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Author's Chapter Notes:
The story will now go into a more AU direction than it was already headed.
Carter had been on crutches for about a week, and Dave felt that Carter was making good progress with them. But, not as much progress as Carter seemed to feel he was making. The guy was dropping hints left and right about going back to work. Dave could understand Carter’s desire to get back to a regular routine and to once more be doing something instead of sitting around the apartment, but he felt that going back there now was just too much for Carter to handle. And that wasn’t just his personal opinion, but his professional one as well.

Carter’s personal and professional opinions were totally different than Dave’s, and this was causing a lot of tension between them. Each man felt that the other was relying heavily on personal opinion and not so much on the professional one.

For Dave, the issue was one that could easily be resolved by Carter’s physician. All the man needed to do was to tell Carter that it was too soon for him to be going back to the ER. But did the man do that? Hell, no! Instead he told Carter that he could go back at any time, providing that he felt physically up to it. Of course, upon hearing that, Carter claimed to be feeling fine.

As if, Dave thought as he brought the meat tenderizer down hard on the flank steak he was prepping for their dinner. Carter couldn’t put any weight at all on his left leg, he tired easily, and if he exerted himself, then he was often left in pain. Things that Carter conveniently forgot to mention when he was telling the doctor that he felt ‘fine’. He also didn’t tell the man about the nightmares that were still plaguing him, preventing him from getting a decent night’s sleep.

Dave looked over his shoulder as he heard the now familiar sound of the crutches on the kitchen floor. Carter looked happy and Dave had a sinking feeling that Carter’s happiness was going to make Dave anything but happy.

“I just got off the phone with Weaver,” Carter said as he came to a stop beside Dave and then leaned against the counter. “She said that I can just show up when I feel ready to come back to work and that I don’t need to set it up with her first. She did insist on short shifts to start out with, and I was thinking of giving it a try tomorrow.”

Dave looked away from Carter’s hopeful look and brought the tenderizer down hard on the beef. “That doesn’t surprise me any. You’ve been anxious to get back to work since you got the crutches. What does surprise me is your insistence on turning a blind eye to the fact that while you might be mentally ready to go back to work, your body and emotions aren’t yet healed enough for it.”

Carter sighed. “Dave, we’ve been over this a hundred times. It’s not like I’ll be working traumas or anything that would really tax me. And the sooner I go back, the better off I’ll be.”

“It hasn’t even been six weeks since the ostomy was taken down,” Dave tossed the tenderizer into the sink. “Babe, you had major surgery the first time, and taking down the ostomy wasn’t a walk in the park. Your body needs time to fully heal. Can’t you give it to the end of the month before going back to work?” Dave would really prefer for Carter to wait until May, but he knew that asking for that would be really pushing it. He knew that Carter wasn’t seeing anyone about the nightmares, and he was hoping that he could get Carter to see a therapist between now and him going back to the ER. He himself had had a hard time walking into Curtain 3 after the stabbing, and he’d not been the victim. Dave worried about how Carter was going to react the first time he had to go back into that room.

“I’m tired of arguing about this, Dave,” Carter said.

Dave turned to fully face Carter. “That’s because you *are* tired,” Dave replied. “You haven’t slept all the way through the night since…well, you haven’t done that at all, John. If it’s not nightmares waking you, then you just can’t fall asleep. Do you think I don’t notice when you’re wide-awake beside me?” Dave was feeling extremely frustrated over Carter’s stubbornness on this matter, and he knew that that frustration had to be coming out in his tone of voice. He just hoped that Carter saw it as frustration and not as something else.

“And the sooner I face things, the easier things like sleeping will get for me,” Carter replied, looking somber. “When I close my eyes…” He shook his head. “I *need* to go back to work and face that room, so that maybe I’ll stop seeing it the way it was that night.”

Dave sighed and leaned back against the counter. “I understand what you’re saying, babe, I really do. I just don’t think that right now is the best time for you to be trying to put your demons to rest. Get your body fully healed, and then go after those demons. I know that you’re tired of being stuck here in the apartment, but I really don’t think that going back to work now is the best thing for you.”

Dave could tell by the look in Carter’s eyes that his words were falling on deaf ears. Carter had made his decision, and that’s all there was to it. There were times when Dave almost admired Carter’s stubborn streak, but not right now when Carter’s health was at stake.

So, it was time to hit below the belt. “So, this means that you’ve changed your mind about Dylan coming to visit? If so, then that’s all right. We can go back and stay at my place, and I’m sure that Weaver will let me have some time off so that he won’t be alone. And then once you’re home, and have some time to rest, we can come over to visit. He’s really looking forward to meeting you,” Dave kept his voice pleasant, even though inside he was beating himself up over using his son to bend Carter to his will. Dave knew that Carter would never renege on his agreement to watch Dylan during the day while he was in Chicago, although he was a bit surprised that Carter hadn’t realized the date and that Dylan would be arriving in two days. Not that Carter had forgotten about Dylan’s visit, the man had been talking about it nearly every day since Dave had called Lisa back to tell her that it was okay for her to drop Dylan off with them so she could attend her conference. The conference was in Milwaukee, so in a way, Chicago was on the way. Lisa and Dylan would take the train from Detroit to Chicago, and stay overnight. Then Lisa would leave the next morning, giving Dave and Carter a full week to spend with Dylan. As much as Dave was looking forward to spending time with his son, Carter was just as excited, doing his best to plan things that he hoped Dylan would find fun. So, no, Dave was pretty certain that Carter hadn’t forgotten about the visit, but he had the feeling that Carter didn’t realize the date.

When Carter’s face paled at hearing Dave’s words, Dave knew that he’d hit home in more ways than one. As Carter seemed to slump in his crutches, Dave knew he’d won, but he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty about his methods.

“I forgot…” Carter started, and then he looked up at Dave, an earnest look on his face. “I didn’t forget about Dylan coming, Dave, honest. I just didn’t realize that it was this week.”

Dave walked over to Carter, wrapping his arms around him. “I know you didn’t forget, babe. Look, how about a compromise? You spend the week running around with Dylan as planned and then when he goes home, if you feel that you’re physically ready to go back to work, then I won’t argue the point. But, if after spending a week with a rambunctious five year old has you worn out, then you agree to not argue the point with me, and you stay on medical leave for at least two more weeks after that. Deal?”

Carter seemed to think about it for a few moments and then he nodded. “Deal.” Carter then smiled as he moved his face closer to Dave’s. “Seal the deal with kiss?”

Dave’s answer to that was to press his lips against Carter’s, giving him a thorough kiss as well as a pretty good grope, and making himself hard in the process. Winning always made Dave horny, and this was no exception, even if it wasn’t a sports-related win. “How about I get dinner in the oven and we go into the bedroom and seal the deal a bit more fully?”

Carter grinned. “I like that idea, although why risk burning dinner by going into the bedroom? We can seal the deal right here, can’t we? Besides, we’re going to need to get in as much loving as we can before Dylan gets here.”

Dave frowned, not sure what Carter meant, and then it slowly dawned on him. “You think we won’t be able to make love while Dylan’s here?”

“I don’t see how we can. Yes, he’ll be sleeping on the couch, but we’ll just be behind a flimsy door, and it’s a door that we’re not used to locking, Dave. We can’t risk him waking up in the middle of the night, confused and needing you and then walking in on us.”

Dave was trying to come up with a good reply to that, when Carter got an intense look on his face. This in itself wouldn’t alarm Dave, but then Carter slowly sucked in his lower lip, a sure indication that Carter was about to say something that Dave knew he didn’t want to hear.

“You know, it might be better if I sleep on the couch while Dylan’s here, and he stays with you in the bedroom. He’ll be more comfortable with you,” Carter said, his eyes firmly on Dave’s collar bone. Oh, yeah, Dave thought, eye avoidance. Yet another clue that Carter knew that he knew that Dave wouldn’t be happy with what he was saying.

Well, Dave was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be sleeping with his son during his stay, and he was also pretty sure that he and Carter were going to keep on making love during that time, too. But, seeing as how he’d just won this round of keeping Carter from rushing back to work, Dave didn’t really see any sense in pushing things. There’d be time later to prove to Carter that he was once again wrong.

Dave slowly smiled, “We’ll talk about that after dinner,” he said, once more pulling Carter closer to him. “Why don’t you go get what we need while I get dinner in the oven? If we’re to take advantage of having no child around, then I don’t want to waste any time scrambling around for condoms.”

Carter nodded and raised his head, and Dave took that as an invitation for another kiss. The way that Carter’s lips parted so quickly for him told Dave that he’d interpreted that movement correctly. Yeah, he was getting pretty good at figuring out how Carter’s mind and heart worked. Well, maybe not so good at the whole working part, but he definitely knew how to get Carter back on the right track when that mind of his deviated from Dave’s set plans.

As Carter headed out of the kitchen, Dave went back to the flank steak, placing it in a baking dish and then thoroughly washing his hands before he began to season it and add a few onion slices to the dish. Dinner was going to be simple: rosemary and thyme seasoned flank steak with onions, boiled small potatoes and glazed carrots. The carrots were going to be baked, and were already in their dish, and the potatoes would boil up in no time at all, so once they were done *sealing the deal*, they wouldn’t have to wait long before having dinner.

Dave had just closed the oven door when Carter returned to the kitchen, condoms and lube in hand and a grin on his face. It was a grin that Dave liked seeing, because it promised so many good things within the next hour or so. He took the condoms and lube from Carter and placed them on the table.

“Floor, counter or table?” Dave asked as he reached out and began to unbutton Carter’s shirt. “Or all three?”


The kitchen was awash in a rather appetizing combination of aromas. The smell of dinner cooking was mingling nicely with the smell of sex that hung over the room, or so John thought.

He took a deep breath and looked up at Dave, feeling more than a bit lethargic and very comfortable in the nest of tangled clothes that they’d made on the kitchen floor. John had already come twice, with a slight intermission between the orgasms to give Dave his own mind-blowing orgasm, but Dave didn’t seem to be letting any time elapse between John’s last orgasm and whatever it was that Dave was now planning. He stood there, looking down at John, eyes dark with the same desire that had been in them since he had reached out to undress John an eternity ago. John, for his part, was simply enjoying the view. Dave’s hard cocked bobbed with every breath the man took, and there was a sheen of sweat coating Dave’s entire body. Some of it might have been due to the heat emanating from the oven, but most of it was from what they’d been doing. Or rather, what Dave had been doing, since John didn’t really feel that he’d done all that much work. How much effort did it take to hold still while someone ravished your body and brought you to completion? Or to rest on ones knees and haunches while devouring Dave? Judging by the sweat that was still on John’s body, more effort than he thought.

John licked his lips, wanting to offer to suck Dave dry again, but John had a feeling that Dave was after something different this time around. It was tempting, too tempting, really, to reach up to stroke and tease Dave’s cock, but John’s hand was stilled by the look in Dave’s eyes, and he let his arm drop back down to his belly.

“Are you going to just stand there all night or are you finally going to fuck me?” John asked, never taking his eyes from Dave’s gaze.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, don’t worry about that,” Dave replied, his voice low and husky, a nice counterpoint to John’s own languid tone. “I just need a moment or else this will be over before I get fully inside of you, and I want to last as long as I can for you, babe.”

“Oh…” John smiled. “Well, then by all means, take your time.” John shifted his hips slightly and then moved his legs, parting his thighs as far as they could go. “Because I think we both know just how much I like having you fully inside of me.”

Dave’s eyes darkened and he slowly moved to his knees between John’s legs. He reached out and ran his hands over John’s thighs. “Yes, we do know that, don’t we?”

Dave reached over and picked up the bottle of lube, squeezing out a good amount into his palm. John watched, dimly noting that they’d already used quite a bit of it and that they needed to buy more soon. John’s cock and balls were still slick from earlier, when Dave had been using his hands to stroke him to orgasm while using his mouth and tongue elsewhere, simulating intercourse. John was eager to have his body reach the point where he could kneel between Dave’s legs and rim him to the point where he was incoherent. But, while John could handle being on his knees long enough to suck Dave off, he wasn’t yet to the point where he could spend his leisure in that position, so that goal was something to work towards.

Dave rubbed his hands together, then he wrapped his hand around John’s flaccid member, giving it a squeeze. “Harder…” John whispered, his eyes still on Dave’s face.

Dave slowly smiled as he increased the pressure of his grip, “Don’t worry, babe. We might not have been doing this for months or something, but I’ve figured out what you like…what turns you on the most…what makes you beg for more…makes you scream because it feels so good…”

John let his head fall back, his eyes closing as delicious feelings of pleasure began to course through his body, each and every one of them originating in his groin and then his chest as Dave began to suck and nip at his nipples. Dave was right – they hadn’t been lovers for a long time, yet Dave knew just what to do to satisfy him. From the words to his movements, Dave managed to find all the right things, and John could only hope that he was doing the same things for Dave. He took it as a good sign that he was able to make Dave beg from time to time, but there were times when John still felt a bit insecure about their relationship, and feared that Dave was just faking things so that he wouldn’t hurt John’s feelings. Then there were the feelings that cropped up about not feeling normal. Was it normal to like it when your lover talked dirty to you? Was it normal to like it to hurt a little bit? Although, John did have to admit that he’d liked that even when he’d been with women, so maybe that part *was* normal. Problem was John didn’t have anyone to ask. People were still trying to convince him to see a therapist about the stabbing, but John didn’t quite feel comfortable talking to anyone who worked at County. And if he did, then he sure as Hell wasn’t going to talk about his sex life!

John’s introspective thoughts crashed to a halt as he felt a jolt of pleasure mingled with a pinch of pain, and he opened his eyes in time to see that Dave had entered him. John’s eyes went from looking to where they were now joined to looking at Dave’s face. Dave’s eyes were now closed, and there was a look of pure bliss on his face. So, yeah, okay, that wasn’t being faked.

John slowly smiled and then he cocked his hips toward Dave, his smile growing as that simple movement made Dave gasp.

Dave’s hands moved to John’s hips, gripping him firmly as Dave opened his eyes and looked down. “Damn, but what you do to me, babe…” Dave then looked to where they were joined and he began to move, slowly pushing his cock inside of John. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing us like this…your perfect ass just sucking my cock inside of you…so tight…so damn tight…”

John moved again, doing what he could to help get all of Dave’s cock buried inside his body. “Yeah…” John moaned, “You feel so good, Dave…so perfect…”

“Tell me,” Dave said, his voice demanding. “Tell me how it feels, how you feel.” His cock continued its slow movement.

“It feels…” John struggled to find the right words. Using slang was something he’d never been allowed to do, and God forbid he should ever utter anything dirty within earshot of his Gamma! Still, John knew that Dave liked this kind of talk, too. Knew that it turned him on just as much as it turned John on to hear Dave saying those things.

“Your cock fills me up…makes me want more of it…all of it…yeah, just like that,” John said as he watched more of Dave’s cock disappear into his an…no, not his anus or rectum, but his ass. He could do this for Dave. “I like watching you fill my ass…watching you fuck me…God, Dave…just shove it in already! I need you to fuck me!”

Dave grinned. “You know that I have a hard time turning you down when you not only manage to beg, but to also demand it at the same time.” And with one shove, Dave got his cock settled completely inside. John could feel Dave’s balls coming to rest against his ass. Balls that were heavy and big and more than ready to come.

“Shall I stay like this, babe?” Dave asked, a shit-eating grin on his face now. “Or should I move?”

“Fuck me,” John growled, his own hips now in motion. “You know you want to fuck me right through this floor, admit it.”

“Oh, I admit it, Carter…I admit it. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like hearing you begging me to fuck you. Which is something that I’m not hearing right now.” That grin seemed to get broader. “I’ve heard demands, but no real begging. So…it’s up to you, Carter…I can stay just like this, or I can fuck you. Which shall it be?”

“Fuck you…” John muttered, and damn if that didn’t make Dave chuckle! Nope, couldn’t have Dave chuckling, not now. “Please, Dave…fuck me…I need to feel your cock fucking me…please?”

“That’s a bit better…” Dave then winked at him. “I think it’ll do for now, but you’re going to have to do a bit better than that next time.” Dave then quickly pulled back, until just the tip of his cock was left within John, and then they both began to move together, giving both of them what they wanted and needed. Their bodies slapped against one another, both of them making noises as their movements grew frantic and even more intense. One admiring the tightness and heat of the other’s body and the other admiring the length and thickness of the other’s cock. Both filled with love and desire for the other, a bit more of the desire right then.

John’s cock was once more hard, and Dave was alternating between stroking it and squeezing John’s balls as he thrust in and out. John’s hands were on Dave’s arms, but holding on tightly and not just resting there, “Harder…” he demanded, not caring if the harder action was the fucking or the stroking or the squeezing, as long as something was done harder, felt more intense. “Harder…”

And Dave did everything harder, or so it felt to John. It was no surprise then, that when Dave cried out that he was coming, John was right there with him, his third orgasm feeling as intense as the first one had been, and if they didn’t have the neighbors below them hitting the ceiling and demanding that they keep it down, then John was going to start to wonder about their hearing!

“God…” Dave said, nearly panting as he let his body settle over John’s, his lips seeking out John’s mouth. John lifted his head, more or less meeting Dave halfway, his hands now resting on Dave’s shoulders.

“That was good,” John said as that kiss ended, already looking forward to another one once Dave had handled the condom issue. “Very, very good.”

Dave grinned, “What can I say? You know that I aim to please you. Hold on a sec.” Dave reached between them as he pulled out, and John once more felt incredibly empty. But before that emptiness could move from John’s body to his heart and soul, Dave was leaning down again, kissing him tenderly.

The buzzer on the over went off, and Dave broke off the kiss, laughing. “Now, that’s what I call good timing. You okay here while I get dinner out of the over or do you want to get up?”

“I’m good here,” John replied. His muscles still felt loose, and the prospect of having to move was not one that John wanted to even consider. Besides, if Dave finished up with dinner while naked, then John would have an excellent view from where he was currently lounging.

Dave placed a quick peck of a kiss on John’s mouth, then got to his feet. He did pause to look down, licking his lips and shaking his head. “Damn, but I’m so lucky.”

John chuckled, and was going to reply that *he* was the lucky one, but he just didn’t seem to have the energy for that. It was while he was watching Dave bend over to open the over that John’s body gave up the struggle to stay awake, and John closed his eyes, thinking that a short nap before dinner would be a very good idea. A part of him piped up that this was what Dave was talking about when he said that John wasn’t physically ready to go back to work yet. But another part of John was quick to retort that having Dave Malucci make love to a person was far more intense than anything he could encounter at work, so shut up. Besides, it wasn’t as if he was after a two hour nap or something…just a few minutes, until Dave had dinner ready. Anybody who’d just been ravished that thoroughly would need a power nap.

John’s power nap was interrupted as he sensed someone or something settling right above him. He slowly opened his eyes to see that Dave was straddling him, a grin on his face and a plate in his hands. He also realized that there was something beneath his head, pillowing it comfortably while also raising it a bit.

“I figured that since you were too weak to move, that I’d better bring dinner to you. Open up.” Dave held a steak laden fork out toward him. “I’ve got enough on here for the two of us.”

John wasn’t so sure that he liked the idea of being fed, but then his stomach growled and hey, his arms were still feeling like limp macaroni, so why not take advantage of Dave’s good mood? He opened his mouth and took the bite that was offered, chewing it slowly as Dave also took a bite of the steak.

“It’s good,” John replied once he’d swallowed.

“You know, you say that every night,” Dave replied as he speared a carrot and held it out toward John. “I know you said that you’re not that good of a cook, but I can’t be *that* good all the time.”

John grinned as he thought about why his arms and legs were still feeling so loose. “Oh, trust me. You *are* that good all the time!” He bit the carrot off of the fork.

“Brat. You know that I was talking about cooking. As for the other,” Dave speared another carrot, “I’m only that good because of you. Pleasing you just seems to bring out the best in me.” He ate the carrot, then fed another piece of beef to John.

As John chewed, he thought about Dave’s words, and how he felt the same way. He wanted to please Dave, to make him happy and satisfied. With Dave, he’d done things that he’d never in a million years imagined himself doing, such as sucking another guy’s cock. And while he hadn’t yet rimmed Dave, he intended to. And yeah, at no point in his life had he ever thought that he’d not only think about doing something like that, but that he’d be looking forward to doing it! And being taken by Dave…nope, he’d never imagined that he’d like being fucked by another guy. But for Dave…for Dave, John would do anything.

“Dave?” John asked just as Dave had taken another bite. Something else had occurred to him, and despite the fear that was balling up in his stomach over that idea, it was something that John wanted to mention.

“Hmmm?” Dave replied.

“I think that I…well, that I’m in…what I mean is that I think I’m falling for you. Falling in love with you.”

Dave had been about to spear something else with the fork, but he’d stopped at John’s words. John felt that fear begin to grow. Had he just ruined things between them by saying the wrong thing? Had he rushed things by admitting how he felt?

Dave set the plate and fork aside and he leaned over, placing both hands on the floor to either side of John’s head. He slowly smiled. “Do you now? Well, I think that’s a good thing, because I feel the same way. And I have to add that I’m very much looking forward to finding out just how far we’re both going to go with that love.”

Dave wasn’t upset! He was feeling the same way! Oh, man…this was better than John had ever hoped it could be. “Me, too,” he said as he looked up into Dave’s eyes and noticing that they were once more dark with desire. “Me, too.”

They kissed, a lingering, toe curling kiss that left them both breathless and half hard. “That can all be heated, right?” John asked.

“Definitely. What do you have in mind?” Dave asked as he pushed the plate further away.

“I’ve noticed that whatever you put beneath my head has put me in a really advantageous position.” Seeing Dave on his hands and knees had given John an idea about how he could rim Dave without worrying about hurting himself. “Think you can turn around for me?”

“You want to sixty-nine it?” Dave asked as he began to move as requested.

“Not quite, although it might just end up that way,” John admitted. “I’d like to try using my mouth somewhere else.”

Dave came to a stop and looked back at Carter, a hint of surprise and pleasure on his face. “You’re planning on rimming me?”

John smiled and reached up to smooth his hands over Dave’s ass. “You got it. Now, if you could inch backward just a bit, I think it’ll be perfect.”

“You sure, babe? I don’t want you doing something…” Dave’s voice broke off with a moan as John swept his tongue along the space between Dave’s balls and his opening.

“Any other questions?” John asked with a grin. “Or can I just get on with what I’ve got planned?”

“Oh, by all means, continue with your plans. Far be it from me to ask for you to change your plans!”

John would have had a nice retort for that, but the sudden feeling of Dave’s wet and hot mouth on his cock pretty much chased those words away. Instead, John ended up using his actions to do his talking for him. As plans went, this one was right up there with the best of them, John thought as he began to make Dave moan.

To be continued…
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