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John tossed and turned, staring at the ceiling for the hundredth time. Sleep, although a welcomed companion had chosen not to visit him during the night. Instead, he'd had the most absurd daydreams, the ones where his mind drifted yet he remained aware of his surroundings. They were naughty daydreams, thoughts that had kept him in the perpetual state of full arousal throughout the night. Every sexual partner he'd ever had in his life was living behind his closed eyelids and after several hours, he just wanted to keep his eyes open. It wasn't doing him any good to see them. They only made his groin throb with desire and need. His own hand strayed over his chest, brushing at his nipples that sent an electric shock straight to his groin.

"Oh, man. This is crazy." He thought aloud. There would be no way he'd ever be able to get dressed in this state. He knew he was going to have to do something about it.

John had always been taught that masturbation was wrong, that he shouldn't touch himself in that manner and although he knew it felt good, to actually bring himself to do it was difficult. For so long, he had someone around to help him with his sleepless nights or he'd just keep things at bay until he could get full release. However, this last year or so had been a lesson in restraint.

He heard himself moan slightly as his hand cradled his scrotum. His other arm stretched out above his head, pulling his stomach taunt as he arched his back. No, this wouldn't last long at all. He was beyond being aroused. Now he just needed the sweet release.

His fingers wrapped around his shaft, his thumb spreading the moisture over the sensitive tip. Not long at all. He began stroking, grasping tightly against his muscle. He could feel the skin sliding up and down along its length, creating friction in his hand. He just wished he could reach his own prostate. Roxanne had introduced him to anal penetration and when she had stimulated his prostate, he thought he'd shoot through the roof. He was sure Kerry had heard his yell on that one but he didn't care.

He pushed his covers off as he arched on the bed in his own desire. Arching his back heightened his state as he stroked faster. His left arm snaked its way back to his scrotum and he massaged his testicles while he continued to run his thumb over the head. A finger found itself going lower, playing with his tight opening. It needed something inside, craving to be filled.

Out of the silence, his telephone rang, making him jump nearly three feet out of bed. "Shit!" He exclaimed loudly, his concentration broken.

"Carter here!" He said into the phone, annoyed at the intrusion.

"Hey, you up yet?" He heard the female voice. John couldn't help but to laugh.

"Yes, Abby. I'm 'up'." He said, sounding a bit out of breath. He had been so close.

"What's wrong? Are you ok? You sound like you were working out." She said, innocently. He chuckled.

"You could say that." He couldn't help but to smile. Abby giggled.

"Why John Carter, you weren't doing what I think you were doing, were you?" She chuckled. John blushed.

"What do you think I was doing at five in the morning, lying here wide awake?" He asked, turning his voice all deep and seductive. He could practically hear Abby blush.

"You were." She said, listening closely.

"Yeah, well you could just come over here and take care of what's been keeping me up all night." He suggested purely as a joke. Sure, John Carter had once been in love with Abby Lockhart. However, the past several months had seen them evolve past that stage into one of true friendship and they had shared everything with each other. They had talked about sex but Abby was much more open about it that John was. For him, it was a very private act; for Abby, it could be emotional or physical. She had been trying to get him to open up and understand the difference for months now. Sometimes, a person just needed the physical release.

"Are you touching yourself now?" She asked in almost a whisper. She listened closely for John's breathing.

"Abby." He protested, embarrassed.

"Go with it, John. Are you touching yourself?" She asked again.

"I am not having phone sex with you, Abby." He laughed, embarrassed but incredibly back to the state of arousal he'd been in before the phone rang. He'd had phone sex with others in the past but never with Abby Lockhart.

"You're touching yourself. I can hear it in your breathing. Are you hard, John Carter?" She whispered. She could hear his breathing become ragged.

"Uh, yeah.” He paused. “Are you touching yourself?" He asked, lowering his hand again to his cock.

"You're the horney one, not me." She laughed quietly.

"Oh, I think two can play at this game." He snickered. "I bet if you take your thumb and brush against your nipple, you'd find it hard." He could hear her gasp slightly. 'Why the hell not?' He thought. He was already aroused and he knew she could be turned on very easily if he played it right. Besides, what other form of sex was safer? "I can taste you, Abby. I can feel your skin. It's warm to the touch. Can you feel my mouth?" He asked, closing his eyes and imagining her body under his, her chest moving up and down with her breaths as he kissed her breast.

"Mm. Your mouth is so hot." She whispered, actually able to feel his breath on her nipple.

"I'm taking your soft breast in my mouth. Can you feel my tongue?" He asked.

"Can you feel my hands on your chest? My nails running along your sides, scratching your skin."

"Abby." He said softly.

"Reaching for you, pulling you closer, our skin touching, your chest against mine." She moaned involuntarily, listening to his breaths. "Your skin is so warm. You're sweating, John. I can feel your chest heaving against mine, grasping mine." She asked, running her hands up her sides to her breasts.

"I want you, Abby." He gasped, stroking himself.

"I want to taste you, John. I want you in my mouth." She cried, breathless.

"My tongue parts your lips. Oh, God Abby. You are so wet. Creamy wet and hot." He said, hearing her moan.

"I have the tip in my mouth, John. It's throbbing. I'm lowering my mouth, surrounding you with my mouth." She groaned. She could hear his panting increase. Her own fingers played between her folds.

"I'm drinking you, Abby. You're giving me your juices and I'm drinking you." He whispered.

"You're thrusting into my throat, John. My lips are wrapped around you and you're thrusting."

"I'm sucking on you. Can you feel it, Abby? My fingers need inside. How many do you have inside?" He moaned, not able to suppress it any longer.

"Two." She gasped.

"You need more. You need me to fill you completely. I need more." He thrust his own hips on the bed as he continued to stroke himself. He could feel the orgasm rising.

"Three, no four. John, four. Thrusting in and out." She said.

"Your wetness dripping over my hand."

"My teeth nipping at the head before your thrust in all the way. My lips surrounding you."

"Shoving in and out." He gasped.

"In and out." She moaned, her orgasm nearing.

"Abby, I'm close. Oh, God, I'm close." He cried.

"Harder, John. Fuck me harder!" She begged. She suddenly gasped as her orgasm took over all body functions for a moment. Abby could hear his release in a strangled groan, knowingly coating his hand as her own inner muscles contracted over her fingers. They listened to each other's gasping for several moments, panting slowly subsiding.

"Oh, shit." He finally exclaimed once he could put two syllables together. He cradled the phone in his ear; sure that he could feel her heartbeat.

"I agree." She said, finally relaxing her body. They sat silently for a few minutes, listening to each other breath, no need for words. Finally, John broke the silence.

"Abby, I'm glad you called."

"Me too, John. See you on the El."


A short time later, John stepped onto the train, knowing which car Abby would be in. She smiled up at him and looked a bit embarrassed. He handed her a rose and a cup of coffee. 'Man, could he blush,' she thought.

"Hey, I figure it's the least I can do." He sat next to her, their secret safely hidden between them.

"You nervous?" She asked, sipping the coffee.

"A little." He played with his suit bag. He had his backpack also, not sure if he needed a lot of cloths or just a few. He'd been unsure of what to pack so he finally decided on a pair of sweatpants, khakis, a couple shirts, underclothes, and a light jacket. Heck, he didn't even know where he was going but he hoped it wouldn't be far.

"You'll have to try to call me and let me know you're ok." She asked a bit worried about his adventure. "Did you charge your phone?" He nodded, smiling slightly at her concern.

"You're working all week, right?" He asked, cocking his head, looking out the window.

"Yeah." She smiled. She loved it when he looked like that. His lips were slightly parted and she could see slightly crooked front teeth. She was amazed after meeting his family that they'd never put him in braces when he was a kid but she was glad they hadn't. It was part of his charm. He was really a handsome man in such an adorable way. His hair was messy as usual and he just glowed.

Luka had never understood Abby's feelings towards John but it was so much more than friendship. It was deep, down to the heart. They had so much in common with each other and understood each other better than anyone she'd ever met. They could have entire conversations with each other without even uttering a single word. The past few months had been hard emotionally on both of them but she liked where they stood with each other now and she hoped that would never change.

"How long do you have?" She asked as they got off the train.

"A couple hours. I figured I could catch up on some charting while I waited. The last thing I need right now is to be alone at home, waiting." He explained.

"We could get some breakfast at Doc Margo’s." She suggested. He shook his head.

"It wouldn't stay down if I did eat." He smiled; Abby wrapped her arm in his.

"It will be fine, John."

"I hope so."


“Hey, Carter. “ Abby poked her head into the lounge where he sat charting. “Your ride is here.” She said.

John looked up and she could see the panic spread through his eyes. He looked back to the stack of charts then back to Abby. She knew he would need a push to get through his fear.

“Come on, hon. I’ll take care of these.” She helped him stand and handed him his backpack.

“Abby, I can’t.” He protested weakly.

“Sure you can, John. You’ll be safe. Go have some fun.” She walked him towards the doors. John didn’t notice all the eyes watching him. Abby walked him out the bay doors.

John looked at the stretch limousine waiting for his arrival. It was a brand new model, with pitch-black windows and much nicer than any his family used. The driver was standing obediently by the door.

Abby handed the man John’s luggage, which he placed in the trunk. While he was doing so, Abby took this moment to give some last minute encouragement.

“John, breath.” She gently said, lifting his chin with her finger, meeting his eyes. He cleared his throat.

“I’m ok.” He smiled, finding strength in her eyes.

"You’re fine.” She smiled, giving a quick, friendly kiss. He walked to the open car door.

“Dr. Carter.” The driver nodded, standing aside. John was relieved to find that there was no one else inside the back of the car. Throwing caution to the wind, he climbed inside.

The driver shut the door and winked towards Abby as he returned to the driver’s side. She couldn’t help but to giggle. The twinkle in his eyes told her John was in for a wild experience.
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