Stranger Things Have Happened by Ceindreadh
Summary: Previous installments are Waiting, Rendezvous in Radiology, Waiting for
Christmas, Waiting for a Valentine, Waiting for Release, A Test of Love

WARNING - Luka and Dave decide to get a little kinky in this set of chapters. Nothing heavy, just good clean fun
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Chapter Four by Ceindreadh
Dave stood there in silence, enjoying Kerry's discomfort. This had got to
be the first time that he had seen the Chief speechless and he was enjoying
every minute of it.

Luka however, wasn't quite as amused by the proceedings. After all, he
thought, he was the one sitting there tied to a chair. "Kerry, perhaps you
would like to pour yourself some wine while Dave unties me."

"What?" asked Kerry, her eyes still fixed on Dave. "Oh...oh yes, wine,
yes...thank you," she said quickly as she stumbled to the table where an
opened bottle was standing.

Dave raised an eyebrow at Luka as he crouched in front of him and started
untying his legs. "I thought you were enjoying yourself?" he said in a low

"I was," hissed Luka quietly, "But we have company...we cannot..." His
voice trailed off as he saw the expression on Dave's face change. "No...we
couldn't...she wouldn't...would she?"

Dave glanced quickly over at Kerry who had found that she needed both hands
to hold her wine glass in order to avoid spilling it.

"Nah...she'd never go for it," he said a little wistfully, before turning
the chair around and untying Luka's hands.

Kerry watched with interest as Luka stood up and rearranged his clothing.
Ever since the day that she had caught Dave in the ER wearing a pair of
handcuffs, she had known that the pair were into B&D. But it was one thing
to know was another thing to see it for yourself. "I see you
took my advice about restraints," she said without thinking.

Dave and Luka looked at her in surprise and she blushed again.

"Yes we did Kerry," said Luka. "As you can see, they are as effective, but
much less painful than metal cuffs." He moved over to Kerry and held out
his hands. Kerry instinctively reached out and traced a line around Luka's

"Yes...I can see that," she said.

"Not a blister in sight," said Dave gently caressing Luka's wrists as well.
His hand brushed against Kerry's and he frowned slightly. "Your hands are

Luka took Kerry's other hand and squeezed it gently. "You should have said

"I'm fine," said Kerry, but she didn't pull her hand away. "But I should be
going. I've already interrupted you...spoiled your evening...I shouldn't
have come here."

"Yes you are right," said Luka in a serious tone. "You have interrupted
us...and I think you should make it up to us somehow."

"That sounds like a very good idea to me," grinned Dave. "What d'you say
Chief? You want to help us finish what you interrupted?"

Kerry pulled her hands away from the two men. "Are you two seriously
suggesting a threesome?" she asked with an icy voice.

Luka and Dave exchanged worried glances. "We did not wish to offend you
Kerry," said Luka quickly.

"Yeah Chief, we're sorry...look, just forget we said anything, okay?" said
Dave anxiously.

"I am sorry I suggested it," said Luka. "It was a bad idea..."

"I didn't say that," said Kerry. If truth be told, the thought of a sexual
encounter with either of the two men currently standing in front of her
looking embarrassed, had fuelled many an erotic dream of hers in the last
year. And the thought of the two of them...Kerry found a certain
fascination in the idea, but of course she would never have mentioned it to

"You mean..." Dave's mouth was open in astonishment.

"I mean," said Kerry slowly and thoughtfully as she realized that here was
an opportunity that might never repeat itself. "I mean that tonight is a
once in a lifetime chance. Say the word and I'll leave and we'll forget
that I was ever here...but if not..." Kerry reached out and took Dave and
Luka by the hand.


Luka and Dave led Kerry into the bedroom.

"Are you sure you want to do this Kerry?" asked Luka softly.

"Last chance to back out," echoed Dave.

Kerry shook her head, "I'm ready," she said, trying to hide the anticipation
she was feeling. Leaning on Luka for support, she made her way over to the
bed and sat down. Her hands were shaking so much that she couldn't unbutton
her blouse.

"Let me," said Dave, who had pulled off his coat. Slowly he unbuttoned the
blouse before handing it to Luka who folded it carefully.

Kerry lay back on the bed closing her eyes as Dave continued to undress her.
As her trousers were pulled down, she could hear as sudden intake of breath,
but was unable to tell which of the two men had reacted to her scarred leg.
This was the moment of truth. It wouldn't be the first time that a
prospective lover had been repulsed by the sight of the network of scars
that patterned her leg. The touch of a hand on her hip made her jump and
she opened her eyes to see Dave looking anxiously at her.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you," he said.

"You just startled me," replied Kerry.

Luka had finished disrobing by then, so he sat on the bed beside her. "It
is not painful to the touch?" he asked.

Kerry shook her head. "It's only painful when I've been putting too much
weight on it for too long." She sighed as Luka gently traced the lines of
her scars. Even the few men that had not been driven away by the scars had
never seemed entirely comfortable with them.

"We shall not require you to put any weight on it," said Luka with a smile.

"Not unless you *want* to do it standing up..." said Dave with a grin.

Kerry made a face at him.

Dave propped himself up on his elbow. "So, where do we start?" he asked,
before bending his head and nuzzling gently at Kerry's right nipple.

"Hmm, I don't know," said Luka. Following Dave's example, he turned his
attentions to Kerry's left breast.

Kerry moaned softly as she took a handful of their hair and held their heads
against her. "Oh God, yes," she gasped as a set of fingers moved up the
inside of her thigh and started stroking her gently. The sensation of a
finger slipping inside her moist and waiting body brought her momentarily
back to her senses.

Pulling Dave and Luka by the hair, she lifted them from her breasts.
"Condoms," she gasped. "No further...not without protection."

"Get some condoms Dave," ordered Luka, before returning his lips to Kerry's

"Um, Luka," said Dave, hesitantly. Luka looked at him. "We don't have any
left...we ran out weeks ago..."

"Whoa, back up a minute," said Kerry, pushing Luka away from her. "You mean
to tell me that you're not practicing safe sex? I don't believe of
all people should realize the dangers."

Dave silenced her with a finger on her lips. "Shh, we were practicing safe
sex...but then...after I got bitten...and got the all clear..."

Luka continued, "I got myself tested as well...once we were both in the
clear...we have both been faithful to each other for long enough...we felt
that protection was no longer necessary...not when we love each other." He
instinctively reached out and caressed the back of Dave's neck.

"I'm very happy for you both," said Kerry softly. "But the fact remains
that I'm not going any further without condoms." She watched their faces
fall and sighed. "If one of you fetches my bag...I may just have one in

"Ooh, looks like you came prepared for everything," teased Dave as he slid
off the bed. He yelped slightly as Kerry swatted his bare bum.

"Just hurry up," she ordered, as she watched him admiringly.

Dave soon returned and Kerry extracted a condom from her bag. "Okay guys,
which one of you wants to wear this?"

Dave and Luka exchanged glances. "I don't mind," said Dave.

"But I have already been pleasured is your turn..."

Kerry rolled her eyes, "Oh for goodness sake," she said. "Look, one of you
put the damm thing on...and the other will get a blow job, okay? Now make
up your minds...and quickly."

A quick game of 'rock paper scissors' later, and Kerry was kneeling astride
Dave and smoothing the condom over his cock. Luka was kneeling behind her,
ready to help keep the weight off her bad leg. Nuzzling at the back of her
neck, he gently lifted her so that she could position Dave's cock correctly.
Kerry clasped Dave's hands in hers and closed her eyes as she felt his
length inside her. Oh God yes, she thought. Being on top was so much more
fun. Unfortunately, it usually put too much strain on her leg...however,
with Luka to help support her, she could go on for hours. Unfortunately,
Dave didn't seem to have her stamina. Kerry could feel him thrusting
against her, and could tell by his moans that he was nearing his orgasm.
Well, she wasn't going to have that. "Dr. Malucci, if you don't hold out a
bit longer, you'll be doing butt boils and hemorrhoids for a month."

Dave groaned, but started mentally reciting medical procedures to keep
himself in control.

Luka decided to give Kerry a hand...literally...and started fondling her
nipples. Kerry moaned uncontrollably as the combination of Dave inside her,
together with Luka's gentle caresses brought her to the edge and beyond. As
Kerry shuddered in the throes of her orgasm, Dave kept thrusting into her
before finally climaxing with a moan.

Luka lowered Kerry to the bed where Dave took her in his arms and kissed her
gently. "Man that was good," he gasped.

Kerry nodded, still overcome by the experience. Damm, she thought to
herself, this was one experience that her vibrator wouldn't be able to

Luka shook his head in mock disapproval as he looked at them. "And here I
thought that you both had more stamina than that."

"Don't worry," said Kerry, reaching out to pull him into their group hug.
"I promised you a blow job, and it'll be a good one."

"Better than one of mine?" teased Dave.

"Only one way to find out," challenged Kerry.

"No," said Luka firmly. "There are to be no comparisons. Tonight is not
about who is the best lover. Okay?"

"Okay," chorused Dave and Kerry.


A few minutes later, Luka was sitting on the edge of the bed, with Kerry
kneeling in front of him. As Dave watched with interest, she played with
Luka's cock for a few minutes before taking it into her mouth. Luka gripped
the sheets with clenched fists as he leaned back against Dave. His breath
started coming faster as he felt Kerry's tongue flick expertly over his
swelling organ. Not wishing to be left out, Dave pulled Luka closer and
started playing with his nipples. Luka groaned under the double onslaught.
"Ke...Kerry..." he gasped. "Com...coming..."

Kerry waved her hand in acknowledgment before returning to the job in hand.
A few quick flicks of her tongue later and she had him at her mercy.


Kerry pulled on her trousers and grinned at the two exhausted men who were
sprawled on the bed. Although they had been limited by their lack of
condoms, the three of them had still managed an amazing variety of
positions. But now it was time for her to go.

Carefully she pulled the bedclothes around Dave and Luka.

"I'll see myself out," she said, before retrieving her bag and crutch.

Dave mumbled something inaudible into his pillow.

"What was that, Malucci?" asked Kerry.

"He said, 'thank you'," said Luka. "As do has been a most wonderful
experience...and a unique one."

Kerry nodded, silently acknowledging the fact that enjoyable as the evening
had been, three was most definitely a crowd. "Good night, Luka, Dave."

"Good night Kerry," said Luka tiredly as he curled up beside Dave.


Kerry managed to drag her thoughts away from that evening as she looked at
Dave and Luka's wedding invitation. "We never did decide who exactly was
the 'best man," she said with a wry smile.

"No we didn't," said Luka. "But you were definitely the best woman."


The End
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