belt in his hand. He knew that there were people who would enjoy the pain aspect of a situation like this, both giving and receiving, but he had no desire to inflict any sort of pain on his helpless lover, even if that was what Dave wanted. With deliberate precision, he rolled up the belt and placed it on the chair.

Dave breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the slight clink of the metal buckle as it was placed on the chair. Now Dave could feel Luka's hands undoing his fly buttons. He lifted his hips, to allow Luka to pull the jeans out from under him. Expecting his boxer shorts to be removed next, he was surprised to feel a cool liquid being applied to his legs. It had a faint scent...Dave sniffed the air...some sort of massage oil, he guessed. The sensation of Luka's hands gently smoothing the oil into his body confirmed it. Dave sighed, as Luka's hands moved up and down his legs. It wasn't the first time that Luka had given him a full-body massage...or at least tried to. Somehow he had never seemed to get very far without Dave 'interrupting' him. With a low moan, Dave realized that Luka would be able to work on him as long as he wanted to and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. "Ahh," groaned Dave as Luka worked his way up to the inside of his thighs. "Oh god," he gasped as Luka slipped his hand inside Dave's boxer's. To his frustration, Luka did no more than caress his ass quickly, before pulling down Dave's underwear and tossing it onto the chair.

"Hmm," said Luka. "I think I'm in the mood for a little dessert. Do you want some?" he asked.

"Wha...what?" said Dave. "Shit Luka, don't do this to me..."

"Oh, I'm going to do a lot more," said Luka, with an evil grin.

Dave threw his head back and groaned, as he felt the bed dip. Man, how had he let Luka talk him into this, he wondered. Suddenly he realized that if he tilted his head back and looked down his nose, he could just about see below the blindfold. Luka seemed to be reaching for something on the floor... Dave shut his eyes firmly. While it was good to know that he could see something if he needed to, he didn't want to spoil the game.

Luka cursed under his breath as he realized that the ice cream had melted faster than he had expected. Oh well, he thought...it will just make it easier to spread. Grabbing the tub and spoon, he moved up the bed. "So," he said. "Would you like some dessert?" The question was a rhetorical one as he already had a portion of ice cream on the spoon. He held it under Dave's nose, allowing him to smell the chocolate before spooning it into his waiting mouth.

"Hmm," said Dave, between mouthfuls. "More...please..." Partly by accident, partly by design, Luka managed to drop splodges of ice cream on Dave's cheek and chin. "You know, you are such a messy eater," he said, shaking his head in mock reproof. "I am going to have to do something about that."

"Oh yeah?" said Dave, smirking. "And what are you gonna do?" In response, Luka bent down and carefully started licking the ice cream off Dave's face...paying careful attention to his lips.

Straightening back up, he picked up the tub again. "Hmm, I think it is my turn to eat...but oh dear...I don't have a dish. What will I do?" He moved back down the bed.

The ice cream was partially melted by now, so with a sudden burst of inspiration, Luka tilted the tub and allowed it to dribble onto Dave's chest. Dave jerked and gasped as he felt the cool liquid land on him. "Shit Luka, that's cold," he said, as the liquid ran down his body.

"Hmm, perhaps I'd better warm it up," said Luka, bending down and licking up the trickle of liquid.

"Hmm, oh yes...oh yes..." said Dave, as Luka continued to dribble the melting ice cream on him. "Oh...oh...SHIT....” This was as Luka misjudged the viscosity and instead of a dribble, the rest of the carton landed on Dave's crotch. His erection, which had been nearing its peak, wilted like a deflated balloon.

"Damn," swore Luka as he jumped off the bed and grabbed a towel. "I am so sorry Dave...that was not part of the plan." He quickly but gently towelled Dave clean.

"Oh fuck," said Dave, when he had got his breath back. "Jeez Luka, I thought you weren't gonna go the pain route. Man, that was cold."

"It was an accident...you don't think I was going to eat that much ice cream?" Sighing, Luka finished cleaning up Dave, and sat down on the bed beside him. "Do...do you want to continue?" he asked. "I seem to have spoiled the mood somewhat."

Dave grinned. "Well then...you'll just have to work twice as hard to get it back."

Luka smiled. "Okay then...and I promise you, no more ice cream."

"Damn, I was quite enjoying being the bowl," said Dave.

A few minutes, and a full body massage later, Dave was pretty much back in the state he had been before the ice cream. Luka gently stroked Dave's cock and watched him quiver with desire. Slowly he unrolled a condom onto it, taking great care in smoothing it down. "Have to make sure it's on properly," he said, grinning. He could tell by Dave's gritted teeth and look of intense concentration, that he was doing his best not to come. Well, he wouldn't have to try for too much longer.

With a sigh of anticipation, Luka squatted above Dave, positioned him self correctly and then, closing his eyes, he sank down, taking Dave inside him. Dave did his best to raise his hips upwards to get further in, but Luka was able to rise higher. "Ah, ah, ah," he said, "I'm doing the driving tonight."

"Then drive dammit," said Dave, pulling as hard as he could at the handcuffs. "Please...” He was rewarded by the familiar sensation of Luka sliding a few inches further down him. "Oh God...oh yes..."

Luka rode Dave until he came and then slid off, leaving the younger man gasping for breath. "Shh," said Luka, as he lay down beside him and put his arms around him. "Rest for a few minutes...there's more to come."

Luka gently stroked Dave's chest until it finally stopped heaving and Dave's breathing returned to normal. He had never seen such an intense orgasm from Dave...and he hoped that it had not left him too drained. After all, the evening wasn't yet over. With a final caress of Dave's jaw, he pulled away.

Sitting back on his heels, Luka admired his helpless captive. The sudden withdrawal of contact with Luka's flesh left Dave aching. Not being able to see where his lover was, he was forced to rely on his other senses. But his heart was pounding so hard, he couldn't rely on his ears to tell him where Luka was...it had all come down to the touch of flesh on flesh...and now
that had been removed. "Luka," said Dave almost pleading. "Touch me...please...I need to feel you touching me."

"You want me to touch you?" asked Luka, as he moved up the bed towards the headboard.

"Yes, oh God, yes," breathed Dave, straining against his bonds. His pleas were rewarded by the sensation of something bouncing against his hands. Moving his hands to the limits of the chain, Dave gently stroked Luka's cock, and was rewarded with a low moan from Luka. "Look's like you need a little help," he said with a smile, as he gently caressed it.

"And you need to stop talking," said Luka, as he moved out of Dave's reach. "I think I know of a way to solve both problems."

Kneeling astride Dave's chest, Luka slowly positioned his cock, just above Dave's nose. Dave could feel the warmth of Luka's member only inches above him. Breathing in, he inhaled the familiar scent of Luka's cock. Raising his head, he took Luka into his mouth. It was more difficult than Dave had imagined, giving a good blowjob while tied flat on his back. Matters were made more difficult by not being able to use his hands to help stimulate Luka. But in spite of these obstacles, Dave still managed to bring Luka to a more erect state. To his surprise, Luka pulled away before Dave could make him orgasm.

In response to Dave's unspoken question, Luka said, "I have another place to put this."

Dave nodded, and raised his hips to allow Luka to slide a pillow under them. Bending his knees, he tensed slightly in anticipation of the cold lubricant; he was pleasantly surprised when Luka started spreading a warm gel between his butt cheeks. "How?" he asked puzzled.

"It's been sitting in warm water for the last half hour," admitted Luka.

"Hmmm, I must try that."

"Try this," said Luka flicking some of the warm water onto Dave's chest.

Dave laughed at the sensation. The laugh turned into a gasp of pleasure as Luka slid a finger into his ass.

Satisfied that Dave was ready for him and barely able to contain himself, Luka folded Dave's legs until his knees were almost touching his chest, and positioned his cock at Dave's well-lubricated opening. With a slow thrust, Luka penetrated a few inches and then pulled out. Thrusting harder he went a few inches deeper.

Dave pulled against the handcuffs and tried to force his body down further onto Luka's cock. But with his hands tied, and his legs pinned, he had no leverage and could hardly move. "Harder," he said hoarsely. "More....please...more."

Luka thrust harder and faster into Dave's ass. He could see that Dave was close to coming.

Dave let out a cry of ecstasy as he came. On a whim, Luka used one hand to direct the Dave's semen towards his face. It took Dave a few seconds to realize that if Luka was still pumping his ass...then that had to be his own semen that was spurting on to his face. With a gasp, he tried to catch as much of it as he could. Luka smiled at the expression on Dave's face, as he tasted him own come. Then his own orgasm overtook him and he cried out loudly before collapsing limply on top of Dave's folded legs.

Luka lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes before realizing that Dave was probably not exactly in the most comfortable of positions. Rolling off him, he crawled to the top of the bed and fumbled with the knots, cursing his efficiency in knot tying. Finally he released the handcuffs from the bed and lowered Dave's hands to his waist.

Dave let out a yelp of pain at the movement.

"Did I hurt you?" asked Luka anxiously, "I didn't mean to."

Dave winced slightly as the blood started rushed back into his hands. "Just...just a little cramp," he said as he circled his shoulders.

Luka lay down beside him and pulled him close. Dave could feel his breath hot on his cheek. He knew that he could take off the blindfold, but somehow it felt right to be lying in his lovers arms, close to him, but unable to see him. "Thank you for doing this," he whispered softly.

"I just hope that it wasn't a disappointment to you," said Luka, kissing Dave on the back of the neck.

"Huh? How could it be a disappointment?" asked Dave, puzzled.

"Well, I know you are probably used to much more...but I did my best."

"Uh, Luka...I've never done this before...with anyone...I mean, sure I've heard about it...I just never did it before...why would you think I had?"

"Well, I just figured that you had...I mean, why else would you have a pair of handcuffs. I know I shouldn't have looked in the box...but I was curious," explained Luka, hoping that Dave would not be angry with him.

"Whoa, back up a minute," said Dave. "These are my handcuffs?"

Luka nodded, then remembering that Dave couldn't see him, he said, "Yes, I found them in the box at the bottom of your closet."

"Oh crap," said Dave, pulling off the blindfold and looking at Luka. "We are in big trouble...I got these from Sheila, a cop I dated for a while...she stopped using them cause they kept jamming on her. Eventually she was only able to open them with a lock pick."

Luka looked at the shiny metal encasing Dave's wrists. "Oops," he said.

to be continued.
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