A Few Good Men by AliBee
Summary: Written in response to the story
challenge to have a pre-ER character. Thanks to my
beta, Shelly. They might seem a little out of
character, but always remember to beware of the quiet
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1. Chapter One by AliBee

Chapter One by AliBee
“Damn Romano,” Peter Benton muttered under his breath,
his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. As part
of his new position of ‘Director of Diversity,’ Peter
was on his way to the medical school to meet with a
bunch of second year students, supposedly to discuss
with them how to survive and thrive on their upcoming
rotations. Peter could think of many other things
he'd rather be doing on his Saturday. Not that he had
anyone to spend it with considering that his
relationship with Cleo had finally burned itself out
but he'd still rather be doing laundry than speaking
to a bunch of students on his only day off.

Peter spent the morning doing his best to impart his
wisdom to a room full of half interested med students,
but his attention kept getting pulled to a soft-spoken
young man dressed in an Army uniform in the back of
the room. The young officer had asked a few well
thought out questions and had said ‘Dr Benton’ in the
same respectful almost reverent way that Carter used
to. Letting his thoughts stray to Carter caused a
certain response in his body that had Peter thankful
for the podium he was now standing behind. Peter had
never acted on his attraction to Carter, and he had
finally admitted to himself that those feelings had
been one of the reasons he had been so demanding when
Carter was his student. Peter gave himself a mental
shake, giving his full attention back to his room full
of students in general, and to one in particular.

Michael Gallant watched his instructor move about in
the room, before he came to rest behind the podium.
The man moved like a panther, sleek and smooth. He
reminded Michael a little of Tony McBride, or the man
he imagined Tony would have grown into. They had both
only been 15 when Michael had seduced Tony in the
balcony of their church after choir practice, and they
had lost touch with each other after high school
graduation. Michael longed to see this Dr. Benton
outside of their current formal setting, he just
needed to figure out a way how. He has a lot of
experience with guys like Benton - all bark, but what
they really wanted was someone to tell them exactly
what to do.

As they broke for lunch, Michael continued to watch
Dr. Benton. He noticed the good doctor’s interest in a
poster promoting the band performing at the Blue Note
Club that night. If his luck held out, his instructor
of the day would be at the Blue Note tonight, the
perfect place for the lesson Michael had in mind.

Peter pulled his car into a parking spot near the jazz
club. He had always enjoyed going to clubs, despite
the fact that he didn’t drink. It was the best way to
experience music and he had found that a good club fit
in nicely to the dating ritual he didn’t realize he
had until Carter had pointed it out. Peter had
wondered how Carter could so clearly see a pattern in
his behavior that he himself was unaware of but those
big brown eyes didn’t miss much. Carter always had
been an observer, not unlike his Army officer student
of earlier today, who had similar thoughtful, ever
watching eyes. Peter sighed, thinking maybe he just
needed to find himself someone who was alone, looking
for a good time, so his body would quit reacting to
thoughts of his former student, but casual sex had
never been his style. As soon as he was sure he
wouldn’t embarrass himself, he got out of the car and
headed into the club.

Mikey had made sure he sat were he could clearly see
who came in the door of the club, but where he
wouldn’t be noticed. He was sipping on his second soda
when he saw Dr. Benton come in. He was wearing all
black, looking even more like the graceful cat that
Mikey had compared him to earlier. He watched
carefully, awaiting the perfect moment to make his
move. As he saw Benton edge away from the crowd toward
the back wall, he knew it was time.

Peter let the music wash over him, tapping his foot in
time with the beat, letting his mind wander. He was
surprised to find his thoughts returning to his
student today, the one who reminded him of Carter.
Peter had thought that his attraction to Carter was
just a one time thing, that there was just something
special about him, and he regretted that he never
perused it. But the way his mind kept leaping back to
the handsome Army officer, Peter wondered if it might
be more than just Carter. He looked across the crowd
just in time to see the object of his newly awakened
desires walking towards him. Peter felt an
overwhelming need to escape, not ready to deal with
the ideas running wild in his head. He turned, darting
into a dark hallway near the restrooms.

Mikey saw Peter’s retreat and chuckled. There was no
way he was getting away that easily. Without
hesitation, he followed Peter into the dimly lit hall,
the slight smile still on his lips.

“Are you stalking me?” Benton asked, his eyes
narrowing slightly, as his student stopped right in
front of him.

“Yes Sir, I am,” Mikey answered, in a matter-of-fact
tone, while looking Benton straight in the eye. “Do
you mind?”

“Hell yes I mind,” Benton replied, as he took a half a
step back, the hallway seeming entirely too small with
the overwhelming presence as this young man invaded
his personal space.

“Get over it,” Mikey said calmly, as he stepped even
closer to Peter, causing him to back up even further.

Peter could feel the wall against his back, the music
vibrating though it making his whole body throb. But
was it the music, or was it the man standing before
him? So close, this little shit was standing so damn
close. He could feel his body start to respond and all
of a sudden it wasn’t close enough.

Mikey put his hand against the wall behind Peter,
effectively pinning the older man. “Your not so
tough,” Mikey whispered, his lips so close to Peter’s
ear that Peter could feel the warm breath along his

Mikey’s eyes swept over the flesh before him, his gaze
coming to rest on the pulse in the doctor's throat,
beating erratically just beneath the surface. Strong,
hard and fast. That’s how Mikey liked it and soon he
was pretty sure this beautiful man would become a
believer. “Are you nervous?” He asked, still with the
softest of voice.

“N.. ..n..n..no,” Benton stuttered, his tongue running
over his suddenly dry lips.

Mikey couldn’t help but chuckle at Peter‘s obvious
lie. He watched Peter's tongue snake out, sliding
along his full lips once again, leaving them
glistening in the dim light of the hall. He wished it
his tongue running over Peter’s lips and imagined how
those lips looked stretched over certain other body
parts, but it wasn’t time for that just quite yet. But
soon, so very soon.

Peter could feel himself becoming aroused which both
confused and excited him. He closed his eyes for a
moment, trying to picture the class roster. If this
man could make him hard, he should at least call him
by name. “Michael, right?”

Mikey smiled and nodded, pleased that he had made
enough of an impression on Peter Benton in class that
he knew his name. Mikey noticed the subtle shift in
Peter’s posture and there was a spark of desire
gleaming in his dark eyes. He pressed his lips to
Peter’s neck, sucking gently on the tender flesh. “Do
you want to get out of here,” Mikey asked, as he began
to run his tongue along the curve of Peter’s ear,
nipping at the small earring he found.

Peter felt his heart rate speed up as Michael’s tongue
continued its path, felt the tingling anywhere their
bodies were touching. He knew what agreeing with this
man meant and he wasn’t sure he was ready for this, to
give into the desires he had resisted in the past. As
Michael closed the space between them and Peter felt
the bulge in Michael’s pants brushed against his, he
knew this was something he wanted, something he
craved. 'Ok, you can do this,' he told himself. The
younger man was, well, he was just plain sexy, he
thought with a grin. What would it hurt? It wasn't
like he was going to ever see this kid again. What
would one night hurt?

This was the way nights at the Jazz club were supposed
to end.

To be continued.
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