Series by Cathy Roberts
Summary: The "Ghost of Christmas Present" was written as a response to a Christmas fanfic challenge. John Carter wants so desperately to be loved by his family, and he wishes he could find a relationship that would last. Luka Kovac had the love of a family, and even though he lost it all years ago, he hasn't given up hope that he love is right around the corner. Can the two men find happiness with each other? John and Luka's story is continued in "Desperate Vigil", which begins after the horrible events that took place on Valentine's Day. The two of them have found love with each other, even though Luka knows it will take time for John to voice his feelings. But, has the attack changed things between them? And, as others find out about their involvement, will John push Luka away?
Categories: Regular
Characters: John Carter, Luka Kovac
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Open: Closed