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Both men were joking quietly as they came downstairs dressed in their best. Veronica waited at the landing.

“Wow!” John said upon seeing her striking figure. She looked stunning.

“Thank you.” She smiled as he kissed her lightly. “So, what are you two talking about?” She asked, seeing a playful look in both their eyes. Brandon cleared his throat.

“Well, I was just talking with John about tonight. He’s been so open to trying new things since he’s been here that I’m not sure if tonight will be as anticipated as I expected it to be.”

“Are you giving private lessons and not inviting me?” She teased as Brandon put her coat around her shoulders. John blushed.

“Well, lets just say something happened that I hadn’t expected and he’s pretty good for a beginner.” Brandon teased.

“My goodness, I had no idea you held so many talents, Dr. Carter. You two must give me a oral presentation later this evening.” She cooed. John couldn’t blush any more than he already was.

“Uh, can we just go to dinner?” He requested. Both Veronica and Brandon laughed. They followed him to the car where their driver stood waiting.


Throughout dinner, they each shared stories of their jobs, the occupational hazards that went along with being doctors. John told of some of the stranger patients having been brought into the emergency room, Brandon spoke of people wanting this and that tucked or removed and Veronica had them all in stitches with some of her therapy stories. The atmosphere was very relaxed between them and by the time they began the finished their meal, they were beginning to speak of their plans for the evening.

“Johnny Carter? Is that you?” An elderly woman said, approaching their table. John sat more upright and smiled when he saw her. He stood and gave her an awkward hug.

“Why, hello, Mrs. Ramsey. How nice to see you. Is your husband here?” He asked, looking around for Mr. Ramsey. The elderly gentleman joined them. As he spoke, both Brandon and Veronica noticed how differently John held himself. One minute he's a handsome man talking about sexual desires and the next a twelve-year-old boy, unsure of his every action.

“Well, young Dr. Carter. How are you? Fancy seeing you here. We heard about your grandmother. How is she doing?” Mr. Ramsey questioned, not at all minding the fact that he had interrupted John and his companions.

“She’s recovering nicely. She’s back home and already scheduling her social functions.” He explained.

“I heard your parents are back in the states. Rumors around the country club say that they’re getting a divorce? Such a hardship, after what? Thirty years of marriage? What is going to happen to the business? Are you going to be finally taking a position with the company? Take Chase's place? I know that would have made your grandfather so proud. I’m so sorry he passed away. Must be so hard on Millicent. At least it was sudden. I supposed if you have to go, then that’s the best way. Well, looking forward to working with you, should I say Mr. Carter? Well, look at us, we’re interrupted your dinner. It was nice to see you, John. You’re looking well.” Mr. Ramsey dominated the conversation so John couldn’t even get a word in edgewise. He just kept smiling, nodding, and attempting to say something. By the time the older couple left, he sat back down looking exhausted and embarrassed.

“Well, that was something.” Veronica exclaimed.

“Sorry about that. Gamma's friends.” He explained, finishing his entire glass of water in one gulp. Brandon filled in the gaps and now understood why John was such an emotional basket case. If he had been dealing with all that just since his return from Atlanta, then it was amazing that John hadn’t turned back to the drugs as a coping mechanism.

“Let’s see if I got all that. Your grandmother was sick?” Veronica asked.

“Broke her hip. Diagnosed with Shy-Drager syndrome.” John stated sadly.

“And I bet you’ve been her doctor and probably even diagnosed her.” She said. John nodded.

“Her husband passed away and he was head of the family?” She added. John again nodded.

"Who's Chase?" She asked.

"My cousin. Came into the ER with a heroin overdose. I revived him and now he can't even dress himself. He was supposed to take over the business." He shrugged.

“Your parents are divorcing?” She asked.

“Found out right before Christmas. I was just happy they decided to spend the first holiday in eight years here until I found out why. Kind of a surprise.” He smiled sheepishly.

“And everyone still thinks that your being a doctor is a faze and you’ll finally take that job with the family business as soon as you grow up, right?” Brandon added. John shrugged. “John, you're thirty one years old. When are they going to let you grow up? Do you at least have your own place where you can get away from all this stuff?”

“I’ve been staying with Gamma since I got back from Atlanta. I have to be there to make sure her nurses show up and help her if she needs me. Someone has to run the house.” He smiled. Veronica shook her head. No wonder John was in the shape he was, she thought. He has no control over his own life. They all sat silently for a few minutes, John playing with his empty glass.

“All right, gentlemen. I am appointing myself Dr. Carter’s personal physician and I believe he is in the need of some serious therapy.” Veronica stood. John smiled. He wasn’t going to get depressed again or withdraw tonight. It was his life and he would deal with it when he got home. Until then, he was with two very erotic people who had some very nice things in mind for him as long as he stayed coherent.

“Doctor, I will do whatever it is you prescribe.” He smiled, trying to push his personal issues aside. He held out his arm for Veronica to take it as they walked out of the restaurant.

“Such a willing patient.” Veronica smiled.


John sat in between the couple in the back of the limousine. Practically the minute the doors shut and Brandon was attacking his mouth, unbuttoning John’s dress shirt so he could get his hands inside. John knew this night would be interesting but he had no idea he would be the one being attacked. He figured that maybe he and Brandon would work on Veronica but so far; he seemed to be the object of their desire.

The minute he came up for air, Veronica engulfed his mouth, probing the insides with her tongue as she pressed her breasts against his chest. Her hands fought with Brandon’s as they both searched for skin, pinching and stroking every inch of his upper chest.

Brandon’s mouth located an earlobe and John moaned loudly as Brandon drew it into his mouth. Brandon had found a very sensitive erogenous zone he hadn’t known about before and he was going to use it to drive John crazy. Veronica finally allowed John to gasp for air as she kissed down his chest, pulling his shirt open, searching for flesh. John’s hands caressed whatever they touched, his concentration not focusing at all. Veronica's hand grasped John through his cloths and she was thankful for his youth. It took so little to get John fully aroused.

"Forget about everything, John. Concentrate on my hand. Do you feel my hand holding you, rubbing you? I want you, John Carter. I want to feel you, to feel your strength, your muscles, I want to hear the pleasure I bring to your body. I want you to tell me how much you like it when I touch you. I want to touch you, John Carter. Brandon wants to touch you, don't you, Brandon? Nothing matters except our hands, our mouths devouring your body, John. Tasting it, sucking it, loving your beautiful body. Do you want me to touch you, John Carter?" She purred into his ear. He was moaning and nodding his head in short, jerky movements, unable to speak. He licked his dry lips and Brandon licked them for him, running his tongue all over John's face, appreciating the structure, the thin yet strong characteristics that were all his. Veronica slowly unzipped his pants and as she pulled him free from the material constraints. Brandon quickly applied a condom with John completely unaware, having prepared ahead of time for their attack. Veronica moved from whispering in his ear to slowly moving down his neck, his chest, his stomach and as she engulfed him, John's hips bucked upwards as he released a groan. Brandon reached down and roughly massaged his testicles before joining Veronica on an all out oral assault. John’s hands were on both their heads as they kissed and licked him and each other.

John leaned back as far as he could, his body becoming rigid as a result of their attack. His hand reached up and he braced himself against the ceiling, his long legs stretched as far as they could go without him kicking the back of Fredrick’s seat. His thoughts went to Fredrick for a brief moment, thinking what Fredrick thought of this whole scene. There was something definitely going on in the back seat, judging by all the moans and groans. He figured though that most chauffeurs had seen it all and heard it all. Besides, with bosses like Veronica and Brandon, this was probably not the first time something like this had happened in this backseat.

John could see their lips wrestling for one another as they surrounded his latex encased length. Veronica’s lipstick had smeared and Brandon’s hand was reaching up his wife’s dress.

Brandon moved away for a brief second and Veronica took the opportunity to pull up her evening dress and climb on top of John as if her life depended upon it. John thrust up into her as Brandon squeezed her breasts from behind. Veronica’s cries broke the sound barrier and she screamed into John’s shoulder. He stopped thrusting, watching her orgasm rip through her body with such an unbelievable force. He concentrated, calming his own breathing down and he lay completely still.

After a few moments, Veronica opened her eyes and she looked at John. He was smiling but still hard inside her body.

“You didn’t . .” She said, almost apologetically. He shook his head but he looked happy.

“Not yet. I was watching the two of you. I can’t decide who’s sexier.” He smiled, still remaining in place. Veronica contracted her vaginal muscles but none of the rest of her body. She saw John’s eyes close with pleasure. “Now, you think you can bring me over the edge without moving?” He asked, feeling her contract again. He moaned.

“Veronica has talents you haven’t even seen yet.” Brandon whispered, gently licking John’s earlobe again.

"Oh, man." John gasped. "If you don't stop now, I'm going to be done for the night and I don't think that's on the agenda." He reluctantly stated. What she was doing was feeling quite good but he knew they had more planned for back at the house. Veronica carefully slid off. She still lay on top of him, occasionally kissing his chest.

After several minutes, with John not moving, Brandon picked up John’s wrist and he felt for a pulse. John chuckled a bit and soon Veronica joined in.

“Well, I suppose we should pull ourselves together.” Veronica said, prying her body from John’s.

“Sure seems to be taking a long time to get back.” John commented, carefully removing the condom from his very sensitive organ. He then attempted to fix his shirt. It was almost hopeless. Brandon laughed, wiping Veronica’s chin where her lipstick had smeared.

“Oh, Fredrick knows when to just keep driving.” He nodded. John laughed, feeling quite embarrassed.

“So, we’ve been just driving in circles?” John began giggling hard, unable to stop, the visual images only urging his giggles. Veronica tried to suppress hers but she soon exploded in gales of laughter, making it impossible for Brandon to keep a straight face. By the time the car stopped and Fredrick opened the door, all three were caught in a frenzy fit of laugher, dragging their haphazardly pulled together bodies towards the door.
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