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Now that Dave was aware of what Carter was attempting, all of his
senses were on Carter, and the hockey game no longer held any interest
for him. He knew when Carter moved, and Dave found himself holding
his breath as he waited for Carter to come around to the front of the
couch. He was a bit confused then, when that didn't happen.

Dave glanced back toward Carter and saw him walking toward the bedroom
door, his posture all but screaming 'defeated'. Whoa, that wasn't
what Dave had intended. When he'd ignored Carter, it had been to make
sure that Carter knew what he wanted and what he was doing. Dave had
never thought that Carter would take it as a sign of rejection.

Dave quickly got to his feet, catching up to Carter at the bedroom
door, and he placed a restraining hand on Carter's shoulder. "Don't,"
Dave said, and he found himself bending his head slightly and placing
a kiss between Carter's shoulder blades. Carter's skin was still warm
and damp from the shower, and a shiver ran down Dave's spine as he
envisioned what the rest of Carter's body must feel like.


"Shhh," Dave interrupted. "Don't say anything, Carter, just listen.
I want this. I want you. But, I don't want you doing anything that
you don't really want to do, you know? So, it's up to you, okay? If
you want me, if you really and truly want me, then turn around and
tell me so. And if you're not sure, then go on into your room and get
dressed and we'll forget this ever happened and just stay friends.
Your choice, Hoss." Oh, God, but how he wanted Carter to turn around,
Dave thought. Please turn around, please.

The arm under Dave's hand was trembling, and Dave hastily removed it,
not wanting his touch to put Carter under any extra pressure. He
didn't realize that he was holding his breath until he saw Carter
start to turn around and Dave let that breath out with a silent sigh
as a smile began to stretch its way across his face. Carter really
did want him, and at that moment there was nothing more important than

And yet, when Carter had turned completely around, he wouldn't meet
Dave's eyes. Instead, it seemed to Dave that Carter was looking at
the floor. "Hey," Dave said as he tucked a finger under Carter's chin
and began to tilt his head upward. "Look at me, Carter."

Eye to eye they stood there, Dave rock solid and Carter's body still
slightly shaking. Dave let his finger slide along Carter's jaw, then
to the back of his head, where his hand then held Carter steady as he
leaned in for a kiss. Carter was a tad bit taller, but Dave had no
trouble meeting his lips. The first thing that Dave noticed was that
Carter's lips were cold; the second thing was that Carter had his lips
tightly clenched. Dave didn't know if the clenching was also because
Carter was cold or if it was because he was uneasy about kissing
another guy. Either way, it was pretty obvious that Carter needed to
get warm, even if Dave did like looking at him while he was wearing
nothing but a towel.

Dave slowly pulled away from the kiss, smiling at Carter. "You know,
I was hoping that you were shivering with anticipation and not because
you were about to freeze your cute ass off. C'mon," Dave put an arm
around Carter's shoulders and turned him around, then headed into the
bedroom. "Why don't we crawl under the covers until you've warmed up?"

It didn't matter to Dave that Carter didn't answer him; he had every
intention of getting Carter into the bed and warm. And above that,
Dave wanted to make sure that Carter's lack of enthusiasm with the
kiss had been because he was cold and not because he didn't want to do
this after all.

Dave switched on the bedside lamp and then let go of Carter long
enough to turn back the covers. "Get on in," he said as he toed off
his shoes. "And scoot over to make room for me." If it worked out
that nothing happened, then Dave wanted to at least know what it felt
like to hold Carter next to him and to breathe in his scent.

As Dave stripped down to his briefs, he tried to not stare at Carter,
although he was acutely aware of the fact that Carter was staring at
him. Dave considered slipping out of his underwear, but chose not to,
since he didn't want Carter to get freaked out and thinking they were
going to do something right then.

"You'll get warmer quicker if there's skin contact," Dave explained as
he slipped under the covers and moved over to wrap his arms around
Carter's body. The other man seemed tense, and it took a few light
tugs for Dave to silently get across the idea that he wanted Carter to
move closer. As soon as Carter moved, though, Dave felt a coldness
against his body, and he realized that the towel was still damp.

"Jesus, Hoss, no wonder you're freezing," Dave exclaimed as he moved
back a bit, his hands going to Carter's waist. "This towel has got to

Dave yanked on the towel and felt it come loose, and he tried to not
let his cock notice when his hands brushed over Carter's hardness.
"Lift your hips a bit and we'll get this thing outta here," Dave
ordered, and he was pleased when Carter quickly obeyed.

Dave pulled the towel out from under the covers and tossed it across
the room. As he settled his arms once more around Carter, Dave
smiled. "Better?"

"Much," John replied. "Thank you."

Dave's smile grew broader as he felt Carter's body relax against his.
"You're welcome. It's the least I can do," Dave said as he began to
light caress Carter's lower back. "After all, if I'd maybe been a bit
quicker on the uptake, you wouldn't have stood there for so long
freezing in that towel."

"I guess I can just hit you over the head the next time I want to try
seducing you," John commented, and Dave could feel the vibration of
Carter's voice against his chest. It was a feeling he liked, and Dave
pulled Carter a little bit closer.

"That might work," Dave agreed. "Look, Car...John. If you don't want
anything to happen..."

Dave's offer to let Carter off the hook was cut off when Carter's lips
were suddenly there on Dave's. Dave found this to be a much more
enjoyable kiss, and it was pretty damn obvious from the hardness that
Dave felt against his thigh that Carter was enjoying it as well. Dave
felt a hand tugging at the waistband of his shorts, and the kiss was
cut off long enough for Dave to hear Carter's lone word on the
subject, "Off."

With one hand wrapped around the nape of Carter's neck, Dave had to
get his shorts off with the other hand. It wasn't as difficult as
Dave originally thought it would be, and his shorts were soon pushed
aside under the covers, so that the two men were completely touching
bare skin to bare skin.

Lordy, but Carter's mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere, Dave
thought, and at that moment his back arched involuntarily as he felt
Carter's slender and still cool fingers wrap around his hard cock.
"God, Carter..." Dave managed to say when Carter's lips moved down
over Dave's chin and to his neck. Dave's hand relaxed a bit on
Carter's neck, willing to lightly guide if needed, but equally willing
to wait to see where Carter ended up on his own.

The devil inside of Dave began to wonder if he'd misjudged Carter and
his experience when it came to having sex with another guy, but the
angel within kept assuring Dave that when it came to guys, Carter was
about as innocent as they came. He'd be the one to teach Carter for a
change, and Dave grinned at that thought, then reached down and cupped
Carter's ass within his hands.

"Easy, Hoss. We've got all night, and I'm not going anywhere." Truth
was, there wasn't anyplace that Dave would rather be than right where
he was right then, and he couldn't help but feel warm inside over that.

When Dave had grabbed him and called him "Hoss", John had frozen. He
hadn't meant to react to that name, or to Dave's touch, but he had.
When they were at work, John was able to keep back the memories that
that name tried to drag to the surface. But he wasn't at work, and
John had had to work hard to push those memories back down. By the
time he felt he'd successfully put them aside, Dave was saying
something about him freezing and then leading him into the bedroom.

Since that's where John had wanted to be all along, he hadn't argued
over Dave taking charge that way. In fact, it was quite nice, letting
someone else make the decisions for a change. It wasn't until they
were both under the covers and Dave was touching him that John
realized that he wanted more than what Dave was offering right then.

"He who hesitates is lost," John thought to himself, remembering one
of his grandfather's favorite quotes. His mind made up to not lose,
John made his move. Dave's body felt hard and hot under his, and his
lips were soft and pliable. Dave's mouth tasted of pizza and beer,
and John fed on that taste. The only thing wrong with everything was
that John couldn't touch all of Dave's skin, and he paused long enough
to let Dave know. As Dave worked to remove his underwear, John kept
kissing him, tasting Dave's mouth again and then his skin. Dave had
showered since he'd left work, and his skin smelled and tasted of the
soap he'd used. And under that was what had to be Dave's own musk, a
scent that John knew he'd never tired of smelling.

Feeling brave, John decided to go for broke and he moved his hand
downward until it found Dave's cock. Aside from medical examinations,
John had never held another guy's cock, limp or hard. He'd thought
that it would feel strange, but instead it felt very familiar. Of
course, he'd masturbated enough to be familiar with the way a hard
cock felt, he'd just not expected Dave's to feel so...familiar. Of
course, it only stood to reason that if Dave's cock physically felt
similar to John's, then Dave would like having the same things done to
him. John began to slowly stroke Dave, his fingers lightly squeezing
the organ every other stroke.

A part of John wanted to move further down Dave's body, to see if Dave
liked being sucked off as much as he did, but the overall act made
John hesitate. He didn't know what to do, not really. He'd never
sucked himself, so there was no point of reference, and John didn't
want to do something wrong. The last thing he wanted was for Dave to
leave there unsatisfied. No, John wanted Dave feeling very satisfied
and eager to come back for more.

John slowly licked a spot on Dave's neck and then propped himself up
on one hand. He looked down into Dave's eyes, then away from Dave,
over at his own pillow. "I don't know what to do now," John admitted,
and he could feel his cheeks growing warm as he said it, too.

John felt Dave's hands on his chin once more, forcing him to look back
at Dave. Dave smiled up at John, and in that short instant, John knew
everything would be all right. "It's okay. I can show you," Dave
said. "Get on your back."

John moved off of Dave, carefully so that he wouldn't poke Dave in any
wrong places, and he stretched out in the middle of the bed. The cool
sheet under his back felt good right then, the passion that John was
feeling for Dave had long ago chased away the chill. "Okay. Now what?"

Dave rose up slightly, propping himself up by one elbow. He let his
free hand skim over John's chest, catching the nipples with every pass
and making John gasp from the pleasure of it. It was something John
remembered from all those years ago, a simple pleasure that had been
unexpected then and just as unexpected now. John had been so busy
remembering the other things - the not so simple things - that he'd
forgotten the small acts, like Dave's hand barely touching his
nipples. He'd forgotten how good it had felt to have Dave's lips
tugging on a taut nipple, and then to feel Dave's tongue flicking over
the nipple.

"Yes!" John exclaimed, his own back arching up from the mattress this
time. "I'd forgotten how good that felt." His hands searched for
Dave's head, and John entwined his fingers in Dave's hair, needing to
hold Dave to his chest so that the pleasure never ended. "Don't stop.
Please don't stop."

Dave had been getting pretty turned on by watching the look on
Carter's face as he messed with the guy's teats. Dave liked having
his nipples played with, and he was glad to see that Carter did, too.
As Dave nibbled on a nipple, he could smell Carter, and that made his
dick get harder as well. At least until Carter spoke. Even as Dave
heard Carter begging for him not to stop, Dave did stop, his mind
racing. He raised his head and looked down at Carter. He looked
delicious with his eyes closed and his face flushed, but Dave couldn't
let himself be distracted from finding out more about what Carter had
said. "Carter. Look at me."

John's eyes slowly opened, and the two men locked gazes.

"What did you mean just now? When you said that you'd forgotten how
good that felt?" Dave's hand had come to rest on Carter's chest, and
Dave suddenly realized that it had come to rest on top of one of the
perfect nipples. He hastily moved it, letting it rest instead on the
relative safety of Carter's belly. Dave hoped that Carter simply
meant that he'd enjoyed it every time a chick had done that, but his
gut was telling him that it wouldn't be that simple. This was one
time when Dave was praying that his gut was wrong.

John looked confused as he shook his head. "I meant just what I said.
I'd forgotten how good that had felt. You know, from when you did it

Dave glanced away from Carter and he began to chew on his bottom lip,
not sure what to say. Maybe it had been a mistake to not talk about
the abduction, Dave thought. "You thought that I...?" Dave shook his
head, then moved so that he was upright and kneeling on his knees
beside Carter.

"John, I never touched you," Dave said, keeping his eyes on Carter's
face. "Except for cutting off your clothes, and then later wrapping
you in the sheet. I...I left the room after I stripped you."

John's cheeks began to turn a deep red, and he turned his head to look
away from Dave. "You didn't...you were there, though. Right?"

Dave shook his head. "Not really. Someone had to go to get the video
tapes and that someone ended up being me." Dave didn't think it was a
good idea to admit that he'd left the room because watching the other
guys touching Carter had aroused him. No, it definitely wasn't a good

"Why didn't you say that earlier?" John softly asked. "You could have
let me blame the other guys."

"I might not have assaulted you, Hoss, but I was just as guilty as
they were. I planned it all. Not the details, but the whole
abduction thing was my idea." Dave sighed as he thought that maybe
making love to Carter wasn't the best idea right then. "We don't have
to do this. You don't have to do this."

John's reply was to roll onto his side, away from Dave, his body
curling into a ball. "Just go," he said, and Dave could have sworn
that he heard more than a little waver in those two words. "I
wouldn't want you to waste your time with me."

Oh, shit. Dave felt like a real heel as he listened to Carter. He
moved again, spooning his body behind Carter's and wrapping his arm
over Carter's body. "Time spent with you would never be a waste,"
Dave said. "I just don't want you thinking that you've got to go
through with this in order to prove something. I want you for who you
are, Hoss. Tonight I know exactly who I'm with, make no mistake about

The body in front of Dave was rigid, and Dave was beginning to fear
that Carter was going to kick him out - or just drive him away by
ignoring him. Dave was stubborn though, and he was determined to not
leave until he was completely sure that Carter realized what he meant
to Dave. Seconds passed, turning into minutes. Those minutes quietly
passed as well, and Dave could feel Carter's body relaxing against him.

"Do you really mean that?" John asked, his voice soft and uncertain.

Dave snuggled up closer to Carter. "I really mean that." His arm
tightened around Carter's body. "I'm with John Carter, with brown
hair and brown eyes and long legs that I want to feel wrapped around
my waist, holding me in place while we make love. I'm with John
Carter, who isn't afraid to show the pleasure he feels when I touch
him. Yes, it's true that when I started at County I remembered you
from before, but it didn't take long for me to start wanting you,
Carter. I've spent months fantasizing about you while jerking off,
and I can go back to doing that if that's what you want."

Dave planted a lingering kiss between Carter's shoulder blades while
letting his hand lightly caress the skin of Carter's belly. "But I
hope that you'll prefer me coming right here with you. Hell, to be
totally honest, I hope that you'll let me fuck you. I'm aching to be
inside you, Hoss. But if I have to wait, then I'll wait. And it
definitely won't be a waste of my time."

To be continued...
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