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John thought it was nice to just lie there and simply enjoy the way
Dave was touching him. It was nice to not to have to think about
anything, and to just feel, but John couldn't help but wonder just how
far Dave's patience would go. There they were finally, naked and warm
under the covers, both of them aroused, and John suddenly found
himself unsure of things. While it had been a surprise to find out
that Dave hadn't been one of the guys who assaulted him, John knew
that learning that news didn't really make any difference in what he
wanted or how he felt. No, what was making the difference was Dave

John had wanted Dave. He'd wanted to be with Dave and kiss him and
hold him and do all the things that two people were supposed to do
when they were warm and naked together. And then Dave had started in
with asking him if he really wanted this. Maybe it wouldn't have
mattered if Dave had just asked one time, but to John it felt as if
Dave kept asking. Was he sending out some kind of a signal that he
didn't want Dave? He didn't think so, but if not, then why did Dave
keep asking?

Hell, John had even set out to seduce Dave, and if that wasn't desire,
then what was? Only…what if Dave was right and this wasn't really
something he wanted? John sighed, finding it all too confusing to
think through. His sigh brought about a stronger caress from Dave,
and John bit against his lower lip as Dave's hand drifted lower and
began to stroke John's cock. Oh, damn, but that felt good!

The Hell with thinking, John finally decided. He'd just go with what
his body felt and what it wanted and think about things later.
Without further thought, John abruptly rolled over so that he was
facing Dave. Dave's grasp had loosened, but his hand never left
John's cock, and John reached out and grasped Dave's firmly. He
looked into Dave's questioning eyes, glad that Dave had left the light
on so that they could see each other. John didn't want to be fumbling
around in the dark, not this first time, anyway. John grinned then as
he realized that in his head he was already planning more times together.

"So, you think you can teach me what to do?" John asked, eager to find
out what brought Dave pleasure and equally eager to find out what Dave
would do to please him.

Dave slowly grinned and his grip on John's cock became firmer as he
resumed his stroking. "Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure I can teach you.
I've heard stories about you, you know, and what a fast learner you are."

"Have you now?" John asked, and he followed Dave's lead and began to
stroke Dave's velvet hardness. "Well, I'll try my best to not let you

"I'm sure you won't, Hoss," Dave replied. He then sat up, letting the
covers drop away as he moved his body so that his mouth could reach
John's groin. "And the first lesson is going to be about using your
mouth to its fullest potential. And, yes," Dave added as he looked up
at John, "there will be an oral test on this later."

Before John could reply he found himself moaning as his cock was
enveloped in the wet heat of Dave's mouth. At first it wasn't very
different from the times women had gone down on him, but a second of
contemplation told John that it was in reality much, much better.
Dave's tongue and mouth just seemed to know the right places to touch,
the points to lick that would bring the most pleasure. It quickly
became easy to forget all of the times when John had been the
recipient of oral sex with a woman, as well as that one other time,
with those guys who…no, John didn't want to think about that time,
especially now that he knew Dave wasn't there.

One hand reached downward, finding Dave's head. John laced his
fingers through Dave's hair and closed his eyes as he floated on the
sensations that Dave was creating. He only barely noticed it when
Dave's finger skimmed over his opening. It was as light as a
butterflies wing, but there was no mistaking the shivers that merest
of touches evoked. John's other arm suddenly shot out to the side,
his fingers grasping at the sheet as Dave's finger slipped inside of
him and stopped, leaving a tingling sensation around the ring of muscle.

"God Almighty, Dave!" While John could remember someone doing that to
him that night in college, he didn't remember it feeling quite as
good. John was pretty sure it had everything to do with just whom it
was that was doing it to him right then. For a moment, John wondered
if it was right for him to think that it felt good. He didn't think
it had been right all those years ago, but this wasn't then. Dave
hadn't just kidnapped John and nobody was doing anything that he
didn't want to do, or experiencing things that he never dreamed that
he would experience.

Thoughts of that night began to hammer at John's consciousness, but he
pushed them back. This was not the time to remember that night, or to
even think about what had happened and why. This was the time to just
enjoy Dave.

"You're way too tense, Carter," Dave's voice rumbled from somewhere
near the foot of the bed. "Relax for me."

John nodded and took a deep breath, willing himself to relax. The
next few minutes were filled with relaxation and pleasure as John let
his muscles go slack and Dave kept up his oral and manual attentions
to John. John felt the slight touch of Dave's hand against his inner
thigh and he spread his legs wider, obeying the unspoken request to
give Dave better access. So far everything was feeling great, and
John didn't have any fears about what else Dave would do to him. Or
what Dave would want to do with him, either, John thought. He smiled
as he imagined himself wowing Dave with his incredible oral sex skills
– it was his fantasy, so he could make himself be as good as he wanted
to be, right? In that fantasy, John would have Dave reduced to a
puddle of want and need, in much the same way that Dave was slowly
reducing John into a being that simply felt and reacted. There were
worse ways to be, John knew, and he wasn't going to fight those feelings.

Dave had been caught by surprise when Carter suddenly rolled over and
grabbed his cock, but he didn't let that bit of surprise put a stop to
things. Instead it strengthened his resolve to make this the best
first time anyone ever had. Once he got Carter to relax, it was
really easy – and arousing – to loosen Carter up enough for
intercourse. And God, but he was looking forward to what it would
feel like to slide inside of Carter. The man was super-tight around
Dave's fingers and Dave's imagination of what that would feel like on
his cock was keeping him achingly hard.

Aside from the pleasure that Dave was getting out of messing with
Carter, there was the fact that he was getting one hell of a turn-on
from Carter's reactions. While it was true that Dave had been with
quite a number of men over the years, he'd never met a guy who
responded quite the way that Carter was responding. It was as if
Carter had given in totally to what Dave was doing – every top's
dream, Dave thought, although he wasn't sure yet if Carter really was
a bottom, or if he'd like to switch off. Either way was fine with
Dave, as long as he himself ended up in charge most of the time.

Carter's body was writhing above him, and Dave suddenly pulled off and
sat back on his haunches. He stared at Carter's face, waiting for the
moment when Carter would realize that nothing was happening – and it
was a beautiful sight to look at, Dave thought. Carter's eyes were
closed, but his lips were parted. Carter's skin, flushed from
passion, had a light sheen to it. Dave let his eyes wander down over
the body that was displayed before him, taking in the pert and dusky
nipples, the nearly flat belly and the arrow of dark hair that pointed
down toward Carter's wet and rigid cock. Slim hips sat atop thighs
that were spread apart as far as they could so, the muscles clearly
defined in the bedroom light. A set of swollen balls was nestled
between those thighs, resting for the moment on Dave's hand. He
reached out with his other hand and gently raised them, admiring their
heft before glancing to where his fingers disappeared inside of
Carter. Dave slowly twisted them to the side, smiling as he heard
Carter moan from that small action. Of course, it didn't hurt any
that Dave had his fingers pressed up against Carter's prostate, and he
couldn't resist sliding them against it once more, just so he could
hear Carter's noises of appreciation.

When Dave looked back up at Carter's face, he found Carter staring at
him, those dark eyes even darker, and Dave's smile broke into a
full-blown grin. "You doin' okay?"

Carter swallowed and he nodded, his tongue slipping out to wet those
perfect lips. "I think so. You?"

"I will be. I shoulda asked this before things got too far along, but
where are your condoms?" Dave's plan was to finish Carter off with
his mouth and fingers and then quickly move to the fucking, not giving
Carter time to get tense again.

Carter moved his head to the side, using his chin to point to the
nightstand on the right. "Top drawer. Don't you need lubricant or

"I was planning on using "something", unless you've got something
better in that drawer. I really don't want to leave the bed if I
don't have to." Dave wiggled his fingers, chuckling as Carter gasped
in response. "And I don't think you want me to leave the bed, either,
do you?"

"Hell no," Carter quickly replied. "Might be something in there, but
I doubt it. I once had a bottle of baby oil leak while it was in a
drawer and I never thought I'd get the smell out of my clothes. Since
then I try to keep stuff like that in the bathroom."

Dave nodded. "Good idea." He ran his hand lightly over Carter's
thigh, feeling Carter's body shiver in response. "But I bet you
smelled pretty damn good for a while though."

"Only if you're partial to baby smells," Carter replied. He raised
his arm and extended it toward the side of the bed. "You want me to
get the condoms?"

"Nah," Dave replied with a shake of his head. "I'll get 'em. Just
stay still." Dave moved so that he was stretched across Carter's hip
and side, his body extended out about as far as he could and not have
to move his other hand. At least, he didn't have to withdraw it,
because he definitely moved it.

"Damn…" Carter muttered. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then
opened them to look at Dave. "Top drawer, toward the front, I think."

Dave nodded before turning his attention to the nightstand. He opened
the drawer and found himself lucky in that the box of condoms was
right where Carter had said it would be. Dave easily grabbed the box
and slowly moved back to where he'd been before, once more resting on
his haunches as he tried to open the box with one hand and failed.

"Here," Dave said as he tossed the box onto Carter's belly. "You get
one out for me."

"What? You mean I have to do some actual work here?" Carter asked but
he reached for the box anyway and withdrew a foil packet from it.

"Might as well let you get warmed up," Dave replied. "Because you're
going to be doing quite a lot of work in a few minutes."

"Oh?" Carter's eyebrows rose questioningly as he ripped open the
packet. "And here I thought I was going to simply enjoy myself."

"Oh, you'll enjoy it all right," Dave replied as he rose from his
haunches and moved forward so that Carter could roll the condom onto
his cock. "I'll make sure that you enjoy it."

"Think a lot of yourself, don't you?" Carter asked, an evil glint in
his eyes as he rose up a bit and grabbed Dave's cock with one hand.
Carter rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head, and he grinned as
Dave moaned in response. "I guess we'll just have to see how well you
do, won't we?"

"Yeah, I guess," Dave replied, and he closed his eyes as Carter toyed
a bit with his cock. It was nice, but quickly becoming too nice, Dave
thought. He opened his eyes and looked at Carter again. "If you keep
on doing that, then everything's gonna be over in about 2.5 seconds
and we won't get a chance to find out if I'm that good."

Carter smiled up at him and then began to put the condom on Dave.
"Wouldn't want that to happen. At least not this time."

"Damn straight," Dave said. He then changed his mind about how he was
going to do things. He wanted Carter to come when he did, or at least
close to it. Dave inched forward on his knees until he finally had no
choice but to ask Carter to lift his hips off of the bed so Dave could
place his knees under them. "Not too uncomfortable I hope?"

"It's…different," Carter admitted. "Am I supposed to hold on to my
legs or something?"

"That's mostly up to you. I've got your hips high enough for right
now, but as things get going you might find that it feels better at a
different angle." He grinned. "Don't worry about it too much right
now. Most of the fun is in the messing around to find what feels best."

If Carter had planned to say something in reply to that, it was lost
when Dave wiggled his fingers again, making the man moan loudly. "I'm
gonna have to use a lot of spit, so don't get grossed out, okay?"

Carter chuckled. "After what you've done so far, you're worried that
a little spit will bother me?"

Dave shrugged. "Might happen." He then gazed intently at Carter.
"You sure about this?"

Carter stared back just as intently. "I'm positive. I want you, Dave."

Dave slowly grinned and then nodded. He worked up a good amount of
saliva and then spit it into his hand and using it to lubricate the
condom. Dave then inched forward just a bit more, his fingers still
teasing Carter even as he lined his cock up with that sweet opening.
"Just remember to breathe deeply and relax…"

Following Dave's instructions were easy enough, John thought. Right
up to the moment when Dave started to shove a 2x4 into his body.
There was an initial bit of pain, followed by a burning sensation that
didn't seem to want to ease up.

"Jesus!" John exclaimed, barely noticing that Dave had stopped moving.

"You gotta relax for me, baby," Dave said. He spit into his hand
again and grabbed John's cock, stroking and squeezing it, not that
there was much of an erection left to mess with. It had quickly fled
when the pain had started. "Take deep breaths and relax."

"That's easy for you to say," John said, "You don't have a board stuck
up your butt." Despite his urge to make Dave stop, John obeyed Dave's
orders and he took a deep breath, and then another, before willing his
muscles to relax. His cock was starting to harden again, and Dave's
hand there felt really nice. John closed his eyes and took another
deep breath, then whimpered as he felt fingers pinching at a nipple.
The tingling sensation ran straight to his groin, and John felt his
cock throb, the burning sensation temporarily forgotten.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, Hoss? You like having your cock
messed with. You like it when I play with your teats, too, don't you?
Hell, you like everything I do, don't you?" Dave's voice was thick
with desire, and even though John wanted to look up into his face
right then, he chose to keep his eyes closed. If he didn't see Dave
tearing him in two, then it was easier to pretend that it wasn't

But Dave wouldn't have any of that, and John found himself opening his
eyes at Dave's urging. John couldn't remember ever seeing that much
desire in someone else's eyes, and it nearly took his breath away.

"Breathe," Dave commanded.

His eyes still on Dave, John obeyed, and he felt a slight renewal of
the burning as Dave moved in a bit further. John took another breath
as Dave eased in a bit more. The burning wasn't so bad by then, he
noticed. John was about to take another deep breath and then heard
himself gasping out loud as the most wonderful sensation shot up his
body from his ass. It had felt good when Dave's fingers had been
touching his prostate, but this…this was so fucking incredibly better.

Dave smiled slowly. "There. I told you that you'd like it, didn't I?"

John nodded, not trusting his own voice to not squeak if he tried to
talk. The pleasure increased a bit as Dave moved again.

"I'm there now," Dave said. "All the way in." Not that John needed
Dave to tell him that. He could feel Dave's balls against his butt,
the heat from them searing. Dave's hand was still slowly working on
John's cock, stroking firmly in each direction and sending John into a
state of near bliss.

"Grab your thighs and pull your legs up," Dave instructed and John
started to do just that, wondering if Dave was planning on doing
anything else besides just stay right where he was. Not that it felt
badly, John mused, but he was now a bit eager to see what it would
feel like to have Dave thrusting in and out.

As his legs moved into the air, the angle changed and John couldn't
hold back a moan of pleasure over that mere thing. He looked away
from Dave's face, raking his gaze down Dave's body until he found the
spot where they were now joined. "God…" John muttered at the
perfection of seeing Dave's body disappearing into his own. He looked
back up at Dave's face, and seeing the smile he saw there made John
grin. "You're so damn perfect."

Dave gave John's cock a hard squeeze. "I think you've got that a bit
backwards, Hoss. From where I'm sitting, you're the one that's
perfect. I don't know if I can even start to describe to you just how
damn good you feel around my cock. So hot and tight, and all mine."

John could understand the lack of words, because he was pretty sure
that he'd never be able to tell Dave just how it felt to have Dave's
cock buried deep within him. Yes, it was filling, but it also made
John feel whole and complete.

They were still smiling at each other when Dave began to ease back
out, his cock pressing hard against that sweet spot as it moved.
"Move with me, baby," Dave said. "Find that rhythm and move with me."

At first, John thought that it would be hard to get into sync with
Dave's movements, but he soon found himself moving in time with Dave,
his hips moving upward to meet Dave's inward thrusts. His eyes had
closed again, and John was grateful that Dave didn't ask him to open
them again, because John was pretty sure that that was out of his
control. There were too many other things going on – too many
sensations to experience, for John to worry about having to keep his
eyes open.

He was getting close to coming, and John made some noise to that
effect, but Dave's strokes and occasionally caresses of the cockhead
didn't slow or cease. It was pretty obvious to John that Dave was
intending to make him come, and John had no intention of convincing
Dave out of doing that.

Dave had worked up what he felt was a pretty good pace for the two of
them. His hand was keeping up pretty damn well with his cock, and
Carter…oh, man, but Carter was definitely a fast learner. Dave knew
he wasn't going to last long, but right then, he really didn't want
to, either. He wanted Carter to have a good time, and to enjoy
himself, and Dave thought that a long ride would be too much for
Carter right then.

Carter started to make some other kinds of noises, and Dave looked
gazed down at his face, quickly noting the telltale signs that an
orgasm was imminent. He looked down in time to see Carter's balls
retract a bit and prepared himself for the explosion that hit shortly
thereafter. Dave nearly lost it right then himself over the way
Carter's sphincter muscles contracted so damn tightly over his cock.
But Dave managed to hold back, even managed to stop while Carter came.
Dave kept his hand moving though, milking that essence out of Carter
and creating quite a mess on Carter's belly and chest.

As Carter's body settled into a post-climactic lassitude, Dave resumed
his thrusting, and he was now able to use both hands to grab Carter's
hips, helping the guy along with the fucking. "That was great, Hoss,
just great…you're so fucking hot when you come…"

And damn if Carter didn't manage to still keep up with him, meeting
him thrust for thrust until Dave thought he'd scream from the pleasure
of it all. And then he suddenly did yell out, his own orgasm slamming
hard. Dave yanked Carter's hips closer as he tried to bury himself
deeper within Carter. Eyes closed, Dave felt his come spurting out
into the condom, the heat of Carter's body still surrounding him so

When Dave opened his eyes again, he found Carter staring at him.
"You're the one that's fucking hot," Carter said, and a shiver went
through Dave at those words. Damn, but he loved it when Carter talked
that way. He knew that Carter would never, ever say anything like
that at work. Hell, he probably didn't say anything like that much of
anywhere, and Dave felt more than a bit special that he was the one
who was capable of getting Carter to let his guard down and just relax.

"I try my best," Dave cockily replied. He reached down and grabbed
the condom at the base of his cock and slowly pulled out, noting the
way that pleasure still danced across Carter's face at that small
movement. "Be right back."

Dave rushed into the bathroom and ditched the condom in the trashcan
in there, and then he cleaned himself off. He then grabbed a
washcloth, dampened it, grabbed a towel and returned to the bed to
find Carter laying on the bed just the way he'd left him.

Dave crawled onto the bed. "This might be a bit cold," he warned as
he began to clean Carter, making sure he was as gentle as he could be
while wiping around the more sensitive areas. Dave knew that Carter
would be sore the next day and he hoped that Carter would feel it was
worth it.

Once Carter was clean and dry, Dave dumped the washcloth and towel
over the side of the bed and stretched out on top of Carter, kissing
him deeply. Carter's arms snaked around Dave's body, holding him
tightly. "Did you like that?" Dave asked.

Carter smiled at him. "I can say that I definitely liked that,"
Carter replied. "That was pretty good."

"It'll be better next time," Dave promised.

"Which will be?" Carter asked, his eyes dancing with laughter.

"I'd like it to be just as soon as I recover, but I think your ass is
gonna be too sore for anything more tonight. What's your schedule
like tomorrow?"

Carter shook his head. "Shitty. I'm working a double and won't be
getting done until midnight or so. You?"

"I'm off at seven." Dave shifted slightly and gave Carter's shoulder
a kiss. "What about the next night?"

"Valentine's? I'm working a regular shift and will be done by seven.
Why? You're not interested in being my Valentine, are you?" That
glint was back in Carter's eyes and Dave couldn't help but grin at him.

"Maybe I was, and maybe I wasn't. I can't think of anyone else that
I'd rather spend that night with. What about you?"

"Hmmm…" Carter looked up at the ceiling, but didn't say anything else.


"I'm thinking, I'm thinking." Carter grinned and looked back at Dave.
"Nope. Can't think of anyone that I'd rather be with, either. So,
looks like we've got a date."

"Yep, it does. How about we go to my place?"

"That'll be nice," Carter agreed. "We'll have to put in an appearance
at the party, though."

Dave had forgotten about the Valentine's Day party that they were
planning to have in the ER. He'd already coughed up his share of the
pizza money, or else he would have tried to convince Carter that they
could skip the party. "Yeah, we can stay there for a short time. Can
I catch a ride with you?"

"Didn't you just do that?" Carter asked with a smirk.

"Whoa, am I lucky or what? Not only do I get a guy with a cute ass,
but a smart one as well," Dave teased. "And yes, you just gave me one
hell of a ride. However, I was thinking more along the lines of me
riding in your Jeep to my place."

"I think that can be arranged," Carter replied, and Dave nodded his

They were both quiet for a few moments and then Carter poked Dave in
the ribs. "You're heavy, Dr. Dave."

"Sorry." Dave rolled off of Carter and then stretched out at his
side. "This better?"

"A little bit. I did like the warmth. Hold on."

Dave watched appreciatively as Carter crawled to the foot of the bed
to grab the covers. There was enough light for him to see that he
hadn't damaged Carter too badly, and Dave was glad of that. Carter
soon returned to his side, pulling the covers up over them both before
snuggling against Dave's body.

"So, maybe when you're recovered I could take my oral test?" Carter asked.

"I think that could be arranged," Dave replied. He placed a kiss on
the top of Carter's head. "Let's get some rest first, though."

Carter nodded and Dave felt him nestle even closer. He wrapped his
arms around Carter and smiled over the way things had turned out. Now
that it was quiet, he could hear the hockey game, but Dave didn't want
to leave Carter long enough to go and turn off the television. Maybe
they could do the "testing" in the living room? With the way Carter
was surprising him tonight, Dave didn't doubt for one moment that
Carter wouldn't have a problem with doing stuff there – or any other
room for that matter.

As Dave listened to Carter's even breathing, he found himself thinking
that he was one lucky son of a bitch indeed, and he was already
looking forward to Valentine's Day and their next night together.
"Baby, be mine," Dave whispered as he tightened his arms around
Carter. If Dave had his way, it was going to be one hell of a night.

To be continued…
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