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"John?" Sam said, "Do you mind...and feel free to tell me no, but...do you mind if I ease these off?" He indicated the waistband of my briefs. "I mean...you look...I mean..." At that point, he gave up.

"What he's trying to say," Josh said from the foot of the bed, "is that you look a bit...trapped in those tight briefs, and maybe you'd be more comfortable without them."

I nodded my head again. Sam reached over and slowly pulled my briefs down, releasing my now almost painful hard-on in the process. As he skimmed the briefs down my hips, his fingers grazed the head of my cock, but he didn't linger, so I figured it was an accident. Sam slid my briefs the rest of the way off me, tossed them aside, and then turned back to face me. He took a long look at my naked body.

"You're beautiful, John," he said quietly.

"But the scars..." I started, but he cut me off.

"They're part of you...they're part of what makes you beautiful. They're part of what forms the _you_ that you are." Sam's attitude put me more at ease. Right - they'd mentioned that Sam was a speechwriter. No wonder he's so good with words.

Sam placed a light kiss on my left hipbone, and I shuddered.

"Too much too soon?" he asked.

"No...just new sensations. Don't worry - I'll tell you if and when it's too much," I replied. I didn't know what my threshold was, but I was willing to explore and find out.

Sam began a leisurely exploration of my body with his fingertips and his lips. He stroked me gently, almost hesitantly, as if he were afraid I'd bolt. All the while, Josh was watching us from his chair at the foot of the bed. He was still fully dressed, but he had unzipped his pants, which allowed me to see that he was almost fully hard just from watching the goings-on on the bed. I briefly wondered how he felt about watching his lover with another man.

But then I didn't have time to think, as Sam started randomizing where he touched me. I never knew where his fingers would land next, and I think that was his goal - get me so stimulated that I would be ready for whatever he wanted to do to me. I was willing to go along with this - everything I had seen about this man had convinced me that he wasn't going to hurt me or pressure me. As Sam's fingers strayed to my inner thighs, his lips were busy on my chest, kissing my nipples and licking me lightly, as he had before. I was having trouble staying still. My instinct was to squirm, but I didn't want to dissuade Sam from what he was doing to me.

Josh, from his vantage point, seemed to understand what was going on. "You can move around if you have to," he said to me. "Sam'll keep up. He's good at that."

It was still somewhat disconcerting to have an audience to this...seduction or whatever it was that Sam was doing. But it also added a little thrill to know I was being watched. I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I guess I am, a bit.

Sam's touches were getting even bolder now. His long, versatile fingers were straying down to stroke my cock, my balls, and then would return to my legs, as if I wasn't supposed to notice where they had gone. It would've been hard to miss it, though - I was more aroused than I think I'd ever been before, and I was reaching the point that I wasn't going to be able to control my body's reactions. I figured I'd warn Sam, but I didn't really want him to stop what he was doing.

While I was trying to figure out what I should do next, Sam took the decision out of my hands, so to speak. "John? Can I..." he stopped. "Do you mind if, well, if I kiss you?" From the fact that his eyes were straying not to my lips but to my now-glistening cock head, I figured he was asking for permission to go down on me.

This was the moment of truth - was I going to agree to my first real homosexual encounter, or was I going to say no.

Sam seemed to sense my hesitation, and he backed off a bit. He removed his hand from its resting place on my right thigh and sat back on the bed. I looked over at him. He was still hard, and his cock was beginning to weep a bit. While he sat there, waiting for me to make a decision, his right hand strayed to his own groin.

"Uh uh, love," Josh said. "If you're not gonna have a use for that, I can definitely find something to do with it." I was amazed by the speed with which Sam took his hand away. If I were him, I don't think I would've been able to control my hormones enough to comply.

"You think you can do something with this?" Sam asked Josh, gesturing towards his cock.

"You _know_ I can," Josh answered with a smile. He got up from his chair, allowing his pants to fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, Josh approached the bed. He was still clad in his shirt and boxers, but he was so hard that the head of his cock was peeking out through the fly of the boxers. This didn't seem to phase him at all, though. He approached Sam with a feral look on his face. "You know what I can do to you. And you love it." Josh's voice was a very sexy growl, and I couldn't wait to see what he was going to do. I firmly believed that Sam would allow Josh to do whatever he wanted without ever complaining. That's the way these guys were - their trust in each other ran so deep that they would never intentionally hurt each other.

That finalized my decision.

"Sam," I said, "do whatever you want with me." I couldn't believe the power I was putting in his hands, but at the same time, on some sort of instinctual level, I knew Sam wouldn't abuse this power.

But at the moment, Sam seemed oblivious to my acquiescence. His eyes were locked on Josh's as Josh reached out and grasped Sam's shaft.

"Mine," Josh said. "Always." And then he kneeled on the bed between Sam's now-spread legs and in one movement took virtually the whole length of Sam's cock in his mouth.

Almost immediately, Sam started making these little mewling sounds. The sight of Josh going down on Sam and Sam's reaction to Josh made me even more aroused, and I knew that I wasn't going to last long. And then Josh worked one finger into Sam's ass.

"Oh, God, oh, Josh, oh, God," Sam repeated over and over.

It was just to much for me. As Sam came in Josh's mouth, I came all over my stomach and chest.

I must have made some sort of noise when I came, 'cause Sam and Josh turned to face me.

I thought I must be quite a sight - panting, my skin flushed, covered in my own cum - but Sam didn't seem at all phased. In fact, he rolled over onto his hands and knees, crawled over to where I was lying, and looked me up and down.

"You _did_ say yes before, right?" Sam asked me. "I hate to mention this, but I know my health status and Josh's; have you been tested recently and know if you're negative?"

I nodded, understanding Sam and Josh's desire to know this information, as personal as it was. Thankfully, after a number of recent needle-stick accidents, Kerry had insisted everyone on the medical staff be tested on a regular basis. I nodded, and immediately Sam leaned over and started licking me clean.

I was a bit taken aback at first, but the sensations of being tongue-bathed by Sam overwhelmed whatever objections I might have had. The roughness of his tongue - not quite like being licked by a cat, but close - was stimulating me all over again. Periodically, he'd drift down towards my hips, licking my hipbone, playing with the light hairs on my lower belly, but never approaching my cock, which was coming back to full hardness. One hand drifted up to play in my pubic hair, but still he didn't touch me where I most wanted him to. At this point, his fingers, his mouth, anything would be enough to make me come again. I was just so mindlessly aroused by this man.

Then, without warning, Sam swooped down and took the head - just the head - of my cock into his mouth. I'd been the recipient of blow jobs before, but this man's tongue was more talented than those of any of my previous lovers. He barely touched me with his lips, letting his tongue run up and down the vein on the underside of my cock. I didn't think what he was doing was physically possible, but I wasn't going to inform Sam of this.

At the very edges of my consciousness, I was aware of weight shifting on the bed, but I didn't pay it much attention. I was too lost in the sensations flowing from my cock to my brain. As I came for the second time within a very short period, I felt something warm splashing onto my stomach, but I couldn't process what it might be.

With a grin, Sam released my cock and sat up, shooting a smile at me. I felt cool air pass over the dampness on both my cock and my stomach, and at that point I began to return to my senses. I looked down and saw that there was again cum on my stomach. But it couldn't be mine, 'cause Sam had...so that meant...

I looked to my right and saw Josh kneeling on the bed facing me and Sam. His now-flaccid cock was in his hand, but the head was still glistening. Some sort of unspoken communication occurred between Josh and Sam, and then Sam was again bathing me with his tongue. It shocked me less this time when Sam began making those mewling sounds. I looked up at Josh again, and he was stroking himself back to complete hardness. I had wondered how long he was planning to remain a spectator, and I figured that I now had my answer.

The dynamics of two men in bed were still very much a mystery to me, and now, I thought, I was going to be involved in a threesome I couldn't figure out. Then rational thought became impossible again as Sam latched himself onto my nipples. This time, while I was a little more prepared for the sensation, he surprised me as he kept switching from one to the other rapidly, meanwhile using his hands to tease my balls and straying occasionally to tease my asshole.

"Uh...Sam?" I wanted to tell him I wasn't sure I was ready to be penetrated, but I had told him he could do whatever he wanted. I didn't want him to think I was a tease, but at the same time, I _really_ wasn't ready.

I must've tensed or something, 'cause Sam quickly moved his fingers back up to my balls. "Don't worry, John," Josh said. "It's only Sam who's gonna get his brains fucked out tonight. We won't do anything to you that you don't want." I knew they'd already told me this, but it was good to hear the confirmation. But then Josh's words actually penetrated my lust-fogged brain.

I was hard again - I'd lost count of how many times I'd been aroused tonight; I'd already come twice, and if Josh's words meant what I thought they did, I'd probably come at least once more. I wondered briefly if there was anything in the medical literature about someone actually dying from ultimate pleasure. I'd look it up, but I didn't relish the thought of someone coming into the hospital library while I was researching.

Sam stopped what he was doing to me and lay back down on what had become "his" side of the bed. He was hard again, and it occurred to me that his needs had been mostly ignored this evening. If Josh's words were to be taken seriously, though, that was about to change.

Josh climbed off the side of the bed and walked back around to Sam's side. He straddled Sam's legs and began stroking Sam's hard-on lightly. It twitched with each pass of Josh's hands, but Sam didn't seem to notice. He was busy working the buttons on the front of Josh's shirt, having pulled himself into a semi-seated position. As soon as he had Josh's shirt undone, he shoved it off Josh's shoulders and began licking Josh's nipples, much as he'd done to me. Sam reached out one hand toward me and started stroking me in the same rhythm that Josh was stroking him; I appreciated the effort to not leave me out, but at the same time, I was not sure I could handle all the stimulation right now. But then Josh grabbed both of Sam's arms and pushed them above Sam's head.

"Keep your hands to yourself, Sam," Josh growled.

Sam lay back down on the bed, flat on his back, with his hands clasped above his head. There was nothing to keep him from moving them back wherever he wanted, but he didn't.

"John? You want to watch, or you want to be involved?" Josh asked me.

I thought a minute. I had been intrigued enough to be the recipient; now I wanted to see if I could bring Sam as much pleasure as he had brought me.

"I want to be involved," I answered.

"_How_ involved?" Josh answered.

Even with all I'd done and seen with these men, I blushed.

"D'you mind if...can I..." I stopped, took a deep breath, and said, "IwannagodownonSam."

"One more time?" Josh said with a grin; he'd understood me, but he wanted me to repeat it.

"I want to go down on Sam," I repeated.

"Fine by me," Josh said, moving over to give me room.

I crawled over to Sam and hesitantly placed a kiss on Sam's stomach. When he sucked in his breath, I kissed him again, a little lower down.

"More," Sam moaned.

I placed a line of kisses from Sam's navel to just above the line of his pubic hair, encouraged by Sam's sighs and gasps. I ran my fingers through the thick thatch of curls that would've been hiding his cock if it weren't pointed straight at me.

"More," Sam moaned again.

Emboldened, I placed a light kiss on Sam's cock head.

"More!" Sam shouted.

"He means it, John. Take him into your mouth," Josh said. "Otherwise, it's very likely he'll come all over your face."

Hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. Remembering something I'd heard from a gay friend once, I folded my lips so that they formed a barrier over my teeth, and then I took Sam's cock into my mouth.

Almost immediately, I started to choke.

"Breathe through your nose, John," Josh said with a muted laugh.

That helped; my body no longer was craving oxygen. I took an experimental suck on Sam, and when he bucked his hips, I repeated the action. He continued to buck, and I continued to suck until he croaked out, "It won't be long, John." I appreciated his not wanting to come in my mouth without warning me, but I wanted to experience the whole thing, so I didn't stop. In less than a minute, Sam was groaning and shooting hot cum down my throat. The sensation was new but not unpleasant. I tried to swallow as fast as he was coming, but I couldn't, and I felt Sam's cum running down the front of my chin. When he'd finished, he pulled out of my mouth, and Josh turned me to face him.

"That was real good for your first try," Josh said to me. He then leaned down and licked Sam's cum off my chin. "You ready for the next event?"

He turned back to Sam and pulled Sam's legs so that they were bent at the knee and Sam's feet were planted firmly on the bed. He spread Sam's legs so that he could easily kneel between them and so that Sam's asshole was displayed. Josh reached up to the head of the bed and grabbed one of the myriad pillows, shoving it under Sam's hips. Grabbing a tube of lubricant off the bedside table, Josh greased up his right hand and shoved three fingers up into Sam. Sam barely gasped at the intrusion; it was obvious that both men were old hands at this. As he pumped his fingers in and out of Sam's ass, Josh turned to me and said conversationally, "So, do you want to jerk Sam off while I pound him into the mattress?"

"J? You _do_ realize I'm...oh, God...oh, J...oooooooh..." Sam attempted to say something, but then he seemed to lose the capacity for speech.

"Sure," I said. I moved back to where I could easily grab Sam's cock in my right hand.

Josh withdrew his fingers from Sam and greased up his cock. Then, signaling to me to begin, Josh slammed himself into Sam's waiting passage. I grasped Sam's shaft in one hand and used the other to tease his nipples. With each thrust of Josh's cock into Sam, I made a down-stroke towards Sam's balls. As Josh withdrew, I moved my hand upwards. We continued this dual onslaught until Sam was mumbling incoherently. Yet Sam never brought his hands down from over his head.

Finally, way past the point that I would've passed out from sensory overload, Sam screamed and came all over my hand. _Then_ he passed out.

My physician instincts immediately took over and I felt for Sam's pulse. Not only was it there, it was racing.

Josh saw my concern. "Don't worry - he passes out periodically when I fuck him this hard. Give him a minute and he'll come around." Josh slowly pulled out of his unconscious partner, then moved so that he could stroke Sam's hair.

"C'mon, love," he whispered. "Come on back to me."

As if on cue, Sam opened his eyes. "Wow," was all he said.

I was still on high alert. "Sam, follow my finger," I said, moving my index finger up and down to check the way Sam's eyes tracked.

"Shit, Josh, didn't you..." Sam said, dutifully but reluctantly following my finger.

"I tried," Josh said, "but he's as bad as Dr. Bartlet...and remember what you and she put me through after the shooting." He turned to me. "So, is he OK?"

"Yeah," I said sheepishly. "Sorry I overreacted."

"We're kinda used to doctors overreacting at this point..." Josh said. I knew there had to be a story there, but I didn't pursue it.

"So..." Sam said. "Now that we've determined I'm not gonna die here, can we do something about this?" He gestured to the cum quickly drying on his belly.

Josh climbed off the bed. "I looked at the shower earlier; all three of us should fit," he said.

And with that, he headed off toward the bathroom. Sam and I looked at each other, and Sam shrugged. "May as well follow," Sam said. We got off the bed and followed behind Josh.

I guessed we'd shower quickly and then I'd leave.

Josh, however, had another plan in mind.
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