Fifty Years by AliBee
Summary: I have been plagued with writers block but didn't want
to let a challenge go by, so I came up with an
anniversary drabble. I never knew how hard it was to
keep to only 100 words.
Categories: Drabble Characters: John Carter, Luka Kovac
Genres: General
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Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 105 Read: 7958 Published: December 20, 2004 Updated: December 20, 2004

1. Chapter One by AliBee

Chapter One by AliBee
Carter moved restlessly in his first class plane seat.
“Are you sure your parents aren’t going to mind a
stranger at their 50th anniversary party,” he asked
Luka nervously.

“You aren’t a stranger, John. You are the most
important person in my life.”

Before he knew it, Carter was standing in the doorway,
enveloped in Matija Kovac’s arms, as she spoke in soft
Croatian. “What is she saying?” Carter whispered, as
he caught Luka’s gaze.

“She says she can see in your eyes how much you care
about her son, and welcome to the family,” Luka said
with a smile.
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