Waiting by Ceindreadh
Summary: Set just after 'Mayday', a chance meeting at a train station has surprizing consequences for Dave and Luka.
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2. Chapter Two by Ceindreadh

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Chapter One by Ceindreadh
Dave whistled to himself as he pushed open the doors to the ER. Man, that had been one weird day, he thought as he walked through the ambulance bay. First Carter got kicked across the room by a patient, and then he got hauled over the coals by the Chief. Or at least that was what Dave assumed had happened. He had asked Carter what had gone on in the meeting in the lounge with Greene and Kerry, but Carter had told him to mind his own dammed business. What puzzled Dave was why Abby had been in on it. Oh well, he could ask Carter about it tomorrow.

Reaching the bicycle rack, he was about to unlock his bike, when he realized that the back tire was flat. Cursing under his breath, he considered his options. He could bring the bike inside and repair the tire now, but that would take time, and he really wanted to go home. Or he could walk home with the bike and fix it then. But home was several miles away and Dave really didn't want to walk the distance so late at night. Hmm, there was one other alternative, he thought to himself.

Several minutes later, Dave was hurrying up the steps to the El platform. He was the subject of many curious looks, because he was clutching the back wheel of his bike, having decided that taking the whole machine on the El with him would be a very bad idea. This way he could mend the tire at home and be able to use his bike again tomorrow.

Pushing his way through the crowd of people that had obviously just disembarked, he struggled onto the platform. He cursed under his breath, as he saw the train move out of the station. This was not his day. He had already missed out on the chance to go to the scene of the shooting. Man that would have been cool. Of course it would have also meant traveling in the chopper, which wouldn't have been so cool. Last time he had been in the chopper had been an eventful journey for all concerned and Dave had emerged looking even paler than the patient.

Still at least today he had managed to pick up an interesting souvenir. He quickly patted his pocket, to make sure that the screw was still there. It was going to be a cool addition to his 'weird stuff that I extracted from patients' collection. So far, the pride of his collection was a lobster claw that he had removed from a tourist in Grenada. It had been the first and the last time that the guy had tried 'skinny dipping'. Dave grinned at the memory. The grin faded as he realized that he wasn't alone on the platform.

Luka was standing on the platform staring at the tracks. He had been there for ages, trying to summon up the energy to return home. Several trains had come and gone while he had been reflecting on the day's events, but it had seemed like too much of an effort to get on any of them. Now it was starting to get cold. With an effort he pushed himself up off the bench and moved to the edge of the platform to wait for the next train.

Dave watched as Luka stood at the edge of the platform. Oh shit, he thought to himself. He had overheard Chuny and some of the other nurses talking about the patient who had refused to let Luka save her unborn child. He had also heard them mention that Luka's two kids had died in Croatia. It didn't take a Psych qualification to know that the guy had got to be hurting. The question on Dave's mind, as he saw the somber expression on Luka's face, was whether he was hurting enough to do something crazy.

Luka was trying to remember if he had any alcohol in his house. Not that he was prone to crawling into a bottle to ease his problems, at least not anymore. But today, he needed a drink. His thoughts were interrupted by a cheerful "Yo, Dr Kovac," and the sudden appearance of Dave in his line of vision.

Dave carefully positioned himself between Luka and the edge of the platform, as he heard the sound of an approaching train.

"Dr Malucci," said Luka, in a monotone.

"You okay Dr Kovac," asked Dave. "You look a bit distracted."

"I am just a little tired," said Luka brusquely. "It has been a long day, but it will soon be over." Hearing the approaching train, he took a quick step forward to see if it was his train or not.

"Don't do it Luka," yelled Dave. Dropping his bicycle wheel, he flung his arms around Luka and pushed him away from the edge of the platform. The two men ended up in a tangle on the platform floor. Dave sat on top of Luka holding him down until the train had passed through the station.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Malucci?" snapped Luka. "Get off me."

"I'm saving your life, that's what," said Dave. "Whatever's happened it's not worth killing yourself over." Letting go of Luka, he stood up, holding out his hand to him.

"Killing myself?" asked Luka, looking up at him. "What do you mean 'killing myself'?"

"Well, you looked as if you were about to jump," said Dave. It was slowly occurring to him that maybe Luka hadn't been about to jump in front of the train. "I mean I heard what happened today, and I saw you, and......damm. Guess I was wrong. I'm sorry Luka."

Luka sighed. "It is I who should apologize, Dave. You meant well, and if I had been planning on jumping, you would most certainly have prevented me." Taking Dave's outstretched hand, he stood up with a grunt.

"You okay?" asked Dave, concerned.

"Just a little bruised. Do me a favor, Dave. The next time you wish to prevent me from doing something, why not try asking first. It would be a lot less painful."

"Yeah, that might be a good idea." Dave retrieved his bicycle wheel and the two men stood in silence, waiting for the next train.

"Listen, d'you want to get a drink or something?" asked Dave suddenly. He knew that Luka wasn't going to jump or anything, but the guy still looked like he could use some company.

"I don't think I am in the mood to go to a bar," replied Luka. "Too many people around."

"Well, I've got a couple of six-packs back at my place. It's only a few stops away."

Luka considered the offer. A choice between going back alone to his gloomy apartment, or spending a few hours drinking in the company of Dave Malucci. Well, while Dave may have many faults, being boring was not one of them. "Okay," he said, hoping that he wouldn't regret his decision. "Lead on."

Several hours later, Dave and Luka were back at Dave's apartment, surrounded by a pile of empty beer cans.

Dave was half regretting his decision to bring Luka back for drinks. Between them they had drunk most of his beer supply for the next month, and Luka was showing no signs of stopping. True it had been an interesting evening, and he would never have believed that Luka had such a collection of dirty jokes, but it was getting late and he was feeling tired.

Luka stood up unsteadily, "I think I need to use your bathroom," he said bluntly.

"Down the hall, on your right," said Dave. He watched as Luka walked unsteadily down the hall, and cursed under his breath. There was no way that Luka was sober enough to get home on his own. Oh well, he thought to himself, I'm sure he'll fit on the couch. Dave started gathering up the empty cans. He had the room almost tidied again when he realized that Luka hadn't returned.

Puzzled, he went down the hall and knocked hesitantly on the bathroom door. "Luka? You okay in there man?" There was no reply, so he opened the door to reveal an empty room. Okay, this was weird, thought Dave.

There was only one other room in the apartment. Dave slowly pushed open his bedroom door. He could hear the snores coming from the room. Switching on the light, he cursed under his breath, as he saw Luka's unconscious form sprawled over the optimistically purchased double bed. Well, at least he wouldn't have to persuade Luka not to walk the streets while he was drunk.

Luka woke up the next morning with the feeling that something had crawled down his throat and died. He groaned slightly and opened his eyes. Strange, he thought to himself. I don't remember my bedroom being that color before. He sat upright in the bed as he realized that he didn't recognize the room. The sudden movement was a mistake, so he closed his eyes again and waited for the room to stop moving. Hearing the sound of a shower, he opened his eyes again.

This wasn't the first time he had woken up in unfamiliar surroundings with his head spinning. After his family had been killed, Luka had spent a lot of time crawling down the neck of a bottle trying to blot out unwelcome memories.

The noise of the shower stopped. Luka rolled over to face the door, wondering who had been kind enough to bring him home on this occasion. His jaw dropped as Dave walked in, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist.
Chapter Two by Ceindreadh
Luka woke up the next morning with the feeling that something had crawled down his throat and died. He groaned slightly and opened his eyes. Strange, he thought to himself. I don't remember my bedroom being that color before. He sat upright in the bed as he realized that he didn't recognize the room. The sudden movement was a mistake, so he closed his eyes again and waited for the room to stop moving. Hearing the sound of a shower, he opened his eyes again.

This wasn't the first time he had woken up in unfamiliar surroundings with his head spinning. After his family had been killed, Luka had spent a lot of time crawling down the neck of a bottle trying to blot out unwelcome memories.

The noise of the shower stopped. Luka rolled over to face the door, wondering who had been kind enough to bring him home on this occasion. His jaw dropped as Dave walked in, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Oh dear God," thought Luka to himself. Of all the colleagues he could have spent the night with, it had to be Malucci. It wasn't that he had an aversion to same sex relationships. Nor was it that he disliked Dave, on the contrary, he had always found Dave to be a friendly and welcoming individual. What bothered him was the fact that Dave was one of the biggest gossips in the ER, and Luka had no wish for his personal life to be one of the main topics of conversation at work. He forced himself to smile at Dave.

"Hey, you're awake," said Dave smiling as he toweled dry his hair. "Man, I thought you were going to sleep all day. Another hour and I was going to call the Chief and borrow her whistle."

"Her whistle?" said Luka, confused.

"Yeah, the one she used on me last week. Man, that thing could wake a corpse."

Dave started rummaging in drawers for some clean clothes. "I hope I didn't hurt you too much last night. Guess I don't know my own strength sometimes."

Now that he thought about it, Luka was feeling a bit stiff. He was also feeling rather chilly. With a shock, he realized that he was naked. "My clothes. Where are my clothes?" he asked frantically.

"Hey chill out man," said Dave, his voice muffled slightly, as he pulled a t-shirt over his head. "They're over there." He indicated a chair in the corner of the room.

"I don't remember taking them off," said Luka, trying to elicit some indication of the events of the previous evening.

"That's cause you had a little help," said Dave with a grin. Throwing the towel on top of a heap on the floor, he pulled on a pair of underpants and started rummaging around for his jeans.

"You took my clothes off?"

"Hey, you've got nothing I haven't seen before," said Dave, grinning as he pulled on his jeans.

Luka eyed the pile of clothes on the chair. It was too far away for him to reach without getting out of the bed. He could always wait until Dave had left the room, but after all, Dave had already seen him naked. Shrugging his shoulders, he got out of the bed.

"There's some clean towels in the bathroom if you want a shower," volunteered Dave, while casting an approving eye over Luka's body. Man the guy was in almost as good shape as Dave himself was. Of course he was a lot skinnier.

"That would probably be a good idea," said Luka.

"I'll make some breakfast while you're showering. Bacon and eggs okay with you?"

Luka's stomach churned at the thought. "Maybe just some coffee," he said.

"Hey, you can't do a good days work without a proper breakfast. You go and shower, you'll feel a lot better afterwards."

Dave was right, thought Luka. He did feel a lot better after the shower. Now his only worry was what Dave was going to tell the rest of the ER staff. He considered how best to broach the subject as he made his way to the kitchen.

Dave looked up from the frying pan as Luka walked in. "You're looking a lot better now," he said with a smile. "Feel like having something to eat?" He held out the pan for Luka's inspection.

"Why not?" said Luka, sitting down at the counter. "Dave, there is something I must ask you."

"Eat first, talk later, that's what my Mom always said," said Dave, as he deftly arranged the breakfast on the plates. "Dig in," he said, putting a heavily laden plate down in front of Luka.

"About last night," Luka began, unsure of how to phrase his request without offending Dave.

"Yeah?" said Dave, through a mouthful of fried eggs.

"I would prefer if it you did not mention what happened to anyone in the ER."

"No problem. I wasn't going to say anything anyway. I mean it's not something I want people to know about."

Luka was taken aback at this comment. Surely it hadn't been that bad, he thought to himself. Okay, he had been fairly drunk, but he couldn't have been that drunk.

Dave noticed the hurt expression on Luka's face. "What's wrong?" he asked, puzzled.

"Nothing," muttered Luka, as he took a mouthful of coffee. "If that's the way you feel, then it's up to you."

"The way I feel about what?"

"About, you know, last night, us. I mean I can understand if you don't want to tell anyone." Luka was more hurt than he had realized. First Carol, now Dave. Okay, he hadn't exactly been seeking a relationship with Dave, but it was still disappointing to be rejected by him, even if he couldn't remember exactly what they had done.

"Luka, nothing happened last night," said Dave, failing to hide his amusement. "You passed out on my bed after drinking too much. I took your clothes in cause I didn't want you puking all over them."

"But you said you hoped you hadn't hurt me? That you didn't want people to know about it?"

"I meant when I knocked you over on the El platform. I didn't want anyone to find out that I'd thought you were going to jump. You didn't think I meant.... oh my god, you thought we.... oh man, Luka that's priceless." Dave started laughing.

Luka blushed in embarrassment. "I am glad you find the idea so amusing," he said stiffly. "I think I had better go now," he said, standing up.

Dave stopped laughing, and grabbed Luka by the hand. "You might as well finish your breakfast first," he said, pulling Luka back down onto the stool. "Look, I'm sorry I laughed at you. It's just.... I'd be lying if I said the thought hadn't crossed my mind."

Luka was silent. Partly from the surprise of Dave's revelation, and partly because Dave was still holding his hand. Finally he said, "So why did you not act upon it?"

Dave shrugged, "Didn't want to take advantage of you while you were drunk."

"I'm sober now," said Luka, looking into Dave's eyes.

Dave smiled, "I know you are, but I have to go to work."

"And I should go home and change," said Luka reluctantly. "Otherwise the nurses will be gossiping about why I wear the same clothes two days running."

"You could always wear something of mine. That'd really give them something to gossip about."

"Maybe someday I will do that."

"How about tomorrow?"

Luka looked at Dave uncertainly, wondering what he was suggesting.

"I mean, if you wanted to come over tonight, we could get a pizza, have a few beers..." said Dave.

"And afterwards?" said Luka.

"That's up to you. Listen, think about it. I should be home about eight. Come over any time after that."

Looking at his watch, Dave said, "Anyway, it's time I was out of here. If I'm late again, the Chief will have me on night duty for a month."

To be continued.
Chapter Three by Ceindreadh
Luka found it hard to concentrate on his work that day. His mind was occupied with wondering whether or not to take up Dave's invitation. Although Dave had only specified 'beer and pizza', Luka was left in no doubt that Dave himself was on the menu, should Luka so wish it.

Luka was also on edge waiting for someone to pat him on the shoulder and say, "So I hear you spent the night in Malucci's bed."

By the end of his shift, Luka was no closer to reaching a decision. Seeing Dave flirt his way through the shift didn't help his dilemma. Finally he decided to go home and change and then decide.

Luka finally made the decision to go to Dave's apartment. After all, he reasoned, Dave had made it clear that nothing would happen unless Luka wanted it to. And he had enjoyed the previous evening, well, what he could remember of it. And it wasn't as if he had so large a circle of friends that he didn't need one more. At this thought Luka stopped in his tracks. The last person he had thought of as a friend was now the other side of the country. He put all thoughts of Carol out of his mind, and pondered on a greater problem. What gift should he bring to Dave? His mother would be spinning in her grave at the thought of him going visiting without bringing a gift, but what would be appropriate? Flowers would probably not be appropriate, and in any case, his neighbor was starting to look suspiciously at him every time he passed by. Wine? No, not to be rude, but Dave probably wouldn't know a vintage wine if it bit him on the ass. Oh, well, maybe he could pick up something at the local convenience shop.

He was about to leave when he remembered something else. Two minutes later his toothbrush was in his jacket pocket and he was out the door.

Luka stood hesitantly outside Dave's door. It wasn't too late, he told himself. He could still go home. Yeah right, he thought. Home to an empty apartment to heat up a TV dinner and watch an old movie. An evening with Dave had got to be more entertaining than that. Before he could change his mind, he rang the doorbell.

Luka's jaw dropped as a stunning redhead opened the door. Surely Dave hadn't changed his mind about inviting him, he wondered as he tried to say hello.

"Oh hello," said the woman. "You must be Luka. Dave said you might be calling round. Come on in."

Luka hesitantly followed her into the room. "Are you a friend of Dave's?" he asked.

"Hell no," she replied, grinning. "I just pop in now and then to borrow stuff. My name's Clare. I live in the apartment across the hall. Anyway, I've got friends coming over, so I've gotta go. Nice meeting you Luka." Calling towards the kitchen, she said, "bye Dave."

"Bye Clare, talk to you tomorrow," said Dave, coming out of the kitchen, as Clare left the apartment. "Hey Luka, glad you could make it. You're just in time to help me make the pizza."

"You are not going to get 'take-out'?" asked Luka, surprised at the thought of Dave cooking.

"Special occasion," replied Dave, heading back into the kitchen, with Luka following him. "Figured this way we could have exactly what we wanted."

Luka looked at the array of pizza toppings, which were spread out neatly on the worktop.

"Grab a knife and pick what you want," instructed Dave. "I've cheated a bit and used ready-made bases, but everything else is fresh."

"I am impressed," said Luka, putting down the six-pack of beer that he had brought. "I never expected you to go to all this trouble."

"What trouble? The bases are ready made, you're going to help cut up all the toppings, all I had to do was mix up the tomato sauce, to my mother's secret recipe."

"What is in this tomato sauce of yours?" asked Luka as he carefully sliced open a red pepper.

"Family secret," replied Dave. "I could tell you, but I'd have to either kill you or marry you."

"Okay," said Luka, returning his attention to his pepper. His attention was drawn by Dave's rapid dissection of a batch of mushrooms. "You handle a knife so well, maybe you should have been a surgeon," he said.

"Nah, surgery's boring," said Dave. Luka raised an eyebrow in surprise. Dave continued, "I thought about doing it, but after my surgical rotation, I realized that one set of kidneys or lungs is basically the same as the next. Okay, the fact that I threw up when I saw my first surgery might have colored my opinion of it."

"You threw up during your first surgery? That must have impressed your resident."

"He hardly spoke to me for the rest of my rotation. I mean it wasn't my fault.... okay it was. I should never have drunk so many tequila's the night before."

Luka burped contentedly as he finished his beer. The pizza had been very tasty and the evening had flown by. The only thing that bothered Luka was that Dave had made no moves towards him at all. Luka wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed.

Dave sat watching Luka as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. It had been hard for him to sit and watch Luka all evening and still keep his hands off him. But he had bided his time, waiting for the right moment. He didn't want to move to soon and possibly scare Luka away, but neither did he want Luka to drink so much that he would do something that he would later regret. Finally he decided that enough was enough. Moving over to the couch, he sat beside Luka and said, "Luka, you know when I invited you over here, I said that after the beer and pizzas, what happened would be up to you?"

Luka nodded slowly, looking into Dave's eyes. "I know," he said hesitantly.

"So?" asked Dave.

Luka nodded, "But I don't know if I can...I mean I've never done this before..."

"Hey," said Dave reassuringly. "I promise, we won't do anything you don't want to. But I also promise you that you'll enjoy anything we do do." He smiled gently at Luka and raising his hand he gently stroked his ear. Luka closed his eyes as Dave's hand gently caressed him. He had never thought of his ears as being particularly sensitive, but somehow Dave seemed to have a magic touch. Or it could have just been the beer.

Luka's eyes flew open as Dave took his hand away. Standing up, Dave reached out his hand to Luka. "Would you like to go somewhere more comfortable?"

Wordlessly Luka took Dave's hand and let himself be led to Dave's bedroom. Looking inside he said, "It's a lot tidier than it was this morning."

"That's cause yesterday I wasn't expecting to have company."

Dave pulled Luka into the room behind him and switched off the lights. The bed was bathed in the glow from the streetlights. Dave pulled Luka into his arms and kissed him sensuously on the lips. When Dave finally pulled away, Luka was gasping for breath. His knees buckled, and he was glad that Dave was holding him. "Wow," he finally said. "That was....," he shook his head, unable to describe it.

"There's plenty more where that came from," said Dave with a grin.

To be continued...
Chapter Four by Ceindreadh
Dave pulled Luka into the room behind him and switched off the lights. The bed was bathed in the glow from the streetlights. Dave pulled Luka into his arms and kissed him sensuously on the lips. When Dave finally pulled away, Luka was gasping for breath. His knees buckled, and he was glad that Dave was holding him. "Wow," he finally said. "That was....," he shook his head, unable to describe it.

"There's plenty more where that came from," said Dave with a grin. "But don't you think we're a little overdressed?"

"What?" said Luka, still overwhelmed by the force and passion of Dave's kiss. "Oh yes," he said, reaching to undo the buttons of his shirt.

"Let me," said Dave. Slowly and carefully, he unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it open, revealing Luka's chest. Gently he caressed Luka's nipples, eliciting a moan from the older man. The shirt was soon cast aside, followed by the rest of Luka's clothing. Dave pulled Luka over to the bed. "Sit down," he instructed, propping some pillows under Luka's back. A few minutes later, Dave was naked, and climbing onto the bed. Kneeling on the bed, he pulled Luka's legs apart.

"What are you going to do?" asked Luka, with a little trepidation. Luka's mind may have been anxious, but his cock was showing no such concern and was already at half-mast. Luka was amazed at the strength of his desire for someone who had kissed and caressed him gently. But oh, what gentle caresses, and what a kiss.

"I'm going to give you the best damn blow-job you've had in your life," said Dave with a grin.

"But what about you?" asked Luka. "When do you get your pleasure?"

"Hey, my turn will come. Besides, my mom always told me to make sure that my guests got served first. Course I don't think she had this in mind when she was saying it."

Luka laughed at this comment. It was typical Dave. His laughter was cut short by a gasp of surprise and not a little pleasure, as he felt Dave's mouth descend on his cock.

Dave sat back on the bed, wiping his mouth. Glancing quickly at the luminous dial on his bedside clock, he thought, "wow, that's your best time yet Malucci. Either your technique is improving, or Luka has been seriously deprived for two long."

Luka lay back against the pillows, with no complaints about Dave's technique. "My god," he gasped finally.

Dave crawled up the bed, and sat beside Luka. "You like?" he asked.

Luka shook his head in disbelief. "I never knew it could be like this," he said.

"No one's ever given you a blow-job before?" asked Dave surprised. Luka shook his head. "Man, you have been missing out big time," said Dave grinning.

"What about you?" asked Luka, indicating Dave's semi-erect cock. "You have not had your pleasure yet. Do you wish me to.....?" Luka was hesitant. Although he had greatly enjoyed it, he wasn't sure if he could do the same to Dave.

Dave noticed Luka's nervousness, and shook his head. "I don't think you're ready to suck me off. But I have something else in mind, if you'd like to try it."

Luka hesitated only momentarily before nodding.

A few minutes later, Dave had rearranged the pillows. Luka was now lying face down, with the pillows raising his ass in the air. Gently Dave knelt behind him.

"I'm going to be as careful as I can, but I want you to let me know if I'm hurting you in any way. Okay?"

Luka nodded, and tensed slightly as he felt Dave's hands on his butt cheeks. "It's okay, Luka," said Dave softly. "We're going to take this nice and slow." Dave gently moved his hands over Luka's ass, stroking and caressing the cheeks. Luka shivered as Dave leaned in close, and blew gently. This was followed by slow lingering strokes of Dave's tongue, causing Luka to moan softly.

With one hand Dave reached under Luka and started to gently caress his balls. With the other, he continued to stroke Luka's ass. Luka sighed as he felt the gentle caress's, which soon had the required effect on his cock.

Dave continued to stroke Luka's cock with one hand, while reaching for the lubricant with the other. Popping the lid, he applied it liberally to Luka's ass.

"It's cold," hissed Luka, barely able to concentrate.

"Don't worry," grinned Dave. "I'll soon warm it up."

He cursed under his breath as he realized that he needed both hands to put on the condom. With his cock fully covered, he leaned in against Luka, and gently inserted the tip. Luka sucked in his breath at the sensation, but Dave had done his preparations thoroughly, and there was only a momentary flash of pain. Luka clutched the pillow beneath him and moaned.

Dave eased in a bit further, enjoying the sound of Luka's moans of delight. Resting more of his weight on Luka's back, he thrust in a bit further, then pulled back suddenly.

"Don't stop," moaned Luka, "Please, do not stop."

Dave realized that he was closer to coming than Luka. That would not do at all, he thought.

Luka started slightly as he heard Dave start speaking in Spanish. He couldn't understand what he was saying, but the words were soothing to his ears, so he relaxed again.

Dave finished reciting the symptoms and treatment of a Pulmonary Embolism, and then started on those of a Myocardial Infarction. It was one of his most effective techniques for making sure he didn't come too quickly.

He thrust again into Luka, and was rewarded with yet another gasp of pleasure.

Dave continued to thrust back and forth, as Luka's groans grew in intensity. Finally, with an inarticulate moan, Luka climaxed. He lay limply beneath Dave, who thrust a few more times, before finally giving in and collapsing on top of Luka.

Dave lay there for a few minutes catching his breath, as the sweat cooled on both their bodies. Finally he rolled off to one side, pulling Luka with him, and putting his arms around him. Kissing Luka softly on the back of the neck, he whispered, "You okay there Luka?"

Luka nodded, barely able to speak. Slowly his breathing returned to normal. "I am okay," he said, softly. Reaching up, he plucked Dave's hand from where it was resting on his chest. Bringing it up to his lips, he gently kissed it. "Thank you," he whispered.

"Any time, my friend, any time," said Dave softly, gently kissing Luka again.

"I could never have dreamed that two men together could feel so good."

"You know the bad thing about it?"

"There is a bad thing?"

Dave nodded, and whispered in Luka's ear. "The wet spot is twice as large."

Luka started laughing. "Good night Luka," said Dave.

"Good night Dave," said Luka, closing his eyes.

to be continued
Chapter Five by Ceindreadh
For the second morning in a row, Luka woke up alone in Dave's bed. He was slightly disappointed not to feel Dave's arms around him. It had been so comforting falling asleep with those strong arms holding him, in an unspoken gesture of protection. Of course he had spent the night with other people since his family had died, but Dave had been the first person to instinctively hold him close while sleeping.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he rolled over to look at the bedroom door. Dave pushed the door open, and walked into the room, carrying a fully loaded breakfast tray in his hands.

"Morning Luka," said Dave, with a welcoming smile. "How d'you feel about having breakfast in bed?"

"I would like it very much," replied Luka, sitting up in the bed, and smoothing down the bedclothes.

Dave carefully placed the tray on the bed and climbed in beside Luka.

"So, you do not have to use the whistle on me today either," said Luka.

"Hey, I'd never do that to you."

"So how would you have woken me?"

"Like this," said Dave, as he leaned in to Luka and gently brushed his lips over Luka's cheek. Luka moaned as Dave's hand gently caressed his nipple.

"Oh yes," sighed Luka. "I should have pretended to be asleep."

Abruptly Dave broke away. "Well, unfortunately you're already awake, so I guess we'll just have to have breakfast."

Reluctantly Luka turned his attention to the tray. He was touched to see the trouble that Dave had gone to. "I wasn't sure what you'd like, so I brought a little bit of everything," said Dave. "There's coffee, cereal, toast and honey, and." Dave lifted the lid off a plate.

"Pizza?" said Luka in surprise.

"Yeah, it was left over from last night. Seemed a shame to waste it."

"You eat cold pizza for breakfast?"

"Hey, when I was in college, I lived on pizza for breakfast. See when we'd run low on cash, me and my roommates would order in pizza for dinner and have the leftovers for breakfast. It worked out quite cheap."

Luka shook his head in amazement. "You must have the constitution of an ox."

"I've always been able to eat and drink pretty much anything without it disagreeing with me. Anyway, eat up or we'll be late for work."

Luka looked at the clock beside him. "But we have plenty of time," he said, surprised.

"Not if we want to take a shower," said Dave grinning.

"Together?" asked Luka.

Dave nodded. "Eat up. You'll need the energy."

Luka toweled himself off after the shower. Dave had been right about him needing energy. They had started off gently enough, with Dave sucking gently on Luka's nipples as the water streamed over them. He had then sunk to his knees ready to give Luka another blowjob, but Luka had stopped him. Dave had looked up enquiringly at Luka. "No? Didn't you like the last one?" he had said.

"I loved it," replied Luka, "But now it is my turn."

"You sure about this? I mean if you're not ready..."

"I am ready," said Luka, as they swapped positions. "All I ask is that you not be too critical. After all, it is my first time."

"See one, do one, teach one," said Dave with a grin. "Well, you've had a good teacher. I'm sure you can handle it."

"Ah, but I want to do more than handle it," replied Luka grinning. Dave laughed, and then gasped as Luka's tongue gently flicked over his cock.

"Hmm," he moaned as Luka gently caressed him. Dave could feel himself growing hard. "Man," he thought, Luka is definitely a good student. Dave's breath started coming faster, as he clutched at Luka's shoulders for support. He was barely aware of Luka unrolling a condom onto his fully erect cock. "Oh yes, yes," he shouted as Luka took him even further into his mouth. All too soon he came, and collapsed limply against the wall of the shower. Luka stood up, and pulled Dave into his arms, kissing him gently on the cheek. "So would I get a pass for that?" he asked.

"You just graduated top of your class," said Dave, when he'd got his breath back.

Dave toweled dry his hair while watching Luka dress. Luka had not been his first male lover, but he was the first co-worker that Dave had slept with.

"So where do we go from here?" asked Luka.

"Into work I suppose," said Dave, pulling on a pair of jeans.

"That's not what I meant," said Luka with a frown. "I mean us, what we did. Was it just a 'one-night-stand'?"

"Do you want it to be?" asked Dave. "I mean, if you do, then that's cool. But I'd really like us to stay friends. I mean we had some fun, even before the sex, and I'd hate to lose that. It's up to you though. If you want, we can go in to work and pretend like this never happened."

Luka considered for only a moment. "I think I would like us to stay friends." Dave's face fell. Luka continued, "But it would be wrong for us to pretend it never happened. Especially because I would like it to happen again."

A smile lit up Dave's face. It wasn't just that the sex with Luka had been great, but he had meant what he had said about wanting to remain friends with him.

"So would I," replied Dave. "There's just one thing. Maybe we shouldn't spread it around the ER that we're sleeping together. I mean I don't mind people knowing that we're friends, but that's all."

"Are you ashamed or embarrassed about it?" asked Luka, a little surprised.

"Hell, no," said Dave. "But I don't want the nurses to be any more annoyed with me than they already are."

"Why would the nurses be annoyed with you for sleeping with me?" asked Luka, rather puzzled.

"Uh, have you looked in a mirror lately dude? Virtually all the single nurses, and some of the married ones have been drooling over you for months now. And if they knew that I'd scored when they didn't, well let's just say that I'd be even less popular than I am now."

"I think you are exaggerating," said Luka, blushing slightly. "But if they know I am sleeping with another man, won't they realize that they are, what is the expression, 'out of the running'?"

"Hell, they'll probably see it a challenge. I guarantee, that if you stood at admit, and came out of the closet, there'd be a mad stampede of nurses, all rushing to be the one to 'try and turn you around'."


"Yeah, but don't even think of trying it. I want you all to myself."

to be continued
Chapter Six by Ceindreadh
Dave and Luka did nothing to announce their relationship to their co-workers.

Kerry did notice that they seemed to be spending some of their off-duty time together, but she was glad that Luka seemed to have found a friend, even if it was someone as unlikely as Dave. And if she noticed how often their off duty times seemed to coincide, she said nothing about it. She figured that Luka might be a stabilizing influence on Dave, and Dave might be able to get Luka to lighten up a bit.

It was a few weeks later, and Luka was at Dave's apartment.

"You were definitely flirting with her," said Luka.

"I was not," replied Dave, with mock indignation. "Okay, maybe a little, but just to keep in practice."

"Hmm, well you could definitely do with the practice, because frankly you suck at it."


"Well it's true. Your 'chat up' lines are the worst I've ever heard."

"Well they worked on you, didn't they?"

"As I recall, your effort to chat me up consisted of knocking me off my feet while yelling 'don't do it Luka'."

"Whatever works works," said Dave with a grin.

Dave was in the middle of washing up, when the phone rang. "Can you get it, Luka?" he asked.

"Okay," replied Luka, picking up the phone. "Hello?"

"Dave?" said a woman's voice on the other end.

"No," replied Luka, "I shall get him for you."

"Tell him it's his mother," replied the woman.

Luka held out the phone to Dave, "It's your mother," he said softly.

Dave took the phone. Luka was unable to hear the other side of the conversation.

"Yes Mom it was."

"He's a friend of mine from work."

"Yes Mom, we are."

"Mom," Dave said indignantly. "Of course I'm being careful." He rolled his eyes in Luka's direction.

Dave spoke on the phone for a few more minutes, before hanging up. "That was my Mom," he told Luka unnecessarily.

"You told her about us?" asked Luka, slightly surprised.

"Well yeah," replied Dave. "I mean she asked, and I couldn't lie to her."

"So she knows about your sexual preferences?"

"She knows that I'm bisexual, yeah. I told my folks a couple of years ago, once I'd figured it out myself."

"So how did they take it?"

Dave shrugged. "Pretty okay. My mom was upset at first. Thought it was her fault for the way she raised me. I think it sort of helped, me being bi, rather than gay. This way she feels there's a 50/50 chance of me settling down with a girl rather than a guy. Her biggest worry is about me catching something."

"And your father?"

Dave sighed, remembering his father's reaction. "He took it bad at first. Didn't speak to me for about a week. Then the day before I was supposed to leave, he asked to talk to me outside. Man, I was sure he was going to disown me or something, but he just looked at me, and told me that... that I'd always be his son. And that whoever I wanted to bring home, boyfriend or girlfriend, he'd make them welcome."

Dave's voice choked as he could hear his father's gruff voice. "I love you son. I may not like the way you choose to live your life, but I won't interfere in it."

Luka put his arms around Dave and hugged him close. "You are lucky to have such understanding parents."

"Yeah, I know," said Dave, leaning against Luka.

"So did they make your 'friends' welcome."

"I've never brought anyone home to meet them."

Luka looked at Dave curiously as he continued. "I know that when I do bring someone home with me, that my parents will do their best to welcome them. But I also know that they're not entirely happy with my lifestyle. I just don't want to put them in a situation where they have to deal with it face to face; unless it's someone I'm 100% sure about. I dunno if that makes sense or not."

"It makes perfect sense," said Luka, as he kissed Dave on the cheek. "You are a good son to be so considerate of your parents feelings."

A week later, Dave and Luka had their first big fight. Afterwards, neither could remember exactly how it had started, but it ended with Luka storming out of Dave's apartment.

Dave thumped the wall and swore. "Dammit to hell," he shouted, wondering why he couldn't learn to keep his mouth shut once in a while. Abruptly he hurried out the door, hoping to catch Luka before he got to his car.

"Luka," called Dave, as he ran down the street. "Come back man, I'm sorry."

"Go back inside," said Luka, as Dave caught up with him.

"I'm sorry man," said Dave, grabbing Luka's arm. Luka shook it off angrily. "Dammit Luka, don't walk away from me."

Luka turned around angrily. "You had no right to say such things."

"I know, I know. I'm an idiot, I speak before I think. I'm sorry Luka; I never meant to hurt you. Please, please don't walk away."

Luka's anger died away as he watched Dave standing there in front of him. "Someday your mouth will get you into big trouble," he said, sighing. "But not today." Putting his arm around Dave's shoulders, he said, "I overreacted. I should not have walked out. I am sorry."

"I'm the one who should be sorry," said Dave as they walked back to the apartment.

Stopping outside Dave's door, Luka waited for him to unlock it.

"Uh-oh," said Dave as he frantically patted his pockets.

"Uh-oh, what?" asked Luka.

"I was in such a hurry to catch up with you that I forgot my keys. We're locked out."

Luka stared at Dave, "What are we going to do? Is there anyone who has a spare set?"

"Clare, my neighbor has one, but she's away for a few days." Dave thought for a moment. "I know, give me your credit card, maybe I can use it to force the latch."

Luka looked at Dave skeptically as he pulled out his wallet. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, handing Dave the card.

"Trust me man," said Dave. "I've seen this done loads of time on TV."

Luka watched as Dave fiddled with the lock. There was a small snapping sound. "Oops," said Dave.

"What? What's happened?"

Dave held up the two pieces of Luka's credit card. "Looks like I forced it a bit too much."

"My credit card. You broke my credit card. Do you have any idea how many forms I had to fill out to get this?"

"Sorry Luka," said Dave. "But I think we have more pressing matters on hand, like how the hell we're going to get back in to my apartment." Dave thought for a moment, and then snapped his fingers. "The bathroom window."

"What?" said Luka, who was still staring glumly at the remains of his credit card.

"I left the bathroom window open," replied Dave as he headed for the exit doors. "If you give me a hand, I should be able to climb in."

"But you live in a second floor apartment. You'll never be able to climb up so far."

"Hey, wall climbing is my middle name. When I was growing up, I used to climb in my bedroom window anytime I got home late. I'll be fine."

Luka stood looking up at Dave's bathroom window. "It's too high," he said. "You'll never make it."

"Sure I will," said Dave confidently. "If you give me a leg-up, I can reach that drainpipe. And it goes right by the window. Easy."

"Um," said Luka, who was not quite as confident. Sighing, he braced himself to help Dave reach the drainpipe.

Dave grunted as he pulled himself up by the drainpipe. "You know, when we get inside, I'm going to give you a spare key to my place. It would save a lot of hassle."

"Agreed," called Luka. "But that doesn't help us now."

Dave grunted in response as he reached for the next handhold. Grabbing hold, he put his weight on it, and then yelped in surprise as it broke away in his hand. His foot slipped and he was left scrabbling frantically as a single handhold supported all his weight.

"Dave," yelled Luka, frantically, as he stepped forward with his arms outstretched to catch him. He knew that if Dave fell, there was probably nothing he could do to help him. He watched in anguish as Dave hung there precariously.

Dave felt like he'd been hanging there for hours, before he finally managed to get secure foot and handholds.

"I'm okay," said Dave, breathing heavily from his sudden scare.

"It's too dangerous. Come down, and we'll get the police or the fire brigade or something."

"It's okay, I'm nearly there."

Luka bit his lip in frustration as Dave continued to climb. Finally he was standing on the window ledge, pushing open the window. Dave squeezed his head and shoulders through the narrow frame. Balancing precariously, he looked around for something to grab to pull the rest of his body through.

Luka watched as Dave suddenly slithered through the window. There was a loud crash. "Dave, Dave," called Luka frantically. "Answer me Dave."

It seemed like hours before Luka finally heard Dave answer. "Go back to the front door and I'll let you in."

Hurrying back to the front door of the apartment, Luka found it standing ajar. Dave was inside, sitting with his back against the wall and a pained expression on his face.

"Dave," said Luka, kneeling by his side. "Are you all right?" Even before Dave answered, Luka could see the pallor on his face.

"Think I busted my ankle," replied Dave, through gritted teeth. "I heard a crack when I hit the floor, and I can't put any weight on it. Had to crawl as far as here."

Luka carefully examined Dave's ankle. It was already swelling, and obviously sore.

"I'd better bring you to the ER," said Luka. "You're going to need an x-ray, but I would say it's definitely broken."

"Shit," said Dave. "You do realize that people are going to find out what's going on with us, if you bring me in."

"I don't care if they find out," said Luka, as he looked around for something to splint Dave's leg with. "Dammit Dave, you could have broken your neck."

"Hey, chill out Luka. It's just a busted ankle."

They drove to the ER in silence. Luka was still upset over Dave's accident, and Dave lying across the back seat was in a lot of pain.

Pulling up in front of the hospital, Luka helped Dave out of the car. "Can you hop inside, or will I get a gurney?"

"I can manage," said Dave, balancing on one leg. Leaning on Luka for support, he hopped gingerly towards the ER doors.

Once inside, they were soon spotted by Haleh. "What the hell happened Dr Kovac?" she asked.

"Suspected broken ankle," replied Luka, "Can you get us a gurney?"

"Don't need a gurney," muttered Dave.

One look at his face told Haleh otherwise.

Luka and Haleh lifted Dave onto the gurney and wheeled him to exam one.

"Looks like you were right," said Mark as he held up the films for Dave and Luka to see.

Dave swore under his breath as he saw the clean break.

"Shit, guess that means I'll be stuck in plaster for a couple of weeks."

"Looks like it," said Mark. "Don't worry. It's a clean break, should heal up quickly. We'll get you strapped up as soon as we can, and then you can go home."

"Thanks Dr Greene," said Dave, as Mark left the room. Turning to Luka, he said, "Well, looks like I'll be off work for a few days at least."

"What will you do?" asked Luka, sitting down beside Dave.

"Guess I'll go home, visit the folks. Let my Mom spoil me rotten." Dave paused for a moment before continuing. "Maybe if you could get a few days off, you'd like to come with me."

Luka stared at Dave, "What are you saying?"

Dave took Luka's hand. "When I was climbing up the wall and I nearly fell, all I could think about was you. And how I didn't want you to see me fall. And I realized that I've never felt this way about anyone before. I.... I love you Luka."

"I would be honored to meet your family Dave," said Luka. "You have come to mean more to me than I ever thought possible." Leaning in to Dave, he put his arms around him and kissed him gently on the lips. "I love you too Dave," he whispered in his ear.

The sound of Haleh clearing her throat made them break apart. "Do you want me to come back in five minutes?" she asked with a knowing smile on her face.

"It'd take a lot longer than five minutes," replied Dave, making Luka blush.

"Really?" said Haleh, "I'd never have guessed."

"You do not seem surprised," said Luka.

"Oh we've known about the two of you for ages," said Haleh, "We even had a poll going as to when you'd admit it to the rest of the ER."

"So who won?" asked Dave.

"Lydia. None of the rest of us figured you'd keep it a secret this long, Dr Dave."

"Some things are worth keeping to yourself," said Dave smiling at Luka.

"Definitely," replied Luka. "Some things are too precious to share."
Chapter Seven by Ceindreadh
"So," said Haleh, "Are you ready to get your cast, Dr Dave?"

"Guess so," said Dave, grinning. "You going to do it?"

Haleh nodded. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you."

Luka smiled at Dave. "I will leave you in Haleh's capable hands, Dave. I must go and speak to Kerry." Patting Dave on the shoulder, he walked over to the door.

Kerry was in the lounge making up duty rosters when Luka walked in.

"Luka," she said, smiling warmly. "I hear you brought Dave in. How is he?"

"He has a broken ankle and some bruising, but he will be fine," replied Luka as he poured himself some coffee.

"That's good," said Kerry, "He's lucky you were there."

Luka looked at her suspiciously, wondering if she too knew about his relationship with Dave. Well if she did, she did. Luka was glad it was out in the open. Although he could have wished for better circumstances.

"Dave will need a few days off work," said Luka. "At least until the swelling goes down."

"I was just thinking that," said Kerry, as she examined the sheets in front of her. "We seem to be fairly well staffed at the moment. Not too many doctors on holidays. I'm sure we can manage without 'Dr Dave' for a few days."

"Would you be able to manage without me as well?"

Kerry raised an eyebrow. Luka took a deep breath before continuing. "Dave and I, we are... that is," he stumbled over the words. "We have been seeing each other, he asked me to come with him to meet his parents," the words came out in a rush.

"You and Dave?" said Kerry, incredulously. She had noticed that Dave and Luka had been spending time together off duty, but she had never expected this revelation. Luka nodded. "How long has this been going on?"

"A few weeks. We have not let it affect our work in any way, I assure you."

Kerry nodded slowly. Little things, which had made little sense at the time, were now starting to fall into place.

"Anyway," continued Luka. "That is why I wish to take some time off. I believe I have accumulated sufficient vacation days."

"More than sufficient," said Kerry absently. Luka and Dave, she thought to herself. Who would have believed it? She had noticed that Luka had seemed a lot happier in the last month, and she had put it down to Dave's influence. It would appear that she had been more right than she had realized. "You and Dave," she repeated. Looking up at Luka, as he stood there nervously, she smiled. "How many days do need to take?"

"Only two or three," replied Luka. "Dave's parents live a few hours drive from here. My intention is to drive Dave there, spend a day or two with them and then return to Chicago. I know it is short notice, Kerry, but I really would like to do this."

"I understand," said Kerry. "And yes, of course you can have the time off."

Luka breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you Kerry, I really appreciate this."

Returning to exam one, Luka found Dave sitting up with his ankle encased in plaster.

"I phoned my parents," he said, when he saw Luka. "Told them what happened. And I asked them would they mind if I brought you home with me."

"What did they say?" asked Luka with a little apprehension. Although Dave's parents had said that they would make welcome any friend that he brought home, this was the first time that Dave had put them to the test.

"They said they were looking forward to meeting you."

Luka breathed another sigh of relief. "I too look forward to meeting them." Sitting down beside the bed, he said, "I have spoken to Kerry, and she is allowing me to take the time off."

"I knew the chief would be cool about it." Dave shifted position in the bed, stifling a curse as pain shot through his leg.

"Are you all right? Do you need more painkillers?" asked Luka anxiously.

"I'm pretty doped up already. No, I'm just going to have to get used to it. The ankles the worst, but I've got a bundle of other bruises." Dave held out his hand for Luka's inspection.

Taking it, Luka raised it gently to his lips. "Is that better?" he asked as he softly kissed it.

"Mmm," said Dave. "But now my other hand's sore." Luka kissed Dave's other hand.

By the time Mark pushed open the door, ready to sign Dave out, Luka had 'kissed better' all the way as far as Dave's lips. He was busy using his tongue to check for sore spots inside Dave's mouth when Mark walked in.

Mark's jaw dropped at the sight of Dave and Luka in each other's arms. "Dr Kovac, Dr Malucci, what do you think you're doing?" he asked in amazement.

"Ulp," said Dave. "Luka was just checking me out."

"I can see that," replied Mark. He had heard some rumors going around about Dave and Luka, but he had dismissed them as being mere gossip. After all, Luka had been courting Carol, and Malucci flirted with anything in a skirt.

"I just wanted to tell you that you could go home. I have your prescription for painkillers and anti-inflammatory's. Instructions are on the bottle." He handed Dave the package.

"Cool. Thanks Dr Greene".

"I will make sure that he takes all his medications," promised Luka.

"I'm sure you will," muttered Mark. Out loud, he said. "You know the drill. Pick up a pair of crutches before you go, and try and stay off the ankle for the next few days."

"Will do," said Dave. Turning to Luka, he said, "We ready to go then?"

Luka nodded. Standing up, he helped Dave into the wheelchair. "Let's go," he said, pushing the chair into the hall."

The next morning, Luka was packing some clothes for Dave.

"Don't worry if my Dad invites you out to the garage to have a look at his car," said Dave, who was propped up on the bed. "It's just an excuse so he can have a private conversation."

"Oh yes?" asked Luka, as he tried to find some clean clothes in the pile on the floor.

"Yeah, he did it with all the guys that my sisters brought home. He'd be standing there with a tire iron in his hand and asking them what their intentions were."

"Tire iron?" said Luka, dropping the t-shirt that he had just picked up.

"Oh he never used it on anyone... just felt he got more accurate answers with it." Dave thought for a moment. "Of course any time me and my brother brought a girl home, then Mom would take her into the kitchen for a 'private conversation'."

"Let me guess, she just happened to have a rolling pin in her hand?"

Dave grinned. "You'll probably get the interrogation from both of them."

"Let us hope that I am up to it," said Luka. He laughed, "This reminds me of when Mariya brought me to see her parents for the first time. She kept telling me all these stories about how her father had killed a wolf with his bare hands, and how good a shot he was. I was so nervous I nearly threw up on the way over."

Dave was silent at the mention of Luka's dead wife. "You still love her, huh?" he asked quietly.

Luka looked up and caught the look on Dave's face. Moving over to the bed, he sat down facing Dave. "Mariya was my wife for many years. She was the mother of my children, and a part of my heart will always belong to her."

Dave looked away. Luka took his chin and made him look him in the eyes.

"But the rest of my heart belongs to you," he said softly. Taking Dave's hands in his, he raised them to his lips and gently kissed them.

Dave tried to lean forward to kiss Luka, but the cast on his leg made movement difficult. "Shit," he muttered.

"Let me," whispered Luka. Slipping one arm around Dave's shoulders, and the other under his knees, he gently lowered him to the bed. Quickly, he pulled Dave's t-shirt up over his head.

Dave moaned inarticulately as Luka bent his head and started gently sucking on his nipples. "Oh yes," he moaned. "Don't stop." He dug his hands into Luka's shoulders, trying to prevent him from rising.

Luka moved lower, kissing his way down Dave's chest. Dave giggled helplessly as Luka started flicking his tongue around his navel. "You know that tickles," he protested weakly.

"Do you wish me to stop?" asked Luka, lifting his head to reveal an evil grin.

"Hell no," said Dave.

"I thought not," said Luka. He continued his journey downwards until he was stopped by the waistband of Dave's sweatpants. "You know," he said conversationally. "I really think we ought to get going, if we want to be at your parents house on time."

"Never mind my parents," said Dave gasping. He could feel his cock straining against the material of his pants. "Just finish what you've started, please," he begged Luka.

"If you insist," said Luka. He quickly pulled Dave's pants and shorts down, being careful not to jolt his injured leg too much. Gently he stroked Dave's cock, which was nearly at its peak. "Hmm," he said as he unrolled a condom over it. "Which end would be best? On the one hand, I am not very experienced at blow jobs, on the other hand, I don't think I will have time to take all my clothes off."

"Just do it," implored Dave.

"Well, they say practice makes perfect," said Luka, as his mouth descended over Dave's cock.

"Ahhhh," moaned Dave, as Luka took him into his mouth. "Yes, yes, yes," he shouted.

Dave lay there gasping for breath. Luka lay beside him propped up on one elbow. "Do you think I am improving?" he asked with a smile on his face.

Dave nodded. "Most definitely," he said finally. "Of course it helps when you've had such a good teacher."

Luka gently stroked Dave's chest. "Modesty is not your middle name, I think," he said. Slapping Dave gently on the chest, he sat up. "I will clean you up and then I think we should go and meet your parents."

"I can wash myself, thank you," said Dave, with mock indignation.

"You mean you don't want me to give you a sponge bath?"

"Hmm, on second thoughts...."

To be continued
Chapter Eight by Ceindreadh
Luka gently sponged off Dave's body. He knew that he was only doing this to put off the inevitable meeting with Dave's parents. Although Dave had assured Luka that his parents would make him welcome, Luka was still reluctant to set out on the journey. After all, it was one thing to tell your son that he could bring his 'boyfriend' home. It was another thing to actually come face to face with him. Luka wondered to himself how he would have reacted if Marko had brought someone like Dave home with him. He sighed wishing that he had had the chance to react to a situation like that.

"Uh, Luka?" Dave's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"What?" said Luka.

"Don't mean to complain, but you've been washing my nipple for the last ten minutes, and the water's starting to get cold," said Dave lightly. He had seen the faraway look in Luka's eyes and knew that he was thinking of his family.

"Sorry," apologized Luka, dropping the cloth into the basin and picking up a towel. "I was a million miles away," he said as he gently wiped the moisture from Dave's body.

"If you're worried about meeting my parents, we can always stay here. Tell them the car broke down or something. They won't mind."

Luka shook his head. "Much as I would love to spend the next few days here with you, a promise is a promise," he said smiling. "Besides, you need your rest, and if we stayed here, you would not get any. Am I right?"

"You're right," said Dave, smiling in acknowledgement.

"So, let us go, before it gets too late."

"Hey, I was ready to go ages ago. You're the one who delayed us."

"You are always 'ready to go'."

"I don't see you complaining."

A few hours later, they were nearly at the Malucci house.

"It's the third house along," said Dave, as Luka turned into the street. "Oh crap," he said, as Luka pulled up outside the driveway.

"What's wrong?" asked Luka.

Dave indicated the cars parked around the house. "That's what's wrong. Those are my sisters' cars. Mom must have told them we were coming. Crap, crap, crap. They've all come out to see you."

"Well, I'm sure it will be very nice to meet your family. You were planning on introducing me to them sometime, weren't you?"

"Oh sure, but one at a time. Not all together like this. I don't know if you're ready for the Malucci girls."

"How bad can it be?"

"Uh, dude, the thing is, in my family, I'm considered the quiet and tactful one."

"Oh crap," said Luka, with mock horror. "Would you prefer if we went back to Chicago?" he asked jokingly.

Dave appeared to be considering the option. "Too late," he said finally. "Looks like they've spotted us." Sure enough, the door of the house had opened.

Dave clambered out of the car. Balancing on his crutches, he was soon surrounded by, what seemed to Luka, to be dozens of people.

Luka tried to keep track of who he was being introduced to. Mr. and Mrs. Malucci, or Ricardo and Florence as they had told him to call them, were easy, as they were the oldest couple in the group. Then there were Dave's sisters, Flo, Katerina, Mary and Josie, who strongly resembled each other. Their husbands were Mike, Steve, James and Harry, but Luka couldn't remember who was married to which sister. By the time he was being introduced to Dave's nieces and nephews he was totally confused. Matters weren't helped by the fact that everyone seemed to be talking at once. Luka watched as Dave stood there in the middle of it all, carrying on about three conversations at once, totally at his ease.

Dave looked up from where he was explaining to his nephew Karl (6, son of Mary and James), that his ankle was broken, and yes, he would be allowed sign the cast later. He could see that Luka was looking a bit overwhelmed. He smiled to himself. The Malucci clan seemed to have that effect on most people. "Mom," said Dave, "How about I show Luka to his room and we can both freshen up. It's been a long journey."

"Where are my manners?" said Florence. "Of course you poor boys must be tired, coming all the way from Chicago."

Luka followed Dave and Florence up the stairs.

"There's the bathroom, Luka," said Florence, "and here's your room. If you need more blankets or anything, I'm sure Dave will be able to help you."

Luka wondered was there a double meaning behind Florence's words. Her expression was innocent enough, but then so was Dave's most of the time.

"Thank you. It looks a very comfortable room," said Luka, politely.

Florence smiled. "Dinner will be in about an hour."

"We'll be down before then, Mom," said Dave, watching as his mother left the room.

Turning back to Luka, he said, "So what d'you think of the family?"

"They seem very," Luka tried to think of the right word, "animated."

"You mean loud," said Dave, grinning. "Yeah, but they're great. I mean look at Mom, look at the room she's after putting you in."

"I don't understand?" said Luka. "Your room is at the opposite end of the hallway. We could not be further apart and still be on the same floor."

"Yeah, but this room is at the end of the house, next room is just used for storage, and then there's the bathroom. That's two empty rooms between here and my parents' room. So if we're quiet...."

"And when have you ever been 'quiet'?" asked Luka, as he realized what Dave was implying.

"Never needed to be before," said Dave grinning. "But I'm sure I can try it. You'll just have to keep my mouth shut."

"Hmm, I wonder what would be the best method for that? Perhaps we should practice a little," said Luka, moving closer to the chair where Dave was sprawled. Leaning in to Dave, he gently kissed him on the lips. "How about this?" he whispered, before sending his tongue flicking gently into Dave's mouth.

Dave groaned, feeling Luka's hands caress him gently. "Oh yes," he said, pulling away slightly. "But, we can't now. They'll be waiting for us downstairs." Reluctantly, he pushed Luka away. "Tonight. My parents are usually in bed early, and sound sleepers as well. The girls will be gone early to get the kids to bed. Think you can wait until then."

"Guess I'll have to," said Luka. Giving Dave a quick peck on the cheek, he stood up.

Later that evening, Luka found himself holding the youngest Malucci (Alexa, nine months, daughter of Flo and Mike) while Dave was in the kitchen, letting his nieces and nephews sign his cast.

Alexa had initially been suspicious of this tall dark stranger, but soon brightened when Luka starting singing Croatian nursery rhymes to her.

"I can't believe she's not howling," said Flo, laughing as she returned with Alexa's bottle. "Usually she won't go to anyone new, unless she's had a good chance to inspect them first."

"You're definitely a natural with kids," said Katerina. "You'd make a great father."

The words, which were so innocent in intent, were like a knife in Luka's heart. "Excuse me," he said, hurriedly handing Alexa back to Flo. "I....I need some air." He hurried out of the room brushing past Dave as he limped back into the room

"Luka?" called Dave, but Luka didn't reply as he hurried out to the garden. Dave limped into the room. "What did you guys say to him?" he asked accusingly.

"Nothing, at least all I said was he'd make a good father," replied Katerina. "What's the big deal? I mean I know if he's with you, he's not going to have kids," she said bluntly. "But I didn't think he'd be that upset about it."

"Oh shit," said Dave.

"Language, Dave," said Ricardo.

"Sorry Dad," said Dave, absently. "You guys weren't to know," he said to his sisters. "But Luka did have kids. They... they died in Croatia, along with his wife, before he came to the US."

"Oh shi...crap," said Katerina. "I'm sorry, Dave, I had no idea. I'll go and apologize."

"It's okay, I'll go talk to him."

Luka was sitting on a bench in the garden, staring into space, when Dave sat down beside him. After sitting in silence for a few minutes, Dave said, "Kat's really sorry about what she said. She didn't mean to upset you. It's just that I never told the girls about you and your family. I'm sorry. I didn't think."

Luka sighed. "It's okay, Dave. I know she didn't mean anything by it. It's just that every now and then, someone says something or does something and I am reminded again of what I have lost."

Dave put his hand on Luka's. "She was right about one thing though." Luka looked up at Dave. "You would make a great father." Luka smiled.

Dave continued. "I know that what we have together is something special, but I don't want to deprive you of the chance to be a father again."

"What are you saying Dave?"

"I guess I'm saying that if you want to call it quits and maybe settle down with someone you can raise a family with, then.....then I won't stop you." Dave looked away so that Luka wouldn't see the pain in his eyes.

"How can you think that you mean so little to me?" said Luka, "You think that I would give you up, on the off-chance that I might find a woman that I cared for enough to have children with? Dave, I love you. I want to be with you. And if that means that I will never be a father again, well, that is something that I resigned myself to a long time ago."

"I only want you to be happy," said Dave, his voice heavy with emotion.

"You have made me happy," said Luka simply, as he put his arm around Dave. Kissing him gently, he said, "You have made me very happy indeed."

Dave returned the kiss.

They were suddenly interrupted by children's voices chanting, "Dave and Luka up a tree. K I S S I N G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a house and a car in the garage."

Breaking free from Luka's embrace, Dave grabbed his crutches and limped towards the group of kids which had gathered behind a nearby bush. Luka could hear him yelling at the kids, "Right, I am going to catch you all, and then I'm going to bite your legs off, you hear." From the squeals of delight, Luka could tell that this was a familiar threat.

A few minutes later, Dave returned. Settling down on the bench beside Luka, he said affectionately, "Little brats. Knew I should never have taught them that rhyme. Now, where were we, oh yes." He put his arms around Luka, and started kissing him.

Luka pushed him away, "What about the children? Won't it warp them, to see two men kissing?"

Dave shrugged, "They're half Malucci. They're sick and twisted to start with. But yeah, maybe we'd better not. Next thing we know they'll be taking pictures and selling them to their classmates."

"They would do that?" asked Luka, slightly shocked.

"I used to do it with my sisters' and their boyfriends. Great way to supplement my pocket money."

"You are terrible."

"But you love me for it."

"Oh yes, most definitely."

To be continued.
Chapter Nine by Ceindreadh
"C'mon," said Dave. "Let's go back inside. It's getting chilly. Besides my sisters should be going soon, have to get the kids to bed, so we should get some peace and quiet."

"I should apologize for walking out like that," said Luka, as they stood up. "It was very rude of me."

"They understood," said Dave as he retrieved his crutches.

Sure enough, within the hour, Dave's sisters had left the house. Each had extended an invitation to visit their homes at any time. Those remaining in the house headed for bed soon afterwards.

Dave was sitting naked on his bed, when his mother knocked on the door.

"Just a minute Mom," he said, quickly scrambling under the covers. "Okay, you can come in."

"So, how's my little Davy doing?" asked Florence, as she came into the room.

"You haven't called me that in years," smiled Dave, as his mother sat down on the bed beside him. "I'm doing fine."

"Your friend Luka, seems like a very nice young man. I'm glad you brought him to meet us."

"Are you?" asked Dave. "I mean I know he's not exactly what you wanted for me."

"All I've ever wanted was for my children to grow up and find someone who made them happy. From the looks of things, I think you've succeeded. He does make you happy, doesn't he?"

"Oh yes," said Dave, smiling. "The last few months, it's been really special."

"That's all right then. And you are being careful I take it? Always using protection?"

"Mom," said Dave, embarrassed, "I can't talk about that with you." He blushed slightly. Geez, he wanted his parents to be understanding, but not this understanding.

"I've had the same conversation with your sisters, and they were embarrassed too. But a little embarrassment now, is better than a big embarrassment in nine months. Or at least that's what I told them."

"But I'm not going to get pregnant, am I?"

"No, but there's other things worse than getting pregnant." Florence held up her hand to stop Dave's protests. "Don't argue with me Dave, just promise that you'll always be careful."

"I promise Mom."

"Good boy. Now, don't stay awake too late, and if you have to get up for anything in the middle of the night, remember that the floorboards still creak a lot."

Florence kissed Dave on the forehead, and pulled the bedclothes around him. "Good night, Dave."

"Good night, Mom," said Dave, as she left the room. He wondered if that was his mother's subtle way of telling him to be careful if he went into Luka's room. Oh well, he was going to wait a little while, to make sure that his parents were both asleep.

Luka lay in his bed, wondering when Dave would turn up. He wished that he could go to Dave's room, to save him crutching all the way along the corridor, but Dave's room was next door to his parents, whereas there were two unoccupied rooms between Luka and Mr. and Mrs. Malucci. He hoped that Dave would not be too long. Rolling over, he tried to strike a seductive pose on the mattress.

Dave pulled the bathrobe around him, and grabbed his crutches. Normally, he didn't bother with robes, but he thought under the circumstances it might be a good idea. Just because his mother had seen him naked countless times as a child, was no reason for him to give her an eyeful now that he was an adult.

Slipping a pack of condoms into the pocket of the robe, he opened his bedroom door and looked out. There was no light visible from under his parents' bedroom door. "Good," thought Dave to himself. He quickly checked his watch. 11:50pm. Another ten minutes and the grandfather clock in the hall would be striking 12. Normally, Dave was able to make it up the stairs and into his room while the clock was chiming and striking three. He was sure that even with the crutches slowing him down, he could get the length of the corridor, while the clock was striking twelve. As for getting back, well he'd worry about that later.

There was no way anyone would hear the floorboards creaking over the sound of the chimes. Dave knew this for a fact. Many times he and his siblings had arrived home late and used the clock chiming as cover for sneaking upstairs unnoticed.

Dave checked his watch again. Dammit, he thought. Still eight minutes to go.

Luka had gotten bored with posing. "Come on, Dave," he said to himself. "What's keeping you?"

Suddenly he heard a noise outside the door. Smiling to himself, he lay down quickly, with his back to the door, and pretended to be asleep.

He heard a voice whisper his name, but he didn't move, knowing that Dave would try and wake him, without making a noise. This could prove to be fun, he thought as he heard the floorboards creak. A hand rested on his shoulder and shook him gently. Luka allowed himself to be rolled onto his back, but kept his eyes shut. He was eagerly awaiting Dave's response to his being apparently asleep. He felt the bedclothes being pulled down, and repressed a shiver as the cold air hit his chest. The sensation of a pair of lips on his nipple, almost made him moan with delight, but he restrained himself. Partly because he didn't want to wake Dave's parents, but partly because he wanted to see what Dave would come up with next.

He was not disappointed. The lips moved slowly down his chest. Luka gave up pretending to be asleep and opened his eyes to watch. His mouth fell open in shock as he saw Florence kneeling on the bed in front of him.

Luka jerked awake as he heard the clock chiming. He almost knocked over the bedside light in his hurry to switch it on. Thankfully he was alone in the room. "It was just a dream," he told himself, with relief. "Whoa," he said to himself, as his breathing returned to normal. "That is one dream I shall not be telling Dave about."

As the chimes died away, Luka saw the doorknob turn. He briefly contemplated pretending to be asleep, but decided against it. Once was enough, and if he was still dreaming, who knew who would turn up in his bed.

Dave limped into the room and closed the door behind him. "Hey there, you miss me?" he whispered as he made his way over to the bed, and sat down.

"Not really," said Luka, shrugging.

"Oh in that case, I'll just head back," said Dave, starting to rise.

"Over my dead body," said Luka, as he pulled Dave back down, and kissed him on the mouth, sending his tongue flicking around the inside. Dave moaned in delight. Finally, breaking away, he said, "you just get better and better."

"You ain't seen nothing yet," said Luka, smiling, as he pushed back the bedclothes. As was usual, he was wearing nothing to bed, and his cock stood at almost full attention.

"Oh I've seen that before," said Dave, grinning as he carefully unrolled the condom over it. "You want to go first seen' as how you're ready?"

"Why not," said Luka, grinning as Dave lay on the bed with a pillow under his hips. Luka lay on top of him, gently nuzzling the back of his neck. "Think you can stay quiet for once?" he asked, as he gently applied the lubricant. Dave's only response was a moan of pleasure as he felt Luka's hands on his ass. "I'll take that as a yes," smiled Luka, slipping his hand under Dave to stoke his cock.

Dave buried his face in the pillow to stop his cries of delight, as Luka's hands caressed him gently. One was stroking his cock; the other was roaming all over his body. One minute gently tweaking his nipples, the next stroking his ears, the next gently fingering his ass. "Now," hissed Dave, when he could take it no more. "Don't wait."

Luka leaned down. "As you wish," he whispered in Dave's ear.

Kneeling behind Dave, and keeping one hand on Dave's cock, he used the other to position himself correctly. Slowly he eased himself into Dave's ass. Dave closed his eyes and bit at the pillow to stop from crying out with pleasure. A small yelp escaped him as Luka pulled out a few inches, then thrust in even further. Luka used both hands on Dave's shoulders to balance himself as he thrust in and out, faster and further.

Dave's orgasm coincided with the tearing of fabric as he bit his way through the pillowcase. A part of his mind thought "Oh shit, how am I gonna explain that to Mom." The rest of his mind was in no condition to think anything other than, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Luka didn't notice this as he thrust a few more times, before finally climaxing and collapsing limply on top of Dave. He had almost bitten through his lip with the effort of keeping quiet, but somehow the enforced silence had made the experience more intense. Suddenly remembering Dave's injured leg, he slid off, and rolled Dave onto his back. Leaning into Dave, he kissed him on the mouth, and then recoiled in shock, as he tasted something unusual. "Duck feathers?" said Luka, pulling a couple from his lips. "Why have you duck feathers in your mouth."

Dave sat up and spat the last of the feathers into his hand. "Cause I bit the pillow too hard. That's why."

Luka looked at the pillow, which was showing definite signs of teeth marks, and then back at Dave. "You bit the pillow?" he said, trying to suppress his laughter.

"Well, I was trying to muffle myself," said Dave, grinning as well.

"How am I going to explain that to your mother?"

"Don't worry, we'll swap it with one from the airing cupboard, and she'll think a mouse got in."

"I don't think mice eat pillows," said Luka, throwing it on the floor.

"Yeah, well moths then," said Dave yawning. "Let's get some sleep, before I sneak back to my room," he said, lying down again.

Luka pulled up the bedclothes and snuggled up to Dave. "Good night, Dave," he whispered, putting his arm around Dave's waist.

"Good night, Luka," said Dave, patting Luka on the hand. "Pleasant dreams."

To be continued
Chapter Ten by Ceindreadh
Fortunately for Luka, Dave was the only Malucci to feature in his dreams that night. Waking early, as was his habit, he decided that he should wake Dave up, in order to sneak him back to his room before his parents woke up.

Luka propped himself up on one elbow and looked at Dave, who was asleep on his back, beside him. He wondered what would be the best way of waking him up. He could simply shake him gently, but that would be dull. Kissing Dave until he woke was another option, but Dave was such a sound sleeper that it could take a while to wake him up that way. Ah, Luka had an idea. He gently pulled back the covers. Dave stirred slightly as the cold air hit his body, but didn't wake.

Luka carefully took Dave's cock in his hands and started caressing it. He was rewarded by a low moan from Dave. A quick look told Luka that Dave was either still asleep or pretending to be. Either way, he was going to have one enjoyable wake-up call, thought Luka, as he bent his head to Dave's cock. Using both hands and mouth, he managed to bring Dave to a full erection in a matter of minutes.

Dave was in the middle of a most enjoyable dream involving a picnic, chocolate mousse, and having forgotten to bring any spoons, when he felt Luka's mouth on his cock. A gasp of pleasure escaped him as he realized that this wasn't a dream. "Oh yes," he exclaimed loudly, before remembering where he was and clapping his hands over his mouth.

Luka knelt at the end of the bed, wiping his mouth. "Good morning sir," he said softly. "This is your early morning wake-up call. Do you require any 'room-service'?"

"I think I've just had that," said Dave, grinning. "Man, that beats an alarm clock any day."

"I thought you might enjoy it," said Luka as he crawled back up the bed. Putting his arms around Dave, he kissed him warmly.

Dave looked at the clock and groaned, "But did you have to make it so early?"

"I thought it might be a good idea to get you back to your room before your parents wake up."

"But I'm sooo comfortable here," said Dave, with a mock pout. "Can't I stay a bit longer?"

"And have your father chase me out of the house with a tire iron when he catches us? I don't think so."

"Actually, it'd be more likely to be Mom with a frying pan, but yeah, guess you're right. Anyway, the clock should be chiming in a few minutes."

Dave quickly grabbed his robe and crutches, and waited in position by the door with Luka. Luka carefully opened the door, as they heard the clock start it's chiming.

"See you in a few hours," said Dave, before giving Luka a quick kiss, and heading down the corridor. He was halfway along, when to his horror; he saw a light appear under his parents' door.

"Shit," he thought to himself, as he wondered frantically whether to continue onto his own bedroom or to return to Luka's room.

Luka watched as Dave increased his speed, almost falling over in his efforts to get to the safety of his own room.

The chimes were dying away as Dave skidded into his room and collapsed with his back against the hastily closed door. He lay there for a few minutes trying to hear if anyone was moving around.

Luka had closed his door once Dave was safely in his own room. Opening it a crack, he held his breath as he waited to see what would happen next. Fortunately the light went out after a few minutes. Luka breathed a sigh of relief before returning to his now empty bed.

A few hours later, Dave was woken by the sound of his mother breezing into his room.

"Good morning, Dave. It's a beautiful day," said Florence, as she flung back the curtains.

Dave groaned as the morning sun hit his eyes, and pulled the bedclothes over his head. "No it isn't," came a muffled voice. "Come back in a few hours."

Florence tsk tsked. "That's no way to greet the day," she said, as she walked over to the bed. Before Dave could reply, she grabbed the bedclothes and threw them back, to reveal Dave in all his glory.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Do you not know what pajama's are for?" she said.

Fully awakened by the cool air, Dave grabbed a pillow and used it to protect his modesty.

"Mom," he said, blushing. "Geez, can't a guy have a bit of privacy in his own bedroom?"

"Oh please," said Florence, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, I'm just going to start cooking some breakfast. Will Luka eat bacon and eggs? Or should I try and make something more 'Croatian'?"

"Oh he'll eat bacon and eggs all right," said Dave, grinning. "But make a lot. He usually has a good appetite in the mornings."

"I'm sure he does. I'll just go wake him up, let him know he'll have time for a shower."

"Oh I can do that," said Dave, nonchalantly. "You can go started cooking the cholesterol. I can feel my arteries clogging already."

"Keep up with those remarks and you'll be cooking it yourself," said Florence, as she left the room. "And put some clothes on first," she called back. "You'll catch your death of cold."

"Yes Mom," called Dave.

Grabbing a pair of sweatpants, he gently eased them on over his cast. "Dammit," he thought. "The sooner I get rid of this thing, the better."

A few minutes later, Dave was fully dressed and limping his way down the corridor.

Funny how it seemed a lot shorter, when he wasn't trying to hurry.

Knocking lightly on the door, he got no response. Pushing it open, he found Luka, asleep face down on the bed. Dave limped over to the bed and sat down, careful not to disturb Luka. He pondered on the best way to wake him up. He could use the same method that Luka had used a few hours earlier, but that would require rolling him over, and he didn't think he could do that without waking him. Flinging open the curtains was another option, but Dave had learned from experience that waking Luka up suddenly was a very bad idea.

Soon after they had started seeing each other, Dave had been in the same position of trying to find a novel way to awaken Luka. Kneeling beside Luka on the bed, he had blown a whistle in his ear. The reaction had been unexpected to say the least. Luka shot upright and lashed out with his fist, catching Dave a glancing blow under the eye.

Dave reeled back, his hand on his cheek. "Hey man, what the hell was that for? It was only a joke..." His voice trailed off as he saw the frantic look in Luka's eyes. "Hey," said Dave, in a softer tone. "It's okay, it was just me messing around. You okay? I never meant to scare you like that." Dave put his arm around Luka trying to calm him down.

Luka took a few deep breaths to calm himself. "It's okay. It's just that hearing that whistle again... Let's just say that I do not have fond memories of being woken by whistles in my ear."

"I'm really sorry," said Dave, still apologetic.

"I am the one who should be sorry," said Luka, touching Dave's cheek gently. "Come, let me kiss it better for you." So he did, and then kissed various other parts of Dave, and it ended that they were both late for work and Dave had to come up with an excuse for his bruise, and he was sure that nobody believed that he got it rescuing a little old lady from being mugged, but they didn't guess how it had really happened, so that was okay.

So, thought Dave. I can't just wake him suddenly. An idea came to him, and he leaned over Luka. Gently, he blew on the back of his neck. Luka muttered in his sleep, but didn't wake. Dave leaned in closer and kissed Luka gently. Luka sighed contentedly. Dave started gently massaging Luka's shoulders. "Oh yes," sighed Luka, as he woke up. "Don't stop."

"Morning," said Dave, "Long time no see."

Luka rolled over and pulled Dave down on top of him. "I missed you," he said. "The bed seemed very large and empty without you."

"Well, it won't be empty tonight, I promise. But now for more important things. Mom's cooking breakfast. D'you want a shower first?"

"I don't suppose that you would like to join me?"

Dave shook his head, smiling. "I would love to join you, but even if I didn't have the cast, I don't think it'd be a good idea. What if my mother walked in?"

"Good point," laughed Luka. "It will have to wait."

to be continued
Chapter Eleven by Ceindreadh
"This is very good," said Luka, through a mouthful of bacon. "I can see where Dave learned his cooking skills."

"I'm glad you like it," said Florence, "Eat up, there's plenty more."

"Have you two got any plans for the day?" asked Ricardo, from behind the morning paper.

Dave shrugged. "Not really, thought we might go for a walk later. You know, show Luka all my old haunts."

"Hmm," grunted Ricardo, "Well take it easy. Remember this is a small town. Word gets around fast." He returned to his paper.

Luka looked at Dave, puzzled. Dave shook his head, and mouthed the word 'later'.

"Let me get those," said Luka, as Florence started to clear the table.

"I can manage," she said, smiling.

"Please, I insist," said Luka, taking the plates and stacking them in the sink.

"Suck up," hissed Dave, as Luka came back to the table for more.

"Such a well mannered young man," said Florence, smiling as Luka began the washing up. "I don't hear you volunteering to wash the dishes, Dave."

Dave rolled his eyes. "Bit difficult with this leg Mom. I mean I'm supposed to rest it."

"And what was your excuse the last time you were here? You didn't have a broken ankle then."

"She's got you there Dave," said Luka, with his hands in the sink. Dave stuck his tongue out at him, and received a light slap on the head from Florence.

"Ouch," he said indignantly.

"Mind your manners, young man. You're not too old to be grounded, at least while you're staying here." There was a smile on Florence's face as she was saying this.

"Sorry mom," said Dave.

"So what did your father mean?" asked Luka, as he watched Dave change his clothes. "What he said about it being a small town."

Dave sighed as he pulled on a sweatshirt. "In his own subtle way, he was trying to warn us."

"Warn us?"

"This is a small place Luka. Small places can mean small minds. Not everyone's gonna be as accepting as my folks were. Dad just doesn't want us to run into any trouble."

Luka was starting to look a bit apprehensive.

"It's not that bad," said Dave, trying to reassure him. "I mean we're not going to get tarred and feathered just cause we're walking around together. But we should probably keep our hands to ourselves, you know, at least while we're in public."

"I understand," said Luka, nodding. "I will try to keep my hands off you, but it will be hard."

"I'm sure it will," replied Dave, with a smirk. "But we can remedy that later."

"You are disgusting," said Luka, as he grabbed Dave and pulled him onto his lap. "But I love you for it." He gave Dave a slow lingering kiss on the lips.

When he came up for air, Dave said, "Maybe we should forget about the walk, and just stay here?"

Luka shook his head, "You need to get some exercise," he said. Dave was about to say something, but Luka continued, "Not that type of exercise. That'll have to wait until tonight. Come, let us see what sort of place produced such a person like you."

The walk proved uneventful. Luka refused to let Dave over-exert himself, so they had to miss out on seeing some of the more distant sights.

"Uh-oh," said Dave, as they were on the way home.

"What's wrong?" asked Luka, "Is your ankle troubling you."

Dave shook his head. "That woman coming towards us. She's one of my teachers from high school. She's also one of the biggest gossips in the town and she's never liked my family. Shit, she's seen us."

Dave put on a big smile as the woman approached. "Mrs. Hale," he said. "Long time no see."

The woman stared at him for a few seconds before a gleam of recognition appeared on her face. "David Malucci, Josephine and Florence's youngest brother. I hardly recognized you. What happened to your ankle?"

"I broke it climbing in a window," replied Dave.

Mrs. Hale snorted, "Breaking and entering, no doubt," she thought to herself. She had never liked the Malucci's. Troublemakers the lot of them, always loud and disruptive. Out loud, she said, "And who is your friend?"

"Oh, this is Luka Kovac. We work together in Chicago."

"I am very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Hale," said Luka, taking her hand.

"Hmm," said Mrs. Hale. "And what do you both work at?"

"We're ER doctors in County General," said Dave, with only a trace of smugness. He knew that Mrs. Hale hadn't expected any of his family to amount to much, and he was pleased to see her jaw drop. "Luka had a few days off and he drove me home so I wouldn't have to struggle on the bus."

"I see," said Mrs. Hale. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I must be going." She hurried off, thinking that if she ever needed a doctor in Chicago, she was definitely not going to go to County. Not if young tearaways like David Malucci were working there.

"Bitch," said Dave, once she was out of earshot. "She used to send kids to the headmaster for the least thing."

"So what did you do to her?" asked Luka.

"All I did was write 'plough me please' in the dust on her car. Josie was the one who put the worms in her desk."

"Why? No, I don't want to hear about it," said Luka grinning. "Come, it is time you were getting home."

A few hours later, Dave and Luka were watching TV and eating popcorn. At least Luka was eating popcorn; Dave was throwing it in the air and trying to catch it in his mouth.

"Your mother isn't going to be very happy with you," said Luka, indicating the heap of missed corns that were scattered on the floor.

Dave shrugged, "I'll just tell her that you dropped them. You're a guest, she won't mind."

"Evening all," said Ricardo, as he walked into the living room.

Dave quickly removed his uninjured foot from the coffee table and his hand from Luka's knee. "Hi Dad, how was work."

"I tell you Dave, if I'd known how much paperwork was involved in running my own garage, I'd have stuck to being a plain old mechanic."

"Yeah right Dad," said Dave, grinning. To Luka, he said, "He's been saying the same thing for the last ten years. He loves it really."

Luka smiled and took another handful of popcorn.

"So Luka," said Ricardo with studied casualness. "How'd you like to come out to the garage and have a look at my car?"

Luka gulped and choked as his popcorn went down the wrong way.

"Luka?" said Dave, with concern, as he saw Luka struggling to breathe. "Easy there, try to relax your muscles." He gently rubbed Luka's back and then lightly hit him between the shoulder blades. The kernel dislodged and Luka spat it out into his hand.

"You okay there, Luka?" asked Dave, continuing to rub his back, oblivious to his father's scrutiny.

"I am fine, Dave," said Luka, taking a long gulp of water. "Ahh, that is better."

Turning to Ricardo who had been watching the whole proceedings with interest, he said, "Yes, I will come out to the garage with you."

Ricardo nodded. "Take your time," he said, walking out of the room. "I'll be there for the next half hour or so."

Luka turned to Dave, a look of apprehension in his eyes. "So, what do you think he will ask me?" he asked nervously.

Dave shrugged, "Hard to say. He asked one of Josie's boyfriends how fast he could run. Course that was when she was in her 'biker chick' phase. Don't worry."

"That is easy for you to say. What if he tells me he doesn't approve of me?"

"If Dad disapproved of you, then you'd know it. Kat's first boyfriend didn't even get inside the door. Dad took one look at him and started counting tattoos and piercings. And I know you don't have any of those; unless you want me to check again?"

Luka smiled, as Dave's hand moved further up his leg. Gently removing it, he stood up.

"If I'm not back in half-an-hour, send a search party," he smiled, then walked out the door.

to be continued
Chapter Twelve by Ceindreadh
Luka smiled, as Dave's hand moved further up his leg. Gently removing it, he stood up.

"If I'm not back in half-an-hour, send a search party," he smiled, and then walked out the door.

Ricardo was working under the hood of his car, when Luka walked in. He and Florence had debated last night, which of them should be the one to 'talk' to Luka. The thought of simply not talking to him, never crossed their minds. Dave was their son, and even though he was nearly thirty, they were still going to 'talk' to whomever he brought home.

"I should be the one to talk to him," Ricardo had said, while in bed the previous night. "After all, he is a guy."

"Yes, but he's with Dave. I'm always the one who talked to Dave and Tony's girlfriends," replied Florence, climbing in beside him.

"Yeah, but he's no girl. Unless there's something Dave's not telling us." Florence and Ricardo looked at each other for a moment.

"No," said Florence shaking her head. "He's a man. I'm sure of it."

"Okay then, I'll talk to him tomorrow."

They fell silent as the clock in the hallway chimed. As the sound died away, Florence looked at Ricardo with a smile, "Do you think he made to the guest room?"

"There's one way to find out," replied Ricardo, pretending to throw back the bedclothes.

"Ricardo Joseph Roberto Malucci, you are not going to barge in on them while they're in the middle of, well, of whatever it is they're doing."

"You're no fun," said Ricardo, smiling.

"Do you want to see how much fun I am?" asked Florence, before switching off the light.

Ricardo had a smile on his face at the memory of how much fun Florence had been the previous night. To Luka, who had just walked in the door, it did not seem very reassuring.

"Ricardo," said Luka.

"Luka," said Ricardo. "Sit down, I just want to finish this." He quickly made an adjustment to the engine, and then stepped back, nodding in approval.

Luka handed him a rag and he proceeded to clean the oil off his hands.

"Dave told us about your wife and children," said Ricardo suddenly. "My wife and I are very sorry for your loss."

This was not what Luka had expected to hear. "Thank you," he said softly.

"So, how long have you known Dave?" asked Ricardo, idly rearranging the tools on his workbench.

This was more like it, thought Luka. "Almost a year now. I was working temporarily in County when Dave started there. We have only been seeing each other for a few months."

"Is he your first?"

"I don't understand."

Ricardo sighed. It was awkward enough doing this when it was his daughters' boyfriends, but when it was his son's...well that was a whole different ballgame.

"What I'm trying to say is; is this the first time you've been seeing a guy." Ricardo was glad that his back was turned so that Luka wouldn't see that he was blushing.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Florence was baking. Dave crutched his way in and sniffed the air. "Chocolate cake?" he asked hopefully.

Florence nodded, "With strawberry frosting. Your favorite."

"Thanks Mom," said Dave, peering into the mixing bowl. He dipped his finger in, to taste the contents, but was rewarded with a rap the knuckle from Florence's mixing spoon.

"Yeow," exclaimed Dave, sucking on his bruised fingers. "That hurt."

"It was supposed to. How many times have I warned you about tasting stuff before it's cooked? And you didn't even wash your hands first." Florence shook her head.

"Can't I have just a little taste?" asked Dave, looking at his mother with an expression designed to melt even the hardest of hearts.

Florence however, had seen this expression on Dave's face many times before. It hadn't worked when he was a child and it didn't work now. "No," she said firmly. "But if you start measuring for some biscuits, then I might let you lick the bowl. Deal?"

"Deal," agreed Dave.

Back in the garage, Luka was thinking over Ricardo's question. "I do not feel that my personal history, is any of your business," he said quietly. "Who I have been seeing before your son, is a matter for Dave and I."

"Anything that affects my sons happiness is my business," said Ricardo, turning around to face Luka. "Look, you seem like a nice guy and all, and I'm not trying to be rude or nosey. But you've been married before, so you obviously like women. What I want to know is, is this just some passing fancy for you, or are you serious? I've seen the way Dave looks at you, so I've a fair idea of his feelings. I just don't want him to get hurt if you decide that being with a guy is just a fad."

"I love your son," said Luka, simply. "I do not know if it will last. But what I do know is that I would never do anything to hurt him. Believe me. The past few months with Dave, I have felt happier than I ever thought I could after my family..."

Ricardo nodded. It had been evident from the tender look on Dave's face when Luka was nearly choking on the popcorn, that he cared deeply for Luka. Now looking into Luka's face, Ricardo saw the same tenderness, when he spoke about Dave. "I can't say that I'm entirely happy about the two of youse getting together." Luka started to protest, but Ricardo held up a hand to silence him. "I made my feelings clear to Dave some time ago. Whoever he wants to date is up to him, I won't love him any the less for dating a guy instead of a girl. But I don't want to see him get hurt. So, take this as a friendly warning; don't hurthim."

"I would never knowingly cause him pain," said Luka.

"Good," said Ricardo, turning back to the car. "Glad we understand each other. Now, come here and I'll show you how to clean spark plugs."

When Luka came into the kitchen with greasy hands, Dave was busy scraping the inside of the mixing bowl. "Hey, you're still in one piece," he said, on seeing Luka. "What did he say?"

"We had an interesting conversation," replied Luka. "He showed me how to clean a set of spark plugs."

"Wow," said Dave, clearly impressed. "He must like you then, if he let you near the car. It took Steve three years and two kids before Dad let him near the car. Course that was probably cause he didn't marry Kat until after Jamie was born."

"Ah Luka," said Florence, coming back into the kitchen. "Wash your hands, and you can give me a hand with the baking. Dave, isn't there something on TV you want to watch?"

Dave shook his head, "No, not for a few hours."

"Then I'm sure your father has something you can do in the garage."

"Translation, it's your turn for a 'talk' with Luka," said Dave, grinning as he retrieved his crutches.

"Don't be cheeky," said Florence, swatting him lightly on the head.

"Don't worry," he said to Luka in a stage whisper. "I'm sure you can run faster than she can; just keep an eye on the rolling pin."

"Out," ordered Florence.

"I'm going, I'm going," said Dave.

to be continued
Chapter Thirteen by Ceindreadh
"So," said Florence, when Dave had left the room. "I guess Ricardo's given you the inquisition already. Don't worry; I'm not going to give you a hard time. I just want to find out a bit about you."

Luka nodded, as he attempted to remove the grease from under his fingernails.

"So, do you cook?"

Again, a Malucci parent surprised Luka. "A little," he replied. "Dave is a lot better at it than I. He told me you taught him everything he knows. I must say, you have been an excellent teacher."

Florence nodded approvingly. Either Dave had coached him well, or he had natural good manners. "Sit down here, and I'll show you how to make a tomato sauce for a lasagne. You do eat lasagne don't you?"

Luka nodded, as Florence steered him to a chair.

"Good. All right then, you start with tomatoes."

Florence watched approvingly as Luka mixed up the tomato sauce to her directions. Luka held out the bowl for her inspection.

"Mix it a little more," she said. "Do you and Dave do much cooking back in Chicago?" she asked as she started chopping vegetables.

Luka shrugged, "A little. We don't always have the time or the energy. Usually if we've both been working long shifts, we just get take-out."

"Shame on you," said Florence, in tones of mock reproof. "A pair of healthy boys like you two, should be eating proper home-cooked meals. All this 'fast-food', there's no goodness in it. Hand-made and home-cooked is the way to do it." Ignoring Luka's protests, she continued, "Oh I know it isn't easy, when both of you are working full-time, and I suppose at least you're getting something hot inside you, which is better than nothing."

Luka smiled to himself at Florence's unwitting innuendo. He remembered a particular evening, a few weeks ago...

Dave had finished work a few hours earlier than Luka. Just before he left, he had whispered in Luka's ear, "Come over to my place after work. I'll have something hot waiting for you."

When Luka arrived a few hours later, Dave greeted him at the door wearing a plastic apron with the words 'I love to cook with wine; sometimes I even put it in the food'. Luka was so amused by the joke that it wasn't until Dave turned around to head back to the kitchen, that he realized that the apron was all that Dave was wearing.

"Um, Dave," said Luka, as he followed Dave into the apartment. "Did you forget to dress after your shower?" Luka was licking his lips in anticipation, partly because of the tantalizing odors that were coming from the kitchen, but mainly at the sight of Dave's naked ass walking in front of him.

"Nah just figured that it'd be a waste of time getting dressed. I mean," he said, turning to look at Luka. "I'm only going to be stripping again anyway." Putting his arms around Luka, Dave pulled him into a warm embrace. "Unless you had other plans?"

Luka kissed Dave on the lips, and pressed his body close to him. "If I had, then they are gone forever."

Dave could feel Luka's excitement through the thin plastic of the apron. "That's good, cause I've a little friend under here, who really wants to say hi." Pushing away from Luka, he continued, "But not just yet. I don't want dinner to spoil." He walked into the kitchen.

Luka followed him. Putting his arms around Dave's waist, he slid one hand under the apron and started caressing Dave's cock. "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked seductively.

Dave took a deep breath, trying to control his surging passion. "You...you could stir the gravy," he said, trying to ignore Luka's gentle strokes.

"As you wish," said Luka, with a smile.

He didn't know how he'd managed to get through the meal without taking Dave there on the couch, but finally it was time for dessert. Dave produced a bowl of strawberries and a jug of chocolate sauce.

"You might want to take your clothes off for this," said Dave, grinning. "It could get a little messy."

Luka stripped off his clothes, while Dave carefully spread out an old sheet on the floor.

"Lie down," instructed Dave, as he dipped a strawberry in the chocolate. Holding it over Luka's mouth, he teased him for a while before letting him eat it. With the second strawberry, Dave let a blob of chocolate fall on Luka's chest. "Oops," he said, bending his head down to lick it off.

"Oh yes," moaned Luka, as Dave continued to dribble chocolate and lick it off.

"Hey, I want some as well," said Dave, grinning. "How about we share the next one?"

Placing the strawberry in his mouth, he leaned in and kissed Luka. Luka sucked the strawberry into his mouth and nibbled on it, before kissing it back to Dave.

When the strawberries were finished, Luka grabbed the jug and started pouring the chocolate in random patterns over Dave's body. He licked his way down Dave's torso until he reached his cock. "I don't think this needs any topping on it," said Luka with a smile, as he took Dave in his mouth.

Florence smiled at the faraway look in Luka's eyes, and wondered to herself if he had picked up on her deliberate innuendo. "You care a lot for my son," she said softly.

Luka dragged himself away from memories of chocolate covered Dave, grateful that the mixing bowl was shielding him from Florence's view. "Yes I do," he said simply. "I never thought I would feel this way about anyone again."

"Good," said Florence, "Because I too care about Dave." With surprising suddenness, she brought the knife down on the chopping board. Luka stared as the onion fell apart into two neat halves, and involuntarily crossed his legs.

"I will not hurt Dave in any way," he promised, looking up into Florence's face. "He means more to me than I ever thought possible."

"I'm very glad to hear that," said Florence, as she continued chopping the onion.

Luka stretched out in the bed and yawned contentedly. The evening had passed a lot more pleasantly than the previous one. Not that he disliked Dave's sisters and their family's, but the constant buzz of conversation had been tiring. Spending the evening watching TV with just Dave and his parents had been a lot more relaxing. Florence had been knitting, and Ricardo had been doing crossword puzzles. There had been no forced attempts at conversation. It had just been an ordinary family evening. That was what had been so pleasant about it. Nobody had been trying to 'entertain the guest'; instead Luka had been treated as just another member of the family. It was a most agreeable feeling.

Luka's only regret about the evening was that it was his last to be spent in such welcoming surroundings. The next morning he was to drive back to Chicago and his cheap but comfortable hotel room. Somehow the thought of it did not seem very appealing. Still, at least Dave would be back in the city in a few days.

He pricked up his ears at the sound of the clock striking. Silently he counted off the chimes. As he reached 11, the door opened and Dave crutched his way into the room.

"Miss me?" asked Dave, limping over to the bed.

"Like crazy," replied Luka, throwing back the bedclothes. Dropping his robe, Dave climbed in quickly. "You are freezing," said Luka, in surprise.

"Yeah," said Dave. "It's colder than I thought, and I wasn't exactly wearing a lot under this robe."

"Don't worry, I will soon warm you up."

Luka pulled Dave close to him, in an effort to share his body heat. Slowly at first, he started running his hands over Dave's body. As Dave started to warm up, Luka knelt astride him and let his hands linger longer on Dave's more sensitive areas.

Dave bit back a cry as Luka gently teased his nipples. Not wishing to let Luka do all the work, Dave pulled Luka's head downwards until their lips were touching. Pushing open Luka's lips with his tongue, he sent it exploring the inside of Luka's mouth. Luka returned the kiss with feeling, before sitting up out of Dave's reach. Unwrapping a condom, he gently smoothed it down over Dave's cock, which was ready and waiting.

"I think I should be on top," said Luka as he applied the lubricant, "To keep the strain off your ankle."

Dave nodded in agreement. Luka raised himself on his knees and carefully positioned Dave's cock. Slowly, he lowered himself down onto it. Dave pushed his hips upward in an effort to increase the sensation. Luka allowed Dave to penetrate him a bit further, then suddenly lifted himself until Dave's cock was barely in his ass.

Dave moaned in frustration and clutched at Luka's hips in an effort to pull him back down. Luka removed Dave's hands and held them, gently but firmly. Using them for balance, he began to slowly lower himself again. This time when Dave pushed his hips up, Luka let him. Dave bit his lip and squeezed Luka's hands tightly as he thrust again and again. Luka rode him to a shuddering climax and slid off, to lie beside him.

When Dave got his breath back, he put his arms around Luka and kissed him. "I wish this wasn't our last night," he said with a sigh. "I'm gonna miss you."

"It will only be a few days, and then you will be back in Chicago."

"I know. Say, d'you think Kerry might let you take another few days off? Mom and Dad wouldn't mind if you stayed."

"I think Kerry has been most generous to us already. I do not wish to take advantage of her. No, I will go back to Chicago tomorrow and you will return in a few days. I will wait for you."

"I just hate the thought of you going back to your hotel room all alone."

Luka stayed silent.

Dave gently caressed Luka's nipple. "What would you think," he said slowly, "About moving out of that place?"

"Where would I go?" asked Luka lazily.

"You could move in with me."

Luka looked at Dave in surprise. "Are you serious?" he asked.

Dave nodded, "The last few weeks, you've been more or less moved in anyway. Just think of how much more fun we could have if you didn't have to leave early to go back to your place before work."

Luka was stunned into silence. He had not expected this. Dave misread the silence. "Look, if you're not ready for it, then just forget I said anything." He rolled over so that Luka couldn't see the look of disappointment on his face.

"I never said I wasn't ready," said Luka to Dave's back. "It's just...this is so unexpected. Yes."

Dave rolled back, "Yes?"

"Yes, I will move in with you, once you get back to Chicago."

"Oh Luka," said Dave, a big smile on his face. "We are going to have some fun together."

So they did.
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