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Veronica woke and went down to the kitchen. She found Brandon sitting at the counter deep in thought. She gave him a kiss.

"Hi, baby. I see our company is still sleeping." She smiled, fixing herself a cup of coffee.

"He had a rough night." Brandon said.

"Oh, really? What happened, hon?" She asked, seeing how concerned Brandon looked.

"He's no better than he was in Atlanta except he's not doing the drugs. It doesn't sound like he's got any support system. He isn't seeing a therapist. I bet all he does is work." He exclaimed.

"So, let's make the next few days something that will help him get through the rough times. We can be his support system while he's here and reassure him that he's welcome anytime, ok? He is quite a young man, Brandon. I can see why you've become so infatuated." She smiled.

"That he is." Brandon smiled, gathering up the discarded cloths around the room. "I'm going to take these back upstairs and check on him. Last night he told me he rarely sleeps for more than a few hours without nightmares and he's been out for several now. I just want to make sure he's all right." He said. Veronica giggled.

"No need to explain to me, dear. I want you two to have some time alone." She smiled, perfectly understanding.


Brandon entered the bedroom as quietly as he could. John was in the center of the bed, completely engulfed in blankets. He looked to be sleeping soundly. It was no wonder. He'd expelled quite a bit of energy the night before and was probably exhausted.

Brandon folded the pile of clothing, found John's bags, and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. He couldn't help but to smell the t-shirt. It had John's scent imbedded into the fibers along with the fabric softener and Brandon couldn't get enough of his smell.

He located John's hygiene kit and put it into the bathroom. John would share the master bedroom for the rest of his trip, he decided. He pulled out John's toothbrush and placed it on the counter, where John could find it easily. Brandon thought it would be so easy to make John a part of their lives, to have him move in and be close to where they could keep an eye on him. It would be so easy but quite unrealistic. John had his own life. Besides, Brandon was sure John would never agree to move in.

Brandon looked up and he saw John standing in the bathroom doorway, hair astray, wrapped in a blanket, still looking half asleep. He couldn't help but to smile.

"Good morning." He said, stepping out of the room as John shuffled his way to the toilet. John managed to groan a greeting. "I'll be downstairs. Veronica made some coffee." John nodded and mumbled. Brandon chuckled.


"Is he up?" Veronica asked, seeing the smile on Brandon's face.

"I guess you could call it that. Either that or he's sleep walking. I told him we had coffee and if he's any type of doctor, he'll be down in a few minutes." Brandon began pulling out eggs, milk, butter, and bread. He was the cook in the family and figured they all needed a good hearty breakfast.

By the time Brandon was almost finished cooking, John came downstairs, looking clean and fresh. He'd showered and gotten dressed in the clothes that Brandon had laid out for him. He hadn't shaved though, which suited Veronica just fine. He did look refreshed and happy.

"Good morning." He smiled, giving Veronica a quick kiss before sitting down. Brandon handed him a cup of coffee.

"What, I don't get one?" Brandon mocked. John blushed and he gave Brandon a shy kiss. Veronica giggled.

"So, do you two do stuff like this very often?" John asked, still finding it strange that they were both so open.

"What? You mean share a lover?" Veronica asked. John nodded, still a bit shy.

"Uh, yeah." He busied himself with his coffee cup.

"Not until last night." Brandon said, setting a plate full of French toast in front of John.

"I can't eat all this." John protested, seeing Veronica's measly plate with one piece of toast and an egg.

"Bullshit." Brandon said, fixing his own plate. "I've seen you eat, Dr. Carter and you have a bottomless pit for a stomach." He joked.

"Well, ok then." John smiled, getting the syrup. "So, what are we doing today?" He asked as he began eating.

"The masseuse will be here at nine for your back." Brandon explained. John began to protest but Veronica placed her hand over his.

"John, let us pamper you, all right? You obviously don't do it enough for yourself and besides, you'll need to reserve your strength." She winked.

"I'm in for it tonight, aren't I?" He asked, mocking fear.

"Oh, yes, darling. Yesterday only showed us a hint of what you are capable of. Tonight, I have planned to take you to the brink and then some. You won't know what hit you." She smiled devilishly.

"Hey, Brandon. You aren't going to let her just have her way with me, are you?" John asked.

"You think she has plans for you? John, you're going to think you've gone to heaven repeatedly and then we'll get down to real business. I just hope you have a quick recovery time because we plan on making you climax time and time again." He teased. John choked on his mouthful, shocked by their openness at the breakfast table. He took a sip of his coffee.

"I'd better replenish my fluids then." He smiled. He'd never had an experience such as this in his life and it was a bit embarrassing but also exciting. To have two people, who's sole purpose seemed to bring him pleasure; to have planned such an elaborate scheme to get him there, to spend so much money to simply repay their gratitude was a totally new experience for him. Carter was just thankful not all the people he helped were this generous. He'd never survive.

"Did you want to do any site seeing while you're here?" Veronica asked, taking her plate to the sink.

"I've spent quite a bit of time in New York when I was in college so if you two don't mind, I've got all the sites that I want to see right here." He said.

"That's fine with me." Brandon smiled as John's hand touched his.


"John?" Veronica entered the room dressed in a short silk robe after completing her swim. John and Brandon were playing a game of pool.

"Yes?" He turned and smiled.

"The masseuse is here." She said.

"Thanks." John said, laying his pool queue down. "Man, Brandon, you are so lucky. She is gorgeous." He said after Veronica left the room.

"Yes, she is. We'll do your massage down here. I have a table set up in my workout room that I use all the time. I'm telling you, John. This masseuse is very good." Brandon led John to the foyer where he met the masseuse. John had expected a female but was surprised when he saw a young, very built man standing there, holding several towels and a bag of supplies.

"Hello, Dr. Montgomery. You must be Dr. Carter. My name is Nathan and I'll be your masseuse." He smiled warmly, shaking John's hand.

"Nice to meet you." John smiled, feeling a bit nervous. He had been on sexual high alert for the past twenty-four hours, experiencing things he'd never experienced before and the sight of this strapping, muscle bulging man before him made his body do things that surprised him.

John knew he was attracted to women but again his attraction to men popped into his mind. He began to think of all the men he'd been attracted to in the past. Jason and Brandon were hardly the only ones. He'd been drawn to Doug Ross, the former pediatrician at county with a taste for breaking the rules; he'd been attracted to Luka Kovac, just because Luka seemed to radiate sexual energy; and of course Peter Benton. Strong men, protective men, real men.

John had always been on the sensitive side and while he dealt with this characteristic in himself, he often associated it with those characteristics found in gay men. Jason had pointed this out to him in one of their late night talks. Things affected him more than they seemed to affect most men he knew, his emotions so much closer to the surface like most the women he knew. When he'd discovered his attraction to Jason, he pushed it aside like he'd done his entire life. Pushing aside the emotions that scared him was much easier than dealing with them. Last night, however, when Brandon entered him, John experienced a greater sexual urgency than he'd ever experienced, much less dreamt about. His arousal soared to new heights, taking him to a place he'd never thought possible. He had lost consciousness with his climax last night, having gone far beyond any sensations in his life.

He couldn't see himself seeking out sex with men or having a relationship with a man, unless maybe it was Jason, or Brandon. Brandon had affected John while he was in rehab but because of all the other feelings he was dealing with, he refused to even entertain the thought consciously. Now, all those thoughts and feelings were coming back, flooding his heart and his mind, and making him very confused. John was thankful for the distraction of Veronica because it helped him stay withdrawn just a bit from his feelings for Brandon. John could get lost if it were just Brandon and himself, wanting this to continue on forever, to never leave the man's bed.

The firm handshake from the masseuse, plus looking up into the man's strong yet caring eyes caused a stir in John's groin. He hadn't expected it and it caught him off guard. He was still very attracted to women so where did this leave him? Was John Carter actually bisexual, being able to be turned on and have sexual relationships with both men and women? Had these emotions simply been lying dormant for all these years? Maybe it wasn't just Jason or Brandon. Maybe it was true. Oh, this would certainly be interesting news for his family.

"John?" Brandon touched his arm. The masseuse had already gone to a room, set up, and was waiting for John, who still stood in the foyer, lost in thought. "You coming?" Brandon asked. John thought that his choice of words was quite appropriate and he laughed.

"Yeah." He shook the thoughts from his head and followed Brandon.

"Here. Remove your cloths and put this on." Nathan said, handing John a robe. John looked at Brandon who was going to the door.

"You're not staying?" He asked, his voice cracking a bit.

"No. Nathan will take good care of you, John. He's been doing me for years. You'll be fine." Brandon said as he shut the door behind him. Nathan smiled.

"It's alright, Dr. Carter. Dr. Montgomery told me about your back and I promise not to do anything that doesn't feel good. You just let me know if anything I do hurts, all right?" He said, warming some massage oil in his hands.

John nervously removed his cloths, noticing that Nathan did not look away. When he set his pants on the chair, he noticed that Nathan seemed to be smiling at the sight of his body. John loosely placed the robe over his shoulders but Nathan stopped him.

"Why don't you leave that off? I'll place a towel over you instead." Nathan suggested. "Here. Lie face down."

John climbed onto the massage table, placing his head on the headrest, finding a comfortable position. The smells of the massage oil was pleasant, making John forget anything existed outside these doors. As soon as the large man placed his hands on John's shoulders, he could tell he was in for the best massage he'd ever had.

Nathan's hands were big and strong, kneading John's muscles, making them into pools of quivering flesh. He massaged John's neck, shoulders, back and when he reached John's lower back, John couldn't help but to moan. This was fantastic and all thoughts left his head. The only ones he was aware of were the feelings of Nathan's hands upon his body, touching him, relaxing him. All pain in his back ceased.

Nathan went down to John's feet. John thought that he could definitely get used to getting his feet massaged, never having had it done quite so thoroughly. His calves were next, John's body being worshipped and caressed by such able hands. Then his thighs, long strokes, going from his knees to his hips, hands sliding across his skin, slick from the oil, touching every inch. When the hands moved to his inner thighs, John realized that he was enjoying this massage almost too much. The strong hands stroked up, turning the muscles to putty, well, at least some of the muscles. One was quite ridged, pressed against the massage table.

Nathan's hands began to massage John's backside. John had never had his backside massaged and it felt good. It also felt good as he felt Nathan's thumbs running down between his cheeks. John fought the urge to buck his hips up, wanting to beg for something inside.

"Turn over, Dr. Carter." Nathan said softly. John could feel his face heat up.

"Uh, no, that's ok. This is fine. Thank you." John mumbled, mortified for Nathan to see what his talented hands had done to his body.

"Don't be embarrassed, Dr. Carter. It happens all the time. Turn over. I'll look away." Nathan touched his back reassuringly. John nodded.

"Ok. Look, I'm really embarrassed." John said as he rolled onto his back. He loosened the towel as much as possible but his erection was still obvious. "Ok, I'm ready." He finally said, trying not to concentrate on anything but the growth between his legs.

Nathan began at his temples. John snuck a glanced up at Nathan's face and he noticed the masseuse smiling, looking directly at his erection. Nathan noticed John looking at him.

"It's nice to know my hands have that effect on you."

"Well, you are hitting all the sensitive areas, that's for sure." John laughed, feeling better. It didn't seem to bother Nathan.

Nathan's hands finished with his face and moved down to the tops of his shoulders. Next, his arms were worked over and by the time Nathan moved to his chest, John was again relaxing. That is until Nathan's fingers glided over John's nipples. John's eyes slammed open and an involuntary groan escaped his lips.

"Your very sensitive." Nathan smiled, having moved to the side of the table. His hands massaged John's pectoral muscles but his thumbs stayed where they were, continuing the caressing.

"Oh, God." John mumbled softly. He felt Nathan's lips upon his own.

What Nathan was doing to him quickly brought him back to an aroused state. Nathan's kiss was harder than Brandon's' had been, fueled by physical desire. John opened his mouth and was greeted by Nathan's soft tongue, invading his mouth. John's hands reached up, one behind Nathan's head and the other touched Nathan's chest, pulling him closer.

After what seemed like forever, Nathan pulled away with a smile and a moan.

"I think we need to get back to the massage." He gave John a quick peck on the forehead.

"Right." John nodded, feeling aroused but happy. He did like kissing guys.

Nathan continued massaging his body, purposely avoiding John's groin and soon, John was asleep.
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