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When I got into the bathroom - being the tail of the parade - Josh had already started the water running into the tub, and he was testing the temperature with his hand. Sam was standing behind him in all his naked glory, watching Josh and periodically stroking his again-hard cock. I couldn't believe the stamina Sam seemed to have, but Hell, if I were involved with as hot a guy as Josh, I'd probably develop a similar level of stamina so that I'd never have to turn him down.

Josh took that moment to look back at Sam. "Love..." he said, and Sam again stopped stroking himself. I wondered for a second if Josh _ever_ let Sam jerk off.

Apparently Josh had adjusted the water to his liking, 'cause he redirected the water to the shower head, stepped into the bathtub and gestured for us to follow him. It was one of those showers that had a sliding glass door in place of a curtain, and I wasn't totally convinced that all three of us would fit, but I was game to try. Also, I was still feeling somewhat sticky from our last encounter and wanted to be clean before going home.

Once all three of us had managed to find a way to fit - we ended up with me sandwiched between Sam and Josh, with Sam closer to the far wall and Josh closer to the shower head - Josh grabbed the soap and lathered up his hands. Then he handed the bar to me.

"C'mon, John, get a good lather on your hands, then give the soap to Sam."

Well, that was easy enough, so I did what Josh requested. As I turned around to hand the soap to Sam, I felt Josh's wet, slick hands on my ass. I think I flinched a bit, 'cause Josh murmured something soothing but unintelligible as he moved his hands off and rested them on my hips. I relaxed into his touch again and nodded my head slightly, indicating - I hoped - my agreement to his touching me. It must've worked, because Josh very quickly put his hands back on my ass cheeks. I stood there, Josh's hands on me, my cock hardening again and almost coming into contact with Sam's hard-on, not totally sure what was going to happen next.

One of Sam's hands traced its way down my sternum to my navel, dipping inside for a sec and then continuing its downward trek. He lightly grasped my cock as Josh continued to massage my ass cheeks.

"John?" Josh asked softly, a tenderness I hadn't expected from him coloring his voice, "do you mind if I take this a little further?"

It was another opportunity for me to test myself - I knew for certain earlier that I was not at all ready to be penetrated by Sam, but now, when we weren't in the bed, I was feeling that maybe I _was_ ready.

I nodded again, and Josh momentarily removed his hands from my ass. He grabbed the soap and re-lathered his hands, and then put his left hand back on my left ass cheek.

"Spread your legs just a bit for me, OK?" Josh spoke softly, as if he were afraid I'd spook and run off. I did as he asked, aware at all times of Sam's hands adjusting along with me as I moved. As Josh ran a slick but warm finger down the crack between my ass cheeks, I felt Sam beginning a slow massaging rhythm on my cock. It was soothing and arousing at the same time, and it began to take my mind off what Josh was about to do.

For a minute or so, Josh just kept running one of his fingers up and down my ass crack, not doing anything other than acclimating me to the feel of his hand on and in my ass. I began to enjoy the sensation, becoming slightly restless anticipating what Josh might do next. Slowly, he began to explore more deeply, causing me to shift my stance again to further spread my legs. Without stopping the movement of his finger, Josh moved his left hand up to apply light pressure to the small of my back, bending me over slightly toward Sam, who had increased the tempo of his hand movements on my cock. The slight angle of my back moved my face closer to Sam's chest, allowing me to tongue Sam's nipples in time to the strokes of Sam's hand. I was so caught up in the rhythm that I only marginally noticed the first stroke of Josh's finger over my asshole. He repeated the stroke, lingering momentarily right on the puckered bud, and _that_ I noticed.

"Shh...relax..." Josh whispered in my ear.

I tried, but it wasn't easy - it's not that I've never been penetrated anally before, but it's usually in a clinical context; this was the first time I was expected to derive pleasure from the penetration.

Josh brought his left hand around to my chest, playing with my nipples in an attempt to distract me. All the while, he continued increasing the pressure of his right index finger. Slowly, slowly I felt my anal sphincter loosen and the very tip of Josh's finger penetrated me. As soon as it did, he removed his finger, then repeated the penetration and extraction.

I felt my breath coming faster and my pulse speeding up. Sam was maintaining his rhythm on my cock, and Josh was alternating back and forth on my nipples, yet all of my attention was drawn to the sensations from my ass.

Each time Josh penetrated me, he went a bit deeper, until his finger was brushing against my prostate as he went in. I gasped the first time Josh hit it with his finger, and I bit down on my tongue, which had been out to lick at Sam's chest. I yelped and Josh immediately removed his finger.

"No," I said. "Do that again."

"I don't want to hurt you," Josh said.

"I bit my tongue," I said with a laugh.

"Don't do that," Sam said. "It's not good."

The conversation struck me as ludicrous, and I laughed again. The laugh turned into a moan, though, as Sam and Josh simultaneously resumed their ministrations.

"I...I don't..." I tried to warn them that I was about to come, but I couldn't seem to form a coherent sentence. "I...oh, God...I..."

Sam kneeled down on the floor of the tub and took my cock into his mouth. Josh plunged his finger into me one more time, and I was lost. I screamed and came into the back of Sam's throat. My legs felt like rubber, and if it weren't for Sam's hands coming up to hold my hips, I would've fallen over onto him.

Josh removed his finger from its resting place inside me, grabbed the soap again, and finished bathing himself. He then, very gently, bathed my back and handed the soap to Sam, who washed my front with quick, almost clinical motions. Josh then rinsed me off while Sam attended to his own bathing. I was a bit confused by the sudden change in tone, and I hoped that I hadn't done something to discourage Josh and Sam.

As Josh turned off the shower and opened the door, Sam noticed my facial expression. "John, don't worry - we just want to pick this up again somewhere more comfortable." The three of us stepped out of the bathtub, and Josh grabbed a stack of towels. We all dried off - keeping our respective hands to ourselves, at least for the moment - and left the bathroom.

Josh and I had each wrapped bath towels around our waists as minor covering, but Sam had chosen to stay totally naked. I didn't mind the extra opportunity to admire Sam's body.

As we walked back into the bedroom, I noticed that Sam was again stroking himself. He was hard again, which made sense, 'cause I was the only one who'd gotten off in the shower. This time, I noticed, Josh wasn't stopping Sam from jerking off; I wondered briefly if that meant anything.

Josh sat back down in the chair he'd left at the foot of the bed. "Hey, John, grab yourself a chair. Your body needs a rest, even if you don't think so. Let's let Sam...oh, just grab a chair."

I was confused, but I did as requested. I dragged the other desk chair so that it was next to the chair Josh was in, and sat down. Josh reached over and traced his fingers up and down my arm, which was pleasant and only mildly arousing.

Meanwhile, Sam sat on the foot of the bed, facing us. He was still lightly stroking his cock, and I could tell from the growing flush on his body that he was quickly becoming more aroused. His eyes were closed, and as his right hand continued its stroking, his left hand came up to play with his own nipples. I was mildly shocked that Sam seemed oblivious to his audience; Hell, I was surprised that Sam could keep his erection while being watched. Me, I tend to get performance anxiety. But Sam seemed not to notice that we were even in the room.

"He gets a thrill from being watched," Josh whispered to me. "There was one time where we had an...encounter in his office and the blinds were open. The whole office stopped what they were doing to observe. I was mortified; Sam was happy. It's not always easy being in a relationship with a raging exhibitionist."


But what Josh said seemed to be true. Sam was concentrating solely on his own pleasure, making little sounds that got louder and louder as he came closer to his orgasm. The sounds sped up as his hands moved faster. Finally, Sam screamed something that sounded vaguely like Josh's name and came all over his hand.

Sam opened his eyes and smiled. Then he lay back on the bed and started spreading the cum from his hand onto and into his ass.

"Hey, J, you wanna give me a hand here?" he asked.

"Sit, John, and enjoy the next act," Josh said to me, rising and walking over to his supine lover. At the edge of the bed, he stopped. "Sam, stand up a sec, OK?"

It didn't surprise me at all that Sam stood immediately.

"OK, now lie back down, on your stomach, but facing the end of the bed," Josh said. I wasn't sure what Josh was getting at until Sam complied. He was now lying ass-up on the bed, facing me. This meant that I would get a full-on view of whatever was going to happen next - which I figured would probably involve Josh fucking Sam.

I was hard again just from thinking about it.

"John," Josh said, addressing me again, "if at any time you want to join in, feel free." I wasn't sure what to say, but I nodded. For now, though, I sat in my chair and watched the goings-on.

Josh unwrapped the towel from around his waist and climbed onto the bed, kneeling and straddling Sam's hips. "C'mon, love, get into position," he said to Sam, who seemed to understand. Josh handed Sam a pillow, which Sam put under his chest. Sam then levered himself up so that he was kneeling with his knees far apart and his elbows were on the pillow that had been under his chest. Sam's ass was far above his head, providing Josh with easy access. From the bedside table, Josh grabbed the tube of lubricant he'd used earlier and greased up his right hand and his cock. With his left hand, he shoved the towel he'd taken off under Sam's hips.

"Ready, love?"

"Oh, yeah." I could tell from Sam's tone that he was greatly anticipating what was about to happen.

Josh snaked his left hand around to grab Sam's cock. As he palmed the head, he simultaneously shoved three fingers of his right hand into Sam's ass. At Sam's gasp, Josh said, "You OK?"

Sam nodded. "More," he said.

Josh started milking Sam's cock with one hand as he set up a rhythm inside Sam with the other. Sam was repeating Josh's name over and over, and as his words became less and less coherent, Josh moved faster and faster. As Sam's words faded to an incomprehensible moan, Josh added a fourth finger.

By this point, I was rock-hard and my cock was weeping just from watching them. I remembered Josh's invitation and stood up - somewhat awkwardly - from my chair. Releasing the knot holding my towel closed, I walked over to Sam. Naked, my cock pointing straight at Sam's face, I said, "Suck me, Sam."

Sam opened his mouth, and I stuck my cock head in. Very quickly, Sam had matched the rhythm of his sucking to the rhythm of Josh's fingers in his ass. I closed my eyes and felt the heat coursing through my body. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, one of Sam's fingers found its way into my ass, brushing against my prostate. I shrieked and came into Sam's mouth. He swallowed all I gave him but did not release my now-spent cock. He continued to suck, using his tongue to clean up any stray drops of cum. He also left his finger inside me, now massaging my prostate purposefully.

I couldn't believe it, but I could feel my cock hardening again. These men had made me come so many times tonight, and yet I still was ready for more. But I figured Sam would be reaching his breaking point soon.

Turns out I was not completely correct.

"You ready, love?" Josh asked. For what, I wasn't sure, but I figured I'd have a perfect view of whatever they had planned.

"Mmhmm," Sam replied, and the humming vibrated along my cock.

Removing his fingers, Josh reared his hips back and pounded his cock into Sam's now very stretched asshole. Sam's grunt of pleasure reverberated along my cock, which remained in Sam's mouth. As Josh increased his rate of thrusts, Sam increased his rate of sucking.

It occurred to me in one corner of my brain that I'd never had a blow-job that lasted this long.

Sam's muffled moans came faster and faster, and his finger up my ass moved faster and faster. As the edges of my field of vision began to blur, I came one last time. Simultaneously, Josh and Sam let out roars of ecstasy and came.

Sam removed his finger from inside me, Josh removed his cock from inside Sam, and Sam collapsed onto his stomach. He rolled quickly over onto his back, his head lolling off the edge of the bed. He was quite a sight - cum was dripping down his belly, down his chin, and down the inside of his left thigh. Josh moved the cum-soaked towel off the bed as I fell face-first onto where Sam had been lying. I struggled to regulate my breathing.

"That was..." I started to speak.

"Shh," Josh said. "Relax. We'll talk more later."

Josh climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom. He came out a minute later carrying a dampened washcloth and a dry towel. Gently, almost reverently, he cleaned the combined semen off of Sam, all the time whispering little love words to him.

"You were wonderful," he said to Sam. "I love you."

Sam, who was barely awake, mumbled back, "Love you, too, J." Even as Josh was finishing drying Sam's body, Sam began to snore.

I must've fallen asleep as well, because the next thing I knew, I woke up with Josh spooned up behind me and Sam molded to my chest. I opened my eyes, and Sam looked down at me.

He grinned. "Good morning, John."

"Good morning," I answered awkwardly. I didn't know what to say, how to act.

I felt Josh stir against my back. "Good morning," Josh said sleepily.

After a second, though, Josh got up out of bed. "Want some breakfast?"

I looked at my watch. It was 6:30. I was due at the hospital at 8. "Sure," I said.

"Why don't I order it while you shower and dress. Sam and I have work to do here this morning, but we don't really have to leave the hotel until 10:30."

I got up, showered and dressed again in yesterday's clothes, and returned to the bedroom for my shoes. Sam was just beginning to get out of bed. He stood up and stretched, giving me one last chance to admire his physique. I could feel a stirring in my groin, but I chose to ignore it.

Josh walked in - clad only in a bathrobe - as Sam was heading for the shower. "Breakfast should be up in a sec," he said. The two of them seemed very relaxed and casual. I figured I was the only one on edge. Josh placed a light kiss on Sam's forehead as the two men crossed paths.

"You're quiet this morning," Josh said to me.

"Uh..." I answered.

I was saved from having to answer because there was a knock on the door. "Room service," a voice called out.

Josh left the bedroom to answer the door, and I followed soon after. He was just closing the door when Sam came back out of the bathroom, also in a robe, still toweling his hair dry. He came over, dropped a kiss on Josh's head, then one on mine.

I think I jumped a foot in the air.

"Relax," Sam said. "I know you have to leave soon for work. But here..." he stopped, grabbed a piece of paper from the table, scribbled for a sec, and handed me the paper, "...is my cell phone number and Josh's. If you're free tonight, give us a call. If not, call us next time you're in DC."

I pocketed the paper, and then we all sat down to what ended up being a pleasant, if somewhat quiet, breakfast. After breakfast, I got my stuff together and headed toward the door.

"So..." I said, "I guess I'll be going. It's been...fun."

Sam came over to the door with me. "I mean it. Do call us next time you're...available." And then he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

Damn, but he was a good kisser.

Josh walked over to where we were. As soon as Sam released me, Josh enfolded me in his arms and kissed me as soundly as Sam had. Their mingled flavors danced on my tongue.

"I've really got to go," I said. With a final glance at the two - who were now holding each other close - I headed out to my car.

On which there were 4 parking tickets.

Oh, well...I considered that a small price to pay for the night I'd just experienced.


That night, after work, I caught a clip on the news from President Bartlet's Town Hall Meeting. Sam and Josh were both in the background, and at one point, Josh whispered something in Sam's ear, and Sam grinned. That grin sent an immediate shaft of arousal through me.

I decided that first thing in the morning, I'd look into emergency medical conferences being held in Washington, DC.

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