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"I'm stuffed." John exclaimed, setting his empty plate on the deck. They had decided to eat on the patio, enjoying the peacefulness of the late afternoon. John laid back and stretched out, it feeling good on his back to have his legs elevated. "Man, I'd love a cigarette about now." Brandon laughed.

"Go ahead. It doesn't bother me."

"No. I finally quit a few weeks ago but there are moments when one would really be good." John chuckled to himself.

"Giving up all your vices, huh John?" Brandon joked, also stretching back. The afternoon had been so relaxed with John. They hadn't really gotten the chance to just talk since Atlanta and they found that addictions aside, they could be good friends.

"I think you've awakened another vice that I didn't know was there." John laughed to himself.

"So, Dr, Carter. This is your time, until you leave tomorrow. You never told me how long you could stay." Brandon questioned, turning his head and glancing at the handsome man next to him.

"I'm on at seven. Get me to my shift on time, that's all I care about. Hell, I don't even care about going home first. Just slow the car down and roll my happy body out towards the ambulance bay. I'll take it from there." He smiled. Brandon watched him for several peaceful minutes.

"So," Brandon said. John turned his head towards him. "Any secret fantasies I should know about? Any dreams you want to make come true tonight?" He asked. John thought for several minutes.

"This is nice. Ever since I got here, I've had more fantasies become reality than I ever could have dreamt of." He said. "As far as what do I want to do that would make tonight special? Well, it's not what I want to do. It's more of what I want to try again." He smiled mischievously.

"Veronica should be home any time to help out." Brandon said, sure that it was Veronica that John needed. John slowly shook his head, sitting up.

"I don't think we'll be needing her for a while." John faced Brandon.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Brandon smiled as John sat next to him. He reached up and brought John's face down towards his own, capturing John's mouth. John's kiss was passionate, hungry, and strong. Brandon couldn't believe what a good kisser John was. It was as if he put all his energy into it as their lips parted. Brandon moaned. "John." He whispered as John continued down his neck. Wet kisses, followed with his tongue, searching, tasting. With a sudden gasp, John stopped, his body rigid.

"What's wrong?" Brandon asked, seeing pain written all over John's face.

"Spasm." John gasped through gritted teeth. He should have known better than to lean over at this angle. His fingers were nub as his back screamed in pain. After several minutes, the pain subsided and he was able to move again.

"That happens a lot, doesn't it?' Brandon wiped the sweat from John's forehead.

"Yeah but I should have known better. Since this position obviously isn't very good for me, how about we move this inside?" John suggested, standing, cautiously forcing his left foot completely on the ground. Brandon stood next to him.

"Are you up for this? I mean, we could just lay here and talk." Brandon offered. John pushed him towards the doorway.

"Go. I want to do this." He pushed playfully.

"Upstairs?" Brandon asked, holding the door for John.

"How long do you think it will take the hot tub to get warmed up?" John stopped, pushing Brandon against the glass and kissing him roughly. Brandon smiled. He liked this side of John. Brandon pulled his mouth away, simply to get a breath.

"Not long." Brandon's body was becoming aroused quickly feeling John's pressed against his own. John kissed and nipped at his neck. "John, you have to stop if you want to get upstairs."

"Maybe I've changed my mind." John said, taking Brandon's wrists and lifting his arms up against the arcadia window. He held them there, only their bodies touching as John attacked Brandon's ear and jaw line.

"Have you ever been told that you have a talented mouth, Doctor?" Brandon gasped, his breathing increasing. He could feel John smile.

"Once or twice. Those restraints still attached to the bed?" He asked, pressing his hips against Brandon's attentive groin.

"No but it would only take me a second to get them back out. What did you have in mind?" Brandon squirmed himself out from under John and walked towards the stairs.

"You'll see." John smiled, taking the stairs two at a time.

The minute they arrived, Brandon turned on the hot tub and he went back to the bedroom to get the restraints. He began placing them on either side of the bed but John stopped him.

"Put them in the center." John commanded. Brandon did as he was told, John's authoritative tone acting as an aphrodisiac. "Now lie on you back." John instructed. Brandon was surprised.

"They're for me? I was hoping to get you tied up again." Brandon joked as he lay in the center of the bed. While he did so, John took advantage of the time and took off his own sweatpants. Brandon smiled when he saw John's response to the impending session. Brandon lifted his arms, waiting for John to buckle the shackles.

John's stomach did a leap when he saw the older man surrender to him completely. Yes, he was very happy he'd chosen to repeat this but for memory sake, he wanted it be special and different from the previous.

John first pulled off Brandon's pants, freeing his bobbing member to point at the ceiling. Without hesitation, John climbed upon the bed, straddled Brandon's thighs, and reached up to fasten the imprisonments. While in this position, John's hips ground onto Brandon's, both bodies responding to the friction.

"John." Brandon groaned. John began at his detained wrists and began what he hoped would be a lengthy and antagonizing oral assault. He wanted to touch every bit of flesh, tasting it, biting, making Brandon wriggle under his body. There was nothing tender or soft about what he was doing. Only urgency and craving.

Without a word, John continued to cover his face, neck, earlobes, first one side then the other. Brandon had begun grinding his hips upwards, but John pulled back with his own, making their contact less intense. John continued onto his shoulder, his chest, and down to his stomach. John purposely was avoiding the erogenous zones, driving Brandon wild.

John caressed his chest, fondling his hair covered pectoral muscles. His mouth moved from Brandon's stomach back up to his chest and captured a tiny nipple. Brandon gasped loudly as John roughly pulled and bit at the overly sensitive skin.

Both of their cocks throbbed with need as the electrical jolts shot into Brandon's groin. John knew just when to lick and when to bite. He seemed to be reading Brandon's mind, knowing what Brandon wanted next.

John worked his way back down Brandon's stomach and to his groin. John took in the scent of Brandon's body, never wanting to forget. He kissed along his length, making his way to the tip. There, he paused, looking fondly at what he was doing to Brandon's body. No one else, just John Carter. Brandon bucked his hips up slightly.

"John, I need to feel your mouth. Please. I want to feel your mouth." Brandon begged. John licked the tip; Brandon's taste even better than his scent. Brandon groaned and thrust again. John placed his mouth around the tip. "Oh, God, John!" Brandon thrashed on the bed, wanting desperately to take a hold of John's head and thrust into his mouth. John slowly slid his mouth down, taking more of him each second.

John relished in the taste and the feeling of the hardness that filled him. He had never imagined that having another man in his mouth would be so satisfying. He concentrated on relaxing his throat, wanting to take all of him in.

Brandon resisted the urge to thrust until John was able to take his entire length. John slid back up, swirling his tongue around the head. He removed his mouth and placed Brandon's scrotum in his mouth.

"Oh, you are definitely a very fast learner." Brandon panted, feeling the mouth of a pro. John's hand grasped him tightly, slowly running up the length and back down. John moved and knelt between Brandon, spreading his legs without losing contact. He took Brandon again in his mouth, taking the entire length quickly, proud of himself that he didn't gag.

"John, don't stop! Please don't stop!" Brandon begged. John continued for a few strokes and did just that – he stopped. Brandon's cry was from deep in his throat. "Oh, God." He mumbled, feeling John reach up and unbuckle the restraints. Brandon's hands went directly for John's body, John being positioned too low to reach his errection. John reached for the lube and the condoms and Brandon took the opportunity to capture John's chest, instantly finding a perk nipple.

"Hey, that's not fair." John laughed, pulling away.

"What? You think you're in charge here?" Brandon laughed. John sat back on his haunches, squeezing a dollop of lubricant into his hand.

"Actually yes." John smiled, warming the thick liquid. Brandon smiled.

"Ok. I'll do what ever you ask me to do." Brandon pulled his hands away, watching John's eyes smiling.

"Anything?" John asked, bringing his hand to Brandon's groin.

"Anything at all." Brandon bucked his hips at John's slick touch.

"I think you had me at a disadvantage the other night, doing all the work." John smiled, his hand moving down to Brandon's backside. He gently massaged the opening.

"Really? Well, by all means, take advantage, John." Brandon spread his legs as far as they would go. John inserted a finger and he went directly for the prostate. "Ugh. Man, I am so happy you took that anatomy course." Brandon smiled, John hitting his target the first time. John smiled. With his other hand, he expertly ripped open the condom packet with his teeth and applied the condom to himself.

"I want to be inside of you, Brandon." John said, adding another finger. Brandon's eyes were closed as John remained on his own haunches.

"I want you inside of me." Brandon gasped, the sensations John was creating inside of him taking over his entire body.

"I want you to touch yourself, Brandon. I want to watch you touch while I'm inside of you." John said, running his hand up Brandon's length while adding yet another finger, stretching Brandon. Brandon did not need any convincing as his hand went immediately to his own cock, stroking the head and down the length. John touched himself to the same beat, amazed to feel such an increase in sensation watching Brandon.

"John, I'm ready. Please, I need you inside me." Brandon begged, pulling a pillow around and putting it under his own hips, raising them for John. He knew this position would be harder on John's back than John knew and he didn't want him having another spasm.

"Oh, is that the way it's done?" John asked, bemused. Brandon smiled, lifting his legs.

"Yes. If I can put my legs over your shoulders, you should be able to reach without hurting your back."

"Don't worry about my back." John smiled, kissing the inside of Brandon's knee and he scooted closer. Of course Brandon had been right. Their hips were aligned perfectly. "You ready?" John asked, watching Brandon still stroking himself.

"You wait much longer and I'm going to be all done." Brandon smiled. John placed himself just at the opening, feeling the heat radiate off Brandon's body. He carefully slipped inside, watching Brandon's facial contortions before he moved any further.

John liked this position much better than the other night. This way, he had full control of the thrusting. He could also watch his partner's body, which was frighteningly beautiful. Brandon nodded and John pushed in a bit further.

Soon, John was immersed completely and they began a slow bump and grind. Brandon continued stroking himself, stopping occasionally to prolong his own orgasm. Sweat dripped off of John's body as his thrusting increased at a painfully slow pace, their moans, and groans the only sounds.

Much before he wanted it, John felt the pressure building in his own body. He took a hold of Brandon's hands and stopped all movement. Brandon looked at him confused.

"What's wrong?" Brandon asked, his throat getting hoarse from his panting. John chuckled.

"I'm going too fast." John admitted. Brandon tightened his muscles, hugging John's member.

"Not too fast for me." Brandon thrust his hips up slightly. John looked at him with a face of desire.

"I want this to last." John admitted. Brandon understood. This was probably the last time they would be doing this for a long time and he was touched at John's visible emotions. He lifted his legs off his shoulders and pulled John down on top of him.

"Come here." He kissed John's sweaty hair, moving only enough to keep the sensation but not enough to bring them to the cliff.

They lay together, kissing, touching for a very long time. One would occasionally thrust slowly into the other to keep the arousal but relished in the feeling of their two bodies, connected. Brandon gently rolled John onto his back as he wanted to see the complete vulnerability written all over the young doctor's face. John's glaze was in another world, his breathing deep and concentrated, each of his movements purposeful and controlled.

Their pressure began to build and this time, both were ready for release. Brandon began stroking himself again in time with the bucking of John's hips. Their breaths began to get shallow and their moans echoing on top of the others. Suddenly, John rolled back over, pulling Brandon's legs back up over his shoulders and he began to thrust with all his strength into Brandon.

"Oh, God, John. Yes. I want you deeper, yes, like that, yes, oh, God, yes!" Brandon urged. His own stroking racing himself to the heavens.

With one last thrust, John's entire body stiffened as a scream emerged from his throat, the colors flashing in his head, his entire body on fire. John's orgasm set off Brandon's and the older doctor felt sixteen again. After what seemed like forever, John's muscles lost their strength and he collapsed onto Brandon's heaving body.

"Oh, man." He mumbled, his mouth muffled by Brandon's chest. Then he heard Veronica giggle.

"My goodness, that was one hell of a show!" She applauded, making her way to the bed. Brandon chuckled.

"How long have you been there?" He kissed his wife, John still collapsed on top of him.

"Long enough to practically climax myself. You two are just beautiful together." She stroked John's sweat covered back, sending chills down his arms. John disengaged himself and rolled between them.

"It's his fault." He said, smiling, looking completely spent. Veronica went to the bathroom and brought back two warm washrags. She crawled up the end of the bed, straddling one of each of their legs and she began washing them tenderly.

"You two are also very messy." She teased, the warmth making Brandon sleepy.

"Well, I bet if I put my hand between your legs, you'd be dripping." Brandon mumbled.

"Actually, it's down to my knees but that's beside the point." She kissed his sleepy face. "Why don't you take a nap, darling? I'll go put dinner in the oven and wake you when it's ready. Brandon nodded and rolled over. "Do you want to take a nap also, John?" She asked, still holding the washrag on his stomach. John was lying back watching her.

"I'm not sleepy." He smiled.

"Well then. Why don't you go relax in the hot tub for a while and I'll put dinner in? I'll be up to join you in a few minutes." She kissed his chest and got up.

"You don't want help with dinner?" He asked, slowly sitting up. Veronica laughed.

"Uh, no John. Kerry told me not to let you near the kitchen!" She giggled, leaving the bedroom.


A short time later, John felt a stirring in the water. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to see Veronica holding out a glass of tea to him.

"I thought you might be thirsty." She smiled, relaxing across from him, touching his legs with her feet.

"Thanks." He said, the grin unable to leave his face. "How was shopping?" He played back with her feet.

"Wonderful. I bought you a present." She smiled teasingly.

"Really? Why? Don't you think I've cost you enough?" He smiled.

"Oh, please, John. The donation to the hospital is a complete tax write off. You haven't cost us a penny." She reassured.

"So, what'd you get me?" he asked, looking twelve. She couldn't help but giggle.

"It's a surprise." She said.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. Now is as good a time as any." He suggested, surprised that she had gotten him anything. He felt it was him that owed them, not the other way around.

"Not until you walk out that door tomorrow. Besides, I want Brandon to be there also. It was actually his idea." She smiled. John sighed, relaxing in the bubbles.

"So, how long until dinner?" He asked, spreading his arms along the edge of the tub.

"About an hour. You hungry?" She asked, scooting up next to him. She kissed his neck and fit under his arm.

"Not yet but I will be. How about you? You hungry?" He asked, capturing her lips and kissing them softly. He could have sworn she purred.

"I will be soon. The plane is ready to leave at 4:30 pm tomorrow and Fredrick should pull up at the hospital right about 6:30 pm, barring any traffic problems." She explained, running her hand caringly over John's chest.

"I really can get a commercial flight home." He said, every muscle completely relaxed. She gave him a look he'd often see on his grandmother's face.

"You will not! No, we brought you here in style and we will send you back in style." She insisted.

"Wow. Ok, that gives us almost twenty hours. Hm, think of anything that we could do in that time?" He asked suggestively.

"Well, I'm sending you home after a good sleep so there goes at least eight hours." She said. John shook his head.

"I haven't had eight hours of sleep at one time since before I started college and that was a long time ago." He laughed.

"So, we'll sleep in shifts. We'll wear you out, let you sleep a few hours and wake you up again and start again." She smiled, brushing his chest, playing with a nipple. John chuckled.

"Well, then. What are we wasting time for then?" He leaned in for a kiss. John wrapped his arms around her back as their mouths opened to each other. Veronica wrapped her arms around his neck, tangling her hands in his hair. She ran her tongue along the insides of his mouth, tasting a hint of mint that always seemed to be there. Before long, John was pulling her up into his lap and she straddled his hips. He held her close, his hands firmly placed on her buttock as he kissed down her neck.

John took her breast into his mouth, worshipping the flesh. Veronica tossed her head back, moaning. One of John's hands made it's way to her front, easily slipping several fingers inside her warm depths. His thumb found her clitoris, brushing against it purposefully, scissoring his fingers inside.

"Oh, John." She pressed her chest against his face, lifting her hips a bit stretching herself for him. John found if he held his hand right, he could fit almost the entire thing inside of her, thrusting against her inner moistness. Her flesh was so warm and soft, her moans adding to his arousal. John didn't think he'd be able to physically do anything for quite a while but Veronica was a very vocal lover and her cries of pleasure went directly to his groin.

With one smooth movement, John pulled his hand out and pulled her down onto his member, groaning with the sudden impalement.

"Oh, man, Veronica." He gasped as she rode him with all her strength. She braced herself with her hands on either side of his head and John was there for the ride. Veronica took over; thrusting herself, clenching her muscled inner walls, sliding down and up and back down again. John leaned his head back, eyes closed as she raped his body.

Veronica's breathing became ragged as the squeaks and squeals increased in tempo. John felt his heart rate increase, his chest pounding.

"Oh, John!" She screamed as her entire body began convulsing as her orgasm took control. John had intended on holding his own back but with her attack, he shot up, only then realizing they hadn't used a condom. Soon, he felt Veronica collapse against his chest, her breathing directly next to his ear.

They listened to each other breathing for a very long time, not wanting to break where they had been joined for so long. After several minutes, John could smell something burning.

"Veronica?" He whispered. She didn't move. "Veronica?" He nudged. She stirred sleepily; She had actually fallen asleep against him, still on his lap, his flaccid tool still inside of her.

"Hm." She moaned, kissing his neck in her sleep.

"I think dinner's burning." He said.

"That's nice, John.' She said, curling up against him. He chuckled, hugging her tightly. Suddenly, her head popped up. "Burning?" She questioned, a look of shock on her face. John nodded. Instantly she pulled herself from him, a sudden rush of cool air covering John's chest as she wrapped a robe around her frame and ran downstairs. John turned off the hot tub, got out, and toweled off. He wanted to make sure everything was all right so he headed downstairs in his robe.

The table was set, candles lit and a fanatic salad was ready for their first course. Veronica was sitting at the table, looking very relieved.

"Brandon got it out before it got too bad." She smiled, holding out her hand for John. Brandon came out of the kitchen, also in a robe with a tray of lasagna. He smiled when he saw John.

"Well, you two woke me up with all your screaming. I don't know what you were doing to my wife in there, John, but I haven't heard her scream that much in years." He set the tray on the table.

"Trust me. It was much more what she was doing to me, Brandon. I had very little control in there. She made sure of that." John kissed the top of her head and accepted the glass of tea she poured for him. "Burned or not, it smells fantastic." He said, Brandon motioning him to have a seat.

"I think we saved it. Help yourself. There's plenty." Brandon began dishing himself some of the salad.
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