Stranger Things Have Happened by Ceindreadh
Summary: Previous installments are Waiting, Rendezvous in Radiology, Waiting for
Christmas, Waiting for a Valentine, Waiting for Release, A Test of Love

WARNING - Luka and Dave decide to get a little kinky in this set of chapters. Nothing heavy, just good clean fun
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Chapter Three by Ceindreadh
"You are not going out?" he said, slightly taken aback. "Not while I am
tied up like this?" There was a slight tremor in Luka's voice at the

"Of course not," said Dave, quickly. "You know I wouldn't do something like

"Then why have you a coat on?"

"You'll see," grinned Dave as he fiddled with the stereo.


Luka frowned as he noticed that Dave had pushed back all the furniture,
leaving a clear space in the center of the room.

Dave switched on the stereo and walked to the center of the room. As the
music started, he struck a pose, then started swaying in time to Tom Jones,
'You can leave your hat on'. Luka watched eagerly as Dave slowly unbuttoned
his coat in time to the music. Once unbuttoned, he swung it round his head
a few times before throwing it to one side...narrowly missing a lamp as he
did so. Luka didn't even notice, as Dave was now slowly unbuttoning his

Half way down, Dave paused, grinned at Luka and then moved over to him.
Leaning over, he slowly unbuttoned Luka's shirt, before bending his head and
sucking gently on his nipples.

"Oh god, oh god," murmured Luka as he felt Dave's tongue at work. All too
soon however, Dave pulled away and went back to his strip tease. The shirt
soon landed on the floor, followed by Dave's shoes and socks. Luka was
getting more aroused by the minute, and was ready to beg Dave to let him go
so he could run his hands all over his body. It would only take a
word...well, two actually, and Dave would untie him...but Luka could see
that Dave had obviously been putting in a lot of practice and he wanted to
let him finish.

Luka's cock was bobbing back and forth in time to the music as Dave slowly
unzipped his fly. "Do you want me to continue?" he said with a grin.
Luka's response was a strangled moan. "I'll take that as a yes then." With
a quick movement, Dave ripped his pants off and threw them to one side.
Underneath he was wearing a gold lame G-string. A quick tug and it too was
removed and sent flying onto Luka's face. Luka shook his head to knock it
off and watched as Dave posed for the final few bars of the music. "Oh god, are magnificent...and if you untie me...I'll show you my

"Hmm, should I or shouldn't I?" mused Dave as he made his way over to the
chair. Leaning over, he fastened his mouth onto Luka's and gave him one the
best French kisses he had ever received. Pulling away finally, Dave said,
"I'm only getting started..."

Stepping back, Dave carefully lubricated himself thoroughly, then sinking to
his knees, he carefully took Luka's cock into his mouth and started
caressing it gently with his tongue. Luka moaned aloud as the gentle
strokes sent waves of pleasure coursing through his body. "Al...almost
ready," he gasped.

Dave didn't need the warning. Releasing Luka's cock, he stood up and then
kneeled on the chair. As he slowly guided himself down onto Luka, he leaned
forward and flicked his tongue across Luka's lips before slowly parting them
with a finger. Luka sucked and caressed it as carefully as if it were
Dave's cock in his mouth. But as he neared his climax, his mouth lost its
grip on Dave's hand. As Luka came, he cried out in delight and then
collapsed against Dave's body. Dave said nothing, only held Luka and
stroked him gently until he had recovered.

Kissing Luka gently on the cheek, he whispered, "Happy anniversary" before
sliding off him and standing up.

"That...that was amazing," gasped Luka. "But what about you?" He nodded
towards Dave's erection. "You did not come?"

"You know, I sort of noticed that," grinned Dave. "But don't worry...the
night is young...and..." He was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"Ah nuts," swore Dave, "Who the hell is that?" Grabbing his trench coat, he
quickly pulled it on. "I'll get rid of stay there..."

"Dave," protested Luka, but Dave was already heading down the hall. Luka
strained his ears, to try and find out who was calling. To his horror, he
heard Kerry's voice.

"Where's Luka," snapped Kerry at Dave. "I can't believe he just left like
that. He knew I wanted to talk to him."

"Um Chief, this isn't a good time," said Dave as Kerry pushed past him.
"Wait, Kerry, don't go in there...oh shit," swore Dave as he slammed the
door and followed her back into the living room.

"Dr. Kovac," snapped Kerry, "Just what do you...oh my God..." She stopped
short as she saw Luka sitting there in all his glory. A blush started
forming on her face. " dear..."

Turning to leave, Kerry was confronted by Dave. Her eyes widened and her
blush deepened as she realized that his coat had fallen open...and that he
was naked and almost erect under it.

"I told you not to go there," said Dave with a trace of amusement.


to be continued
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