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It had been the anniversary of Dave and Luka's first night together, and
Dave had promised to organize a fun-filled evening. Unfortunately he had
still had to work that day...and he and Kerry had crossed swords over the
treatment of a few of their patients. Not wishing to be late for Dave's
'surprise', and knowing that Kerry would wish to lecture him further if she
saw him, he had persuaded Haleh to distract her with a question about
nurse's rosters, so he could leave undetected.

"Thanks Haleh," said Luka. "I owe you one."

"You just have yourself a happy anniversary," said Haleh with a grin as she
set off to waylay Kerry.


Luka wiped his mouth on the napkin and sat back in his chair. "That was
superb," he said. "I will never be able to surpass your culinary skills."

Dave shrugged, "Maybe you should pay more attention when I try to teach
you," he teased. "Last time you let the vegetables boil dry cause you found
something more interesting to do."

"I didn't hear you complaining...in fact as I remember, you were begging me
not to stop..."

"Hmm, yeah...well tonight, the one who's gonna be begging."

Luka grinned in anticipation as Dave leaned forward and took him by the

"Do you trust me?" asked Dave, softly.

Luka's eyes widened in delight, as he recognized the phrase, which preceded
all their games with restraints. "You know I do," he replied.

Dave kissed him softly on the lips before saying, "Chem 7?"

"Chem 7," said Luka, nodding.

Their 'safe-word' had only ever been used once in their fun and games. On
that occasion, Luka had been using feathers on a tied up Dave. Overcome
with laughter, it had taken five minutes for Dave to blurt out 'Chem 7', and
by then he was in the throes of a violent attack of hiccups. It had taken
several hours for the hiccups to stop...and after that, it was agreed that
tickling and restraints were *not* a good combination.

Luka smiled as Dave strapped the restraints on his wrists and then pulled
him to his feet. Expecting to be led into their bedroom, he was surprised
when instead, Dave pulled out the swivel chair, which they had bought
recently. Luka allowed Dave to push him down onto the chair. His hands
were pulled back and tied securely.

Luka grinned as Dave knelt before him and loosely tied his ankles to the
chair. "You know...you are in a very 'convenient' position right now," said
Luka. "That is, if you wanted to do something..."

"Hmm, tempting," said Dave, with a smile. "But you're just gonna have to
wait...I have this all planned out."

Luka smiled as Dave cast an approving eye over his 'captive'. "So what are
you going to do next?" he asked.

"This," said Dave, as he produced a blindfold.

Luka raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment as Dave tied the blindfold over
his eyes. Usually when they played their games, Dave preferred to leave
Luka's eyes uncovered. Luka on the other hand always blindfolded Dave. He
supposed that a psychiatrist would say it had something to do with his
insistence on needing to be in total control of the situation...and as for
Dave's usual insistence on letting Luka see what was happening? Well, that
would probably have something to do with Dave being a tease and wanting Luka
to see what was happening, but to be unable to do anything about it.

Luka felt the chair being pulled backwards and was wondering just what Dave
had in mind, when he heard his voice close to his ear.

"I just have to get a few things ready," he whispered. "It won't take
long...but just so you don't get bored waiting..."

Luka felt a pair of headphones placed over his ears. There was a gentle
kiss on the back of his neck, and then he was alone.

The sound of Ravel's 'Bolero' coming through the headphones came as a
surprise to Luka. He had been expecting Dave to choose something by Rage
against the Machine, or Lo-Fidelity Allstars, but this was more to his

As the music continued, Luka idly wondered what it would be like to make
love to Dave with the sound of classical music ringing in their ears...first
he could kiss and caress Dave all over, to the strains of Bolero...then he
could...suck on his nipples and drive him crazy in time to Rhapsody in
Blue...ending perhaps to the theme of Carmina Burana as he thrust himself
into Dave's waiting body.

Ah yes, thought Luka...that would be good...he could imagine himself pumping
and thrusting in time to the music...ah yes. Luka felt a stirring in his
groin, as the music grew louder before ending on a final crescendo. In the
silence between the tracks, he could just about make out the sound of
movement in the room. It suddenly occurred to Luka that maybe Dave's
surprise was going to be an unexpected anniversary party for them. He hoped
that it wasn't...he wasn't sure if he could hold out much longer.

Taking a deep breath, Luka did his best to try and reduce his arousal.
"Think unsexy thoughts," he said to himself, trying to dampen his ardor. It
wasn't easy, but a combination of Romano in a bikini and Anspaugh in a
dress, soon had his desire reduced to a more controllable level. All his
hard work was almost undone when the music was suddenly cut off and he heard
Dave's voice in his ear.

"Miss me?" asked Dave, softly as he removed the headphones.

"Not really," lied Luka.

"Yeah right...well I can see that part of you missed me anyway..."

Luka felt Dave's hands at his crotch, unzipping his fly and freeing his cock
from its cotton prison. "Ahh," he groaned as he felt Dave's strong yet
gentle hands caress him. "Oh yes," he moaned softly.

The hands were taken away and Luka felt them fumble at his blindfold. He
blinked his eyes against the sudden light... which although harsh on his
unaccustomed eyes, was slightly dimmer than it had been for their dinner.
Luka didn't know if he was relieved or disappointed that he and Dave were
alone in the apartment...a part of him had been most definitely intrigued by
the possibility that Dave might have been 'playing with him' while other
people were watching.

Turning to Dave, his mouth fell open as he saw that he was wearing a trench
coat and hat.

"You are not going out?" he said, slightly taken aback. "Not while I am
tied up like this?" There was a slight tremor in Luka's voice at the

"Of course not," said Dave, quickly. "You know I wouldn't do something like

"Then why have you a coat on?"

"You'll see," grinned Dave as he fiddled with the stereo.


to be continued
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