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The back of the limousine was plush and smelled of new leather. John opened the bar and found it to be completely stocked. He could hear the driver get in and they pulled away from the hospital.

John fidgeted with his nails, beginning to calm down. He was actually beginning to look a bit forward to his adventure. After several minutes alone in the back of the luxurious car, the window separating him from the driver began to lower.

“Are you comfortable, Dr. Carter?” The driver asked.

“Uh, yes. Thank you.” John smiled. “So, I suppose you know where I’m going?” John asked, hopeful to find out some answers.

“We’re going to the airport, sir.” The driver answered, watching John in the rearview mirror. Obviously by the perplexed look in John’s eyes, that was not the answer he wanted.

“I mean, after that. Where is the plane taking me?” John clarified. The driver chuckled.

“I understood the question the first time, sir. We’re on our way to New York.” He smiled. Soon, the window was raised once again and John was alone in the back.

John tried to think of anyone he knew in New York. He also began to think of what Kerry had said. A former patient? What would make a former patient pay that kind of money, go to this much trouble, or to keep their identity this much of a secret? Maybe it wasn't a former patient. Maybe a former employee? Could it have been someone he'd had a relationship with? Kerry seemed quite comfortable with whoever it was. Well, he thought. It sounded like someone who he had at least met. Kerry would not have acted so light about it if it had just been a patient.

Maybe it was someone that John knew outside of the hospital? No, he thought. No one that Kerry would also know. John's mind went back to former employee. Could it possibly be Anna? Certainly not Ross. Kerry would never be that reassuring if it had been Doug. Besides, no one he could think of could afford that kind of money. In fact, no one he knew at all – ever could afford that kind of money. Not even Elaine. Now, she would be a nice surprise.

John's mind then began replaying his conversation with Abby. What if the donor was male? He smiled to himself. He could see Jason's face clearly. They had been roommates during college and had been practically inseparable for over a year. Many people assumed that John was also gay because of the time he spent with Jason, but honestly they were just friends.

They had met in their second year during a chemistry class. John was a natural with all the formulas and Jason needed more than a little help. John had been assigned to begin tutoring him but John found a friend. Having been the one picked on for so many years, John empathized with the humiliations that Jason endured. John took on the role of protector and their friendship grew. After Jason lost another roommate, John offered to move in.

The rumors didn't bother John much, although he was surprised by people's prejudices. Jason felt bad that John had become guilty simply by association but John was able to shrug it off and not let it bother him. Besides, he found someone who he could talk to, who understood him and John understood Jason. They had come from similar backgrounds and upbringing so while the other students went home for family holidays, Jason and John usually spent them together either at Jason's family's property or at the Carter estate.

They supported each other mentally and emotionally. John was able to ask Jason about anything and get an honest answer and Jason could do the same with John. Even though they never had a relationship, John did develop an emotional attachment to Jason. He even got Jason to show him what it was like to kiss another guy but John could never admit how much that one kiss had affected him and it never went any further. John was still trying too hard to please his family and although he found the nerve to tell them he wanted to be a doctor, the thought of telling them that he liked it when Jason kissed him was something he could not do.

Since that time, John had occasionally felt an emotional attraction to men but had never taken it any further. Sometimes he felt envious of the openly gay men he saw at the hospital, wondering what life was like for them but then his eyes would latch on to another new blonde female and the thoughts would leave his head.


“Here we are, sir.” The driver opened the door and John got out, squinting from the sun. The plane had been nicer than he had expected but he truly hadn’t known exactly what to expect. He’s never been on a private plane. First class, yes. Concord, yes. One all to himself, not until today. Well, he actually didn’t have it all to himself. Fredrick, he’d learned was the driver’s name, had been there also. A very nice man, John discovered. Good sense of humor.

John looked around the large estate. It was very nice. Bigger than his Grandparents but it has a nice, welcoming feeling none of his family’s estates had. John looked to the house just as the front door opened. Ok, this was it. Time to meet the person or people responsible for this very strange adventure.

“Dr. Carter!” A handsome, middle-aged man exclaimed, coming towards him. John had expected to see a former patient. Instead, he recognized his former roommate from the rehab in Atlanta, Dr. Brandon Montgomery.

“Dr. Montgomery!” John laughed, being pulled into a bear hug. A huge weight lifted from John’s shoulders. The men hugged in a manner that only two people who had shared a life altering experience together could. ”Oh, wow. I have been on pins and needles for days now, you bastard. I bet you were there, weren't you? I expected to have to try and remember one of the hundreds of patients I’ve had over the years. I cannot believe it’s you. How have you been? Are you doing ok?” John rattled, his arm still around Brandon’s waist as the walked toward the door. That’s when John noticed the drop dead gorgeous blonde standing on the landing. His heart skipped a beat as she smiled and held out her hand to him.

“John, this is my wife, Veronica.” Brandon said knowing John would be taken back.

“Man, you weren’t kidding.” John whispered. “Nice to meet you, Veronica.” He smiled, kissing her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Carter.”

“Please, call me John.”

“John then. I will say, you are just as stunning up close as you were the night of the banquet. I’ve heard so much about you.” She cooed, leading them into the foyer.

“Don’t believe any of it.” John kidded. “Wow. Brandon, you’ve been holding out. This is some spread. I think even the Carter’s would be jealous!” John joked lightly as the made their way to the sitting room.

“I’ve worked hard for every penny, too.” Brandon smiled, offering John a drink. John declined. While they were in rehab together, he had shared that it was his desire to be rich that got him messed up with the drugs in the first place. John nodded knowingly.

“So, Dr. Carter, I mean, John. What is it like working the emergency room?” Veronica asked, quite impressed by her husband’s choice in men. Dr. Carter was more attractive up close and in person than she expected.

“Always crazy. I made chief." He told Brandon, his eyes straying a bit when he caught a glimpse of Veronica's tanned, long legs.

“I still can't believe you made chief after all!” Brandon exclaimed. John had been sure with his drug problems that he’d never make Chief Resident.

“Actually, I got it by default but I’m handling it well. I still have to prove that I’m a good doctor on a daily basis but it keeps me in line.” He smiled, knowing he could be honest with Brandon. They had shared a deep friendship with each other and had been the reason the other got through many a night.

“You’re lucky you were even able to return to County. I lost a partner over my mistakes.” Brandon said.

“But everything worked out for the best.” Veronica reassured, taking her husband’s hand.

“Enough depressing stuff.” John exhaled loudly and laughed. “Tell me, why in the world did you give County a quarter of a million dollars?” He asked, looking at them questioning. Both Brandon and Veronica laughed. Then Brandon looked a bit embarrassed.

“John, you saved my life.” He finally said.

“Me?” John questioned, unbelieving. Veronica nodded and stood.

“By the time Brandon hit bottom," She explained. “He’d given up. Our marriage was over, our sex life was non-existent and his practice was in jeopardy. The clinic might have saved his body but more than that, your friendship made him believe in the human race again.” She said. John looked at Brandon. He could see something in Brandon’s eyes but couldn't quite place the emotion. John stood and walked towards the large bay window.

“I didn’t do anything that Brandon didn’t also do for me.” He said a bit shyly. Brandon walked over to John and took a hold of his hand.

“John, for the next three days, I want you to forget Chicago.” He placed his other hand against John’s face, forcing John to meet his eyes. “Forget you’re a doctor, forget about your job, your patients, your responsibilities, forget it all.” Brandon said softly, searching John’s eyes. Brandon leaned in and softly kissed John’s slightly parted lips. John was too stunned to pull away.

“I, uh, I, uh.” John mumbled, his lips and rest of his body tingling as if it had been shocked.

“I know.” Brandon smiled, caressing John’s face. Brandon moved in again. While the gentleness was still there, underneath it was a sense of urgency, of desire. John’s lips were so soft and for a second, he began to kiss back.

“Wait!” John exclaimed suddenly, pulling away. “Hold on a minute, ok?” He gasped, realizing what he was doing. His body was responding in ways he never could have imagined. He looked at Veronica with a frightened expression. After all, her husband was standing here kissing another man and she just sat there smiling.

“John, I’m sorry.” Brandon said. He had told himself to take things slowly but he’d been unable to resist the nearness. He’d been dreaming of this moment for over a year and he didn’t want to scare John away by his boldness. John laughed nervously. He shook his head.

“Don’t.” He paced, trying to clear his head. “Don’t apologize. Please don’t say you’re sorry.” John couldn’t handle anyone being sorry for kissing him with that much desire and passion. If they were sorry, then he’d have to apologize for how his body felt and he wasn’t sorry.

“John,” Brandon pleaded, stepping closer. John quickly backed away as he placed a finger to his own lips.

“Don’t.” He whispered. He needed a minute to think.

“I’m sorry, John.” Brandon sounded so dejected.

“I’m not.” John stated. Brandon looked at him in total shock.

“You’re not?” Brandon’s voice cracked. Veronica smiled. John shook his head.

“At least I don't think I am. Is this why you got me down here?” John asked. "You ok with this?" He looked at Veronica.

"Quite. I, however plan on getting my money's worth out of you also so don't think of this as a 'boys only' week." She stated. John laughed, getting a mental image of what may lay ahead for the next few days. Brandon wanted him, or so he assumed and Veronica planned on getting her money's worth?

“Look, I still haven’t gotten over the shock that you think getting me into bed is worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Man, Brandon. You could have just called.” He kidded. They all laughed, breaking the tension.

“It should be at least that.” Veronica giggled, making John blush.

“Let’s just take this a bit slower, ok?” John smiled.

“Your right, John. Well,” Brandon felt much better seeing John’s smile. “How rude of us. We haven’t even given Dr. Carter a tour of the house.” He walked towards the foyer. John followed closely behind.

“I thought I was supposed to forget I was a doctor.” He flirted. Brandon smiled.

“Oh, yeah.” Brandon couldn’t believe it. John Carter was actually flirting with him.


They gave him a tour of the entire grounds, from the expansive home to the indoor pool, outdoor pool, and tennis court, riding stables and private pond. The place was a world within itself and John could easily lose himself. It was so peaceful and he felt instantly at home.

As time wore on, they began to break down the barriers and become more comfortable with each other. John, once he got over the shock of what they had in mind for his stay, began to regain his confidence level and his natural cockiness. He loved to flirt and felt that it would be duly rewarded in the end. He felt comfortable with Veronica as well as Brandon and there didn’t seem to be any sort of power playing between the couple. They were obviously comfortable with each other and their own sexuality, and they were lavishing their attentions on John. John ate it up, never having felt so desired by anyone yet with no strings attached. Just four days of whatever came up.


“Are you hungry, John?” Veronica asked as they returned to the house. Her hands were gently on his hips as she moved around him.

“Actually, I’m starving.” He admitted. Brandon laughed. He remembered how much John could truly put away when he was hungry. “What are you laughing at?” John playfully pushed Brandon towards the kitchen.

“What are you hungry for?” Veronica asked innocently, standing in the doorway. John kissed her quickly as he pushed Brandon through. John had decided to make the next four days worth every penny to them. Both John and Brandon giggled.

“Wrong choice in words, dear.” Brandon warned as he opened the refrigerator.

“With this big of a house, where’s all your help?” Carter asked, reaching over Brandon’s shoulder, grabbing a carrot stick.

“We gave them a few days off.” Veronica pushed the men out of the way and pulled out the makings for sandwiches.

Veronica watched her husband look at John Carter. This handsome doctor had no idea of the effect he’d had over her husband. It was so much more than simply a physical attraction. Brandon had spoken of the compassionate young doctor who had been admitted to the rehab program the same day Brandon had. He spoke of the emotional struggle Dr. Carter was experiencing; of the lifetime of feeling alone and abandoned by everyone he’d ever loved.

It had been Veronica’s idea to find a way to repay John for being the one to break through to her husband’s heart. After all the group therapies and individual counseling sessions he’d endured, it had been John Carter who had been the one to break down the walls Brandon had spent years building. It happened after one of their ‘sharing’ meetings.

Dr. Carter had spent weeks going through the motions, giving the answers they expected to hear, and keeping his emotions at a safe distance. He refused to feel, not admitting he needed any help.

Each patient was expected to ‘share’ their story, to verbalize to the group what had led to their own self-destruction. Brandon listened to the story John told, sure that it sounded like a well-rehearsed monologue. John still wasn’t ready to admit he was out of control, that he was an addict.

It was late during the night, as both men laid awake pretending to be asleep when Brandon heard the distinct sounds of someone crying. Brandon hadn’t seen John experience a single real emotion for weeks since his admission. But here he was, alone in the dark, the hard-shelled doctor breaking down. Muffled tears quickly turned into uncontrollable sobs as all the bottled up emotions came rushing to the surface. It broke Brandon’s heart to hear John losing the control he’d managed to desperately cling to for his entire life.

Brandon realized, as he lay there that he was also crying. His own reasons for ending up at this place, the mistakes he’d made, the people he’d hurt suddenly became real. The highly paid plastic surgeon, with his private practice and penthouse suite felt human for the first time in years. And it was in this humanity that he realized that he would recover. That all humans, no matter how many Ivy League schools they attended or what their income bracket was, that all humans were capable of mistakes. They were also capable of learning from those mistakes and fixing them.

That night, Brandon had crawled into bed behind John Carter and he wrapped his body around the broken man. Instead of pulling away, John pressed tighter, seeking safety and acceptance.

Several hours later, Brandon woke to the sounds of John stirring next to him. Brandon was still wrapped around his back, his arm over John’s side and under his arm. John held his hand to his chest. John shifted and gently kissed Brandon’s hand. “Thank you.” He heard John whisper as he fell back to sleep.

The next night, John asked his counselors for an opportunity to share again. This time, the story John told was the truth, all the pain, and emotion straight from his broken heart. That was the night that both he and Brandon began their healing.

“Oh, really?” John’s eyebrows arched as a smile played on his lips. “So, we have the whole place all to ourselves?” His look was of pure mischief. Veronica laughed, handing him a plate.

“Why Brandon, you didn’t tell me your friend had such an insatiable hunger.” She purred.

“Is that true, John? Are you insatiable?” Brandon asked. He was leaning back against the counter and John was casually leaning against his front. Brandon had his hands wrapped around John’s waist. John took a bite of his sandwich.

“Very.” He said surprised how much he liked having Brandon’s hands touching his body. Veronica slithered towards them, feeding John a strawberry. John ate the fruit and continued to lick the juices from her fingers.

As Veronica and John continued on their oral adventure, Brandon busied himself with John’s neck, kissing and caressing. Several hours had past since their last encounter with John’s body and he was much more comfortable with them and with the knowledge that they were going to all end up in bed together. John soon forgot all about food and was leading an oral assault on Veronica’s fingers, to her palm and down her long arms.

John kissed and licked his way down one arm and to the other. Veronica had never been appreciated so erotically before using just her arms and hands. Brandon’s hands were caressing John’s chest from behind as he pressed his groin against John’s backside. He could hear John moan as he began kissing Veronica’s neck, his hands holding her arms out to the sides, his fingers entwined with hers.

Brandon had unbuttoned John’s shirt and he slowly removed it, causing John to release his wife’s arms for a brief second. As his skin became exposed, Brandon tasted every inch of flesh. John and Veronica were now kissing, his hands having moved to her breasts, which were now heaving with desire. Brandon began to unbuckle John’s belt.

John threw his head back with a deep moan as Brandon’s hand slipped into his pants. Veronica took this opportunity to attack his exposed neck, biting across his chest and finding a taunt, erect nipple. Brandon bit the tops of John’s shoulders, leaving marks as John’s pants dropped to the floor.

Veronica knelt in front of John, pushing his boxers out of the way as her own inner thighs began to drip. She saw her husband’s hand wrapped firmly around John’s erection. Her tongue ran up his thighs, taking in the scent of his skin. John tried to moan but his mouth was captured by Brandon’s, reaching desperately to taste one another.

John jerked as she took him into her mouth. Brandon held tightly, restricting John’s impending orgasm, wanting his release to hold out as long as physically possible. They wanted John to be begging for completion and they had just begun.

John’s hands reached behind him as he braced himself against Brandon. Brandon was still dressed but John could feel his erection being pressed against his backside. He was terrified of what lay ahead but he knew Brandon wouldn't do anything he wasn't ready for or didn't want. Right at that moment, John was willing to try almost anything.

Brandon’s hands were busy as well. One hand refused John’s release while the other searched out body cavities. His fingers found John’s tight opening, seemingly begging them closer. His finger slipped in so easily, John’s body sucking him inside.

Veronica could feel John’s knees buckling and she pulled back.

“I think we should move this upstairs.” She said, watching her husband thrust his fingers inside.

John had no idea who he was, where he was or what time it was. All he could tell was he had died and gone to heaven. His head swam and his body ignited. He prayed it would never stop. Somehow, he felt the cool rush of air as he was led up the stairs to the master suite. There, he was laid out on the bed like a treasure and the assault began again.

He pushed his hips back, begging for more. Two fingers were now thrusting inside him, stretching him, preparing him. His body was slid to the end of the bed and a condom was placed so caringly over his throbbing member.

John could smell the musky scent of Veronica’s dripping box as she lowered herself over his face. John had never tasted nectar so sweet as he drank like a bee gathering honey. He also didn’t feel it when Brandon applied the lubricant but as he entered John’s opening, John cold no longer stifle a scream of pleasure. The pain quickly subsided as he felt himself being filled a centimeter at a time. By the time Brandon had thrust his entire length inside, John realized that Veronica has impaled herself onto his member. He looked up to see the couple kissing and fondling each other as they both made love to him.

As John bucked his hips up into Veronica, Brandon pulled back. As he pulled out, Brandon thrust in. They quickly fell into a rhythm, their bodies slick with sweat, and their cries of passion filling the air.

John had suppressed his orgasm as long as he could but the double attack was more than he could bear. As his thrusting increased; he felt Veronica's inner walls contract, holding him like a vise. Her orgasm triggered his own and he was thankful when Brandon trust up as he slammed himself as deep into Veronica as he could.

Bright lights flashed through his brain and a strangled scream emerged from his throat. He felt Brandon slam into him one final time as the world came to a standstill. He’d had plenty of good orgasms during his life but he felt he’d actually lost consciousness with this one.

After what seemed like years, Veronica disengaged herself and lay next to John, placing her head in the crook of his outspread arm. Brandon stroked John’s softening penis a few times before removing the condom and withdrawing himself. He crawled on the other side of John, their bodied remaining entwined in each other’s, John’s seeking the physical contact. The three of them lay together, no words spoken.

“That,” John smiled slowly, his voice hoarse from all the moaning and screaming, “Was a quarter of a million dollar fuck!”
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