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"So," said Florence, when Dave had left the room. "I guess Ricardo's given you the inquisition already. Don't worry; I'm not going to give you a hard time. I just want to find out a bit about you."

Luka nodded, as he attempted to remove the grease from under his fingernails.

"So, do you cook?"

Again, a Malucci parent surprised Luka. "A little," he replied. "Dave is a lot better at it than I. He told me you taught him everything he knows. I must say, you have been an excellent teacher."

Florence nodded approvingly. Either Dave had coached him well, or he had natural good manners. "Sit down here, and I'll show you how to make a tomato sauce for a lasagne. You do eat lasagne don't you?"

Luka nodded, as Florence steered him to a chair.

"Good. All right then, you start with tomatoes."

Florence watched approvingly as Luka mixed up the tomato sauce to her directions. Luka held out the bowl for her inspection.

"Mix it a little more," she said. "Do you and Dave do much cooking back in Chicago?" she asked as she started chopping vegetables.

Luka shrugged, "A little. We don't always have the time or the energy. Usually if we've both been working long shifts, we just get take-out."

"Shame on you," said Florence, in tones of mock reproof. "A pair of healthy boys like you two, should be eating proper home-cooked meals. All this 'fast-food', there's no goodness in it. Hand-made and home-cooked is the way to do it." Ignoring Luka's protests, she continued, "Oh I know it isn't easy, when both of you are working full-time, and I suppose at least you're getting something hot inside you, which is better than nothing."

Luka smiled to himself at Florence's unwitting innuendo. He remembered a particular evening, a few weeks ago...

Dave had finished work a few hours earlier than Luka. Just before he left, he had whispered in Luka's ear, "Come over to my place after work. I'll have something hot waiting for you."

When Luka arrived a few hours later, Dave greeted him at the door wearing a plastic apron with the words 'I love to cook with wine; sometimes I even put it in the food'. Luka was so amused by the joke that it wasn't until Dave turned around to head back to the kitchen, that he realized that the apron was all that Dave was wearing.

"Um, Dave," said Luka, as he followed Dave into the apartment. "Did you forget to dress after your shower?" Luka was licking his lips in anticipation, partly because of the tantalizing odors that were coming from the kitchen, but mainly at the sight of Dave's naked ass walking in front of him.

"Nah just figured that it'd be a waste of time getting dressed. I mean," he said, turning to look at Luka. "I'm only going to be stripping again anyway." Putting his arms around Luka, Dave pulled him into a warm embrace. "Unless you had other plans?"

Luka kissed Dave on the lips, and pressed his body close to him. "If I had, then they are gone forever."

Dave could feel Luka's excitement through the thin plastic of the apron. "That's good, cause I've a little friend under here, who really wants to say hi." Pushing away from Luka, he continued, "But not just yet. I don't want dinner to spoil." He walked into the kitchen.

Luka followed him. Putting his arms around Dave's waist, he slid one hand under the apron and started caressing Dave's cock. "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked seductively.

Dave took a deep breath, trying to control his surging passion. "You...you could stir the gravy," he said, trying to ignore Luka's gentle strokes.

"As you wish," said Luka, with a smile.

He didn't know how he'd managed to get through the meal without taking Dave there on the couch, but finally it was time for dessert. Dave produced a bowl of strawberries and a jug of chocolate sauce.

"You might want to take your clothes off for this," said Dave, grinning. "It could get a little messy."

Luka stripped off his clothes, while Dave carefully spread out an old sheet on the floor.

"Lie down," instructed Dave, as he dipped a strawberry in the chocolate. Holding it over Luka's mouth, he teased him for a while before letting him eat it. With the second strawberry, Dave let a blob of chocolate fall on Luka's chest. "Oops," he said, bending his head down to lick it off.

"Oh yes," moaned Luka, as Dave continued to dribble chocolate and lick it off.

"Hey, I want some as well," said Dave, grinning. "How about we share the next one?"

Placing the strawberry in his mouth, he leaned in and kissed Luka. Luka sucked the strawberry into his mouth and nibbled on it, before kissing it back to Dave.

When the strawberries were finished, Luka grabbed the jug and started pouring the chocolate in random patterns over Dave's body. He licked his way down Dave's torso until he reached his cock. "I don't think this needs any topping on it," said Luka with a smile, as he took Dave in his mouth.

Florence smiled at the faraway look in Luka's eyes, and wondered to herself if he had picked up on her deliberate innuendo. "You care a lot for my son," she said softly.

Luka dragged himself away from memories of chocolate covered Dave, grateful that the mixing bowl was shielding him from Florence's view. "Yes I do," he said simply. "I never thought I would feel this way about anyone again."

"Good," said Florence, "Because I too care about Dave." With surprising suddenness, she brought the knife down on the chopping board. Luka stared as the onion fell apart into two neat halves, and involuntarily crossed his legs.

"I will not hurt Dave in any way," he promised, looking up into Florence's face. "He means more to me than I ever thought possible."

"I'm very glad to hear that," said Florence, as she continued chopping the onion.

Luka stretched out in the bed and yawned contentedly. The evening had passed a lot more pleasantly than the previous one. Not that he disliked Dave's sisters and their family's, but the constant buzz of conversation had been tiring. Spending the evening watching TV with just Dave and his parents had been a lot more relaxing. Florence had been knitting, and Ricardo had been doing crossword puzzles. There had been no forced attempts at conversation. It had just been an ordinary family evening. That was what had been so pleasant about it. Nobody had been trying to 'entertain the guest'; instead Luka had been treated as just another member of the family. It was a most agreeable feeling.

Luka's only regret about the evening was that it was his last to be spent in such welcoming surroundings. The next morning he was to drive back to Chicago and his cheap but comfortable hotel room. Somehow the thought of it did not seem very appealing. Still, at least Dave would be back in the city in a few days.

He pricked up his ears at the sound of the clock striking. Silently he counted off the chimes. As he reached 11, the door opened and Dave crutched his way into the room.

"Miss me?" asked Dave, limping over to the bed.

"Like crazy," replied Luka, throwing back the bedclothes. Dropping his robe, Dave climbed in quickly. "You are freezing," said Luka, in surprise.

"Yeah," said Dave. "It's colder than I thought, and I wasn't exactly wearing a lot under this robe."

"Don't worry, I will soon warm you up."

Luka pulled Dave close to him, in an effort to share his body heat. Slowly at first, he started running his hands over Dave's body. As Dave started to warm up, Luka knelt astride him and let his hands linger longer on Dave's more sensitive areas.

Dave bit back a cry as Luka gently teased his nipples. Not wishing to let Luka do all the work, Dave pulled Luka's head downwards until their lips were touching. Pushing open Luka's lips with his tongue, he sent it exploring the inside of Luka's mouth. Luka returned the kiss with feeling, before sitting up out of Dave's reach. Unwrapping a condom, he gently smoothed it down over Dave's cock, which was ready and waiting.

"I think I should be on top," said Luka as he applied the lubricant, "To keep the strain off your ankle."

Dave nodded in agreement. Luka raised himself on his knees and carefully positioned Dave's cock. Slowly, he lowered himself down onto it. Dave pushed his hips upward in an effort to increase the sensation. Luka allowed Dave to penetrate him a bit further, then suddenly lifted himself until Dave's cock was barely in his ass.

Dave moaned in frustration and clutched at Luka's hips in an effort to pull him back down. Luka removed Dave's hands and held them, gently but firmly. Using them for balance, he began to slowly lower himself again. This time when Dave pushed his hips up, Luka let him. Dave bit his lip and squeezed Luka's hands tightly as he thrust again and again. Luka rode him to a shuddering climax and slid off, to lie beside him.

When Dave got his breath back, he put his arms around Luka and kissed him. "I wish this wasn't our last night," he said with a sigh. "I'm gonna miss you."

"It will only be a few days, and then you will be back in Chicago."

"I know. Say, d'you think Kerry might let you take another few days off? Mom and Dad wouldn't mind if you stayed."

"I think Kerry has been most generous to us already. I do not wish to take advantage of her. No, I will go back to Chicago tomorrow and you will return in a few days. I will wait for you."

"I just hate the thought of you going back to your hotel room all alone."

Luka stayed silent.

Dave gently caressed Luka's nipple. "What would you think," he said slowly, "About moving out of that place?"

"Where would I go?" asked Luka lazily.

"You could move in with me."

Luka looked at Dave in surprise. "Are you serious?" he asked.

Dave nodded, "The last few weeks, you've been more or less moved in anyway. Just think of how much more fun we could have if you didn't have to leave early to go back to your place before work."

Luka was stunned into silence. He had not expected this. Dave misread the silence. "Look, if you're not ready for it, then just forget I said anything." He rolled over so that Luka couldn't see the look of disappointment on his face.

"I never said I wasn't ready," said Luka to Dave's back. "It's just...this is so unexpected. Yes."

Dave rolled back, "Yes?"

"Yes, I will move in with you, once you get back to Chicago."

"Oh Luka," said Dave, a big smile on his face. "We are going to have some fun together."

So they did.
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