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Previously on ER
Dave and Luka have been living together for almost a year now (and screwing
each other senseless at almost every opportunity). After an AIDS scare at
work, Luka realized how much Dave meant to him and proposed to him.
Although not legally able to 'marry' they are organizing a ceremony at which
they will declare their commitment to each other. Dave asked Carter, and
Luka asked Kerry to be their 'best men' for the occasion.


Dave looked at the handful of blank wedding invitations and frowned. "So
we've got all of my family..."

Luka checked down the list, "Yes."

"And your father, stepmother, and family from Croatia?"

"Well, I don't know if they'll all come...but they have been invited."

"Everyone from work..."


Dave frowned, "We've checked the list twice...hell, we even got Mom to go
over it, and nobody's been left out...but we're still under the number we
agreed on."

Luka shrugged, "It does not matter...there will be plenty of people there."

"Yeah, but it seems a shame to waste the invites," said Dave. "And the
place we booked for the reception can squeeze in a few more."

Luka looked at him suspiciously. "I know that look on your face, you have
someone in mind for the last few invitations, no?"

"You know me so well," grinned Dave.

"Who is it?" asked Luka resignedly. "Your former lovers? But no...we do
not have that many spaces in the entire hall."

Dave stuck his tongue out at Luka. "Smart ass," he commented.

"Yes, I agree...my ass is very smart," said Luka with a deadpan expression
as he put his arms around Dave.

"You've been hanging around me waaaay too long."

"Not long enough my love...not nearly long enough," whispered Luka as he
nuzzled at Dave's ear.

"Mmm, don't stop."

"There will be none of your ear left if I continue like this."

"Who cares," replied Dave, dropping the invitations and turning round inside
Luka's arms so he was facing his lover.

"Now this is much better," said Luka, pulling Dave close and kissing him
gently. First on the forehead, then slowly working his way down Dave's nose
until he landed on his full and waiting lips. They parted willingly
allowing Luka's tongue access to the innermost recesses of Dave's mouth.

Dave's hands had not been idle while Luka's tongue was busy. They were busy
unzipping Luka's fly and gently playing with his cock. Luka's eyes rolled
back in his head as Dave's magic fingers set to work. It had always been a
source of amazement to Luka, even before he had started sleeping with Dave,
that his hands, although so strong and powerful, could yet be so gentle and
dexterous...whether it was suturing a laceration or inserting a chest
tube...and now, being on the receiving end of their gentle caresses, Luka
found himself growing longer and harder by the stroke.

Luka groaned as Dave pulled away from him and then pushed him back onto a
chair before kneeling in front of him. He groaned even louder as Dave's
mouth still bearing the imprint of Luka's lips, fastened itself on Luka's
cock. "Oh God, yes...yes...yes..."


His passion momentarily sated, Luka pulled Dave up onto his lap and put his
arms around him. "So," he said, "Who did you have in mind for the surplus

"Well...I know you haven't seen her for over a year...but the two of you
were pretty tight...what about Hathaway?"

Luka's hand which had been making its way up under Dave's shirt, stopped in
its tracks.
"Carol?" he said in surprise.

Dave nodded.

"What makes you think I would want her at our wedding?" asked Luka quietly.
Although much time had passed since her abrupt departure from his life,
there was still a raw edge to his feelings about her...an edge that had not
entirely been dulled by his relationship with Dave. "For that matter, why
would *you* want her there...after all she was never particularly friendly
towards you."

"Oh I don't want her to come to the wedding," said Dave, trapping Luka's
hand on his chest. "But I can just imagine her reaction when she'd read the
invite." Doing his best imitation of Carol's voice he whined, "Oh God,
Malucci!" In his normal voice he continued, "It's just a pity we wouldn't
be able to see her face."

"You are a bad bad boy," said Luka, a smile lighting up his face.

"But you love me for it?"

"Come to bed with me and I will show you just how much."


"Yes Doug," said Carol into the mouthpiece of the phone. "I'm at my mothers
house. How are the girls behaving?"

Doug looked at the living room, which had been in pristine condition only a
few hours earlier. He knew there was a floor somewhere under all the
junk...he just couldn't see it. "They've been little angels," he said

"Aw," said Carol, twisting the cord of the phone through her fingers. "I
wish I was there with you all...or that you were here with me."

"Bringing two inquisitive 'almost two year olds' on a long flight? I don't
think so...no, you just have a nice time at your mothers birthday
party...and we'll see you in a few days."

"It is nice being back here," admitted Carol. "I'm going to call into the
ER tomorrow...catch up with a few friends."

"Oh, that reminds me," said Doug, digging through a pile of papers. "There
was a wedding invitation for you in the post today."

"For me?" Carol was intrigued. "Who's getting married?"

Doug pulled a scrap of card out of the pile. "Some guy called 'Luka
Kovak'," he said. "Wasn't he a doctor at County or something?"

"Yes...he was." Carol was lost in her memories for a few seconds before she
continued. "So who's the lucky woman...and more importantly, when is it?"

"Ah," said Doug. "I'm not exactly sure...you see your daughters decided it
would be a good idea to 'censor' our mail...they ripped it to bits before I
could read it, and I'm pretty sure that Tess ate half of it."

"Oh my God," said Carol, "Is she all right? Maybe you should make her cough
it up...maybe I should come home."

"Carol Carol Carol," said Doug reassuringly. "She's fine...got a little
pissed off when I took it off her, but she's fine."

"Well okay," said Carol a little dubiously. "But you'll call me if she gets
sick or anything?"

"Of course."

"I guess I'll find out tomorrow who Luka's getting married to," said Carol

"Any ideas? I mean, was he seeing anyone when you were there?"

Carol was glad that she wasn't using a web cam or anything like it;
otherwise Doug would have seen her blush. She hadn't exactly lied to him
about Luka...after all, they hadn't exactly been 'seeing each other'...they
had just been friends. Okay, she knew that Luka had wanted to be more than
that...not that he had said anything, but it had been pretty obvious...and
yes, she had enjoyed his attentions...but she had never encouraged
them...well...except for that one kiss...and *that* was something that Doug
was never going to find out about.


"I'm still here. I honestly don't know who it could be...it's probably not
even someone from the hospital at all."

"Well say hello to everyone there for me...and I'll call you tomorrow."

"Good night Doug...kiss the girls for me."

"I will. Love you Carol."

"Love you too."


The next day Carol headed into the ER...stopping for a few seconds at the
doorway to savor the experience. It was quite a novel feeling...not being
either a staff member or a patient...quite liberating, knowing that she
wasn't going to have to deal with unruly patients...or worse, overbearing

Pushing her way through the doors, she frowned at the remodeled admit desk,
wondering who's idea it was to have a pull-down board.


Carol turned around at the sound of her name. "Luka!" she said, a smile on
her face. "How have you been?"

"Very happy, thank you."

"That must be down to your fiancé," said Carol teasingly. "So come on,
spill the beans...who is she?"

Luka frowned, "I do not understand."

"Um, to 'spill the beans'...it means to tell me everything...who is she?
Where did you meet her...I want to know all the details. I mean I knew
you'd find your 'soul mate' sooner or later."

"But did you not read the invitation?" Luka was puzzled.

"Unfortunately Tess got to it first and chewed it all up. Doug was only
able to read your name."

"Ah," said Luka, an evil grin lighting up his face. Maybe there was a God
after all.

"Yo Luka!" he heard Dave's voice call him, and turned to see him bounce up
to him.

Dave stopped in his tracks at the sight of Carol. "Hathaway? Long time no
see? How've you been? Has Luka been telling you the news?"

Luka interrupted, "Actually, I was just about to tell her who my 'bride to
be' is."

Dave looked puzzled but didn't say anything.

Luka put his arm around Dave and turned to Carol saying, "Carol; I would
like you to meet Dave Malucci...my betrothed."

Carol's eyes widened, and her mouth opened and closed without saying


To be continued
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