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John was wearing a dry pair of scrubs as the doctor walked him to the admit desk. Brandon and Veronica jumped up at the sight of him. He had a large bruise covering his forehead and had received thirty-two stitches from the gash, all neatly covered with a white bandage. They'd been observing John for several hours, making sure that his head injury wasn't severe.

"Hey, you." Veronica came up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. John smiled.

"They say I can go now." He smiled, blushing slightly. "I just heard from Kerry and she said I can have tomorrow off, considering." He smiled, signing his discharge papers.

"How'd she find out?" Brandon asked, taking the bag of John's wet cloths from the nurse.

"I guess I made the news." John shrugged. "And that the captain and that lady reporter both called her. She just wanted to make sure I was ok." He smiled, refusing the wheelchair and walking out with Brandon and Veronica.

"So much for being your day." Veronica said, thinking he looked awfully cute in the scrub outfit he was wearing. John smiled.

"Oh, it wasn't so bad." He said. "Out there, helping those people, I remembered why I do this every day. I'm kind of looking forward to going back to work but I'll take the extra day."

"Can you stay here or do you need to go back to Chicago?" Brandon asked, hoping to have a bit more time.

"Kerry said to come in for my regular shift at seven on Friday night so I guess there's no real reason I need to be in Chicago. I though you and Veronica needed to return to work on Friday." He said.

"I think we could rearrange our schedule, that is if you want to stay." Brandon said, hoping he was sounding convincing. John smiled.

"Well, I do believe that we had some plans that we never got to. I'm not sure if I'm up for them tonight but I'm sure I'll be all better tomorrow. I'd like to stay, if you don't mind." He smiled.

"I don't think we'd have any problem with that, Dr. Carter." Veronica teased, holding tightly onto John's arm.

"The doctor told me to take it easy so I guess that means I get to lay back and let you two do all the work, huh?" He teased back, letting them both know that just because his head hurt, he still wanted to continue with their plans.

"I think we could do that, don't you Brandon?" She asked. Brandon smiled.

"We certainly can."


Veronica brought John a tray with soup and a nice salad. John sat up in bed as well as he could, having been pampered since they'd gotten back from the hospital. He felt kind of silly having them doing everything for him but his head did still throb.

"Well, doctor. You understand concussions so you know that we need to keep you awake for the next twenty-four hours." She smiled wickedly.

"You may have quite a battle on your hands, Dr, Montgomery. I get sleepy after soup and I've been known to be a difficult patient. I may be needing some of your professional advice." He joked, watching her set the tray over his lap. She sat beside him, watching him eat. After a few bites, he smiled self-consciously.

"John, what you did out there today was purely selfless. I didn't know people like you still existed." She said, smiling. He turned a bright shade of red.

"I didn't do anything that someone else wouldn't have done. I just jumped in faster." He shrugged. Veronica shook her head.

"Kerry talked a lot about you. I've just spent the last hour on the phone with her and she admires your heart." She explained. She wanted to tell Kerry herself about what happened, having the feeling that John had downplayed the entire episode to her when they spoke. She had been right.

"I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time much more often so I guess I just got lucky." He said. "Where's Brandon?" He asked, wanting to change the subject. He didn't feel as though he really did anything that anyone wouldn't have also done, if given the chance. He always entrusted that people in general, were good. Veronica smiled, feeding John a mouthful of salad.

"He's taking a nap. He's going to take on the second shift with keeping you awake. The first one's mine." She smiled, wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin. He smiled at the idea. He set the tray on the far side of the bed and picked up a cherry tomato. He smiled at it.

"Remind you of anything?" He asked, his eyes quickly turning to a deep shade of brown. Veronica couldn't resist his seduction.

"Looks awfully juicy." She purred, watching him bite a small hole into the vegetable. He held it out for her, the juices beginning to run down his long, slender fingers. She moaned seductively.

"Want some?" He asked. As she bent forward, he pulled his hand back, making her come closer before she could reach the tomato. Finally, she was able to pop the entire thing into her mouth as she stretched out over his body. John rolled her over and his mouth joined hers.

The taste of the tomato quickly became an aphrodisiac as their hands began exploring each other's body. John's hands cupped onto her breasts, his fingers finding the hard nipples through the fabric of the dress she wore. His mouth slid down her face, to her neck and to her chest, teasing the perk points through the lace bodice. Veronica groaned, his oral talents to be perfectly honed.

"Think I could make love to you for the next twenty-four hours?" He whispered, his mouth teasing her arousal.

"I believe you probably could, John Carter. I believe you could." She giggled, feeling his mouth on her flat stomach. One of his hands stayed on her breast; never stopping its caresses while the other teased the bottom hem of her dress. She spread her legs, hoping he would touch her soon as only he could.

John took his time. He kissed down her legs, worshipping the smoothness and thanking God for electrolysis. He covered every inch of flesh, adoring her ankles, her soles, and her toes until she was moaning and writhing in pleasure. He began going back up her inner leg, snaking his tongue along the sensitive skin.

"Yes, John. Please. Now, John. I need you inside me now." She begged. He smiled, choosing to ignore her cries. He continued up her legs as they spread wide. He loved the fact that Veronica had never worn underwear as he was given a view of his ultimate destination. Just as his head came within inches of her mound, he sat up and sat back on his heals. She groaned painfully, startled.

John stared at her squirming body panting in anticipation to his touch. He smiled as her eyes met his. Slowly, he pulled his scrub top from over his head. She sat up and loosened the tie around his waist. As she pulled the materials down over his hips, she smiled at her reward.

"Oh, I have got to get me some of these scrubs." She cooed, bending over and giving John's penis a kiss. It jerked at the attention.

"They do make it easy to get undressed." He chuckled as she engulfed him in her warm mouth. This time, John moaned loudly. Veronica had his entire length down her throat before she began to contract her throat muscles. John almost got lost in the sensation before snapping back to reality and pulled back from her. He put both his hands on her wrists and he laid her back down. He returned to his oral attack, kissing her breasts, teasing them to even greater hardness. He pulled her dress up over her body, Veronica helping him get it completely off over her head. He kissed his way back down her stomach, down over her mound and he pushed her legs apart.

He ran his tongue and teeth teasingly around the outside of her pubic area, taking in her scent. Then he separated her lips and warmed the area with his breath. Then his tongue extended, running in long, loving strokes up to her clitoris, which he avoided on purpose. Her skin was so smooth and her taste was intoxicating. He dipped his tongue inside, watching and knowing she would buck from the sensation. Her moans of pleasure had long since changed to groans of desire, as she tried to guide his head to her core.

"What do you want, Veronica?" He asked, softly, licking with each syllable.

"Oh, John." She cried, sounding very much in pain.

"Do you want me to taste your sweetness, Veronica?" He asked, burying his face in her depths, She gasped at what his tongue was doing to her. His tongue felt as long as his fingers. He pulled out and flicked over her clitoris. Her hips thrust up from the bed; the pleasure being almost more than she could stand.

"Oh, yes, John, yes." She cried and he clamped down and began sucking and nibbling. He would bring her to a writhing frenzy then stop and go to her inner most self, penetrating her soul. He knew how to read her body as if he were the author as he made her climb higher and higher the way no man ever had.

Finally, out of nowhere, her brain exploded and her screams bounced off the walls as her legs clamped against John's ears, holding him in place as he continued riding out her orgasmic climax. After several minutes, his assault never tiring, she released his head from her grips and he gently lapped up the remainders of her juices. He slowly made his way back up, his after-loving just as intense as his seduction. He finally collapsed on the pillow next to her out of breath. He quickly wiped his drenched face on the sheet.

Not a second passed before Veronica was covering his body with her own, hoping to bring him at least half as much gratification as he had brought her. He knew it wouldn't take much because making love to her had almost brought him to a climax even without a single touch. He had always gotten totally into making love to a woman and she was no exception. If he never climaxed again, he'd be satisfied just making love to them for the rest of his life.

Well, on second thought, he figured what she was doing to him at that moment was something he didn't want to live without. Her hands moved lower. Ok, or that either. She grasped tightly onto his shaft. Ok, forget what he'd thought about never having to be touched again. This was too good. This he wanted again and again. Then he felt her wet mouth, teeth teasing his shaft and his mind turned to total pudding.

John lasted as long as he could, which was longer than most men could have. He figured he'd gone through the entire medical procedure book, figuring Veronica would want to stop and let him do something else but she seemed determined to bring him to climax with her mouth. Not that he was complaining. His mind went from the individual bones of the hand instantly to an all-encompassing upsurge of bright colors. His hips arched forward as his breathing ceased with his groan. Veronica depleted him of his body's liquid, surely sending him into a state of dehydration. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop." He laughed breathlessly, pulling her up on top of him. "There is no more." He giggled as she kissed his throat.

"What ever you have been eating, John, keep it up because you taste so good." She purred into his ear, draping her leg over his and stroking his chest.

"Well, whatever you're doing to keep those thigh muscles of yours in such good shape is working. You just may not want to let a guy down there with a head injury next time." He laughed.

"Sorry. Did I hurt you?" She asked feeling embarrassed.

"The ringing in my ears has stopped but I don't know how many brain cells I lost while I was down there. A little hard to breath being clamped that tightly." He teased. They lay wrapped in each other, giggling and feeling like old friends.

Just as John felt himself nodding off, he felt Veronica begin kissing his hand. He smiled in his sleepy state.

"I'm going to need an ambulance before the night's out, aren't I?" He chuckled.

"Just trying to keep you awake, doctor." She whispered, moving to his chest.

"Oh, I'm awake. Very awake." He chuckled. He could feel Veronica's smile against his skin.

"Why, John Carter, you must have the most remarkable recovery time of any man I know." She giggled. He looked down at his own penis. It was definitely coming back to life from her touch.

"Come on, buddy. I told you to play dead for a while." He mocked, his head dropping back down on the pillow. "Do you do this torture to your husband?" He asked. She giggled.

"John, ten years ago my husband could recover as quickly as you do but some things change with age." She ran her tongue around his nipple.

"Brandon is far from having any problems in that department." He sighed, relaxing to her touch. This would be slow and sweet.

"What department would that be?" Brandon appeared at the door, watching Veronica bring John's body back to life. Brandon walked to the bed and he handed John a bottle of sports juice and a straw.

"Oh, thank God." John took the drink and sipped like a drowning man. "I know I'm supposed to stay awake but this is crazy." John complained. Veronica bit his nipple to get him to stop talking and in his gasp, he got the idea. "Oh, man." He groaned, feeling his groin respond instantly to the pain.

As Veronica continued seducing John with her mouth, Brandon undressed and stood by, stroking himself as he watched. Veronica was on all fours over John's body as her mouth had his full attention. Her hands fondled his chest, rubbing his rib cage, occasionally running to his groin, briefly teasing him before returning to his chest. Brandon quickly applied condoms to both John and himself and then began running his hand between Veronica's legs, inserting his fingers. Veronica moaned, her body squirming above John's. John's hands fondled her breasts and he moved his hand lower. He found Brandon's hand already there and he added his fingers to his, playing with each other and Veronica at the same time.

John found this sensation an incredible turn on as he throbbed with desire. Their fingers were coated with Veronica's thick juices as they tangled with each other. John switched hands, the one slick reaching out and finding Brandon's cock pointing towards them. He slid his lubricated hand down it's length, making Brandon moan and thrust towards them.

Veronica positioned herself over John and she slowly slid the tip into her stretched depths. John felt Brandon pull away and he could feel Brandon get on the bed behind Veronica. He remembered how Veronica had stated that anal penetration was out of the question so he waited with baited breath to see what he would do. Veronica also seemed to be waiting, clenching her muscles around the head on John's penis, not allowing him to push any further into her.

John felt Brandon grasp his errection as he did his own, grinding his scrotum into John's pubic hair. Then he felt Brandon push his own penis against John's, both of them entering Veronica at the same time. The groan that came from Veronica was deep and low as she slowly pushed against them. She was stretched to her limits and would need a few moments to adjust to their combined size.

John reached above his head, grasping the headboard, his eyes closed in complete surrender. He could clearly feel Brandon's cock against his own, Brandon still gripping them together, Veronica's insides sucking them in. Soon, he felt Veronica begin to thrust, slowly at first but deeply. John opened his eyes, meeting Brandon's own glassed over stare as they began a rhythm, in synch with each other. Brandon's hand released them as he braced himself with both hands on either side of John's head, as they thrust.

John could feel Brandon's thighs straddling his own, surrounding Veronica as she straddled his ribs, bent almost in half. As their trusting increased, John could feel Brandon's thighs slapping against his own, grinding against John.

Veronica's body exploded first, contracting around both men as she pulled away. Brandon grasped both their erections and began stroking them together, their climaxes quickly following hers. Brandon collapsed against his own wife's sweat covered body. John lay under them, panting for air.

"Can't breath." John gasped, half-joking, half-serious. Brandon and Veronica rolled off as one, their wetness soaking the sheets. John began to chuckle.

"What is so funny?" Brandon asked, cradling his wife's depleted body.

"I didn't think that one was even possible." He laughed. "Veronica, I do have to say, you keep surprising me. You are a woman of incredible talents." He chuckled, kissing her smiling face. They lay together for a long time, occasionally kissing, moaning, or just sighing in physical pleasure. John listened to the sounds of their breathing, becoming slower and more rhythmic and he knew he'd be falling asleep if he lay there much longer. Slowly he stood, a serious case of vertigo causing him to fall back to the bed.

"You ok?" Brandon asked, feeling John sit back down hard. John snickered.

"I'm fine. Go back to sleep. I'm going to shower and then go downstairs for some coffee." John gently stroked Brandon's arm, which was wrapped over Veronica's sleeping body.
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