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Carter read the card through twice to make sure he wasn't imagining
it...there it was in gold letters on a pale pink background. 'Luka Kovac
and Dave Malucci request the honor of your presence at their marriage...'

Lowering the card, he looked into Dave's smiling face. "This is a joke,
right?" he said.

Dave's smile faded as he said, "No Carter...I'm serious...
serious...next month, Luka and me...we're getting married...well, not
married...we can't do that...but we've signed up all the legal
stuff...and now we want a party to go with it...a celebration..."

"You and Luka," said Carter, still having trouble with the idea of two men
tying the knot.

"Yes, Carter," said Dave, impatiently. "Look, will you be there or not?"

Carter smiled, "Sure Dave...I'll be there...I wouldn't miss it for the
world." He shook his head as he read the invitation again.

"Cool...cause it'd be a shame if my best man wasn't able to make it."

"Yeah...WHAT?" yelped Carter as he realized what Dave was saying. "You want
me to be your best man?"

Dave nodded eagerly, "Yeah...I mean, you're my closest friend in
Chicago...well, after Luka of course...so will you do it? Please?"

"Of course I will," said Carter, smiling at Dave's semi-anxious expression.

"Excellent...man, this is going to be great," grinned Dave.

Carter frowned, "So if I'm the best man...then who's the chief bridesmaid?"
he asked. "Or is Luka having a best man as well?"

"Ah," said Dave.


"Um, Kerry," said Luka as he caught up with her in the corridor. "May I
have a few moments of your time?"

"Of course," replied Kerry. She followed Luka into the empty suture room,
where he handed her a card. Reading it quickly, a smile came over her face
as she realized that it was a wedding invitation. Looking up, she said, "So
you and Dave have set the date?"

Luka nodded. "The legal issues have been taken care of already...we did not
wish to wait. But we both want to show our friends and family that we are
committed to each other...and while it is not a traditional ceremony...to us
it is as binding."

Kerry nodded approvingly. "So I suppose I'm going to have an influx of
people requesting time off for this?" she asked.

"Um, I'm afraid so," said Luka. "I know that it will be necessary for some
people to miss the wedding, in order to staff the ER properly...but perhaps
it would be possible for people to do half shifts so that they may at least
attend part of the day?"

"I'll see what I can do with the rosters," said Kerry.

"There's one other thing I would like to ask you," said Luka, a little
uncomfortably. "Um...it's a little unusual...but would you be my best man?"

Kerry's jaw dropped. "That is unusual..." she said finally.

"You don't have to," said Luka hastily. "I...I know that it is not exactly

"But then neither is the whole concept of you and Malucci marrying each
other," said Kerry. "If you're sure...then I'd be delighted to accept."

"I'm sure," said Luka, firmly. "After all Kerry," he said with an evil
grin. "You are one of our most 'intimate' friends." He was rewarded by a
small blush that spread over Kerry's cheeks.

To be continued
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