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Philadelphia, PA - 1989:

Dave Malucci sat on his bed, looking forlornly at the object that sat
on the couch beside him. To be more accurate, he was starting at his
wallet. His empty wallet. While it was nice to be at the University
of Pennsylvania on a scholarship, the cost of his books had eaten up
what money he did have. And now, here he was, on the last day of
September and looking at an empty wallet. He's been job-hunting, but
since he hadn't gotten to Philly until right before school began, he'd
lost a chance for most of the part-time jobs near campus, and he had
no car, so driving to the suburbs to look for a job was out of the

Dave was hungry. He was hungry for food. He was hungry for beer. He
was hungry for sex. Yeah, there was food in the cafeteria, and his
tuition covered him getting three meals a day, but he wanted real food
- pizza or a good steak.

The door to the dorm suite opened, and Gary, one of Dave's three
roommates, walked in, whistling happily. Just an hour ago, Gary had
been as morose as Dave, complaining about having no money and needing
to get away from the campus and having a good time.

"What happened to change your mood?" Dave asked as he reached for his
wallet. He wasn't quite willing to share the contents of his wallet
with his suite-mates. Especially the fact that he had zero money
within said wallet.

"Serendipity, my friend, serendipity. Otherwise known as John 'the
sucker' Carter." Gary plopped down into one of the armchairs, one leg
swinging freely over the arm and the other planted on the ground.
"There's this guy one floor up, a soph, who will just hand you the
money. As long as you say you'll pay him back for it, that is." Gary
grinned broadly as he pulled something out of his shirt pocket -
money, Dave could see that much. Gary unfolded the bills, revealing
that he had two fifty's there. "I just gave him some sob story and he
handed over the money."

"Just like that?" Dave asked, wondering who could be so stupid as to
just loan money out to people he didn't know. "This is a joke, right?"

Gary chuckled. "Yeah, a joke on him. He's some rich kid from
Chicago, Dave. No school loans, no bills. His parents are footing
the whole bill. He's only in the fucking dorms because he insisted on
staying here. Apparently, his parents wanted him to get his own
place, at least that's what Steve, Johnny's roommate, told me. He's
already loaned about five hundred bucks to Steve. If you're hurting,
you should go on up and see how much he'll give you." Gary then sat
upright in the chair and leaned forward, a twinkle in his eyes. "Word
has it that the cuter you are, the easier time you'll have getting the
money. He didn't make a pass at me, or anything, but," Gary winked,
"It couldn't hurt to flirt a bit, you know?"

The money sounded good to Dave. The fact that this John Carter seemed
to prefer guys sounded even better to him, and his cock took notice of
that fact, and Dave had to lean forward on the couch to hide the fact
that he was getting hard just thinking about the chance of getting to
fuck someone, even a stranger. "What's his room number?" Dave asked,
a smile growing on his face. "I might just take a walk upstairs in a
little bit. It never hurts to have extra cash."

Gary nodded and got to his feet. "Good luck. And now I'm outta here.
Don't wait up for me."

"Have fun," Dave said, grinning as he imagined the trouble his
roommate would get into. In the short time that he'd been at Penn,
Dave had noticed that Gary liked to party more than anything else. He
was a sophomore, as was one of the other roommates, Tom. The other
roommate, Jason, was a freshman, just like Dave. Tom was the studious
one of the four, with Dave following close behind, and then Jason and
Gary pulling up the rear as party hardy guys. Dave knew he couldn't
afford to party, not if he wanted to keep getting scholarships. It
had been his hard work that had gotten him out of high school as the
valedictorian and earned him not one, but two scholarships - one to
the University of Pennsylvania and the other to Columbia, back in New
York. Dave had jumped on the one that would take him away from home,
knowing that he needed to get out of the house before he and his old
man came to any more blows. And Philly wasn't far away, so Dave could
easily visit home.

He got to his feet and checked his clothing, making sure that he
wasn't wearing anything dirty. If that Carter guy turned out to be
good-looking and liked guys like Gary had hinted at, then who knew
what might happen? If Dave played his cards right, then not only
would he get some money in his pocket, but he'd also get laid, and
there was nothing better than that combination, Dave mused, unless
rich boy Carter also happened to have ordered a pizza.

Twenty minutes later, Dave was exiting the stairs on the floor above
his. He headed down the hallway, passing a few other students and
nodding in greeting. He stopped at room 415, looked to make sure no
one was looking and then checked his breath. Still minty fresh.
Grinning, Dave knocked on the door.

And he wasn't disappointed when the door opened and put him face to
face with a guy about his same height, but brilliant blue eyes, light
brown hair, and a tan to die for.

"Yeah?" the guy asked.

"Uh, I'm looking for John Carter," Dave replied. He suddenly felt
awkward, as if this guy was out of his league. Well, he was out of
his league, Dave thought. Rich and good-looking, dressed in preppy
clothing, and oozing poise and grace. And now Dave had to find some
way to ask to borrow fifty bucks. This was not going to be easy.

The guy smiled, an act that went right to Dave's cock, and Dave
decided that he'd tell any lie he had to in order to get a chance to
get into that room with John Carter.

"Well, you found him. What can I do for you?"

"It's kinda embarrassing," Dave said, and he looked down at the floor,
hoping that he came across as looking embarrassed. "I've heard that
you sometimes help out other students, and...well, if I can come in, I
can tell you all about it." Dave looked up and into those beautiful
eyes. "It's something I'd rather not talk about in the hallway."

John Carter slowly nodded, then stood aside. "Excuse the mess," he
said as Dave walked into the room. As was usual with most of the dorm
rooms, there were two beds inside, one on each side of the door, then
a closet on the right wall, and desks below the windows, with a
footlocker in-between the desks, obviously being used as a bookshelf
and catchall. One side of the room was neat - the bed made, desk
tidy, books perfectly aligned on a shelf above the bed. The other
side held an unmade bed, clothes tossed over the back of the chair and
even on the desk, and posters of bikini-clad models graced the wall
above the bed.

"And excuse the decorations, too. I'm afraid that my roommate is more
into that sort of thing than I am." John Carter sat down in the chair
on his side of the room and gestured for Dave to sit on the bed.
"First off, why don't you tell me your name?"

Dave sat down, wondering just what the guy meant with that statement
about 'that sort of thing'? Did that mean he didn't like women? Or
that he didn't like posters of nearly naked women? "Oh, sorry. Dave

"It's nice to meet you, Dave. So, what can I help you with? Is your
car loan late? Or car insurance? Or maybe you're into gambling and
the odds haven't been in your favor?" Even though John was smiling as
he asked those questions, Dave had a feeling that he wouldn't approve
of a yes answer to any of those questions. Which made coming up with
a lie that much harder.

"Well," Dave began, "none of that. It was..." Ah, the Hell with
lying, Dave thought, and he grinned broadly at John. "Books. I did
pretty good at the used bookstore, but I've got this one class, on
medical ethics, and we have to have three different books for it, all
of them new and only available at the school store. And they wiped me
out. I don't even have enough change for a soda and chips, man."

John looked at Dave, his expression one of disbelief. And then he
laughed. "Books? You're not shitting me, are you? Everyone else
that's come by here has made up some grandiose lie, and then you come
in here complaining that buying text books has left you broke? Dave,
you are a gem."

"No, I'm a Sagittarius," Dave corrected him. "And, I don't need much,
just enough to go out and be able to get some pizza, maybe some beer,
get laid. Chicks don't look at you twice when you're broke, man, you

John shook his head, but he was still smiling. "No, I wouldn't know."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I guess that when you're rollin' in the dough and
all, chicks are all over you."

"They might try to be, but, like I said, I'm not into that kind of
thing," John's smile seemed to deepen, as did the blue of his eyes.

"That kind of thing being having meaningless sex?" Dave dared to ask.

"That kind of thing being having sex with women," John stated. "That
doesn't shock you, does it? There are so many people around who would
just as soon beat up a gay man as look at him."

"I don't mind lookin' at you," Dave quickly replied, and he smiled.
"In fact, you're pretty easy on the eyes, John Carter."

John got to his feet and came over to where Dave was and sat down on
the bed beside him, his hand hovering over Dave's thigh. "Do you
really mean that, Dave?"

Dave placed his hand over John's, pushing it against his denim clad
leg and holding it there. His cock strained against his jeans, ready
to feel that hand on it, and Dave found himself very glad that he'd
decided to pay John Carter a visit. "I really mean it, John. Hell, I
would just as soon kiss you as look at you."

John smiled again, and he leaned toward Dave. "I think you're going
to have to do better than that, Dave. Anyone can just kiss my lips.
It's other body parts that are aching to be kissed." And with that,
John took Dave's hand and moved it over so that it was resting on
John's crotch.

Dave could feel a hardness under the chinos, and he grinned. "Well,
you're in luck today, John Carter. Aside from lips, that's one of my
most favorite things to kiss."

"I was hoping you'd say that," John replied, and he leaned back on the
bed, resting on his elbows and exposing the rest of his body to Dave.
"Help yourself."

Dave's hands made quick work of undoing the belt that John wore and
then the pants themselves. He licked his lips in anticipation of what
he'd find under that material, and judging by the bulge he felt, he
knew it was going to be a mighty fine cock. No pizza, but hey, Dave
could get the pizza later. Who ever said that he couldn't handle
delayed gratification?


Dave whistled happily as he left John's room and headed for the
stairs. Even though he hadn't gotten laid, due to the fact that
John's roommate Steve was due back soon, he'd had a pretty damn good
time sucking John off, and John had encouraged Dave to bring himself
to a climax, so it was all good. And Dave was definitely counting on
seeing more of John, and having the chance to fuck that fine ass of
his. Dave was counting out the twenties in his hand, John still on
his mind, and the next thing he knew, he was bumping into a body,
sending textbooks to the floor of the hallway.

"Sorry," Dave said and he smiled apologetically at the slightly geeky
looking guy who he knocked into. "Let me help you." He started to
kneel to help pick up the books, but the guy waved him away.

"I've got them," the guy said, and he quickly gathered them up into a

Dave's nose wrinkled as he saw the titles - nothing but math and
business books. Definitely a geek "Accounting major?"

"Business," the guy replied as he straightened up, and that's when
Dave noticed that the geek had the most expressive eyes he'd ever
seen. Still, a geek was a geek, even if he was kinda good-looking,
and Dave had to force himself to pay attention as the guy seemed to be
prepared to keep on talking. "But, I'm minoring in pre-med so I get
into medical school. The business classes are just to keep my family
happy. What about you?" the guy asked, a hopeful tone in his voice.

"Pre-med, Hoss, all the way. Twenty years from now, I plan to be
raking in the big money in some high priced specialty. Well, there's
a pizza out there with my name on it. Bye." Dave had no intention of
hanging around the hallway talking with some freshman who looked to be
all of seventeen, not now that he some money, and then he realized
that he was still holding those twenties, and he shoved them in his
pocket and away from the geek's prying eyes. Prying and lonely eyes,
Dave thought. He'd seen that look many times in the past month when
he'd looked at his fellow freshmen - the look that was practically
begging for a bone of friendship.

"Bye," the kid said, and Dave easily picked up on the lonely, yet
still hopeful tone in that voice.

As Dave walked toward the stairs, he could feel the guy looking at
him, and he felt a brief pang of guilt for not asking if the guy
wanted to join him. After all, he had bumped into the kid. But, Dave
didn't really want to ruin his post-fuck high by spending an hour or
so eating pizza with some business major geek, and the guy was long
out of Dave's mind by the time he was outside of the building.

John Carter stood in the hallway, watching the other guy go down the
stairs and once more feeling as if he didn't really belong at Penn or
anywhere else, for that matter. He really didn't want to go back to
his room, and he'd been hoping that the guy would invite him out for
pizza. Hell, he would have even offered to pay, John thought as he
turned around and headed toward his room. Anything to keep from
having to walk back into that room. He was seriously considering
putting in for a new roommate, or maybe even rushing one of the
fraternities, he disliked Steve that much. The guy was just...well,
slimy, John thought. Definitely slimy.

John knocked on the door, just in case Slimy Steve was in there with a
girl, and the door opened to reveal a smirking Steve.

"Oh, it's just you," Steve said, and he pushed past John and into the
hallway, motioning for someone else in the room to join him. John
stayed to the side as Gary walked out of the room, a camcorder in his
hand, and the two guys headed on down the hallway, never saying
goodbye or goodnight. At least John had gotten a 'bye' from the other
guy, he thought.

John stepped into the room, cringing as he eyed the mess that was
Steve's side. After putting his books on the desk that was useless
for studying due to Steve's penchant for loud music and partying, John
went over to his bed and flopped down on the wrinkled covers. Steve
had obviously been letting his friends sit on it again, even though
John had asked him time and time again not to do that. It wasn't that
he was mean, but it was his bed, and John really didn't like the idea
of people putting their feet up on it, or doing other things on it.
They'd only been in school for three days when John had returned to
the room to find Gary and Steve energetically engaged in sex with some
girls - and Gary was using John's bed.

John rolled over and jerked his arm back as his hand encountered
something wet and cold on the blanket. A cautious sniff of his hand
confirmed that it was sperm. Damn them, he thought as he got to his
feet, angry that he had to clean his blanket yet one more time
courtesy of his rude and slimy roommate. John yanked all of the
bedding from the mattress and then left, heading toward the local
Laundromat, wondering if he could get away with charging Steve and
Gary fees for all of the cleaning he had to do due to them.


Dave was still feeling a pretty good buzz as he unlocked the door to
the dorm suite. Thanks to John's generosity and a fake ID, Dave had
managed to enjoy a deep-dish pizza and plenty of beer, and now, with a
full belly and feeling mellow, he was ready for bed.

Still, when he stepped into the room and saw John there with Gary,
Dave couldn't stop himself from grinning. He was anticipating
spending more time with John; when there wasn't a danger of John's
roommate coming back. And more than spending time with John, Dave
wanted very much to fuck the guy, and his smile most likely revealed
that desire, as did the slight bulge in his jeans.

"Hey again," Dave said, and he nodded over at Gary, who smirked back
at him.

"Hello. We've been waiting for you to get back," John said, and he
was also smirking. "We've got something to show you, and we wanted to
do so before your other roommates got back. Gary, step outside and
make sure that Dave and I aren't disturbed."

Gary frowned. "But, I..."

"Do it," John ordered, and the tone of his voice was harsh. He meant
business, and Gary got to his feet and headed for the door.

As Gary passed Dave, he paused. "Cocksucker," he whispered, and then
he was on his way out of the door.

Dave glared at Gary's retreating back, then looked at John, more than
a bit confused. "Did you tell him?"

John leaned back against the couch and picked up the remote that was
on the cushion beside him. "I didn't have to tell him anything, Dave.
Gary was hiding in the closet, filming it. Have a seat. You look
pretty damn good on film, sucking my cock like you can't get enough of
it and stroking yourself at the same time. You definitely earned your
money tonight, Davey, old pal. And you're going to be earning a lot
more as the school year progresses."

Dave sat down on the other end of the couch, his beer-fogged brain
trying to wrap around what John was saying. "You didn't pay me," he
finally said, as that one fact seemed to stand out the most. John had
loaned him the money, that was all.

"The fuck I didn't. Ah, here you are..." John gestured toward the TV
and Dave looked up to see the two of them on the screen. He was
stripped and kneeling on the floor by John's bed, his cock hard and
sticking up proudly.

Dave wasn't feeling so proud now, even if the video was a bit of a
turn-on. "So, you filmed us? Big deal."

"Oh, it'll be a big deal if it gets mailed to your parents, won't it,
Davey? Or do they already know how eager their son is to suck cock
for money? Here, let me fast forward to the good part." John pressed
the remote and the two bodies in the video sped up, Dave's head
bobbing up and down on John's prick in an almost comical motion. And
Dave's hand was just as fast. Then it was over, and Dave was dressed
and accepting money from a very satisfied looking John.

"I'd say that any cop would attest that that looks like a trick paying
a whore, Davey. And I'd bet your parents would agree, too." John
turned off the TV. "Shall we discuss the terms of your employment?
Or do you have any other complaints to make?"

"You set me up. You and Gary fucking set me up," Dave said, a tinge
of anger in his voice.

"That we did, Davey. I have to say, that of all the guys we've played
this on, you were one of the easiest." John then reached over and ran
his hand down Dave's thigh. "And you were also one of the best
cocksuckers. At least, for this year. Last year we had a couple of
really good ones working for us, but they transferred to other
colleges over the summer. Shame, too, because more than a few of
their customers have been asking about them."

The door opened and Gary slipped into the room. "Jason's headed this
way," he said. "Is everything set?"

"Almost," John replied. "Davey? Shall we go to your room to iron out
the details? Or maybe I can rewind and hit play, and let Jason see
just what you're capable of doing?"

"My room," Dave quickly replied as he got to his feet. He was trapped
and knew it, but he was hoping that once he was sober he'd be able to
figure a way out of this. Provided it wasn't just some pizza and beer
induced nightmare to begin with. "And bring the fucking tape."

"Of course," John replied, a broad grin on his face. "Gary, get the
tape and come on." John got to his feet and followed Dave into his
room, Gary close behind. The door of Dave's room shut just as the
door to the suite opened.


As the months passed, Dave's feelings toward John Carter morphed from
dislike to out and out hatred. He knew the guy wrestled junior
varsity, same as Jason, and Carter ran the chance of having his ass
beat with every match the team attended. Not that Dave could ever get
a chance to watch something like that happen. No, his days and nights
were busy, thanks to school and John Carter. It hadn't taken long for
Dave to understand that Gary simply did what Carter told him to do.
Hell, Gary even turned tricks, a fact that really didn't surprise Dave
all that much.

Maybe, maybe if turning tricks had been his own idea, then Dave
wouldn't have minded the money he earned. Carter wasn't a stingy
boss, and he gave his 'stable' a decent percentage of their earnings.
But it hadn't been his idea, and every fiber of Dave's being hungered
for revenge over being blackmailed into being a male prostitute. And
that hunger had resulted in Dave doing some investigating of John
Carter. He learned that the guy came from a loaded family, which made
the whole prostitution ring idea difficult to understand. Dave
learned that Carter had his blackmail videos in a box somewhere in his
room, locked up tight. Dave knew that if he could get his hands on
those videos, then not only would Dave be free of Carter's greed, but
so would the other guys. Dave had even ferreted out the names of some
of them. Most of them were freshmen, like himself. Gary and a few
others being the exceptions. And all of the freshmen wanted to get
back at Carter for what he'd done to them.

They just needed a plan. And over the months, Dave's mind was busy
working on that plan. He'd have to trust some of the other victims
for it to work, but if it worked, then not only would they have the
tapes, but they'd have the ultimate revenge. They could kidnap John
Carter, get a hundred thousand or so for him, clean out his bank
account -- the one where he deposited the money from what he made them
do, get the tapes and destroy them, and then maybe show John Carter
what it was like to be fucked non-stop for hours. Or they could show
him what some of the more kinky customers liked to do.

The problem with Dave's plan was opportunity. How could you kidnap a
guy at school and not have anyone notice that he was missing? You
just couldn't. The other problem was finding guys he could trust to
help him out. Now, that problem was one Dave could do something
about. He got to know the guys a bit better, and he'd narrowed his
choices down to three guys. Not that he'd need that many involved to
make the plan work, Dave figured. But from those three, he could
choose two, or even one, and get things done.

A week before Christmas break, Dave was in the suite, studying for his
finals. He'd soon need to leave, since he had to meet a trick at 8,
but until then, it was his time, not Carter's. Jason came in and
collapsed in one of the chairs, his gym bag dropping to the flood as well.

"I am beat, Dave, just beat. I swear, the way the coach is working
us, you'd think we were first string or something." Jason ran a hand
through his still damp hair.

"And you thought that wrestling would be easy?" Dave asked with a
grin. He liked Jason, and liked teasing the guy, and Jason teased
back just as often.

Jason grinned. "No. I thought that jv wrestling would be easy. But,
noooo. Seems we've got a tournament coming up, and the coach is
busting our asses to get ready for it. He wants a win big time. And
the really sucking part is that the tournament begins the day after
break starts, so we can't go home until the tournament's over."

"Oh?" THAT grabbed Dave's attention, since it meant that John Carter
wouldn't be going home immediately for the break. "It's a long

"Two days, I think. Two and a half if we win and get to the finals.
It's being held here in Philly, but still...it just sucks. I was
looking forward to going skiing or something before Christmas, but
that doesn't look like it's going to happen."

"If the tournament's here, then you'll be staying here, in the dorm,
until it's over?" Dave chewed thoughtfully on the end of his pen,
wondering if a week would be enough time for him to get his plan to
kidnap Carter into action. "All of you?"

"Yes, and yes. At least those of us who live in the dorms. Man, I
wish I had the money to move out, like John's doing."

"John Carter? The rich kid upstairs? That Carter?" He couldn't be
moving out! That would ruin everything.

Jason nodded. "Yeah. He said he's had enough of his roommate, Steve.
The guy's a real slob apparently. So, John's going to be spending
his Christmas break moving to an apartment off campus. It's kinda
pathetic in a way, because he's only moving then because there's no
reason for him to go home. His folks are off somewhere else, and
won't be home, so if he went back to Chicago, he'd be there all
alone." Jason shrugged. "Makes you wonder, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does," Dave agreed. If Carter were doing the moving after
the tournament, then he'd be in and out of the dorm constantly, so if
he wasn't seen for a few days, no one would notice. Dave smiled as he
realized that everything was now falling into place. "Everything
happens for a reason, Jase."

Dave found a blank page in his notebook, and he began to jot down the
details that he'd just learned. He'd have to pick his team for this,
but Dave was pretty sure they could easily pull it off. Grab John
Carter for two, maybe three days, get the money and videos, let him go
and then they'd have time to enjoy their own holidays. Oh, yeah,
revenge against that prick was going to be very sweet.

To be continued

A/N: I want to take the time to make a special post to thank Tara (the
SheDevil) and Julie for their inspiration for this story. Tara with
the idea of having Carter and Dave meeting when they were in college,
as she's shown now in several great fics, and Julie for the idea of
actions having unforeseen consequences, as shown so wonderfully in her
story "Consequences".
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