Sensory Overload by Ceindreadh
Summary: Notes - This is a totally stand alone fic and it not connected with my *other*
Dave/Luka slash epic. If any of you find this fic familiar, it's because it was originally written as
a 'Man from UNCLE' fic, but I just couldn't resist having Dave and Luka in the
same scenario.
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1. Chapter One by Ceindreadh

Chapter One by Ceindreadh
"Luka," called Dave softly. There was no response. "Luka?" he tried again,
still with no success. "Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka, Luka."

"No," said Luka, his attention focused on the work in front of him.

"Luka," said Dave again, an air of seductiveness in his voice as he
approached the table where Luka was working. "You've been working for
ages...isn't it time you took a break?"

"It's because of taking so many breaks that I am overdue with this," said
Luka, continuing to write. He could hear Dave sit down in the chair across
the table from him, but he refused to look at him, knowing that the sight of
his lover would only serve to distract him from the task at hand.

"You know that you'd be finished a lot faster if you let me help," commented
Dave as he watched the dark head across the table from him. He wanted so
much to just reach across and pull Luka into his arms. One kiss and he was
sure he could convince him to forget all about the paperwork he was busily
intent on completing.

"A deal is a deal. I lost the bet, so I must do all of this," said Luka.
True, there was no agency in the world that could enforce the agreement that
he had entered into with Dave, namely that whichever of them could bring the
other to orgasm fastest would have their share of the work completed by
their partner. He really should have known better than to gamble with Dave
like that. Although he prided himself on his self-control, a few caresses
from his lover and he had melted under his touch. Dave had had him
screaming in ecstasy in half the time it had taken Luka to return the favor.
Not that Dave's release had been any the less satisfactory...but Luka was
used to concentrating on prolonging the experience for his partner, and had
been unable to speed up the process...even to win a bet. Signing his name
at the bottom of the page he put it to one side before reaching for another
one. A hand on the page made him stop and look at his lover, an expression
of exasperation on his face as he said warningly, "Dave!"

"Stubborn Croatian," said Dave, trying to look his most seductive.

"Irrepressible American," replied Luka, carefully removing Dave's hand and
taking the page. With an effort, he tore his eyes away from Dave's face and
tried to concentrate on what he was writing. But it was difficult to blot
that face from his mind and Luka could feel himself growing hard at the
image. Biting the inside of his cheek, he continued to write, digging the
pen into the paper in an effort to hide the shaking of his hand.

Dave scowled as he watched the hand moving over the paper. Okay, so 'the
voice' hadn't worked. He had to admire the way that Luka was always able to
focus so completely on his work no matter what external distractions there
were. Oh sure, he was able to concentrate as well, when the occasion
demanded it, but it was one thing to keep ones mind on the job when you were
in the middle of a trauma and the patient's life depended on you *not* being
distracted by screaming relatives and breaking glass and the occasional
sounds of gunshots. But it was quite another matter to be able to
concentrate on paperwork when there were oh so many other more 'interesting'
things to be him for instance.

But Luka had always had that ability to tune out things when he wanted to.
There was a standing joke around County that a bomb could go off while Dr.
Kovac was writing up a chart and he wouldn't even notice until he had
finished. But nobody dared to put it to the least not since the
time when a med student had been 'dared' to sneak up on him and yell 'boo'.
The kid had ended up with a broken nose, and both he and the students who
had 'encouraged' him, had been landed with scut work for a month. Only
Luka's intervention had saved them from being failed on the spot.

Dave sighed as he watched Luka. At times he envied the older man's single
mindedness when faced with a not particularly pleasant task. The last time
*he* had been working on papers at home, all it had taken was Luka's 'Dave,
I'm home', for him to be distracted. He had grabbed Luka and pulled him
onto the table, kissing him passionately. One thing had led to another, and
both he and Luka had ended up with a considerable amount of ink all over
their bodies...but then they had had the fun of removing it together in the
shower, and when Dr. Weaver had commented on how Dr. Malucci's latest report
had appeared to be even more untidy and smudged than usual, both doctors had
been hard pressed to keep a straight face.

So Dave knew that he would have to try something other than talking dirty to
Luka if he wanted to get any attention from him.

Hmm, he thought, as he pondered the problem. He could always strip naked
and strike a pose across the table from Luka. Surely the sight of his body
only inches away would prove a sufficient motivation to scrap the paperwork
for at least a little while. But then, the last time he had stripped in the
living room, he had neglected to close the drapes and the manager of the
building had received several complaints from offended neighbors. Of
course, there had been several compliments received as well...but that
wasn't the point. The point was, he would have to close the drapes before
doing it, and Luka would be sure to figure out what his plan was and might
possibly go to the extreme of asking him to leave their apartment so he
could finish what he was doing without being interrupted. No, the trick was
to get Luka's attention almost without him realizing it.

On a previous occasion, Dave *had* stripped naked - closing the drapes
first, of course - and had covered his chest with chocolate body paint
before inviting Luka to come and lick it off of him. Unfortunately, by the
time Luka had been able to join him, Dave had fallen asleep and rolled over
on the bed. He had woken to find himself stuck firmly to the sheet and Luka
in fits of laughter as he tried to release him. Removing the sheet had been
a slow and painful affair as it had been firmly affixed and took patches of
skin with it. But then, Luka had been there to 'kiss it better' for him, so
it hadn't worked out *too* badly.

So the sound of his voice, the sight of his body, and the taste of
him...none of those options were appropriate. But Dave wasn't out of ideas
yet...he was nothing if not creative. Once he had even applied an
aphrodisiac cream to his genitals, having being assured that the scent of it
mingled with his own bodily aroma would be sure to drive his lover crazy
with desire...especially when the wearer pranced nude in front of him.

To be fair, the cream had actually worked and Luka had been suitably
distracted. Unfortunately, there had been an unforeseen side effect, and
Dave had been forced to call in to the local STD clinic the next morning to
get some soothing lotion to ease the pain of the rash, which had appeared.
Even with a *very* baggy pair of scrubs, he had been walking very slowly for
the next few days. It could have been worse he thought, wincing slightly at
the memory. Luka had simply called in sick rather than have to explain to
Dr. Weaver just what was the origin of the rash around his mouth.

After that little incident, Dave had felt the need to approach Dr. Weaver.
He had carefully not mentioned any names, but had told his boss that rather
than have her hear it from rumors that he was indeed in a serious
relationship with a co-worker. He had insisted that it would not affect his
work, but he felt it only right that the Chief should be told. Dr. Weaver
had seemed to be lost in thought for a few minutes before dismissing Dave
with the instructions to be sure and *not* let his personal life affect his
work. Dave had been almost at the door when she had commented - almost in
passing - that Dr. Kovac had been telling her a similar tale only a few
hours earlier. Dave had waited on tenterhooks to find out if he there would
be any repercussions, like being ordered to only work opposite shifts, but
Dr. Weaver had only said that as long as they kept things on a professional
footing while on duty, then there was nothing further to discuss...much to
Dave and Luka's relief.

"No more pretending to flirt with all the nurses," Dave had told Luka with
glee when they were in bed that night. "No more hiding in corners and
having to keep my hands to myself whenever we go out."

"Hmm, I was kind of enjoying watching you try to keep your hands to
yourself," Luka had commented, deadpan. "It always made you so much
more...enthusiastic when we finally *did* get out of sight."

"Oh I'm going to be just as enthusiastic now that we don't have to hide our
feelings," Dave had said, before whispering in Luka's ear just *how*
'enthusiastic he was planning to be. Luka's response had been to
demonstrate *his* enthusiasm...and that had been the end of any rational
conversation for *that* night.

A smile crept over Dave's face at the memory of their relationship. Far
from dulling their feelings for each other, being 'out' had only intensified
it. The sound of a stifled Croatian curse, and a piece of paper being
crumpled up, brought him back to the present where Luka had just thrown a
wasted sheet of paper into the corner of the room. "Hmm," thought Dave.
"If I leave Luka alone, then he will only get more and more annoyed by what
he is's my *duty* to distract him and prevent him from getting
into a bad mood."

Sight, sound, taste and smell had been ruled out...but there was one sense
that Dave could still try to use to stimulate his partner. Sliding the
chair back slowly, he stood and rubbed his hands gently together, wiggling
his fingers to get the blood moving.

Luka frowned as he heard the movement from the other side of the table, but
he resolutely kept his mind on his work, ignoring all externals and focusing
on the lines of handwriting that were flowing across the page. The sudden
touch of a hand on the tip of his ear, made the line of ink take a sudden
jerk upwards.

"Dave!" he gasped, feeling the hand gently caress his ear. "don't...I have
to fini...ahh," he moaned involuntarily as a second set of fingers started
working their magic on his other ear.

"Shh," ordered Dave. "You're too tense...I'm just trying to relax you a bit
so you can finish up faster." One hand remained on Luka's ear, the other
was moving gradually downwards, massaging away tension that Luka hadn't even
realized was there.

Luka tried to gather his scattered thoughts and write his name on the paper,
but for some reason his hand was shaking badly. Possibly because by now
Dave's hands had worked their way round to the front of his body and were
now teasing his nipples through the light shirt he wore. Plus, his lover
had moved in even closer to him, and Luka could feel the hot breath on the
back of his neck. "Damn you, Dave," he swore as the pen dropped from his
hand and clattered on the table. "You know I have to finish these." But
his body was already turning to pull Dave's head down to his and kiss him on
the lips.

Dave wrapped one arm around Luka, pulling him to his feet. With the other,
he swept away the bundle of papers and notes onto the floor. Pushing Luka
back onto the table, he ripped open his shirt and leaned in closer to flick
his tongue over the oh so inviting nipples.


Much much later, when they had finally made it as far as the bedroom, Luka
lay exhausted but contented in Dave's arms. "You know that I will have to
finish them eventually," he said idly, his head resting on Dave's chest.

Dave made a dismissive gesture with one hand. "I keep telling you, that
it's perfectly acceptable to phone people to thank them for house warming don't have to send them 'thank you' notes."

"It is good manners," said Luka.

"Stubborn Croatian," teased Dave, dropping a kiss onto the top of Luka's

", *insatiable* American," said Luka, maneuvering himself
so that he could snuggle up to Dave. "But I am not so stubborn...tomorrow,
I will let you help me finish them...but tonight...ah, tonight is another

And the both went to sleep with a smile on their faces.


The End
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