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As they made their way up stairs, their giggles were beginning to die down just a bit. Both Veronica and Brandon stayed a step behind John as he went straight for the master bedroom suite. He opened the doors and stopped cold in his tracks, all laughter gone.

“Holy shit!” He gasped. Brandon slipped into the room unnoticed.

The whole room had been made over, sheer materials hanging around the room, draping the furniture, and candles of every size and shape illuminating the room. John could see that there were candles also in the bathroom as the whole room had a warm, safe yet very erotic glow. The air was lightly scented and soft music played in the background. Veronica glided up beside him and she handed him a bottled water.

"Do you like?" She asked, running her fingers down his arm.

"I, uh, I," He stammered, looking around the room. "How?" He motioned through the room.

"Well paid hired help." She smiled. Veronica took a hold of his hand and led him towards the bathroom. "Follow me." She whispered, holding his hand against her backside. All the lights were out except the glow of the candles. They entered the bathroom and there was Brandon, completely dressed, sitting in the hot tub.

"Care to join me?' He said seductively. John smiled. Veronica stepped onto the step and she held out her hand to John.

John knew how much his suit cost him. He didn't care if they wanted to risk ruining their cloths but there was no way he'd ruin his new jacket. He slipped it off and laid it on the counter. Veronica stepped into the water, gown, and all. John slipped off his shoes but the rest of his cloths stayed on as he joined them in the tub.

"Now, this is something I never imagined doing." John stated, laughing.

"What's that?" Veronica sat across from him, her feet playfully in his lap. "Relaxing in a hot tub?"

"No. Relaxing in a hot tub in $300.00 pants." He said.

"We'll replace the pants." Brandon reassured.

"No need." John relaxed back, allowing the hot water to relax his muscles. He gently stroked Veronica's foot. "So, care to give me some sort of hint at to what you two have planned for tonight?" He asked, tossing his long legs up into Brandon's lap.

"I have this fantasy." Veronica purred, her arms up along the back of the tub, body outstretched touching both her men. John and Brandon snickered.

"I bet you do." Brandon said. Veronica looked at John.

"Uh, oh. It involves me." He smiled, his hand playing with her palm.

"Oh, my darling. If I had it my way, I'd keep you locked away in this room purely for my own pleasure." She smiled. "I know society thinks one of the biggest turn on's for men is to watch two women together but for me," She paused and licked her lips. "I'd love to see you two make love." She suggested, running her foot up John's inner thigh. John turned his head towards Brandon, who was already watching him, looking very pleased at his wife's idea.

"You up for that?" John asked, smirking at Brandon's smiling face.

"Oh, I could be convinced pretty easily." He agreed, taking a hold of John's foot and raising it above the water. He turned to John and began kissing up his calf. "I do believe you have way too many cloths on, though. I believe that I should do something about that, don't you John?" He moved himself closer, coming in between John's legs. His hands ran up the inside of John's thighs.

"You two do realize that you've spoiled me forever." John smiled, watching Brandon work his way up, massaging John's thighs. "When I leave here, every sexual experience I have will be so dull in comparison."

"Uh, John dear. Sex should never be taken lightly or ever, ever be dull." Veronica stated. "Even sex just for the sake of sex is a beautiful thing and each experience is just that, an experience unto it's own. Sure, some may produce a stronger orgasm or some may last longer but the act itself, no matter how simple or erotic should never be looked upon as dull." She analyzed. "Besides, you're welcome here anytime. We plan on having you back, John. Not just for the sex." She smiled, John was engrossed in Brandon's face, but he was listening to Veronica. When she said that they planned on having him return, his eyebrow raised.

"Really?" He asked, almost a whisper. Brandon leaned forward and kissed him gently. John's legs were wrapped around his waist.

"Really." Brandon whispered. "Although I could make love to you every day of the rest of my life, John Carter, I also consider you my friend." Brandon pushed his body closer, his hands against John's chest.

"I could, maybe call you and talk if I've had a bad day?" John asked, feeling the strength of Brandon's body against his, stretching his legs.

"Or if you've had a good day and just want to talk about nothing." Veronica whispered from behind his head. She had gotten out of the hot tub, removed her gown, and was wrapping a robe around herself. Brandon began to slowly unbutton John's shirt, sensually kissing his neck.

"Or maybe visit and not talk?" John had his head back and eyes closed. Just enjoying Brandon's slow seduction. Veronica sat on the step behind John and she gently stroked his temples.

"Yes. Just visit and not talk. Both Brandon and I spend a lot of time in Chicago, also. You never know when we'll just show up and take you out for lunch." She purred as Brandon pulled John's shirt and suspenders off his shoulders.

"I could do that." John smiled, feeling Brandon unbutton his pants. He gasped for breath as Brandon's hands found greedy flesh, begging to be held. Brandon ran his hands up John's torso as he kissed John's neck.

"I want you on the bed." Brandon ordered. John nodded, under his spell.

Veronica helped John out of the hot tub, lovingly stripping the wet garments from his body. Brandon watched, John's body moving so gracefully.

Brandon led John to the bed and had him lay directly in the middle. He covered John's body with his own, kissing and feeling, flesh against flesh. After several moments, John felt like something was different. He could feel the lamb's wool around his ankles and wrists, unable to do more than pull against the restraints.

"Oh, man." John moaned, realizing he was shackled, spread eagle on the bed.

"Now, this is how I'd keep you in here." Brandon kissed his way down John's neck to his stomach. He noticed that John's breathing had increased and he was beginning to sweat. "Do you need to call RED, John?' He asked, pausing. John shook his head.

John had been tied up before just his arms but playfully and he'd never had a problem. This time, with both his arms and legs trapped, he began to have a panic attack. He remembered back to his boarding school days. John was an honor roll kid, who didn't exactly fit in with the bullies of the school. He was small for his age, timid and rich, and subsequently beaten or picked on regularly. During some of his worse beatings, several boys would each take a hold of his limbs as another punched and stomped on his stomach. In fact, one of his worst beatings had ended up with him in the hospital with internal injuries and the school had been unable to reach any family member because they were, as usual, out of the country. Ever since then, he'd had a fear of being in just this position.

John pulled against the restraints, testing their strength. Brandon had gone out and picked up fleece lined horse shackles. They were strong yet comfortable but it didn't help John feel any safer. He was going to fight his fear, though. He knew he was safe, with people who cared about him and he wouldn't be hurt. Brandon hesitated, kissing his neck again, watching John experience increased anxiety. He looked over to Veronica, a bit concerned.

"John, are you ok?" He asked the rigid man beneath him. John instantly nodded that he was fine but his eyes were clenched shut. Veronica moved to the head of the bed.

"Does this scare you, John?" She asked, stroking his head. His eyes shot up at her and she saw pure fear. "Do you want to continue?" She asked. He nodded again. "All right, John." She smiled, looking up at Brandon. He nodded and began kissing John's chest. "I'm right here, John." She said as he closed his eyes tightly. His breaths were coming in short gasps as he tried to calm his heart rate.

"Can you cover my eyes?" John asked her in a throaty whisper. What Brandon was doing to his body was beginning to take effect, having totally lost his errection when he realized he was tied down. If he was going to face his fears, he wanted the whole experience, not wanting to be distracted. He wanted to experience Brandon and just Brandon. With his arms and legs tied up, his movement was limited and now he needed to keep his eyes from looking around.

"You want me to blindfold you, John?" She asked, knowing what this meant. It meant that John had reached a security with them. The blindfold would only amplify the sensory deprivation he was experiencing and he trusted them enough to work through this. She smiled and kissed him gently.

Brandon was lying next to John, stroking his chest and stomach. John turned to him and smiled.

"Hey, you." John whispered. Brandon smiled back.

"Hi there." Brandon said, kissing John's forehead.

"Don't stop, ok? Don't leave anything out. I trust you." John said. Brandon couldn't help but to kiss this man who had just handed himself over to Brandon. Veronica placed the blindfold gently, kissing his forehead. John took a deep breath. "Ok, Brandon. Show me what you got." He directed. Brandon laughed.

"Now, he thinks he's the one in control." He kidded, happy to see John trying to relax.

"This isn't so bad." John said, feeling Brandon move back down his neck. All the sensations were so much more amplified, his skin so much more sensitive, the arousal climbing higher.

"John, have you ever had kinky sex?" Brandon asked, his voice coming from John's left. John laughed.

"Kinky as far as your definition, probably not." He laughed. Then he felt the heat, burning heat near his face. He quickly turned away.

"Have you ever had hot wax poured on your body?" Brandon's voice asked, right next to his ear. John's heart rate increased. He shook his head. Then he felt the burning, hot wax dripped onto his inner arm, burning his skin. It was instantly followed by the cooling from the piece of ice, ran over his skin to stop the burning. He was amazed to find it strangely erotic. He moaned, showing that he wanted more.

More burning, more cooling, down his arms, his chest, his thighs, all awhile getting closer to his groin. He felt wax dripped on his stomach, burning, causing him to buck his hips up, trying to escape the pain but the ice didn't follow. The wax cooled and was peeled from his skin gently. He then realized that his breathing had increased and his own body throbbed with desire. Each touch, followed by a warm mouth, doing things to him, making it feel. He could tell Brandon was over him but he had no idea where or what he was doing. He then felt the familiar sensation of a condom being applied.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he felt skin; hot, tight skin engulfing his penis. It took him a minute before he realized that Brandon had straddled him and was slowly lowering himself onto Johns' groin.

"Oh!" A very strangled moan came from John's throat as he felt how tight Brandon was. He had never imagined it being so tight and the flesh being so warm. He thrust his hips up gently.

"Slowly." Brandon urged, pulling back. "I haven't done this in a very long time. It's going to take me just a minute." Brandon said, stroking John's chest. Soon, he was able to take the full length and he waited for just a minute, relishing in the feeling of having John inside. He began to move up slightly, until just the tip was inside before sliding back down the entire length. John groaned, trying not to move but he couldn't help it. It felt too good.

Brandon ran his hands up John's torso, strong hands touching him without tenderness but with a need, a need that only John could fulfill. Brandon began to move, having adjusted to the pressure he felt. John also began to move his hips upward, timidly at first and when he discovered that he received no protest, he began to move more. He could hear Brandon's breathing, deep and slow but he clearly heard the slight gasp each time he thrust into his partner.

"Oh, my God, John. Yes. Oh, God." Brandon cried. John pulled at the restraints, wanting to be able to hold Brandon, to touch him, to be in control. Instead of being in control, he was the one at Brandon's mercy, only capable of minor movement. He felt the sweat run from his face down onto his neck.

His back burned with the position he was in and that his lower back muscles were the only ones being able to move. He tried to block out the pain, gritting his teeth and shoving upward. Veronica was monitoring his reactions and she whispered in his ear.

"Are you ok? Do you need to stop, John?" She whispered. John adamantly shook his head, groaning loudly as he thrust upwards.

Brandon was in another world, his own body responding strongly to what John was managing to do to him. He was oblivious to John's condition, his own climax holding him captive on the edge, teasing with his body, torturing it. He moved almost violently, slamming against John's hips, stimulating his prostate with each stroke.

John was panting, his entire body covered in sweat. He could feel his orgasm building, going higher with each thrust. Veronica could see John's body straining against the restraints and she decided it would probably do him some good to have them free. She freed his hands and they immediately went to Brandon's hips, holding him tightly. Veronica released his legs as quickly as she could, hearing the urgency in both Brandon's and John's sounds. She no sooner released his first leg before John violently rolled Brandon under him, thrusting with all his strength as his climax slammed through his body. Brandon exploded with the brutal attack, screaming John's name as he came.

Both men collapsed onto one another, John in the position of the aggressor, chests heaving, trying to breath. Their bodies were slick, their skin flush as John kissed Brandon's neck and chest.

"Oh, my fucking God." Brandon panted. He didn't have the strength to move. John had forced his last ounce of energy from his body and he was sure it had shot through his cock. John kissed the sweat from his chin, licking it and gratified with different feeling of a man's body beneath him. He found he could use more strength than usual and that alone was frighteningly exciting. Finally, his head fell limp on Brandon's shoulder.

"That was fucking incredible." He smiled, still trying to catch his breath. He had long since lost his blindfold, it being the first thing he freed when he regained the use of his hands.

"That is going to hurt like hell tomorrow." Brandon joked as he painfully pulled himself out from under John's body. John chuckled.

"Oh, but it was so worth it." He panted. Brandon laughed, sitting tenderly on the edge of the bed. He reached back to reassure John that he also felt it was worth it. Brandon stood and he carefully walked to the bathroom. Veronica curled up around John's head, gently stroking his chest. He smiled and turned his head towards her.

"I'm glad you're still here." He said, his hand finding hers. After going to the bathroom, Brandon came back into the room.

"That's it, I'm out of commission for the night. You managed to draw blood, Dr. Carter." He said lightly.

"You ok?" John asked. He wasn't surprised with how rough they'd gotten but at the same time, Brandon was the last person he wanted to hurt. Brandon nodded.

"I'm no worse than you will be when you realize how raw you are." He teased.

"That's nothing. About half way through that last one, my back went into a spasm and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain." John admitted. That, she thought, had been the look that she saw come over his face right before she released the shackles. Now, she was glad she'd released him.

"How's your back now?" She asked tenderly, playing with Brandon's wet hair.

"It hurts." John smiled. "But it's bearable. You ok with both of us out of commission?" He asked softly. She smiled at his concern.

"Of course I am. I just witnessed the two men I care about most do something absolutely amazing. Besides, the ride home from the restaurant was it for me. This has been probably the most sex I have had in some time." She joked. John laughed.

"You? Heck, the most I've had in a year had been the phone sex I had with Abby the morning I came here." He admitted.

"So, she is more than a friend." Veronica teased. John smiled and shook his head.

"She's still just a friend." He stated.

"A very good friend." Brandon smiled as he rolled over, cuddling against the warm bodies in his bed and they all fell into an exhausted, totally spent slumber.
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