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"Oh crap," said Dave, pulling off the blindfold and looking at Luka. "We are in big trouble...I got these from Sheila, cop I dated for a while...she stopped using them cause they kept jamming on her. Eventually she was only able to open them with a lock pick."

Luka looked at the shiny metal encasing Dave's wrists. "Oops," he said.

"Did you see a small piece of metal in the box?" asked Dave, sitting up in the bed. "About this big." He held his thumb and forefinger apart.

Luka shook his head. "If it was there, I did not notice it."

"Well, better look again...I don't fancy wearing this things permanently.

Luka climbed off the bed and padded over to the closet. In spite of his predicament, Dave couldn't help but admire Luka's body as he crouched down and rummaged around for the box.

Returning with the box, Luka opened it on the bed beside Dave. Digging awkwardly through it with his bound hands, Dave soon found the pick. "Whew, glad that's still here," he said. "Now, if I can just remember what Sheila showed me..."

Luka watched as Dave concentrated on his task. "So if you never used them, and they do not work properly...why did you keep them?" he asked.

"Oh, they were just a souvenir," said Dave without looking up. "I have something from all my ex's in the box."

Luka's sharp intake of breath made Dave look up. He was surprised to see the expression of disappointment on Luka's face. "Hey man, what's up?" he asked, puzzled.

"Nothing," said Luka, his voice heavy with emotion. "I...I just didn't realize...I mean, I knew that you had partner before me...I just did not realize how many..." He mentally counted up the number of 'souvenirs' that had been in the box.

Dave looked blankly at him for a moment, before the penny dropped. "That's not all I keep in the box, Luka...shit, half that stuff is junk that I'd nowhere else to put."

He could see relief wash over Luka's face together with a little disappointment. "There's something else bothering you?" he asked.

Luka shrugged uneasily. "It...it's just that there's nothing of mine in the box...do you not wish to include me?" he asked a little wistfully.

"Oh, Luka," said Dave. Dropping the pick, he tried to put his arms around Luka, cursing slightly when the handcuffs prevented him. Slipping his circled arms over Luka's head, he lay back on the bed, pulling Luka down beside him.

"Do you know why I don't have anything of yours in the box?" he asked softly. "It's because I don't need a reminder...when I have you here with me. I only ever took a souvenir when I split up with someone...and...and I don't ever want to split up with you." Pulling Luka closer, he kissed him softly and gently on the lips. "I don't ever want to lose you..."

"I will never let you go," promised Luka, gently running his fingers through Dave's hair, before pulling him close. They lay there entwined, silent for several minutes before Luka spoke. "I suppose we should try and get you out of the handcuffs."

"Yeah," said Dave, as Luka disentangled himself. "They are a bit hard."

Luka frowned as he took Dave's hands in his. "You should have said that they were hurting you," he said, seeing Dave wince. "I would not have kept you tied up for so long."

Dave shrugged. "To tell the truth, I didn't really notice it until now...besides, I was the one pulling and jerking at them," he grinned. "Maybe we should consider in investing in some padded ones? You know, for next time..."

Luka looked at him with a mixture of surprise and delight. "You wish there to be a next time?"

"Hell yes," said Dave enthusiastically. "That was amazing. Course I wouldn't like it that way the time...but now and again...it'd be fun. Didn't you like it?"

"I missed not feeling your arms around me," said Luka honestly. He grinned evilly, "But it was fun knowing that you couldn't resist me."

"You know I can never resist you...especially when you smile like that...or when you do that with your hands," Dave sighed as Luka gently stoked his cock. "Aaahhh," he sighed again. Pulling himself together, he reluctantly pushed Luka's hand away. "Much as I would love to do this all night, I really want to get these things off me."

Grabbing the pick, he tried again to open the cuffs, but without success. "Dammit," he said, in frustration, "I just can't get the right angle like this."

"Let me try," offered Luka, "You can talk me through it."

Five minutes later, Luka looked in dismay at the pick, which had broken in half and was now unusable.

"I told you not to force it," said Dave, "Shit, now what do we do? Dammit, I knew I should've bought a hacksaw."

"There's nothing in your tool kit that would help?" asked Luka.

Dave shook his head. "There's a hammer and chisel, but I am not letting you try those. Shit, shit, shit."

"Um," said Luka. "I know what we could do...but I don't thing you'll like it."

"At this stage, I don't really care," replied Dave. "I just want to get the dammed things off me."

"I think they look kind of nice," said Luka. Dave glared at him. "Okay, okay. Get dressed and I'll bring you to the ER."

"What?" yelped Dave. "No way man. I am not going into the ER wearing handcuffs."

"I don't think we have much choice," said Luka. "And I know there is a bolt cutters there...I had to use it last week on the man who decided to go to the fancy-dress party as Houdini, but forgot to bring the keys with him."

Dave groaned. "Oh man, I am never going to live this down."

"It could be worse," said Luka, smiling. "At least you still have your t-shirt on; you will not be topless."

Dave shot him a withering look.

Half an hour later, Luka pulled up into the hospital car park. "Okay, we go in, use the bolt cutters and get out, okay?"

"Okay," nodded Dave. "C'mon, let's get this over with. Man, I hope no one notices us."

"If they do, then we just tell them that I wanted something from my locker and that you came along for the ride."

"Yeah right, like they're gonna believe that," said Dave as he got out of the car, shivering slightly in the chill night air.

"Stop grumbling," said Luka. He folded Dave's jacket over the handcuffs. "There, now no body will see them."

Luck was on their side. The ER was busy enough that nobody had time to stop and talk to them, but not so busy that either of them were pressed into service. Making their way to the lounge, Luka instructed Dave to wait while he found the bolt cutters.

Dave was sitting there idly twiddling his thumbs when he heard the door open. "You'd better have found those bolt cutters," he said, twisting round in his seat.

"What bolt cutters?" asked Kerry.

Dave's jaw dropped in horror. "Uh, um, er," he stammered. Unable to think of a plausible sounding excuse, he settled for simply holding up his cuffed wrists. "I, uh, I was messing...and then we couldn't find the key," he said, starting to blush.

Kerry raised an eyebrow. "I see," she said, trying to hide a smile. So Dave and Luka had decided to try a little B&D in their spare time. Well, as she'd said before, what the staff got up to in their spare time was their own business. Somehow she wasn't surprised that Dave had been the one to end up in handcuffs. "Your wrists look a bit sore," she commented as she poured herself a glass of juice. "I'd recommend putting some antiseptic cream on them...and not pulling so hard the next time."

Dave started at her with his mouth open, as she continued. "Of course if you really want to avoid sore wrists, there's a reason we call them 'soft' restraints."

Kerry tried not to laugh at the shocked expression on Dave's face. Teasing him was just too easy, she thought. Behind her, the door opened and Luka hurried in. "I've got the bo..." His voice trailed off as he saw Kerry standing there with an amused expression on her face. Quickly, he tried to hide the bolt cutters behind his back.

"Don't worry, I didn't see anything," said Kerry. "Just don't damage those things, or it'll come out of your paychecks." With a smile, she finished her juice and crutched away.

Turning at the door, she called back, "Oh, and if you cut Malucci's hand's off, remember to clean up the mess afterwards."

She made it as far as the ladies toilets and managed to lock herself in a cubicle before bursting out laughing at the expressions on their faces.

Back in the lounge, Dave closed his eyes as Luka positioned the bolt cutters. A few snaps later, the handcuffs were in pieces on the floor, and Dave was rubbing his wrists ruefully.

"How do they feel?" asked Luka, a little guiltily.

"A bit sore," said Dave, frowning. Luka took Dave's hands in his and gently kissed the raw spots on his wrists. Dave sighed with pleasure.

"Better?" asked Luka.

"Mmm," said Dave, "Just a little." He put his arms around Luka and pulled him close, "I know what we did tonight was fun...you know, me not being able to touch you...but now I want to make up for lost time."

"Here?" asked Luka, shocked, but a little turned on by the prospect. "But what if someone walks in?"

"We could always invite them to join us," said Dave smirking.

Before Luka could answer, the door opened and Frank the desk clerk stuck his head in. "Dr Weaver? Oh, say have either of you guys seen Dr Weaver?"

"Um, she was here a few minutes ago," said Dave, "Dunno where she went."

"Oh, okay," said Frank, closing the door.

Luka turned to Dave, "No, no, no," he said grinning. "Come on, let's go home."

"Okay, but I want to stop by the supply closet first," said Dave. Luka looked at him puzzled as he continued. "I've got an idea for next time," he said grinning.

Luka shook his head and put his arm around Dave as they walked out into the ER.

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