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After dinner, the three of them retired to the library where they spent hours talking medicine. It was the first time John had ever spent such a close time with fellow doctors who he did not work with and he found the conversation exhilarating. They argued treatments, diagnoses, and case scenarios for hours. John's age showed in his philosophy and knowledge of the latest procedures, his ideas were by far the most creative and innovative due to the type of work he did. They were both amazed at the frequentness of the major traumas and the level of care that John had performed himself in the ER. Knowing generally what happened in an emergency room and listening to him talk, along with seeing him on the lake gave them just a glimpse of the type of doctor he was. His stories and very strong opinions proved that not only was he a compassionate doctor but highly skilled as well. Brandon was amazed with some of the stories, such as the field amputation John performed at the train wreck or the time the girl blew the brains out of the girl John had just saved, spraying gray matter all over him. It was no wonder to him that after the stabbing John had turned to drugs. His entire life was filled with pain of one form or another. The thing he found truly amazing was the passion he heard in John's voice when he spoke of his work. John was an emergency medical physician, a complete trauma doctor through and through.

After several hours of just being close, Veronica yawned.

"I saw that." John smiled; his head buried in a medical journal, curled up on the end of the sofa, afghan wrapped around him. Veronica stretched.

"Well, that's it for me, gentlemen. I need some sleep." She said.

"I'll be up in a minute." Brandon said, going over his schedule at his desk. He also looked tired.

"John?" She asked, touching his hand.

"Not yet. I need to stay up a few more hours if I expect to get any sleep. I’m starting a double tomorrow at 7 and I can’t come in dragging my ass. I'm fine here." He kissed her hand. "I'm just going to read for a while."

"All right, then. Good night." She made her way to the staircase. After a few more minutes, John heard Brandon close his appointment book and stand.

"You ok?" He touched John on the shoulder. John looked up.

"I'm fine. Get some sleep." He smiled, running his hands subconsciously through his tousled hair.

"Feel free to wake me when you come to bed." Brandon gave him a quick but caring kiss. John nodded.

"We'll see how asleep you are." John smiled. Brandon turned off all the lights in the house on his way up, leaving John sitting with just a reading light behind him.

John listened to the sounds of the house. It was so quiet and peaceful. The house itself reminded him of his grandparent's house where he was currently living. The peacefulness was foreign, though. He could never really be himself, always waiting for someone to judge the youngest Carter sibling, the rebel in the family. No, the peacefulness he felt in this home was something he could never get at home. This was a comfort, a physical calm, an emotionally supportive, and mentally relaxed feeling. He closed the medical journal, hugged his knees to his chest, and smiled. He was truly happy.


Veronica and Brandon had both been up for hours; rescheduling their appointments and doing the little bit of work that they needed to get done with taking the extra day off. John had crawled into bed with them sometime in the early morning hours and they did everything they could to keep the house as quiet as possible. Every once in a while, one of them would tip toe upstairs, peek in on the sleeping man in the bed and return downstairs, satisfied that he seemed to be sleeping soundly.

"Brandon, dear? Do you think it's about time we wake our sleeping prince?" Veronica asked, as she glanced at the clock. Less than five hours left and he would be gone from their bed, from their home but not from their hearts. John had touched them both, with his compassion, his willingness to open up to them and for just being the kind man that he was. They both felt a sort of parental protection over him, wanting to shield him from the harms of the world yet another part felt connected, passionate, a sensual depth that was felt by those who shared their most intimate moments and understandings of each other.

"I suppose we have to eventually, don't we?" He smiled. Brandon felt so much better having had the time to truly thank John for all that he'd done for him. He was able to repay his gratitude and in turn found someone who was turning into a very good friend as well as very passionate, needy, and satisfying lover all in one.

"I say we go up and wake him up in a way he won't soon forget. Are you up for it, darling?" She smiled wickedly, her finger hanging on her pouty lips. For an older woman, she was as attractive as any twenty year old. Brandon smiled.

"Not yet but as soon as we get up there, I'm sure I will be." He stood and followed his wife.

They quietly made their way up the stairs and found John almost buried under the comforter and pillows. About all they could see was an arm slung across the top of a pillow. Veronica moaned. Both lovers shed their cloths and gently crawled under the warmth of the blankets, Veronica from the front and Brandon scooting behind. John stirred slightly, lying on his side, the previously visible arm now across his face, covering it from the daylight.

Gently, they each began their own oral caress, touching him so softly as not to wake him too quickly. Their mouths and hands had no intensions of leaving even a centimeter unloved. Brandon nibbled up his back and he smiled at the appearance of a thousand tiny goose bumps breaking out on John's warm flesh. He spooned his body against John's back as his hands stroked John's chest and his mouth cherished his spine, his scars, and his ribcage, up to his shoulder blades and to his neck. Veronica busied herself with the one hand she could reach, down the front of his chest pausing only slightly at his nipples, now tiny peeks of flesh, down to his stomach and to his slowly responding maleness.

They both noticed the quick intake of breath followed by the moan as Veronica awoke the sleeping monster with her mouth. A pillow still mostly covered his face but Brandon could tell John was smiling.

"Please don't stop." John said, his voice sounding weak from sleep. He moved his neck back slightly, allowing Brandon access to more flesh and to his ears. John's earlobes, they discovered were connected directly to his groin. Brandon elicited a deep moan as he sucked one into his tightly pursed lips, teasing the flesh with his tongue. "Oh, my God." John gasped, his upper arm reaching down and grasping Veronica's hair.

Brandon pressed his body tightly against John's back, grinding his very erect cock against John's backside

"You are the most beautiful man I have ever met, John Carter." Brandon whispered into his ear, running his strong hand up John's neck. John just nodded, thrusting himself into Veronica's famished mouth.

"This is one hell of a way to wake a guy up." He chuckled, turning his head up towards Brandon's mouth.

"Is that a complaint I hear?" Veronica asked, sliding her tongue down under his scrotum. John shook his head.

"No, way! I just wish I could wake up like this every day." He smiled. Brandon left his neck and began to return down his back. Brandon trailed his mouth down his spine, creating a new set of goose bumps and he finally made his way to John's hips. Veronica kissed her way up and the couple kissed each other just above his flesh, sharing their moisture.

Brandon inserted a finger into John as Veronica stroked him tightly. John didn't care if they were kissing each other as long as they kept touching him in the way they were. John's hips didn't know which way to go as Veronica held him securely and Brandon thrust inside his body. Their lips parted and returned to John. While Veronica took his length, John felt Brandon parting his cheeks and a tongue begin to penetrate someplace it had never been before. The sensation was quite new for John and he was surprised by it.

Veronica reached onto the bedside table and got the condoms and the lubricant. She handed them to Brandon while keeping a condom for herself.

"Oh, my God, Brandon!" John gasped, totally unaware to what Veronica was doing. All he knew was Brandon had inserted three fingers rather quickly after applying the lube in a somewhat rushed state. Veronica turned around, her back facing John's chest and she inched her hips back towards John's cock. Brandon pressed his penis against John's opening and he slid his hand around, grasping John as he guided him to glide into his wife from behind.

"Oh, yeah." John mumbled, trapped between the bodies of his lovers as Brandon entered him strongly. Veronica and Brandon took a few strokes to get in sync with each other but quickly found a smooth rhythm. Time seemed to hold still for an eternity, both slamming into John harder and harder each time. John could barely breath much less move. He did manage to get his arm under Veronica's chest and he rubbed and pinched her nipples. Brandon reached around and to help him hold John's hips in place, he found the core to Veronica and flicked it expertly.

"Oh, fuck!" John exclaimed, feeling the sweat build on his skin. The language came as a slight shock to Brandon. He'd only heard John cuss using that word once before in Atlanta. The difference was this time, it was gasped out of a total overtake of his body, a confirmation that what they were doing was good.

John bit into the side of the pillow as his climax soared up to the skies. His chest heaved and he felt lightheaded as the tempo increased.

"John! Oh, my God, John! I'm . .I'm" Brandon screamed, as his body was the first to explode. John clamped down on his flesh, tightening his muscles, not allowing him to withdraw and he thrust into Veronica. Brandon felt as he himself was inside his wife as John kept their connection. Veronica was babbling in some strange language. John didn't need words. He knew she was loving his every move, as was Brandon.

"Harder, John!" Veronica begged, bending slightly at the waist, giving John better access to her from behind. He held tightly to her hips.

A deep-throated scream that bounced off the walls of the room escaped from Veronica as her climax hit her with superior strength. Brandon could tell that John had not reached his own climax yet, although it was painfully obvious that he was teetering on the edge so as Veronica's screams began to subside, he moved quickly. He pulled John back, had the condom off and his mouth over John's fully swollen cock in seconds flat.

The second he felt himself hit the back of Brandon's throat, John lost all control. Brandon gulped him in, needing to remember what John tasted like. John's back arched as he convulsed repeatedly into Brandon's mouth. Veronica's mouth joined her husband as they shared in the fruits of their labor. John had lost complete control of his body and he'd seen more fireworks than a New York harbor on the fourth of July. They lapped up his juices and sucked him until there was no life left to his drained body. He panted, feeling as if he'd just run a marathon and won. Unable to move, he lay quietly as Veronica and Brandon finally rested their heads, one on his stomach, and one on his thigh.
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