Highest Bidder by Simplyshelly
Summary: The hospital has figured out a way to raise funds - an old fashioned auction! And what are they auctioning, you ask? Well, you'll have to read to find out
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Bidder One by Simplyshelly
"Good morning, Doctor Carter." One of the nurses said as he logged onto the computer, coat, and bag still hanging from his shoulder. His head turned in the direction of her voice, a smile playing on his lips.

"Good morning, Chuni." He acknowledged her greeting. "So, what kind of day are we going to have today?" He asked Frank, who was using his one finger typing to get labs back on a patient. The large man grunted.

"As long as the riffraff keep themselves out there and not in here, any day would be good." He grumbled. Carter snickered as he walked to the lounge to deposit his things. He had actually woken up in a good mood today and he was looking forward to having a productive, if not long day. He smiled as he saw Abby at the coffee machine, attempting to make a new pot.

"Damn it! Why isn't there any coffee? Haleh? Whose job is it to order the coffee?" She yelled as she stormed towards the door. "Oh, hey, Carter." She noticed him at his locker. "Haleh?" She continued on her quest.

"Shit. I'm glad I stopped for coffee." He mumbled to himself as he put on his lab coat and swung his stethoscope over his shoulders. "Today will be a good day." He thought, as if chanting it over again in his head would make it so.


"Hey, Frank? Are my labs back on the lady in four?" Carter asked, placing another chart into the 'discharge' bin and wiping a name off the board.

"Don't know. Check the stack." Frank mumbled. He was always such a pleasant man. Carter noticed Kerry and the nurses giggling over at the other end of the admit area, which struck him as a bit strange. Kerry and the nurses?

"So, Dr. Weaver. What are you guys talking about?" He asked, trying to be nosey. The nurses were looking at him a bit strangely and giggling. Kerry was also having trouble keeping a straight face.

"I was just telling the nurses about the fundraiser for the hospital next week. It seems like they've come up with a new angle to raise funds." She giggled. Carter felt like Lydia was checking him out. Actually, most of the nurses were looking at him, checking his full length out. He shifted, trying to turn his body away.

"Oh, yeah?" He asked, feeling very vulnerable. 'Man,' he thought, 'This must be what women feel like when they walked past a construction site.' Kerry began walking him towards the lounge.

"Yes, John." She said, regaining her professional voice. "They've actually decided to update the events a bit this year and hold an auction during the formal event."

"An auction? I'd better tell Gamma. She lives for fund raisers and auctions." He chuckled. Kerry was shaking her head.

"Oh, I don't think she's going to be interested in this one." She began to giggle again and tried hard to suppress it. He stopped and looked at her, confused.

"What are they auctioning, Kerry?" He was getting a bad feeling about this. Kerry stopped and looked at him, smiling widely. John hadn't noticed but most of the nurses were at the other end of the hall, watching for his reaction.

"They're auctioning you." She said, continuing towards the lounge.

Carter stood in the hallway, unable to move. Her words kept playing in his head. 'They're auctioning you'. 'Him?' He felt his head begin to spin from the lack of oxygen. He held his breath and hadn't realized he was doing so until he felt the tunnel vision set in. He gasped for air, his thoughts going a mile a second. Even though he felt as is he'd been standing there for hours, only a few minutes passed before he found the strength to run after her. What had she meant when she said they were auctioning him? He had to get clarification.

"Kerry…Dr. Weaver? What are you talking about?" He asked, feeling a bit flush. He suddenly felt like he was ten years old and had been waken by his sister after having a 'wet' dream. God, he'd never been so embarrassed, that is until now. "What do you mean auctioning me?"

Kerry was enjoying this all too much. She'd seen John at his most personal side when he lived with her and she liked that John. She'd always hoped more people in the ER could see how sweet of a man he really was, not just with the patients.

"Well, it seems that they've come up with some crazy scheme to auction off the eligible single physicians who work in the hospital as a fundraiser. The winner gets treated to an evening out with that physician in exchange for their donation. Each department has to nominate at least two males and two females to go up on the auction block and I will say, I collected the votes from the department and you won hands down. Seems everyone wants to get a chance at an evening with you." She smiled, watching his ears turn red.

"But I'm still a resident here." He tried. Kerry shook her head.

"You're Chief Residency status makes you eligible, but good try. No, John. You're not getting out of this." She smiled, opening a water bottle.

"So, um, who else is going to have to do this with me?" He asked, feeling a bit better knowing the details. Now, it was Kerry's turn to look embarrassed.

"Their criterion is that the doctor has to be single and unattached. Malucci would have jumped at the chance to strut his stuff up on a stage but since he's gone, that leaves you and Luka for the men, and myself and Susan for the females." She shrugged.

"I bet Mark's loving this." He smiled.

"He is." She snickered. Then Carter's face paled as he thought of something she had said.

"Do we have to, you know, 'strut our stuff up on a stage'?" He asked. Kerry laughed and shook her head.

"No, Carter. I just figured Malucci would turn this whole thing into some sexual show but no; we can keep it as professional as we'd like. No swimsuit competitions, thank God. None of the hospital staff will be allowed to place bids but I will say, several of the nurses have already told me they're going to protest. As a matter of fact, several of them said they'd give up a month's salary for a night with you." She walked back towards the door.

"Really? Who?" He asked, his self-confidence totally regained and a bit over blown. He looked towards the admit desk watching some of the nurses.

"I'll never tell." Kerry smiled, knowing that Carter would be all right with this now.

She had worried about him. She always knew he had a healthy ego when it came to work but personally, it was always a battle. His self-esteem away from the hospital had always been low as far as she could tell. The more she learned about his family and his past, the more she knew this to be true. Ever since that February night, even his professional self-confidence seemed to be somewhat misdirected.

Carter was someone who was always in some sort of relationship. He had confided in her one late night after yet another breakup that he had a fear of being alone and that's why he instantly went from one woman to the other, seeking out comfort and companionship. Since the stabbing and the subsequent return from rehab, Carter had been single, focusing on his own recovery. That is until Susan had come back but Kerry didn't think what Carter had with Susan was serious or ever could be. It was convenient for both of them but unemotional.

While they had lived together, Kerry had learned much about the caring yet insecure resident that was unknown to most of his co-workers. Kerry learned that John was so classically codependent. John felt the desire to make everything right, to take on the blame, to punish himself for all the 'world's' problems and his own insecurities made him believe that he needed to have a partner all the time, even if she wasn't good for him. It wasn't like he'd been very successful in finding woman who he could grow with. Abby and Harper used him, Anna's focus was someplace else, Elaine also used him although he gave her much in return, Rena was, well, just young and Roxanne was all about appearances and sex. She discovered the later late at night through her vents. They would make love for hours a night, keeping Kerry awake and reminding her how alone she was. Then there were the morning afters, where Kerry would come downstairs and find John sitting at the breakfast bar, alone and looking so unfulfilled.

John seemed to go for the older, strong woman type, that is except Rena but she didn't last long. She was much more a physical need than anything else. Kerry would be lying to herself if she said that the thought hadn't crossed her mind to try to comfort him in many ways. But whenever that thought came up, she pushed it back out of the way. Kerry always felt more like an older sister to John than a passionate lover. Although there was a few times where she thought he'd accept if the invitation had been made. He was still emotionally immature. He craved affection and seemed to have imbedded into his mind that when a woman showed him a bit of compassion, that he was obligated to get into a physical relationship with them.

Sometimes Kerry felt that John thought this was his best asset to give to a relationship and he was a perfectionist. At least that's what Roxanne had said. And judging from the sounds coming from the vents, he took his job seriously. Roxanne had told Kerry that John had incredible stamina and staying power and Roxanne had a long, very long list to compare him to. John always made sure that she was beyond satiated long before he allowed his own release. Of course, John did not know that Kerry knew these intimate details and she had no intensions of telling him. Since the accident and the events of the past year, he'd been getting more stable, more secure in his own self and she thought that maybe this auction thing would be what he needed now.

Carter emerged from the lounge feeling quite good, trying to figure out which one of the nurses had wanted to pay money to have him all to themselves but he was distracted by an incoming trauma.

"Ok, give me the bullet." He said, falling into step with the paramedics.
Bidder Two by Simplyshelly
"So, did you hear about the fundraiser?" Abby asked, watching Carter suture up a kid's foot.

"Uh huh." He nodded, placing the last suture. "Great job, Seth. You were so brave. I think that Nurse Abby here knows where we keep the balloons." He smiled at the child. Seth's mother looked relieved. "He's fine, mom. Bring him back in ten days to have the stitches removed and keep the bandages clean. Seth, next time you go outside, what are you going to do?" He asked, making a note in Seth's chart.

"Wear shoes!" Seth said as Carter helped him off the table.

"Good." John smiled as he returned to the admit desk.

"Are you going to do it?" Abby asked after getting Seth his balloon. Carter was wiping Seth's name from the board.

"I get the feeling I don't get much of a choice." He shrugged, looking for something interesting on the board.

"Don’t get a choice for what?" Luka asked, overhearing part of the conversation.

"About you and I being auctioned off for the fundraiser next week." Carter said, flipping through the charts of patients waiting in chairs.

"It all sounds a bit medieval." Luka said as he checked the computer for his lab results.

"What's medieval?" Susan asked, dropping off her latest chart.

"The hospital selling our bodies for this fundraiser." Carter commented, reading the intake form on a new patient.

"They don't expect us to do anything, do they?" Susan asked Carter and Luka. They looked at each other and shrugged.

"Mercy did one last year and each doctor prepared music, props, costumes. It was wild!" Randi snapped her gum. Haleh nodded in agreement.

"Hm, Hm. Went all out, I hear. Of course, none of the staff from our department will go to any trouble. I hear the doc that brought in the most over there had a fog machine and dancers when he hit the stage. My friend said he was the hottest thing in that room!"

"I hear that the department that brings in the most money gets their doctor's lounge remodeled with new furniture and brand new lockers along with a hefty raise." Chuny said, joining the conversation. All three doctors listened in shock. The nurses smiled to themselves.

"Are we supposed to put on some kind of show or something?" Luka asked.

"Hell, yes, honey. You need to sell it to all those rich folks watching and paying money for you! When you get up there on that stage, just act like Malucci would have!" Haleh laughed.

"Mr. Harrington?" John chuckled, walking towards chairs. Weaver had lied to him. A frail man stood and walked towards him. "What seems to be the problem?" Carter walked the man to curtain four.


"Carter, what's the deal with the guy in four?" Kerry asked, depositing a chart and wiping a name off the board. John laughed.

"Well, he needed some privacy. He's a seventy five year old man with a twenty something year old girlfriend. It seems he took a few different herbal supplements to help maintain, uh, his, well, it's been two days and he's a bit uncomfortable." He explained, blushing himself.

"You're not having him do what I think you're having him do, are you?" She asked.

"Why do you get all the fun ones?" Susan asked, tickling Carter in the ribs. Ever since she found out he was ticklish, she couldn't resist.

"You can take him when he's done." Carter offered, squirming away.

"Uh, ewe. No thanks." She laughed.

"Carter, the guy in four is asking for you." Abby said as she clocked out. Carter checked his watch.

"Hm. That was quick." He said more to himself.

"That's what happens when you get older." Kerry couldn't resist. He smiled and winked at her.

"Man, I hope not." He kidded.

"From what I hear, you have nothing to worry about, Carter." She kidded back. His blush was instant.


Carter walked into the lounge with his leftover sandwich from the cafeteria. It had quieted the rumblings in his stomach for the moment and he would need the rest later. It was a long shift and the thought of walking all the way to get food when he was tired was not something he looked forward to. He noticed Dr. Weaver on the phone.

"Yes, Veronica. Sounds like a plan." She smiled toward John but acted strangely.

'Maybe a new girlfriend.' John snickered to himself. He had missed the 'kiss' everyone was still talking about and he hadn't found the nerve to come right out and ask Kerry if the rumors were true. Actually, when he thought about it, the idea of Kerry with a woman wasn't that far off. He'd gotten to know a side of her while they lived together and maybe she really was gay. He just never liked to assume. Like his Gamma always said, 'Those who assume only make an ass out of you and me' or something like that. He stood at the coffee pot trying to remember how the saying went.

"How much?" Kerry exclaimed a bit louder than she had intended. Then she giggled. "Well, I guess so. No, Veronica. I don't think he'll have a problem with that. Ok, well, I'll talk to you later. I need to get back to work." She hung up the phone, giggling to herself.

"You sound happy." Carter said, forgetting his quest of phrases and turning his attention on Kerry's smile.

"Uh, yes, well." She grinned. "Just talking to an old friend from college." She got up and headed towards the coffee pot. Seeing this, John poured her a cup.

"College, huh? I don't even have time to stay in touch with people I had as friends a year ago much less college. Good for you. I'm glad to see you have a friend." He smiled but it quickly vanished when he saw her scowl.

"I have plenty of friends, Carter." She snapped, taking his comment offensively. He held up his hands in defense.

"Hey, I didn't mean that you don't. I just see how much time you spend here and it's nice to see you doing something social for a change, even if it is just by phone."

"Carter, you really should learn to stop while you're ahead." She glared at him. She tossed her coffee down the sink and went back out into the ER.

Carter shook his head and headed off to find an empty exam room for a nap.


"You done?" Abby asked, finding Carter in the lounge putting his lab coat in his locker. She was just coming in for the start of her new shift.

"Yeah." He said, trying to get his neck to crack. "Twenty seven hours, six traumas, twelve sutures, eight virus's, two food poisonings, one fatal MI and a very satisfied seventy five year old." He smiled. Abby looked confused.

"What?" She asked. Carter laughed.

"Long story." He managed to get his neck to finally crack. "You on for eight or twelve?" He asked.

"Eight. I'm off tomorrow. You want to go to the mall with me to buy a new outfit for the fundraiser? I need a new dress and you need something." She offered. He shook his head.

"No, I don't need anything. You know I have a tux and this fundraiser is black tie so I'm set." He hung his bag from his shoulder.

"John, nothing personal, but your tux won't work. You're going to have to work a bit harder than that. Just walking out ain't going to bring in the money." She explained.

"Abby, were the nurses serious when they were saying this needs to be a whole production?" He asked. She smiled.

"I'm sure we can come up with something. Besides, you do need new clothes. I mean, you've lost all your baby fat and," She explained.

"Baby fat? I didn't have any baby fat." He acted hurt but he knew what she was talking about. His body had finally matured over the last year.

"Your love handles, then." She teased. "Anyway, you're a lot thinner and if you're going to be selling yourself, you need something sexy. John, I've known you long enough to know you don't own any 'fuck me' clothes." She joked.

"Abby, I don't need any suggestive clothing, ok? That's not the idea behind this auction." He stated.

"Grow up, John. You're going up against some pretty hunky guys." She tried. "And you're up against the Croatian. Luka oozes raw sexual energy and you, well, you're Carter."

"You don't think I can be as sexy as Luka?"

"Well, you do have your moments but honestly, they're quick and fleeting. Of course, your royal blue shirt is pretty hot but it's not the same. This is going to be a really big event. You need to look as sexy as possible up there." She said.

"Ok, fine, Abby. But I'm not going to buy any 'fuck me' clothes." He laughed.

"We'll see. Be at my place at ten."

"Fine." He walked to the door.

"Carter?" She called. "Bring coffee!"


John parked right out front of Abby's apartment building, thankful for the perfect spot. He grabbed the bagels, tucking the bag under his arm and held two hot coffees in his hands. When he got to the door, he knocked with his foot. After several minutes, Abby finally answered.

"Took you long enough." He grumbled as he shut the door behind him.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are not a morning person?" She laughed, taking her coffee. John always knew how to order her latté just the way she liked them.

"There are many different things I'd like to do in the morning than to go 'to the mall'." He laughed, knowing she was kidding.

"Oh, yeah? Like what?" She teased, getting her shoes on.

"I'll never tell." He smiled mischievously.

"You like it in the morning? Man, Luka never did. Nights only with him, which really sucked when one of us was working nights." She tied her tennis shoes as Carter sat down at the kitchen table, putting cream cheese on his bagel.

"No, no, no. There is nothing sexier than waking up to a warm body touching you or to wake someone up with your mouth, doing wicked things to certain body parts." He smiled, suddenly feeling a bit aroused.

"Oh, my. You'd better hope that who ever wins you has something naughty in mind." She teased. "You need it bad."

"I couldn't do that." He protested. "That would feel too much like prostitution and I'm not letting the hospital pimp me out for the sake of a fundraiser, Abby."

"John, have you ever had sex?" She asked, joining him at the table and getting a bagel. He choked on his.

"What?" He asked, shocked.

"I mean have you ever had sex for the sake of a physical need? Not making love, just raw, uninhibited sex?" She asked.

"You never met Roxanne, did you?" He asked, remembering how it seemed like that was the only think she was interested in him for. That and showing off her 'doctor' boyfriend at social functions.

"You dated her. I'm talking about sex with someone who you just met, someone who you would never see again? Someone who you didn't date. Someone just for the physical release?" She asked, giving a better explanation of what she was asking.

"Once, but she gave me a STD when I first started at county. They posted the results on the board and everything. No, I think I learned my lesson with that one." He finally said after thinking for several minutes. Everyone he'd ever been with he'd seen more than once, even in college. "No, that's not true. There was another time. My deflowering. That was a one-time thing but I don't think that counts. I had no idea what I was doing back then and it was over way too quickly." He smiled, barely able to even remember her face.

"You should try it. Might do you some good." Abby said, knowing what his answer would have been even without having asked.

"Why? Have you?" He asked. She smiled.

"I've had my wilder days. Yes, I went through a period that I had a lot of sexual partners." She shrugged.

"You have to be more careful these days. I mean we see it every day. There are a lot of diseases out there." He said.

"You can have sex and still use protection. Personally, I think what you need is a good fuck buddy." She suggested. John blushed.

"I cannot believe we are having this conversation. Thank you, Dr. Lockhart. Can we go shopping now?" He smiled.
Bidder Three by Simplyshelly
Carter rummaged through the umpteenth rack of clothes, waiting for Abby to come out and model yet another dress. Several that she'd already tried had looked nice but she had something special in mind and hadn't found it yet. John was not used to having to go shopping in a mall with so many people. He was used to and had always gotten his clothes from the more elite shops where they brought the clothes to you. He wasn't sure if he liked buying off the rack but Abby seemed to be a pro at it. Of course, he found the prices to be more reasonable but money wasn't everything. In fact, money really hadn't played into his life much until he gave up his trust. This was good experience for him. Even after all these years, he was still trying to find ways to live within his means.

"How's this one?" He heard Abby emerge from the dressing room. He turned around and his breath was taken away. Abby looked stunning. No, better than stunning. She looked ravishing, sexy, alluring, all of those things at once.

"Uh, wow." He shook his head. "You look, well, man, Abby. I didn't know you could look like that." He smiled, his eyes telling her that she'd found the dress.

"You don't think it's too much? I mean, when will I ever wear it again?" She complained but she already knew this was the dress she was getting. She just liked to hear him say it.

"Oh, I don't know. Gamma is always holding these functions where I need a date. I bet we could find one or two things to take you to where you could wear it again." He smiled, having her turn all the way around.

"It's a bit more than I was intending on spending." She shrugged, looking at herself in the mirror.

"I'll pay for it." He said, still stunned.

"You can't pay for my dress." She complained passively.

"Abby, you have to get this dress." He stood back and smiled. "Yes, you have to." She took one last look in the mirror.

"Ok, fine, but you don't have to buy it. Split the cost and I'll get it." She suggested.

"Sure. Anything to get you to get this dress. Now, can we go?" He smiled, having been over this whole shopping experience at about the tenth dress.

"Nope. It's your turn next." She disappeared back into the dressing room to change.

"Abby, we're not going to find anything for me here. I'll just get Gamma's tailor to take up the tux. It'll be fine." He took the dress and re-hung it on the hanger as she tossed it out to him.

"Not a chance, Carter. First, we're going to the food court for lunch then we're getting you something sexy. You need to, after all, look as good as I will. I mean you're the one going up on the block after all."

"You don't need to remind me, Abby." He laughed.


"Abby, come on." John complained. She had him trapped in the dressing room, having taken his clothes to keep him there. So, here he stood in his boxers and socks, waiting for her to pick out his clothes.

"Try these pants with this shirt." She handed him the clothes through a crack in the door. Their friendship had reached such a comfort level that he wasn't embarrassed in front of her in just his boxers. They had, however traveled across the country together and since then, spent many a night falling asleep at each other's apartment when their 'support sessions' had run particularly late.

"Abby, I'm not sixteen. Try the big boy's section, ok? This is going to be humiliating enough. Find something with a bit of class?" He complained, instantly opening the door and shoving the clothes out to her. What he didn't realize was the saleslady was also standing there and got a full view. Abby started laughing.

"Ok, fine. Just stop whining." She said. Now she knew why he didn't like shopping. He was so damn picky! "Excuse me, Miss? Can you help me?"

"Sure. What can I do for you?" The saleslady had recovered from her wonderful shock and smiled to Abby.

"You got a look at him, right?"

"Um, yes. I did." She smiled a bit wider. Abby nodded.

"Good. He needs something really classy and hot. I need him to look like he just walked out of a fantasy magazine, if you know what I mean." She explained. The girl nodded, having just the look in mind.

"I can still hear you." Carter said.

"I have just the outfit in mind. Why don't you follow me?" The salesgirl said. Abby came back a few minutes later, very excited.

"John, here. Try this on. I think you're going to like it." She bubbled; sure they had found the right outfit.


A few minutes later, John stood in front of the full-length mirror while Abby and the salesgirl tucked, pinned, and pulled. He had to admit. This, he liked.

"If we take it up just a bit here, " The salesgirl pulled the material above his backside and John jumped.

"Hey!" He protested.

"It'll make it stand out. See?" She kept on, both women checking out his backside. Abby smiled in her approval.

"Oh, yeah. That's nice. Carter, try the jacket on." She handed him the jacket. Once on, the sight was just getting better and better. The salesgirl stopped.

"Oh, I have the finishing touch. Wait right here." She bounced off.

"I'm not going anywhere. What do you think, Abby?" He asked, turning around and watching the mirror.

"That is the hottest thing on any man I have ever seen, Carter. You look great." She smiled. The salesgirl returned, carrying a fedora.

"Add this." She smiled. John placed the hat on his head and cocked it forward. He turned around and looked at them with a seductive look from under the brim.

"How's this?" He asked. Both women swooned.

"Oh, yeah." They both whispered breathlessly.


Carter sat down in the middle of the trauma room floor and put his head between his legs. They just worked on the accident victim for three hours, cracking here, cutting there, blood gushing everywhere and it was for nothing. Nothing they did helped enough. This was not a day that he needed this. First, he was nearing his 39th straight hour, three hours over his shift and he was exhausted. Second, he hated losing a patient, no matter the reason. And third, in just a few hours, he was about to be sold. It was not a good day.

"You alright, Carter?" Mark asked, stripping off his bloody gown. They'd worked feverously together and Carter had never faltered, even with how tired Mark knew he was. Carter had held his own and Mark was impressed. He really was turning into a fine doctor.

"Just a bit nauseous." Carter mumbled, trying to keep his stomach at bay.

"Why don't you go home? You were supposed to be out of here hours ago. Kerry made me promise to let you go so you could get some rest for tonight. Everyone else in the auction got to go home early today and that should have included you. Thanks for staying to help." Mark said, kneeling down to check Carter's pulse. "Your heart is racing, Carter. You all right?" He asked, a bit concerned. Carter lifted his head and managed a smile.

"Write me a note, Dr. Green. I can't do this thing tonight. Write me a note to get out of this." He begged, only half serious. Mark helped him to his feet, realizing why Carter's heart was racing. He was scared to death about tonight.

"This isn't gym class, Carter. Go get cleaned up and get some sleep. We'll see you tonight." Mark patted the young doctor on his back and left the room. Carter took a deep breath and sighed.

"Shit." He said to himself. He stripped his gown off, tossed his gloves onto the floor, and dumped his goggles.


“So, how’s the dress look?” John said into the phone. He fastened his slacks. “Come on, Abby. It can’t be any worse than the dress you wore to the ball, now can it?” He laughed. “No, I’m just kidding. You are really wired up about this thing, aren’t you?” He listened while putting on his crisp white shirt.

“I’m getting dressed now. Yes, I’ll remember my suit. You got the tape? Good.” After tucking in his shirt, he sat on the edge of his bed to put on his socks.

“I hadn’t given it much thought. I guess it won’t be that different than having dinner with some of my relatives, will it? I mean, we’re strangers also.” He kidded.

“Uh, no, Abby. People don’t really expect sex during this sort of thing, do they?” He asked. “What if they do? I don’t know. I guess it depends.” He laughed. “First depends if they’re cute.” He quickly shot back. Having finished with his socks, he laid back on his bed while he spoke. “What about it?” He listened, shaking his head. “I’m not sure if I could do that. Maybe. What if the winner is a what? A guy?” He sat up; surprised she would even bring that up. The hospital wouldn’t let a guy ‘buy’ another guy, now would they? John laughed.

“Well, we’ll have to see. Depends if he’s cute.” He listened. “Uh, no, just

the one I told you about.” He smiled, remembering. “No." He laughed. "I never did. Had one hell of a crush. I used to have the wildest dreams, though." He smiled. "Since then? A few. No, I'm not going to tell you who. That's my secret." He giggled. "I’ve been tempted but I haven’t been in a situation yet when I felt I could cross those lines.” He nodded.

“What? Can’t you see me with a guy?” He nodded, listening to Abby. “Ok, fine. I can see you with a girl…” He burst out laughing. “That is not a fantasy for all guys! It is not!” He giggled.

“Well, I figure I’ll deal with it if it comes up. The thing I’m most concerned with is not bringing in any money and standing up there looking like a fool in that suit you made me buy.” He shook his head. “You did too. You made me buy it.” He heard a knock on the door. “Hang on a sec, Abby.” He placed his hands over the receiver. “Yes?” He called out.

“Dinner will be served in ten minutes, sir.” He heard Corrine announce.

“Thank you. Is Gamma home yet?” He asked.

“She won’t be going you for dinner. She has an engagement but she did state she would be around to pick you up at six thirty.” She said. John groaned.

“Ok, thanks. I’m back, Abby.” He listened. “Oh, that. I get to have yet another dinner alone. No, she’s out of town and Gamma is at the country club with a few friends. I know. That’s what I told her. She just needed to get out.” He laughed.

“Are you kidding? He’s not around because my mother is and she’s not around because she thinks he is when in actuality, I’m here in this huge house all by myself.” He shook his head. “That’s very sweet, Abby but I’m ok. No, really. To be truthful, I think Corrine likes having to cook. She’s always trying to fatten me up. Besides, it gives her and I a chance to talk. You know, sometimes I think she knows me better than any of my family put together.” He listened and thought.

“Since before I can remember. She’s the only person, other than you who knows anything about Jason. You I told but Corrine, she knew. He came home with me one vacation and she knew right away.” He laughed. “That she is.”

“Well, I’d better get going. She’ll come up here and pull me down to the dining room by my ear if I’m late for dinner. I’ll see you there.” He hung up the phone, checked himself out in the full-length mirror and smiled.


"Hi, Gamma." John said, getting into the limousine next to her after hanging his new clothes. She smiled.

"Good evening, John. I'm very happy to see what a good sport you've been about this whole thing." She said, noticing how tired he looked. They probably made him work all day and then expected him to be sold to the highest bidder at night. There were times that she truly disliked how they mistreated her grandson but he seemed to be able to handle it much better lately. She would never be as supportive of the hospital after what he'd been through but she assured him that her attendance at this 'meat market' as she called it was for his behalf only. She'd also informed him that she intended on placing her own bids, hoping to buy him a full night's rest.

"You're being a good sport, too, Gamma. I know you don't agree with this but it's just for fun." He smiled, trying to relax. He had actually gotten a few hours sleep and the pot of coffee he'd had before she arrived to pick him up was beginning to take affect.

"You had better bring in more money than that Romano fellow. I do have to say I'm not very fond of him. All he says is bull pucky." She exclaimed, which made John burst out laughing.

"Yes, Gamma. Romano is full of bull pucky." He giggled. Ok, so maybe this wouldn't be so bad. At least he'd have his grandma and his friends there to support him.


"Why, hello Millicent Carter, Doctor Carter. Looks like there's a good amount of money here tonight." Robert Romano greeted them as they came in the door. "Carter, if that's your monkey suit for the auction, take it in the back so you don't have to carry it with you all night. I'll show Millicent to the bar and you can find her later." He held out his arm for her to take. John smiled sympathetically to his grandmother then went towards the stage to find out where to deposit his suit bag.

"Why, John. You look stunning." Kerry said. He smiled widely, having seen that she also found this an occasion to get all doled up.

"You look fantastic, Dr. Weaver." He kissed and hugged her gently.

"A day at the spa will make anyone look good. How was the ER today?" She asked, feeling so out of place with all this walking elite.

"Slow." He lied. "So, who's working tonight if everyone is going to be here?"

"Each department has shuffled to cover. And they've called in several temps. Things should be fine for one night." She said, sipping her wine.

"So, where's our table?" He asked, looking around. He was surprised at how many of the wealthy Chicagoans were here that he'd also seen at many of his grandmother's functions.

"Right over here." Kerry pointed. Carter saw several of the nurses sitting around it. They smiled when they saw him.

"Oh, Carter." Abby came over to him. "Let me have your suit and I'll take it back for you. I just took Luka's back also." She said, trying to keep busy. She never liked these fancy functions either. John smiled.

"You look wonderful, Abby." He said, needing a moment to just stop and look at her.

"Yes, Abby. You do look wonderful." Dr, Weaver answered.

"Thanks. Let me take those back for you." She managed to escape before anyone else could tell her how nice she looked. She felt like a made-up, generic Barbie trying to fit in.

"Shall we mingle?" John asked, holding his arm out for Kerry. She smiled.

"I suppose we should." She wrapped her arm around his and they began to work the room.


There was an art exhibit, several pieces were also being sold for the good of the hospital, and it seemed as everyone in town had shown up for this event. John was amazed with how many people he personally knew and spent most of the evening whispering sordid details of their personal lives into Abby's ear. They were actually both having a very nice time until an announcement came over the loudspeaker for all those participating in the evening's auction, to please report to the dressing rooms to prepare. John never let go of Abby, forcing her to come with him to help him dress. The suit was, after all her idea and he just needed her moral support.


Carter paced the makeshift dressing room, running his hands through his hair one too many times making it stand on ends.

"I can't do this." He complained, realizing his heart was about to beat through his chest. Abby giggled.

"Yes, you can." She brushed his hair back into place with her fingers.

She knew he was terrified. She knew he felt like damaged goods because of his scars but she had reassured him they were well covered.

"What if I get up there and no one wants to bid, huh? Abby, what if no one wants me?" He asked, sounding like an insecure fourteen year old. Well, he was an insecure 31 year old. Not much difference.

"Get a grip, Carter. I hear even Romano brought in six thousand dollars. Now if Benton had been here, he'd would've brought a pretty penny but if Romano can bring in six, you're worth at least that." She teased, fixing his shirt.

As soon as he stepped out of the dressing room, Abby knew they'd made the right choice on a suit for him. It brought out his chocolate, puppy dog eyes and accented his thinner frame yet looked different than the dress clothes he wore every day. Abby wanted to hear women gasp at the sight of her best friend. It had taken an entire day and after surviving a day of shopping with John Carter, which was not an easy task in itself, they found the perfect outfit. Black, silk trousers tailored in just the right places, white button up shirt with a slightly open collar, of course black suspenders and the coolest ¾ length jacket, tailor made for his broad shoulders that swung with each step. They topped the outfit off with a sexy black fedora and if he tilted it forward just so and peeked out from underneath the brim, even Abby's heart melted. That was in the store, though, where he was smiling. Carter wasn't smiling now. Abby thought he actually looked like he was going to pass out.

"Look, Weaver set you up to do this and you have no choice. Even Weaver is getting up there so calm down and get yourself together. You look fantastic." She said, tenderly holding his upper arms. His whole body was shaking.

"I do?" He asked, looking into her safe eyes. Abby smiled.

"You do. I just wish I had enough money to compete with these donors. I might even place a bid myself." She winked, holding his jacket out for him.

"You get me anytime." He kidded, trying to put the jacket on.

"Yeah, well, I've seen you drop your towel accidentally trying to sneak from the living room to the bathroom after forgetting your cloths, too. Just think of this as fun. It's for the hospital and they say if tonight brings in enough money, we might actually get a raise this year." She smiled, brushing the jacket so it hung just right.

"Gamma's out there. She said she was going to bid. With my luck, she'll be the highest bidder and I'll have to take her out. That wouldn't be so bad, I guess." He looked at his face in the mirror. "It's just a short walk on the stage and then one evening with a total stranger who paid money for my company. No big deal, right?" He rambled.

"Just one innocent evening with a contributor to the hospital. You've done enough of these obligatory evenings with your family, right? This is just the same." She could see him calming down and the color was returning to his face. He did look good. He looked classic, like he just walked out of a 1940's musical. They could hear the crowd going crazy with applause just outside the door.

"What's going on?" Carter asked. Abby poked her head out the door to take a listen.

"Oh, man." She said, smiling.

"What?" John asked.

"Luka just got the highest bid of the night." She said, fanning the smoke away. The whole stage was immersed in a white cloud and Abby knew first hand how Luka probably looked incredible. "I heard some guy up in vascular had brought in twelve thousand before but Luka just got a bid for fifteen." She smiled.

"I just hope to bring in at least ten. Luka's got to be having a pretty good ego right now." John said, looking in the mirror. Abby laughed.

"Well, he doesn't need any help in that department."

"Oh, was that a little vindictive, Abby?" He joked. They both laughed.

"They'll get their money's worth." She smiled. Even though this was supposed to be innocent and all, Abby knew better. She knew some of the benefactors would request some sort of physical performance from their prizes but she just hoped that Carter would get someone who would make this a pleasant experience for him. He didn't need the undue pressure to perform. Abby handed him the hat.

"Showtime?" He asked, taking it a bit hesitantly.

"Just about. The announcer guy said you'd be last. I want to go out front and watch, ok? The nurses have a pool on which one of you will get the highest bid." She winked.

"Oh, yeah? Luka or me? Which one did you vote for?" He teased. He knew she still had feelings for Luka, a history as she had once said and he was ok with that. After all, they were friends; really good friends and no one could ever take that away from them.

"You." She kissed him quickly on the lips and disappeared. Carter put the hat on, tipped it forward, and looked in the mirror. He did look good.

"Damn straight!" He smiled. Now or never.
Bidder Four by Simplyshelly
"Our last doctor up for bid is also from the emergency department here at County General." The announcer said. Abby made her way back to where the nurses were sitting. Everyone looked so pretty in his or her best clothes.

"How is he?" Haleh asked, being the self appointed mother of all her 'babies'.

"Terrified." Abby joked although not far from the truth. Haleh laughed. She remembered the first day Carter had come to the ER, all-nervous, looking right out of grade school. He'd matured and grown over the years and was like one of her own sons.

"This young man is offspring to one of Chicago's wealthiest families, the Carters. Ladies, open your wallets now because I am about to introduce someone that we all expect to bring in quite a sum tonight. May I offer to you, our very own Chief Resident of the Emergency Department, Dr. John Truman Carter, the Third!" He announced.

The stage went black as Falco's 'Rock Me Amadeus!' blasted on the loudspeakers. The pulse of the music brought on the anticipation as all eyes were drawn to the stage. Suddenly, just as the intro ended, a sole spotlight came on, illuminating John's face, head cocked, hat tilted, and the crowd went wild. He smiled and began to walk the runway, no need for a smoke machine or any other prop. John commanded the entire room's attention and he got what he'd come after. He walking with such cockiness that Abby was actually surprised that this hunk of a man was the same one that a few minutes ago would lose his lunch because he was so scared. Not now. He looked full of confidence and power.

"Oh, my sweet Jesus!" Chuni laughed, taken back by how good Carter looked up on that stage, prancing like a runway model. Dr. Weaver whistled like a sailor, fingers perched between her lips and Randi screamed at the top of her lungs.

The crowd was yelling and applauding and John figured he'd just let everything go and really get into this. At the end of the runway, he smiled at the nurses from his department, one of the louder tables, cocked his head, and flipped his hat out to his department's table. Abby caught it. His smile showed he was having fun.

The announcer was rattling off some history of John's career and some prepared presentation of him written by the marketing department as Carter returned to the stage. Bids were being yelled out left and right and the announcer was having trouble keeping up with all of them. He caught John's attention.

"Dr. Carter, we're having many requests for you to take off your jacket. Do you think you can give the ladies what they're asking for?" He asked. Carter smiled and turned to the crowd. He walked back down the runway while slowly slipping his jacket off of his shoulders. The crowd was in frenzy now, laughing and cheering him along. John could hear somewhere far off that his bidding was now up to eighteen thousand dollars, having begun at five hundred. He reached the end of the runway and turned his back on the crowd, allowing the jacket to slowly fall down his back revealing his strong shoulders and the object of everyone's desire, his tight, perfectly formed backside. That shot the bidding up to twenty four thousand. He hung the jacket off his shoulder like a professional model and he walked back up to where the announcer stood. It seemed that John had done this before. From being the bumbling, klutzy med student to tonight, where he moved with gracefulness and power was quite a change.

"Alright, Dr. Carter had received the highest bid of the night. His bid stands at twenty four thousand dollars. Do I hear twenty five?" He said. John couldn't help but to laugh. This did feel good. He couldn't see much because of the lights but he could hear voices and he could tell his friends, his 'family' was there, supporting and encouraging him as they always were. He could clearly hear Kerry, Elizabeth, Chuny, Abby, and Randi catcalling to him. The announcer leaned to the side as someone whispered something in his ear. The announcer looked shocked when he returned to the microphone.

"Well, this is a bit unexpected. Dr. Carter, I'm not sure if you know but we are accepting anonymous bids tonight for those wishing to keep their identities a secret." He explained to John and the crowd. The room seemed to quiet down a bit. Carter nodded. "I believe that we can call this entire evening a success because we have just received an anonymous bid from someone in the room. I believe that you have just broken all the records, Doctor. The bidding is now at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!" He said. John's jaw dropped as the crowd went wild!

"Someone bid two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for me?" Carter asked, his voice cracking at the end. The announcer laughed, John's voice having carried out on the loud system. Carter could hear Kerry yelling "Alright, John!"

"We have verified the bid to be true and valid." The announcer nodded, looking at the surprised face on the young doctor. "I believe we have a winner! Dr. Carter, you have just been won for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!" John walked backstage in a daze. "Thank you folks for coming and making this night a success!"


Abby ran backstage to find John. Several well-wishers congratulating him on bringing in the highest dollar, were flanking him. He still had a stunned look on his face when Abby finally reached him.

"Nice job!" She laughed, pulling him through the crowd.

"Abby, that can't be for real. Why would someone pay that much money for me?" He asked, shell-shocked.

"I told you that you were worth it." She laughed, carrying his tuxedo for him along with his hat. They made their way out to the ballroom where all his friends were.

"Well, well. My six doesn't quite rate up there with your two hundred and fifty. You can bet there'll be a bit more expected from you that just dinner for that price. I wish you well, Dr. Carter. I just hope you have the stamina to perform for that price." Romano gave his own brand of congratulations.

"Nice suit." Luka said, shaking John's hand. "That's a lot of money, Carter. Better be a very good dinner." He smiled, feeling a bit jealous but he'd get over it.

"Wow." Elizabeth kissed him on the cheek. "You did look smashing up there, John." She said as Mark shook his hand.

"I, uh, I can't, uh." He mumbled.

"Well, you always knew the Carter's were worth a small fortune." His Gamma said, taking his face in her hands and giving him a kiss.

"It wasn't you?" He asked, hopeful.

"Oh, no dear. I'm afraid it's a bit out of even my price range for dinner. I've made inquiries with everyone I know and no one seems to know the bidder." She joked.

"I need a drink." Carter walked away from the crowd but was quickly flanked by yet another group of well-wishers, everyone wanting to talk to the quarter of a million dollar man.


"Hey." He joined Abby, who was sitting alone at the table waiting for him. His grandmother had long since left and she was giving him a ride home.

"So, how's it feel?" She asked, seeing that he had a drink and probably had already finished several by the look in his eyes.

"I have been propositioned several times tonight, thank you. What were you saying about the fact that I needed to get laid?" He laughed, thankful to finally be free from his entourage.

"So, what are you doing here?" She asked, surprised. He made a face.

"That's not for me. With my luck, I'd be the talk of the hospital tomorrow if I did."

"I hate to tell you this but you're going to be the talk of the hospital tomorrow anyway." She smiled.

"Where is everyone?" He looked around and they were the only ones at the table.

"It's late. They went home. How much have you had to drink?" She asked, concerned that he was even drinking. After all, he knew the rules.

"Too much." He stated, noticing the concerned look in her eyes. "Give me a break, Abby."

"Do we need to go over the steps?" She asked, not really serious. She knew that this night was an exception and that John knew he shouldn't drink.

"It's not like I do this very much, ok? Can we go now?" He asked, looking all innocent. Abby helped him up and placed his arm heavily over her shoulder. They said a few more goodbyes and thank you's and finally, she poured him into her car. Within seconds, he passed out in the front seat.

Instead of taking him to his apartment, which was another several miles, she decided it would be better if she let him crash at her place. That way, she could help him if he got sick during the night. She was, after all, the expert on alcohol consumption and she wanted to make sure he didn't have alcohol poisoning with as much as she figured he had. Besides, they were on for the same twelve-hour shift tomorrow, which made the whole thing very convenient.


John and Abby walked in the bay doors together and instantly received a round of applause. Carter had on dark glasses and looked like he was in quite a bit of pain but Abby seemed to be enjoying the whole show. She logged them into the computer as Carter made his way to the lounge.

Dr. Weaver was in the lounge and upon seeing his sunglasses; she conveniently dropped her thick notebook onto the table, making a very loud crashing sound. John cringed, leaning his throbbing head against the coolness of the lockers, hoping to block out the reverb in his head.

"Why, good morning, Dr. Carter. I'm so happy that even after last night's festivities, you are still able to make it to work on time." She said in a louder than necessary voice. Kerry had only seen him this bad once and John did not do hangovers well.

"Just doing my job, Dr. Weaver." He mumbled in barely above a whisper. He opened his locker after finally getting his fingers to work and took his sunglasses off, squinting from the florescent lights. He looked much worse than she expected and Kerry felt bad for him. She knew that Abby had taken him home after the fundraiser and that he'd been safe. She had also seen just a portion of how many drinks that had been bought for him after his successful win. She watched him drop his bag into the locker and attempt to put his lab coat on with little success. He was still drunk, she thought. Visions of Doug flashed through her head but Doug had never looked this bad.

"Hasn't anyone told you drinking is bad for your health?" She said softly, helping him with his lab jacket.

"Yeah. Me." He tried to smile but his face turned green. "Oh, man." He leaned heavily against the lockers. Kerry pulled his arm around her shoulders.

"Come on, John. I have just the cure." She walked him out of the lounge and into exam room eight. "Mark, can you give me a hand?" She called.

"What's wrong with Carter?" He asked. Kerry laid him onto the bed and got an emesis basin ready.

"Mark, do me a favor and give him the Ross treatment, ok? Last night is catching up with him and he's not feeling too well right now." She said sympathetically.

"Sure, Kerry. Had one too many last night, Carter?" Mark went to work running an IV line.
Bidder Five by Simplyshelly
A few hours later, Mark went into the bathroom and found Carter brushing his teeth, looking slightly better than he had when he first saw him.

"How's the head?" He asked, using the urinal. John smiled slightly.

"Thanks, Dr. Green. I didn't mean to come in like that. I was fine when I woke up on Abby's floor but somehow got worse by the time I got here." He explained, hoping no one was mad at him. Mark snickered.

"Don't worry about it, Carter. No one expected you to actually show up today so half a Carter is better than none. It's still one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars worth." He laughed.

"I still can't believe that. Two hundred and fifty thousand is a lot of money, no matter who you are." He rinsed his mouth and replaced his toothbrush into its holder.

"Did you find out anything yet on the bidder?" Mark washed his hands.

"Not yet. They're supposed to make contact with me here. We'll see. I just hope I don't know them but Gamma assures me it wasn't anyone she knows." He shrugged.

"You up to seeing patients?" Mark asked, holding the door for him.

"As long as no one throws up on me, I'll be ok." Carter smiled. He returned his shave kit to his locker and made it to the admit desk.


"Feeling better?" Haleh asked, brushing the back of his hair down and handing him a bagel.

"Yeah, thanks." He ran his hands through his hair, having forgotten to check it before he came out.

"Carter, the girl in curtain three needs a wrist cast." Mark handed.

"Thanks, Mark." He said, smiling sheepishly.


Much later that same day, a delivery arrived for Carter. He was feeling much better and was working on trauma so Haleh signed for it and left it on the desk. Abby dropped off a few charts and noticed it lying under a pile of papers.

"Hey, what's this?" She held it up. Randi glanced at it.

"Something for Carter." She shrugged, snapping her gum loudly. Abby rolled her eyes.

"I can see that, Randi. Who signed for it?" She asked. Haleh was on the other side of the desk, dealing with a very angry six year old.

"Oh, I did. It's for Carter." She said over her shoulder. Abby decided that no one knew anything so she went to find Carter.

She found John stretching his back in an empty exam room. He looked tired.

"You up for coffee?" She asked, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Huh? Oh, hi. Yeah, sure. You on a break?" He smiled as she led the way to the front desk.

"Yeah." Abby motioned that she and Carter would be outside. Randi nodded. As soon as they stepped outside, Abby pulled out her pack of cigarettes and offered John one.

"Thanks." He accepted and pulled his lighter out of his pocket. He lit Abby's before lighting his own and took a deep drag.

"How's your head?" She asked, seeing him squint from the light. They got coffees from the roach coach and sat on the bench outside the bay entrance.

"Dull throb. Thanks for taking me to your place last night. Sorry about the rug." He smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, well, you're paying for it to be dry cleaned." She snickered. "Here." She handed him the UPS letter.

"What's this?" He asked. He never got deliveries at work. She shrugged.

"Why don't you open it and find out?" She suggested.

"Your wisdom fascinates me." He snickered, shaking his head as he opened it. Inside was a cashier's check for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars made out to the hospital and a note. "Shit." He said quietly.

"Think we can erase the name and put ours on it?" She suggested, taking the note. "Oh, the mystery grows. Read this." She handed him the note. John read it.

'At 9:00 am tomorrow morning, there will be a limousine outside the bay doors at the hospital. It will take you to the airport where a private plane will be waiting. Bring casual cloths and the suit you wore during the fundraiser. Don't worry. You will be returned in time for your shift on Thursday night. Sweet dreams, Dr. John Truman Carter.'

"I'm going to be killed." He said dryly.

"Well, whoever it is, they know your work schedule. I mean, how many people know you have the next four days off."

"Ok," He stood up and began pacing. "This is getting really weird. Plane? Where the hell do they want me to go? I can't just get on a plane and go see someone who paid a quarter of a million dollars for me! Abby, they can't expect me to go through with this, can they? I mean, this was just supposed to be a simple dinner, a sign of gratitude for the donation, you know? I'm old enough to know that you just don't hop on a plane with a stranger and spend four days with them. I'm going to end up chopped up into tiny pieces, spread across the county and you'll never see me again." He was starting to hyperventilate.

"Carter, Abby! MVA rolling up!" Kerry yelled from the bay door. Carter turned to her with a look of shock on his face. She waved them over. Abby gently pushed John towards the doors.

"We'll talk later." She whispered, putting on the disposable gown she was handed.


They finished with the trauma and Carter had once again disappeared. Abby helped push the gurney of the patient she and Weaver had been working on towards the elevator on his way up to surgery. Weaver stood in the trauma room watching her.

"Abby, can I talk to you?" She said, not really asking. Abby felt she had no choice but to return to the trauma room. She came in and saw that they were the only ones in there. Weaver looked concerned.

"Did John get the envelope?" She asked, speaking quietly. Abby was surprised she even knew about it.

"Uh, yeah and he's freaking out pretty bad. He's terrified that who ever sent it is going to kill him." Abby tried to make light of it but she was also worried. It wasn't every day someone paid that kind of money for you, arranged to have a car and a plane for you to take you who knew where. Weaver looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Uh, Abby, look. I can't tell you how much I know but I need you to assure John that he will be perfectly safe. He will never be in danger and the donor only has the best intentions in mind. This is, well, just a sort of, well, sort of a fantasy for someone and," She said quietly.

"For John or for the donor?" Abby asked, very surprised that Kerry was in on this. Kerry smiled.

"For both. Just work at reassuring him, alright?" She said. Abby looked at her eyes and could tell that Kerry truly cared about John.

"Are you working on getting Carter laid?" Abby asked, shocked. Kerry blushed.

"Only if John wants that. Let's just call it a very big thank you from a former patient of his, shall we?" She regained her professional composure. Abby smiled.

"Sure. Let me talk to him." She agreed. "I need to find him first."

"Try the basement." Kerry said, walking toward the door.

"The basement?" Abby asked. She'd never known John to go to the basement.

"Everyone knows he likes the roof so when he really wants to get away, he goes to the basement." She smiled. Abby nodded.


Abby took the elevator to the basement and looked around. She saw John near a window, slowly banging his head against the wall.

"Hey, there." She said. He stopped and looked at her with a blank look. "I just heard something that I think will make you more comfortable."

"What?" He asked quietly.

"John, do you trust me?" Abby questioned, looking directly into his eyes. He looked back for several minutes trying to read her mind.

"Yes." He said honestly.

"Whoever has arranged this whole thing for you is not going to hurt you. I guess they just think that you've been working too hard and could use a break. Let your guard down this once, John. Trust me when I say you'll be safe and won't have to do anything you don't want to do." She said. Just then, both their pagers went off. John mechanically reached for his and looked at it.

"Trauma upstairs." He sighed.

"You all right?" She asked.

"I will be. Give me a while, ok?" He smiled.


"The glass in curtain four extracted, the hemorrhoids in six are cooled down and the hypochondriac in exam two will live to see another day." Carter said, finally returning to the admit desk. Kerry had seen him working feverously since his return from the basement, trying to keep his mind busy. He did have a habit of over analyzing things.

"Do they know they have the million dollar doctor working on them?" Chuny giggled.

"Only a quarter of a million but hey, who's counting." He joked back, Kerry glad to see him kidding around. "Oh, hey, Kerry. Whom do I give this to?" He pulled the cashier's check from his lab coat pocket and handed it to her. Kerry choked when she saw it.

"Um, I'll have to call someone." She took off her glasses and glanced to the phone.

"Oh, so you've heard from your donor? When are you going to meet her?" Chuny asked.

"Whoever it is will be sending a car for me tomorrow morning." He smiled, finally beginning to accept the fact that he would not be killed.

"Morning? I thought this was supposed to be dinner?" Susan asked, documenting in a chart. Carter shrugged.

"I guess for that kind of money, they get me whenever they want me." He smiled.

"Do you think that's safe? How much time do you have to spend with them?" Susan asked for more information.

"Only as much time as he wants, Susan. Can you take the head lac in curtain one?" Kerry interrupted. Carter and Susan looked at her, Susan for the sudden interruption, and Carter because he could see the twinkle in her eye.

"You know who I'm meeting, don't you?" He whispered, grinning like a cat that caught the bird.

"I don't know what you're talking about, John." Kerry tried to play it off.

"Ah, ha. That proves it. You do know." He accused. "You never call me John unless we're alone or it's personal. How much do you know? Do you know where I'm being taken? Who is it? Come on, Kerry. Tell me what you know." He begged, pulling her away from interested ears.

"Look, Carter." She insisted. "All that I will tell you is that they contacted me this morning. I do know who it is and you have nothing to worry about, all right? This whole thing is a show of gratitude. You were their doctor several years back and this is how they wish to repay you for what you did." She whispered.

"Kerry, Sobricki repaid me for what he thought I did to him, too. I'm just hoping they're happy with whatever I did for them." He asked cautiously.

"Very happy, John." She nodded and began to walk away. Another thing came to John's mind.

"They?" He questioned. Weaver just turned back, winked and continued on.


"Are you finished?" Luka asked, coming in to the lounge where Carter was taking off his lab coat.

"Yep. Only five hours late. Hey, I heard you had your date this evening. How'd it go?" He asked while putting his jacket on.

"We went dancing. She was very disappointed when I told her I didn't know the Tango. I think that she thought because I have the accent I would know it." He explained. Carter laughed.

"Ask Mark. He knows it. Well, I'm outta here for the next few days." Carter walked to the doors.

"Enjoy your 'date'." Kovac called, giving John thumbs up.

Near the end of his shift, rumors had begun flying because people found out about John's plans. Well, they weren't really his plans. Actually, he had no idea what the plans were but as time wore on after Kerry's reassurance that he'd live, he too began to get excited. Apprehensive, but excited all the same.

"Good night, Dr. Carter." Kerry called as he walked out the door. He smiled.

"Good night, Dr. Weaver."
Bidder Six by Simplyshelly
John tossed and turned, staring at the ceiling for the hundredth time. Sleep, although a welcomed companion had chosen not to visit him during the night. Instead, he'd had the most absurd daydreams, the ones where his mind drifted yet he remained aware of his surroundings. They were naughty daydreams, thoughts that had kept him in the perpetual state of full arousal throughout the night. Every sexual partner he'd ever had in his life was living behind his closed eyelids and after several hours, he just wanted to keep his eyes open. It wasn't doing him any good to see them. They only made his groin throb with desire and need. His own hand strayed over his chest, brushing at his nipples that sent an electric shock straight to his groin.

"Oh, man. This is crazy." He thought aloud. There would be no way he'd ever be able to get dressed in this state. He knew he was going to have to do something about it.

John had always been taught that masturbation was wrong, that he shouldn't touch himself in that manner and although he knew it felt good, to actually bring himself to do it was difficult. For so long, he had someone around to help him with his sleepless nights or he'd just keep things at bay until he could get full release. However, this last year or so had been a lesson in restraint.

He heard himself moan slightly as his hand cradled his scrotum. His other arm stretched out above his head, pulling his stomach taunt as he arched his back. No, this wouldn't last long at all. He was beyond being aroused. Now he just needed the sweet release.

His fingers wrapped around his shaft, his thumb spreading the moisture over the sensitive tip. Not long at all. He began stroking, grasping tightly against his muscle. He could feel the skin sliding up and down along its length, creating friction in his hand. He just wished he could reach his own prostate. Roxanne had introduced him to anal penetration and when she had stimulated his prostate, he thought he'd shoot through the roof. He was sure Kerry had heard his yell on that one but he didn't care.

He pushed his covers off as he arched on the bed in his own desire. Arching his back heightened his state as he stroked faster. His left arm snaked its way back to his scrotum and he massaged his testicles while he continued to run his thumb over the head. A finger found itself going lower, playing with his tight opening. It needed something inside, craving to be filled.

Out of the silence, his telephone rang, making him jump nearly three feet out of bed. "Shit!" He exclaimed loudly, his concentration broken.

"Carter here!" He said into the phone, annoyed at the intrusion.

"Hey, you up yet?" He heard the female voice. John couldn't help but to laugh.

"Yes, Abby. I'm 'up'." He said, sounding a bit out of breath. He had been so close.

"What's wrong? Are you ok? You sound like you were working out." She said, innocently. He chuckled.

"You could say that." He couldn't help but to smile. Abby giggled.

"Why John Carter, you weren't doing what I think you were doing, were you?" She chuckled. John blushed.

"What do you think I was doing at five in the morning, lying here wide awake?" He asked, turning his voice all deep and seductive. He could practically hear Abby blush.

"You were." She said, listening closely.

"Yeah, well you could just come over here and take care of what's been keeping me up all night." He suggested purely as a joke. Sure, John Carter had once been in love with Abby Lockhart. However, the past several months had seen them evolve past that stage into one of true friendship and they had shared everything with each other. They had talked about sex but Abby was much more open about it that John was. For him, it was a very private act; for Abby, it could be emotional or physical. She had been trying to get him to open up and understand the difference for months now. Sometimes, a person just needed the physical release.

"Are you touching yourself now?" She asked in almost a whisper. She listened closely for John's breathing.

"Abby." He protested, embarrassed.

"Go with it, John. Are you touching yourself?" She asked again.

"I am not having phone sex with you, Abby." He laughed, embarrassed but incredibly back to the state of arousal he'd been in before the phone rang. He'd had phone sex with others in the past but never with Abby Lockhart.

"You're touching yourself. I can hear it in your breathing. Are you hard, John Carter?" She whispered. She could hear his breathing become ragged.

"Uh, yeah.” He paused. “Are you touching yourself?" He asked, lowering his hand again to his cock.

"You're the horney one, not me." She laughed quietly.

"Oh, I think two can play at this game." He snickered. "I bet if you take your thumb and brush against your nipple, you'd find it hard." He could hear her gasp slightly. 'Why the hell not?' He thought. He was already aroused and he knew she could be turned on very easily if he played it right. Besides, what other form of sex was safer? "I can taste you, Abby. I can feel your skin. It's warm to the touch. Can you feel my mouth?" He asked, closing his eyes and imagining her body under his, her chest moving up and down with her breaths as he kissed her breast.

"Mm. Your mouth is so hot." She whispered, actually able to feel his breath on her nipple.

"I'm taking your soft breast in my mouth. Can you feel my tongue?" He asked.

"Can you feel my hands on your chest? My nails running along your sides, scratching your skin."

"Abby." He said softly.

"Reaching for you, pulling you closer, our skin touching, your chest against mine." She moaned involuntarily, listening to his breaths. "Your skin is so warm. You're sweating, John. I can feel your chest heaving against mine, grasping mine." She asked, running her hands up her sides to her breasts.

"I want you, Abby." He gasped, stroking himself.

"I want to taste you, John. I want you in my mouth." She cried, breathless.

"My tongue parts your lips. Oh, God Abby. You are so wet. Creamy wet and hot." He said, hearing her moan.

"I have the tip in my mouth, John. It's throbbing. I'm lowering my mouth, surrounding you with my mouth." She groaned. She could hear his panting increase. Her own fingers played between her folds.

"I'm drinking you, Abby. You're giving me your juices and I'm drinking you." He whispered.

"You're thrusting into my throat, John. My lips are wrapped around you and you're thrusting."

"I'm sucking on you. Can you feel it, Abby? My fingers need inside. How many do you have inside?" He moaned, not able to suppress it any longer.

"Two." She gasped.

"You need more. You need me to fill you completely. I need more." He thrust his own hips on the bed as he continued to stroke himself. He could feel the orgasm rising.

"Three, no four. John, four. Thrusting in and out." She said.

"Your wetness dripping over my hand."

"My teeth nipping at the head before your thrust in all the way. My lips surrounding you."

"Shoving in and out." He gasped.

"In and out." She moaned, her orgasm nearing.

"Abby, I'm close. Oh, God, I'm close." He cried.

"Harder, John. Fuck me harder!" She begged. She suddenly gasped as her orgasm took over all body functions for a moment. Abby could hear his release in a strangled groan, knowingly coating his hand as her own inner muscles contracted over her fingers. They listened to each other's gasping for several moments, panting slowly subsiding.

"Oh, shit." He finally exclaimed once he could put two syllables together. He cradled the phone in his ear; sure that he could feel her heartbeat.

"I agree." She said, finally relaxing her body. They sat silently for a few minutes, listening to each other breath, no need for words. Finally, John broke the silence.

"Abby, I'm glad you called."

"Me too, John. See you on the El."


A short time later, John stepped onto the train, knowing which car Abby would be in. She smiled up at him and looked a bit embarrassed. He handed her a rose and a cup of coffee. 'Man, could he blush,' she thought.

"Hey, I figure it's the least I can do." He sat next to her, their secret safely hidden between them.

"You nervous?" She asked, sipping the coffee.

"A little." He played with his suit bag. He had his backpack also, not sure if he needed a lot of cloths or just a few. He'd been unsure of what to pack so he finally decided on a pair of sweatpants, khakis, a couple shirts, underclothes, and a light jacket. Heck, he didn't even know where he was going but he hoped it wouldn't be far.

"You'll have to try to call me and let me know you're ok." She asked a bit worried about his adventure. "Did you charge your phone?" He nodded, smiling slightly at her concern.

"You're working all week, right?" He asked, cocking his head, looking out the window.

"Yeah." She smiled. She loved it when he looked like that. His lips were slightly parted and she could see slightly crooked front teeth. She was amazed after meeting his family that they'd never put him in braces when he was a kid but she was glad they hadn't. It was part of his charm. He was really a handsome man in such an adorable way. His hair was messy as usual and he just glowed.

Luka had never understood Abby's feelings towards John but it was so much more than friendship. It was deep, down to the heart. They had so much in common with each other and understood each other better than anyone she'd ever met. They could have entire conversations with each other without even uttering a single word. The past few months had been hard emotionally on both of them but she liked where they stood with each other now and she hoped that would never change.

"How long do you have?" She asked as they got off the train.

"A couple hours. I figured I could catch up on some charting while I waited. The last thing I need right now is to be alone at home, waiting." He explained.

"We could get some breakfast at Doc Margo’s." She suggested. He shook his head.

"It wouldn't stay down if I did eat." He smiled; Abby wrapped her arm in his.

"It will be fine, John."

"I hope so."


“Hey, Carter. “ Abby poked her head into the lounge where he sat charting. “Your ride is here.” She said.

John looked up and she could see the panic spread through his eyes. He looked back to the stack of charts then back to Abby. She knew he would need a push to get through his fear.

“Come on, hon. I’ll take care of these.” She helped him stand and handed him his backpack.

“Abby, I can’t.” He protested weakly.

“Sure you can, John. You’ll be safe. Go have some fun.” She walked him towards the doors. John didn’t notice all the eyes watching him. Abby walked him out the bay doors.

John looked at the stretch limousine waiting for his arrival. It was a brand new model, with pitch-black windows and much nicer than any his family used. The driver was standing obediently by the door.

Abby handed the man John’s luggage, which he placed in the trunk. While he was doing so, Abby took this moment to give some last minute encouragement.

“John, breath.” She gently said, lifting his chin with her finger, meeting his eyes. He cleared his throat.

“I’m ok.” He smiled, finding strength in her eyes.

"You’re fine.” She smiled, giving a quick, friendly kiss. He walked to the open car door.

“Dr. Carter.” The driver nodded, standing aside. John was relieved to find that there was no one else inside the back of the car. Throwing caution to the wind, he climbed inside.

The driver shut the door and winked towards Abby as he returned to the driver’s side. She couldn’t help but to giggle. The twinkle in his eyes told her John was in for a wild experience.
Bidder Seven by Simplyshelly
The back of the limousine was plush and smelled of new leather. John opened the bar and found it to be completely stocked. He could hear the driver get in and they pulled away from the hospital.

John fidgeted with his nails, beginning to calm down. He was actually beginning to look a bit forward to his adventure. After several minutes alone in the back of the luxurious car, the window separating him from the driver began to lower.

“Are you comfortable, Dr. Carter?” The driver asked.

“Uh, yes. Thank you.” John smiled. “So, I suppose you know where I’m going?” John asked, hopeful to find out some answers.

“We’re going to the airport, sir.” The driver answered, watching John in the rearview mirror. Obviously by the perplexed look in John’s eyes, that was not the answer he wanted.

“I mean, after that. Where is the plane taking me?” John clarified. The driver chuckled.

“I understood the question the first time, sir. We’re on our way to New York.” He smiled. Soon, the window was raised once again and John was alone in the back.

John tried to think of anyone he knew in New York. He also began to think of what Kerry had said. A former patient? What would make a former patient pay that kind of money, go to this much trouble, or to keep their identity this much of a secret? Maybe it wasn't a former patient. Maybe a former employee? Could it have been someone he'd had a relationship with? Kerry seemed quite comfortable with whoever it was. Well, he thought. It sounded like someone who he had at least met. Kerry would not have acted so light about it if it had just been a patient.

Maybe it was someone that John knew outside of the hospital? No, he thought. No one that Kerry would also know. John's mind went back to former employee. Could it possibly be Anna? Certainly not Ross. Kerry would never be that reassuring if it had been Doug. Besides, no one he could think of could afford that kind of money. In fact, no one he knew at all – ever could afford that kind of money. Not even Elaine. Now, she would be a nice surprise.

John's mind then began replaying his conversation with Abby. What if the donor was male? He smiled to himself. He could see Jason's face clearly. They had been roommates during college and had been practically inseparable for over a year. Many people assumed that John was also gay because of the time he spent with Jason, but honestly they were just friends.

They had met in their second year during a chemistry class. John was a natural with all the formulas and Jason needed more than a little help. John had been assigned to begin tutoring him but John found a friend. Having been the one picked on for so many years, John empathized with the humiliations that Jason endured. John took on the role of protector and their friendship grew. After Jason lost another roommate, John offered to move in.

The rumors didn't bother John much, although he was surprised by people's prejudices. Jason felt bad that John had become guilty simply by association but John was able to shrug it off and not let it bother him. Besides, he found someone who he could talk to, who understood him and John understood Jason. They had come from similar backgrounds and upbringing so while the other students went home for family holidays, Jason and John usually spent them together either at Jason's family's property or at the Carter estate.

They supported each other mentally and emotionally. John was able to ask Jason about anything and get an honest answer and Jason could do the same with John. Even though they never had a relationship, John did develop an emotional attachment to Jason. He even got Jason to show him what it was like to kiss another guy but John could never admit how much that one kiss had affected him and it never went any further. John was still trying too hard to please his family and although he found the nerve to tell them he wanted to be a doctor, the thought of telling them that he liked it when Jason kissed him was something he could not do.

Since that time, John had occasionally felt an emotional attraction to men but had never taken it any further. Sometimes he felt envious of the openly gay men he saw at the hospital, wondering what life was like for them but then his eyes would latch on to another new blonde female and the thoughts would leave his head.


“Here we are, sir.” The driver opened the door and John got out, squinting from the sun. The plane had been nicer than he had expected but he truly hadn’t known exactly what to expect. He’s never been on a private plane. First class, yes. Concord, yes. One all to himself, not until today. Well, he actually didn’t have it all to himself. Fredrick, he’d learned was the driver’s name, had been there also. A very nice man, John discovered. Good sense of humor.

John looked around the large estate. It was very nice. Bigger than his Grandparents but it has a nice, welcoming feeling none of his family’s estates had. John looked to the house just as the front door opened. Ok, this was it. Time to meet the person or people responsible for this very strange adventure.

“Dr. Carter!” A handsome, middle-aged man exclaimed, coming towards him. John had expected to see a former patient. Instead, he recognized his former roommate from the rehab in Atlanta, Dr. Brandon Montgomery.

“Dr. Montgomery!” John laughed, being pulled into a bear hug. A huge weight lifted from John’s shoulders. The men hugged in a manner that only two people who had shared a life altering experience together could. ”Oh, wow. I have been on pins and needles for days now, you bastard. I bet you were there, weren't you? I expected to have to try and remember one of the hundreds of patients I’ve had over the years. I cannot believe it’s you. How have you been? Are you doing ok?” John rattled, his arm still around Brandon’s waist as the walked toward the door. That’s when John noticed the drop dead gorgeous blonde standing on the landing. His heart skipped a beat as she smiled and held out her hand to him.

“John, this is my wife, Veronica.” Brandon said knowing John would be taken back.

“Man, you weren’t kidding.” John whispered. “Nice to meet you, Veronica.” He smiled, kissing her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Carter.”

“Please, call me John.”

“John then. I will say, you are just as stunning up close as you were the night of the banquet. I’ve heard so much about you.” She cooed, leading them into the foyer.

“Don’t believe any of it.” John kidded. “Wow. Brandon, you’ve been holding out. This is some spread. I think even the Carter’s would be jealous!” John joked lightly as the made their way to the sitting room.

“I’ve worked hard for every penny, too.” Brandon smiled, offering John a drink. John declined. While they were in rehab together, he had shared that it was his desire to be rich that got him messed up with the drugs in the first place. John nodded knowingly.

“So, Dr. Carter, I mean, John. What is it like working the emergency room?” Veronica asked, quite impressed by her husband’s choice in men. Dr. Carter was more attractive up close and in person than she expected.

“Always crazy. I made chief." He told Brandon, his eyes straying a bit when he caught a glimpse of Veronica's tanned, long legs.

“I still can't believe you made chief after all!” Brandon exclaimed. John had been sure with his drug problems that he’d never make Chief Resident.

“Actually, I got it by default but I’m handling it well. I still have to prove that I’m a good doctor on a daily basis but it keeps me in line.” He smiled, knowing he could be honest with Brandon. They had shared a deep friendship with each other and had been the reason the other got through many a night.

“You’re lucky you were even able to return to County. I lost a partner over my mistakes.” Brandon said.

“But everything worked out for the best.” Veronica reassured, taking her husband’s hand.

“Enough depressing stuff.” John exhaled loudly and laughed. “Tell me, why in the world did you give County a quarter of a million dollars?” He asked, looking at them questioning. Both Brandon and Veronica laughed. Then Brandon looked a bit embarrassed.

“John, you saved my life.” He finally said.

“Me?” John questioned, unbelieving. Veronica nodded and stood.

“By the time Brandon hit bottom," She explained. “He’d given up. Our marriage was over, our sex life was non-existent and his practice was in jeopardy. The clinic might have saved his body but more than that, your friendship made him believe in the human race again.” She said. John looked at Brandon. He could see something in Brandon’s eyes but couldn't quite place the emotion. John stood and walked towards the large bay window.

“I didn’t do anything that Brandon didn’t also do for me.” He said a bit shyly. Brandon walked over to John and took a hold of his hand.

“John, for the next three days, I want you to forget Chicago.” He placed his other hand against John’s face, forcing John to meet his eyes. “Forget you’re a doctor, forget about your job, your patients, your responsibilities, forget it all.” Brandon said softly, searching John’s eyes. Brandon leaned in and softly kissed John’s slightly parted lips. John was too stunned to pull away.

“I, uh, I, uh.” John mumbled, his lips and rest of his body tingling as if it had been shocked.

“I know.” Brandon smiled, caressing John’s face. Brandon moved in again. While the gentleness was still there, underneath it was a sense of urgency, of desire. John’s lips were so soft and for a second, he began to kiss back.

“Wait!” John exclaimed suddenly, pulling away. “Hold on a minute, ok?” He gasped, realizing what he was doing. His body was responding in ways he never could have imagined. He looked at Veronica with a frightened expression. After all, her husband was standing here kissing another man and she just sat there smiling.

“John, I’m sorry.” Brandon said. He had told himself to take things slowly but he’d been unable to resist the nearness. He’d been dreaming of this moment for over a year and he didn’t want to scare John away by his boldness. John laughed nervously. He shook his head.

“Don’t.” He paced, trying to clear his head. “Don’t apologize. Please don’t say you’re sorry.” John couldn’t handle anyone being sorry for kissing him with that much desire and passion. If they were sorry, then he’d have to apologize for how his body felt and he wasn’t sorry.

“John,” Brandon pleaded, stepping closer. John quickly backed away as he placed a finger to his own lips.

“Don’t.” He whispered. He needed a minute to think.

“I’m sorry, John.” Brandon sounded so dejected.

“I’m not.” John stated. Brandon looked at him in total shock.

“You’re not?” Brandon’s voice cracked. Veronica smiled. John shook his head.

“At least I don't think I am. Is this why you got me down here?” John asked. "You ok with this?" He looked at Veronica.

"Quite. I, however plan on getting my money's worth out of you also so don't think of this as a 'boys only' week." She stated. John laughed, getting a mental image of what may lay ahead for the next few days. Brandon wanted him, or so he assumed and Veronica planned on getting her money's worth?

“Look, I still haven’t gotten over the shock that you think getting me into bed is worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Man, Brandon. You could have just called.” He kidded. They all laughed, breaking the tension.

“It should be at least that.” Veronica giggled, making John blush.

“Let’s just take this a bit slower, ok?” John smiled.

“Your right, John. Well,” Brandon felt much better seeing John’s smile. “How rude of us. We haven’t even given Dr. Carter a tour of the house.” He walked towards the foyer. John followed closely behind.

“I thought I was supposed to forget I was a doctor.” He flirted. Brandon smiled.

“Oh, yeah.” Brandon couldn’t believe it. John Carter was actually flirting with him.


They gave him a tour of the entire grounds, from the expansive home to the indoor pool, outdoor pool, and tennis court, riding stables and private pond. The place was a world within itself and John could easily lose himself. It was so peaceful and he felt instantly at home.

As time wore on, they began to break down the barriers and become more comfortable with each other. John, once he got over the shock of what they had in mind for his stay, began to regain his confidence level and his natural cockiness. He loved to flirt and felt that it would be duly rewarded in the end. He felt comfortable with Veronica as well as Brandon and there didn’t seem to be any sort of power playing between the couple. They were obviously comfortable with each other and their own sexuality, and they were lavishing their attentions on John. John ate it up, never having felt so desired by anyone yet with no strings attached. Just four days of whatever came up.


“Are you hungry, John?” Veronica asked as they returned to the house. Her hands were gently on his hips as she moved around him.

“Actually, I’m starving.” He admitted. Brandon laughed. He remembered how much John could truly put away when he was hungry. “What are you laughing at?” John playfully pushed Brandon towards the kitchen.

“What are you hungry for?” Veronica asked innocently, standing in the doorway. John kissed her quickly as he pushed Brandon through. John had decided to make the next four days worth every penny to them. Both John and Brandon giggled.

“Wrong choice in words, dear.” Brandon warned as he opened the refrigerator.

“With this big of a house, where’s all your help?” Carter asked, reaching over Brandon’s shoulder, grabbing a carrot stick.

“We gave them a few days off.” Veronica pushed the men out of the way and pulled out the makings for sandwiches.

Veronica watched her husband look at John Carter. This handsome doctor had no idea of the effect he’d had over her husband. It was so much more than simply a physical attraction. Brandon had spoken of the compassionate young doctor who had been admitted to the rehab program the same day Brandon had. He spoke of the emotional struggle Dr. Carter was experiencing; of the lifetime of feeling alone and abandoned by everyone he’d ever loved.

It had been Veronica’s idea to find a way to repay John for being the one to break through to her husband’s heart. After all the group therapies and individual counseling sessions he’d endured, it had been John Carter who had been the one to break down the walls Brandon had spent years building. It happened after one of their ‘sharing’ meetings.

Dr. Carter had spent weeks going through the motions, giving the answers they expected to hear, and keeping his emotions at a safe distance. He refused to feel, not admitting he needed any help.

Each patient was expected to ‘share’ their story, to verbalize to the group what had led to their own self-destruction. Brandon listened to the story John told, sure that it sounded like a well-rehearsed monologue. John still wasn’t ready to admit he was out of control, that he was an addict.

It was late during the night, as both men laid awake pretending to be asleep when Brandon heard the distinct sounds of someone crying. Brandon hadn’t seen John experience a single real emotion for weeks since his admission. But here he was, alone in the dark, the hard-shelled doctor breaking down. Muffled tears quickly turned into uncontrollable sobs as all the bottled up emotions came rushing to the surface. It broke Brandon’s heart to hear John losing the control he’d managed to desperately cling to for his entire life.

Brandon realized, as he lay there that he was also crying. His own reasons for ending up at this place, the mistakes he’d made, the people he’d hurt suddenly became real. The highly paid plastic surgeon, with his private practice and penthouse suite felt human for the first time in years. And it was in this humanity that he realized that he would recover. That all humans, no matter how many Ivy League schools they attended or what their income bracket was, that all humans were capable of mistakes. They were also capable of learning from those mistakes and fixing them.

That night, Brandon had crawled into bed behind John Carter and he wrapped his body around the broken man. Instead of pulling away, John pressed tighter, seeking safety and acceptance.

Several hours later, Brandon woke to the sounds of John stirring next to him. Brandon was still wrapped around his back, his arm over John’s side and under his arm. John held his hand to his chest. John shifted and gently kissed Brandon’s hand. “Thank you.” He heard John whisper as he fell back to sleep.

The next night, John asked his counselors for an opportunity to share again. This time, the story John told was the truth, all the pain, and emotion straight from his broken heart. That was the night that both he and Brandon began their healing.

“Oh, really?” John’s eyebrows arched as a smile played on his lips. “So, we have the whole place all to ourselves?” His look was of pure mischief. Veronica laughed, handing him a plate.

“Why Brandon, you didn’t tell me your friend had such an insatiable hunger.” She purred.

“Is that true, John? Are you insatiable?” Brandon asked. He was leaning back against the counter and John was casually leaning against his front. Brandon had his hands wrapped around John’s waist. John took a bite of his sandwich.

“Very.” He said surprised how much he liked having Brandon’s hands touching his body. Veronica slithered towards them, feeding John a strawberry. John ate the fruit and continued to lick the juices from her fingers.

As Veronica and John continued on their oral adventure, Brandon busied himself with John’s neck, kissing and caressing. Several hours had past since their last encounter with John’s body and he was much more comfortable with them and with the knowledge that they were going to all end up in bed together. John soon forgot all about food and was leading an oral assault on Veronica’s fingers, to her palm and down her long arms.

John kissed and licked his way down one arm and to the other. Veronica had never been appreciated so erotically before using just her arms and hands. Brandon’s hands were caressing John’s chest from behind as he pressed his groin against John’s backside. He could hear John moan as he began kissing Veronica’s neck, his hands holding her arms out to the sides, his fingers entwined with hers.

Brandon had unbuttoned John’s shirt and he slowly removed it, causing John to release his wife’s arms for a brief second. As his skin became exposed, Brandon tasted every inch of flesh. John and Veronica were now kissing, his hands having moved to her breasts, which were now heaving with desire. Brandon began to unbuckle John’s belt.

John threw his head back with a deep moan as Brandon’s hand slipped into his pants. Veronica took this opportunity to attack his exposed neck, biting across his chest and finding a taunt, erect nipple. Brandon bit the tops of John’s shoulders, leaving marks as John’s pants dropped to the floor.

Veronica knelt in front of John, pushing his boxers out of the way as her own inner thighs began to drip. She saw her husband’s hand wrapped firmly around John’s erection. Her tongue ran up his thighs, taking in the scent of his skin. John tried to moan but his mouth was captured by Brandon’s, reaching desperately to taste one another.

John jerked as she took him into her mouth. Brandon held tightly, restricting John’s impending orgasm, wanting his release to hold out as long as physically possible. They wanted John to be begging for completion and they had just begun.

John’s hands reached behind him as he braced himself against Brandon. Brandon was still dressed but John could feel his erection being pressed against his backside. He was terrified of what lay ahead but he knew Brandon wouldn't do anything he wasn't ready for or didn't want. Right at that moment, John was willing to try almost anything.

Brandon’s hands were busy as well. One hand refused John’s release while the other searched out body cavities. His fingers found John’s tight opening, seemingly begging them closer. His finger slipped in so easily, John’s body sucking him inside.

Veronica could feel John’s knees buckling and she pulled back.

“I think we should move this upstairs.” She said, watching her husband thrust his fingers inside.

John had no idea who he was, where he was or what time it was. All he could tell was he had died and gone to heaven. His head swam and his body ignited. He prayed it would never stop. Somehow, he felt the cool rush of air as he was led up the stairs to the master suite. There, he was laid out on the bed like a treasure and the assault began again.

He pushed his hips back, begging for more. Two fingers were now thrusting inside him, stretching him, preparing him. His body was slid to the end of the bed and a condom was placed so caringly over his throbbing member.

John could smell the musky scent of Veronica’s dripping box as she lowered herself over his face. John had never tasted nectar so sweet as he drank like a bee gathering honey. He also didn’t feel it when Brandon applied the lubricant but as he entered John’s opening, John cold no longer stifle a scream of pleasure. The pain quickly subsided as he felt himself being filled a centimeter at a time. By the time Brandon had thrust his entire length inside, John realized that Veronica has impaled herself onto his member. He looked up to see the couple kissing and fondling each other as they both made love to him.

As John bucked his hips up into Veronica, Brandon pulled back. As he pulled out, Brandon thrust in. They quickly fell into a rhythm, their bodies slick with sweat, and their cries of passion filling the air.

John had suppressed his orgasm as long as he could but the double attack was more than he could bear. As his thrusting increased; he felt Veronica's inner walls contract, holding him like a vise. Her orgasm triggered his own and he was thankful when Brandon trust up as he slammed himself as deep into Veronica as he could.

Bright lights flashed through his brain and a strangled scream emerged from his throat. He felt Brandon slam into him one final time as the world came to a standstill. He’d had plenty of good orgasms during his life but he felt he’d actually lost consciousness with this one.

After what seemed like years, Veronica disengaged herself and lay next to John, placing her head in the crook of his outspread arm. Brandon stroked John’s softening penis a few times before removing the condom and withdrawing himself. He crawled on the other side of John, their bodied remaining entwined in each other’s, John’s seeking the physical contact. The three of them lay together, no words spoken.

“That,” John smiled slowly, his voice hoarse from all the moaning and screaming, “Was a quarter of a million dollar fuck!”
Bidder Eight by Simplyshelly
“Yes, Abby. I’m fine.” John said into the phone. He was leaning against Brandon, still in the bed, where the three of them were having a picnic. John smiled as Brandon popped a grape in his mouth. John bit and then sucked on his finger playfully. “Uh, huh. Yes, everything is fine. No, I’m in New York. Yeah, I know. No, it’s beautiful.” He listened, brushing a strand of hair from Veronica’s face. Her head lay on his stomach. “Uh, no, it’s not a patient. Yes, I do know them.” He laughed. “Yes, Abby. I did say them, as in more than one. Really, I’m fine. Just following doctor’s orders. Ok, Abby. I’ll see you when I get back. Yes, Abby. I will. Bye.” He hung up the phone and laid his head back against Brandon’s shoulder.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Veronica stroked his stomach caringly.

“Abby? No. Just a good friend.” He said, running a hand through her hair. “So far, this whole trip has been pretty amazing.” He said, more relaxed physically and mentally than he’d been in years.

“We’ve only just begun, John.” Brandon said, his chest vibrating against John’s back.

“It’s all about fantasy.” Veronica said, stroking his chest.

“It’s about filling a hunger.” Brandon added, his hand joining hers.

“I think it’s about trust.” John said. They all agreed. It was about ultimate trust.


They returned from a late night dinner, dressed in their best suits. Veronica had insisted that they not spend the entire time with John in the bedroom. While out, they went to one of New York's finest restaurants to rebuild their strength. After all, John was a thin man and they still had several days together. She didn't want to run the risk of him expiring on her.

"That was a fantastic idea, my darling." Brandon said, handing John a bottle of water as they sat down.

"I have to agree." John said, sitting on the sofa.

"I just don't want Kerry Weaver to hear how this event didn't include dinner." Veronica said, accepting the glass of wine from Brandon.

"You know Kerry Weaver?" John asked, quite shocked. Hers was the last name on his mind. Veronica giggled.

"We went to college together. Roommates. When Brandon and I learned she was your supervisor, I decided to get in touch with her again." She sat next to John. "I'm amazed she's not married. She told me you used to rent her basement from her." She smiled.

"Dr. Weaver is married to her career." John said. "Yeah, I lived with her for almost a year. I'll never forget what it feels like to wake up out of a dead sleep to Grace Jones at full blast. She's a great cook, though." He said. "And a good boss. Does she know it was you who bid on me?" He asked, remembering that Kerry was the first one to tell him he'd be safe on this trip. Kerry knew whom he was with and probably what he was doing. Veronica laughed, seeing the emotions run over John's face.

"We planned it for months." Veronica giggled.

"Does Kerry know, well, you know, what you had planned?" He asked.

"She knows enough. Kerry was wild in her days also. I could tell you some stories." Veronica joked. John scrunched up his face.

"Uh, no thanks. I mean, I love Kerry but she is, after all my boss. If I hear too many details, I'll never be able to look her in the eyes again." He laughed.

"Well, if you're worried about her having a problem with what you do in your spare time, just let her know that you know all about the tiquella and the boys from Harvard." She winked. John laughed.

"So, Veronica, dear. What do you have on the agenda for tonight?" Brandon asked. She looked at John with wicked eyes.

"Uh, oh." John teased.

"Well, John darling. Brandon and I had discussed this before your arrival. We truly do have some events planned out for you however you have full right to refuse or alter any of the details for your own comfort, all right?" She explained.

"Sure. Fantasy, hunger, and trust. Got it." He stated letting him know that he was game for just about anything. Brandon smiled. Veronica cleared her throat.

"All right. Well, this afternoon was a surprise for all of us, I believe so it doesn't count."

"It did for me." John assured, bobbing his head.

"Well, that being said, tonight is just for us to get to know each other." She described. "Tomorrow night is for Brandon and myself and your last night here will belong to you. If you chose not to stay the entire time, that is perfectly acceptable. If you do decide to stay, we did promise to have you returned for your shift Thursday evening."

"Well, considering tonight is Monday, I'd say so far, so good. I'm planning on staying as long as I can if things keep this good." He smiled. Brandon and Veronica also smiled.

"Wonderful. Now, because someone else gets to make the rules, Brandon and I figured that we needed to create a word that you can use at any time when you experience something that you don't like."

"Or can't handle." Brandon added. John nodded.

"Now, since we have already discovered that you have total control over your vocal capabilities when you are in the heat of the moment," She teased.

"I'm not sure how much control I had over all that screaming but ok, if you think I do, I do." John laughed.

"If at any time things get out of control, any of us can use the word 'RED'. For whatever reason. If any of us hears someone say that word, we all agree to stop immediately and make sure everyone is all right, agreed?" She asked. Both men nodded. "Good. John, do you have any rules that we should know about. For example, I will not let Brandon have anal intercourse with me. The same goes for you. I've never liked it so I don't get anything out of it. Condoms need to be used during intercourse however it is a choice during oral sex. Both Brandon and I have been tested regularly and I certainly hope you have." She asked.

"I'm clear." He stated.

"Brandon is pretty open to just about anything." She said.

"Typical guy." John shot towards him, playfully.

"So, do you have any rules regarding you that we should know about?" She asked. John thought for a moment.

"Knives. I don't like knives. And the dark. And probably not a good idea to sneak up behind me." John said, thinking briefly on his attack. Brandon had already told Veronica that John had typical symptoms of a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so they had already spoken about avoiding anything that might remind him of the attack

"So you'd be open to being tied up?" She asked. John blushed.

"Uh, yeah." He said.

"Blindfolds?" She asked. He instantly shook his head.

"No. I won't know where you are. No, no blindfolds." He stated. Brandon could see a change in John's face.

"It's ok, John. You can say no to anything." Brandon reassured.

"It's better we talk about these things before someone does something that makes one of us uncomfortable, right?" Veronica said, seeing the look on John's face. He sighed.

"Well, it sure isn't doing anything for my mood." John admitted. He'd been so relaxed and happy but out of nowhere, the depression threatened to over come him as soon as he thought of the attack.

John hadn't thought of many of the things that Veronica was talking about. In the past, sex had always been spontaneous. Most of his past partners had been simple, not getting outrageously creative but the sex had still been good. Sure, Roxanne had been more creative than the rest but with her, it had been just anal penetration with her finger and light bondage, both occasionally tying the other up to the bedpost. Never anything really tricky or dangerous.

What he'd already experienced today had already topped John's list for creativity. Anal sex was far greater than he'd imagined and he hoped to get an opportunity to see if Brandon would let John enter him. Having Veronica straddle him had been something he'd never imagined while he was being penetrated at the same time and he was hoping to repeat the experience. He wanted to try oral sex with a man but was scared. He wanted to take Veronica in the Jacuzzi. For John, it was much more about the person he was with rather than the act itself. He never had the naughty boy, mean teacher fantasies many of his friends talked about. John got himself worked up enough in his own mind without the need for make believe.

"John?" Brandon asked, bringing him out of his head. "You're thinking too much." He smiled. Veronica stood up and set her wine glass down.

"I have an idea. John, would you like a massage?" She asked, holding out a hand for him to take. John's mind was still far away, analyzing, breaking thoughts down, and analyzing again. He looked at her with a far away stare. She smiled, beckoning him to follow her. John stood as Veronica and Brandon exchanged glances. John was gone mentally and they'd need to bring him back carefully.

John had explained to Brandon while in Atlanta that he had developed this coping mechanism back when his brother became sick for when things got to be too much. He could check out mentally at the drop of a pin, still be aware of his surroundings, and function normally but mentally he'd be protected. He could leave himself and only come back when he could feel in control. In fact, he used it often at work, helping him to deal with the horrors he saw every day. He would go into memory mode, assisting his patients and dealing with the situation as he would normally but he was going on autopilot. Most people who knew him or worked with him on a daily basis never even knew he used this method but John had found it helped keep him unaffected. Both Veronica and Brandon could tell that John had checked out.

They went upstairs to the master bedroom and Brandon helped John undress and crawl into bed. Veronica was in the bathroom, gathering massage oils when Brandon joined her.

"Don't bother. He's out." He smiled. He'd seen John fade out before but this had sort of surprised him. John had explained that he'd done this once or twice while growing up, gone way too far but Brandon hadn't believed or truly understood what John had been talking about until that moment. It seemed to have taken so little to send his mind away.

"Maybe he's still having trouble adjusting. Maybe he's not as healed as he wanted us to believe." She said, looking at John's sleeping figure in the bed.

"I think you're right." Brandon agreed. "I just hope we get the John Carter that was here earlier back when he wakes up." He hugged his wife.

They both undressed and crawled into bed, one on either side of him. Even in his sleep, John's body searched out their warmth and he pulled them both closer. Finally, all three slept.


A very short time later, John woke with a jerk. He sat upright, shaking as he tried to remember where he was. Veronica sat up, gently touching his back. His skin was ice cold and covered in sweat. His whole body was trembling.

"John, are you ok?" She whispered, not wanting to wake Brandon. John looked at her with a glassy stare. Soon, his eyes returned to normal and he looked at her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said, smiling sheepishly at the naked blonde next to him. She held out her arms and he melted into her. She began kissing his forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow, warming his body with her own. He began to respond, kissing her chin, her neck and soon desire took over.

Their mouths met as John's hands found her breasts. He began to make love to her body, kissing, licking, pleasing every inch, and worshipping every pore. His mouth and hands were everywhere, adulating her body. Veronica couldn't help but to moan and feel envious of every woman that John had ever been with. He certainly knew what he was doing.

John kissed his way down her breasts, to her stomach, down to her thighs. Veronica spread her legs for him, allowing him access to her most private areas. He parted her lips and began using his mouth to bring her pleasure.

Brandon watched John make love to his wife with such energy and talent that he was slightly jealous. Veronica's eyes were closed and a look of rapture was on her face, totally involved only in the feeling.

John smiled as he moved up her body, kissing her breasts on his way. Brandon reached for one of the condoms. He tapped on John's shoulder, getting his attention.

"Here, sit up." Brandon said as John did as he was told. Brandon smiled as he looked at John's body, fully aroused. Brandon bent down and took the head into his mouth causing John to buck up slightly.

"Oh." John moaned as he was engulfed by Brandon's hot mouth. Brandon took his full length into his mouth and throat. He nibbled his way back towards the tip and he kissed it passionately. Finally, he placed the condom over John's errection. Veronica reached out for John as he again directed his attentions to the blonde writhing under him. Brandon helped guide John into his wife as John took over. This was nothing he needed help with. Making love to a beautiful woman was something he knew how to do quite well.

John placed his head onto Veronica's shoulder, trying to delay his climax but was losing the battle. Luckily, Veronica's breathing increased as her orgasm neared, giving John permission to release. They both began gasping for air as their climaxes raced to the surface. Veronica's back arched, causing John to groan loudly as his climax crashed through his entire body.

John collapsed on Veronica's body. They kissed softly, both expended but happy. After several moments, John rolled over onto is side, breaking the physical contact.

"Glad to see you back with us." Brandon smiled, kissing John's shoulder. John laughed to himself.

"Thanks." He smiled. Veronica rolled over, her arm draped over John's stomach.

"That was pretty impressive, John Carter. I'd love to see if you were up for a repeat performance but that wiped me out. I think I'm going to get some sleep." John reached over and kissed her sleepy eyes.

"Good night." John crawled out of the bed, trying not to disturb her too much.

"Hey, where you going?" Brandon asked.

"I never sleep for more than a few hours at a time. I think I'm going to take a shower if you don't mind?" John stood at the end of the bed.

"Can I join you?" Brandon asked. John held out his hand and smiled. Brandon followed him.

"Are you limping?" Brandon asked as he set the water temperature. He noticed it when they walked to the bathroom.

"A bit." John admitted, his back actually in a lot of pain. "It's kind of had a workout the past 12 hours let alone the 17 hour shift I pulled yesterday." He laughed. Brandon stood at the door, offering John to climb in the shower first, which he did.

"Well, we'll see if we can give you a rest today. I can call the masseuse. Have the masseuse come out and give you the full treatment." Brandon offered. John stood under the water, directing the pulsating streams to his lower back while turning the temperature to an almost scalding temperature.

"This usually works." He stood there, obviously in pain both from the muscles and the temperature. He needed the heat to relax his spasms and take away the pain.

"You do realize that you can get third degree burns from scalding water, don't you doctor?" Brandon asked, thankful that he was on the opposite side where he couldn't feel the water. John bent over, his hands on his knees, finally able to do so, trying to stretch the muscles. John laughed.

"I'll be fine." He said. Brandon was worried about John, particularly what he'd seen this evening.

"How many nights a week do you still have nightmares?" He asked. John looked up at him, surprised. He smiled, knowing that Brandon knew.

"The true question here is how many nightmares do I have a night. It's gotten better. Usually only one or two but it's still every night. I'm getting used to them." John smiled, lowering the water temperature and motioning that he wanted Brandon to join him, which he did.

"Still seeing a therapist?" Brandon asked, soaping John's chest.

"My life has been really crazy lately. Did I tell you that the guy who stabbed me was a patient in the hospital a few weeks ago?" John took the soap and began to wash Brandon's shoulders and chest.

"No, you didn't. Were you his doctor?" He asked. John laughed.

"No, but another doctor that I was dating at the time was. Abby tried to keep me from seeing him but I just had to hear his voice, you know. The entire thing flashed through my head in fast motion, over and over. He told me he was sorry but that he had a disease but he was better now." John admitted, closing his eyes as Brandon caressed his back.

"How's your family?" Brandon tried to change the subject. He felt John's body weaken under his hand. He realized that John was crying. Brandon pulled him to his body and held him closely. "My god, John. You're a mess." He whispered, gently kissing John's head. John laughed again to himself.

"I thought this was about forgetting." He said, almost innocently. "Brandon, help me forget, even if it's just for a few days." He begged. Brandon kissed him gently on the lips.

"First, sleep. Let me hold you while you sleep. We'll get you a massage tomorrow and maybe a swim?" He suggested. John nodded against his chest. Brandon turned off the water and wrapped John's body up with a fluffy white towel. John looked so young and innocent yet tired and old at the same time.

They dried themselves off and Brandon tucked John back into bed, wrapping his body safely around John's, memories of their first night together in both their minds. Brandon kissed his head gently until John fell asleep.
Bidder Nine by Simplyshelly
Veronica woke and went down to the kitchen. She found Brandon sitting at the counter deep in thought. She gave him a kiss.

"Hi, baby. I see our company is still sleeping." She smiled, fixing herself a cup of coffee.

"He had a rough night." Brandon said.

"Oh, really? What happened, hon?" She asked, seeing how concerned Brandon looked.

"He's no better than he was in Atlanta except he's not doing the drugs. It doesn't sound like he's got any support system. He isn't seeing a therapist. I bet all he does is work." He exclaimed.

"So, let's make the next few days something that will help him get through the rough times. We can be his support system while he's here and reassure him that he's welcome anytime, ok? He is quite a young man, Brandon. I can see why you've become so infatuated." She smiled.

"That he is." Brandon smiled, gathering up the discarded cloths around the room. "I'm going to take these back upstairs and check on him. Last night he told me he rarely sleeps for more than a few hours without nightmares and he's been out for several now. I just want to make sure he's all right." He said. Veronica giggled.

"No need to explain to me, dear. I want you two to have some time alone." She smiled, perfectly understanding.


Brandon entered the bedroom as quietly as he could. John was in the center of the bed, completely engulfed in blankets. He looked to be sleeping soundly. It was no wonder. He'd expelled quite a bit of energy the night before and was probably exhausted.

Brandon folded the pile of clothing, found John's bags, and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. He couldn't help but to smell the t-shirt. It had John's scent imbedded into the fibers along with the fabric softener and Brandon couldn't get enough of his smell.

He located John's hygiene kit and put it into the bathroom. John would share the master bedroom for the rest of his trip, he decided. He pulled out John's toothbrush and placed it on the counter, where John could find it easily. Brandon thought it would be so easy to make John a part of their lives, to have him move in and be close to where they could keep an eye on him. It would be so easy but quite unrealistic. John had his own life. Besides, Brandon was sure John would never agree to move in.

Brandon looked up and he saw John standing in the bathroom doorway, hair astray, wrapped in a blanket, still looking half asleep. He couldn't help but to smile.

"Good morning." He said, stepping out of the room as John shuffled his way to the toilet. John managed to groan a greeting. "I'll be downstairs. Veronica made some coffee." John nodded and mumbled. Brandon chuckled.


"Is he up?" Veronica asked, seeing the smile on Brandon's face.

"I guess you could call it that. Either that or he's sleep walking. I told him we had coffee and if he's any type of doctor, he'll be down in a few minutes." Brandon began pulling out eggs, milk, butter, and bread. He was the cook in the family and figured they all needed a good hearty breakfast.

By the time Brandon was almost finished cooking, John came downstairs, looking clean and fresh. He'd showered and gotten dressed in the clothes that Brandon had laid out for him. He hadn't shaved though, which suited Veronica just fine. He did look refreshed and happy.

"Good morning." He smiled, giving Veronica a quick kiss before sitting down. Brandon handed him a cup of coffee.

"What, I don't get one?" Brandon mocked. John blushed and he gave Brandon a shy kiss. Veronica giggled.

"So, do you two do stuff like this very often?" John asked, still finding it strange that they were both so open.

"What? You mean share a lover?" Veronica asked. John nodded, still a bit shy.

"Uh, yeah." He busied himself with his coffee cup.

"Not until last night." Brandon said, setting a plate full of French toast in front of John.

"I can't eat all this." John protested, seeing Veronica's measly plate with one piece of toast and an egg.

"Bullshit." Brandon said, fixing his own plate. "I've seen you eat, Dr. Carter and you have a bottomless pit for a stomach." He joked.

"Well, ok then." John smiled, getting the syrup. "So, what are we doing today?" He asked as he began eating.

"The masseuse will be here at nine for your back." Brandon explained. John began to protest but Veronica placed her hand over his.

"John, let us pamper you, all right? You obviously don't do it enough for yourself and besides, you'll need to reserve your strength." She winked.

"I'm in for it tonight, aren't I?" He asked, mocking fear.

"Oh, yes, darling. Yesterday only showed us a hint of what you are capable of. Tonight, I have planned to take you to the brink and then some. You won't know what hit you." She smiled devilishly.

"Hey, Brandon. You aren't going to let her just have her way with me, are you?" John asked.

"You think she has plans for you? John, you're going to think you've gone to heaven repeatedly and then we'll get down to real business. I just hope you have a quick recovery time because we plan on making you climax time and time again." He teased. John choked on his mouthful, shocked by their openness at the breakfast table. He took a sip of his coffee.

"I'd better replenish my fluids then." He smiled. He'd never had an experience such as this in his life and it was a bit embarrassing but also exciting. To have two people, who's sole purpose seemed to bring him pleasure; to have planned such an elaborate scheme to get him there, to spend so much money to simply repay their gratitude was a totally new experience for him. Carter was just thankful not all the people he helped were this generous. He'd never survive.

"Did you want to do any site seeing while you're here?" Veronica asked, taking her plate to the sink.

"I've spent quite a bit of time in New York when I was in college so if you two don't mind, I've got all the sites that I want to see right here." He said.

"That's fine with me." Brandon smiled as John's hand touched his.


"John?" Veronica entered the room dressed in a short silk robe after completing her swim. John and Brandon were playing a game of pool.

"Yes?" He turned and smiled.

"The masseuse is here." She said.

"Thanks." John said, laying his pool queue down. "Man, Brandon, you are so lucky. She is gorgeous." He said after Veronica left the room.

"Yes, she is. We'll do your massage down here. I have a table set up in my workout room that I use all the time. I'm telling you, John. This masseuse is very good." Brandon led John to the foyer where he met the masseuse. John had expected a female but was surprised when he saw a young, very built man standing there, holding several towels and a bag of supplies.

"Hello, Dr. Montgomery. You must be Dr. Carter. My name is Nathan and I'll be your masseuse." He smiled warmly, shaking John's hand.

"Nice to meet you." John smiled, feeling a bit nervous. He had been on sexual high alert for the past twenty-four hours, experiencing things he'd never experienced before and the sight of this strapping, muscle bulging man before him made his body do things that surprised him.

John knew he was attracted to women but again his attraction to men popped into his mind. He began to think of all the men he'd been attracted to in the past. Jason and Brandon were hardly the only ones. He'd been drawn to Doug Ross, the former pediatrician at county with a taste for breaking the rules; he'd been attracted to Luka Kovac, just because Luka seemed to radiate sexual energy; and of course Peter Benton. Strong men, protective men, real men.

John had always been on the sensitive side and while he dealt with this characteristic in himself, he often associated it with those characteristics found in gay men. Jason had pointed this out to him in one of their late night talks. Things affected him more than they seemed to affect most men he knew, his emotions so much closer to the surface like most the women he knew. When he'd discovered his attraction to Jason, he pushed it aside like he'd done his entire life. Pushing aside the emotions that scared him was much easier than dealing with them. Last night, however, when Brandon entered him, John experienced a greater sexual urgency than he'd ever experienced, much less dreamt about. His arousal soared to new heights, taking him to a place he'd never thought possible. He had lost consciousness with his climax last night, having gone far beyond any sensations in his life.

He couldn't see himself seeking out sex with men or having a relationship with a man, unless maybe it was Jason, or Brandon. Brandon had affected John while he was in rehab but because of all the other feelings he was dealing with, he refused to even entertain the thought consciously. Now, all those thoughts and feelings were coming back, flooding his heart and his mind, and making him very confused. John was thankful for the distraction of Veronica because it helped him stay withdrawn just a bit from his feelings for Brandon. John could get lost if it were just Brandon and himself, wanting this to continue on forever, to never leave the man's bed.

The firm handshake from the masseuse, plus looking up into the man's strong yet caring eyes caused a stir in John's groin. He hadn't expected it and it caught him off guard. He was still very attracted to women so where did this leave him? Was John Carter actually bisexual, being able to be turned on and have sexual relationships with both men and women? Had these emotions simply been lying dormant for all these years? Maybe it wasn't just Jason or Brandon. Maybe it was true. Oh, this would certainly be interesting news for his family.

"John?" Brandon touched his arm. The masseuse had already gone to a room, set up, and was waiting for John, who still stood in the foyer, lost in thought. "You coming?" Brandon asked. John thought that his choice of words was quite appropriate and he laughed.

"Yeah." He shook the thoughts from his head and followed Brandon.

"Here. Remove your cloths and put this on." Nathan said, handing John a robe. John looked at Brandon who was going to the door.

"You're not staying?" He asked, his voice cracking a bit.

"No. Nathan will take good care of you, John. He's been doing me for years. You'll be fine." Brandon said as he shut the door behind him. Nathan smiled.

"It's alright, Dr. Carter. Dr. Montgomery told me about your back and I promise not to do anything that doesn't feel good. You just let me know if anything I do hurts, all right?" He said, warming some massage oil in his hands.

John nervously removed his cloths, noticing that Nathan did not look away. When he set his pants on the chair, he noticed that Nathan seemed to be smiling at the sight of his body. John loosely placed the robe over his shoulders but Nathan stopped him.

"Why don't you leave that off? I'll place a towel over you instead." Nathan suggested. "Here. Lie face down."

John climbed onto the massage table, placing his head on the headrest, finding a comfortable position. The smells of the massage oil was pleasant, making John forget anything existed outside these doors. As soon as the large man placed his hands on John's shoulders, he could tell he was in for the best massage he'd ever had.

Nathan's hands were big and strong, kneading John's muscles, making them into pools of quivering flesh. He massaged John's neck, shoulders, back and when he reached John's lower back, John couldn't help but to moan. This was fantastic and all thoughts left his head. The only ones he was aware of were the feelings of Nathan's hands upon his body, touching him, relaxing him. All pain in his back ceased.

Nathan went down to John's feet. John thought that he could definitely get used to getting his feet massaged, never having had it done quite so thoroughly. His calves were next, John's body being worshipped and caressed by such able hands. Then his thighs, long strokes, going from his knees to his hips, hands sliding across his skin, slick from the oil, touching every inch. When the hands moved to his inner thighs, John realized that he was enjoying this massage almost too much. The strong hands stroked up, turning the muscles to putty, well, at least some of the muscles. One was quite ridged, pressed against the massage table.

Nathan's hands began to massage John's backside. John had never had his backside massaged and it felt good. It also felt good as he felt Nathan's thumbs running down between his cheeks. John fought the urge to buck his hips up, wanting to beg for something inside.

"Turn over, Dr. Carter." Nathan said softly. John could feel his face heat up.

"Uh, no, that's ok. This is fine. Thank you." John mumbled, mortified for Nathan to see what his talented hands had done to his body.

"Don't be embarrassed, Dr. Carter. It happens all the time. Turn over. I'll look away." Nathan touched his back reassuringly. John nodded.

"Ok. Look, I'm really embarrassed." John said as he rolled onto his back. He loosened the towel as much as possible but his erection was still obvious. "Ok, I'm ready." He finally said, trying not to concentrate on anything but the growth between his legs.

Nathan began at his temples. John snuck a glanced up at Nathan's face and he noticed the masseuse smiling, looking directly at his erection. Nathan noticed John looking at him.

"It's nice to know my hands have that effect on you."

"Well, you are hitting all the sensitive areas, that's for sure." John laughed, feeling better. It didn't seem to bother Nathan.

Nathan's hands finished with his face and moved down to the tops of his shoulders. Next, his arms were worked over and by the time Nathan moved to his chest, John was again relaxing. That is until Nathan's fingers glided over John's nipples. John's eyes slammed open and an involuntary groan escaped his lips.

"Your very sensitive." Nathan smiled, having moved to the side of the table. His hands massaged John's pectoral muscles but his thumbs stayed where they were, continuing the caressing.

"Oh, God." John mumbled softly. He felt Nathan's lips upon his own.

What Nathan was doing to him quickly brought him back to an aroused state. Nathan's kiss was harder than Brandon's' had been, fueled by physical desire. John opened his mouth and was greeted by Nathan's soft tongue, invading his mouth. John's hands reached up, one behind Nathan's head and the other touched Nathan's chest, pulling him closer.

After what seemed like forever, Nathan pulled away with a smile and a moan.

"I think we need to get back to the massage." He gave John a quick peck on the forehead.

"Right." John nodded, feeling aroused but happy. He did like kissing guys.

Nathan continued massaging his body, purposely avoiding John's groin and soon, John was asleep.
Bidder Ten by Simplyshelly
"How was it?" Brandon asked, seeing Nathan come out of the room quietly. Nathan smiled.

"He's sleeping. He's, well, he's," He stammered with a smile.

"I know. You two didn't ...?" Brandon asked. Nathan shook his head.

"Unfortunately not. He was embarrassed because he did become aroused. I couldn't resist kissing him, though and he has a very talented mouth." He smiled.

"Oh, I'm hoping he does anyway. Well, thank you for fitting us into your schedule. I know you're busy. I'll get a check sent off to you first thing in the morning." Brandon walked him to the door.

"No need, Dr. Montgomery. You are very lucky with him." He smiled, giving Brandon a quick kiss before leaving. Brandon couldn't help but to peek in on John. He sighed, watching the man sleep, bundled up with a warm blanket, a look of complete contentment on his face.


A short time later, Veronica heard the door to the room where John had been sleeping open. John was again dressed, yet he looked unbelievably relaxed. He smiled as he sat down at the other end of the couch where she had been reading.

"You all right?" She asked, playfully touching his thigh with her foot. John had his head relaxed against the back of the couch and he pulled both his knees up, wrapping his arms around them. He leaned his head against his knees and smiled sleepily at her.

"It worries me how all right I am at this moment." He admitted. She put her book down and moved closer to him, brushing a hair from his forehead.

"Are you worried that you liked what my husband did, what Nathan did or the massage itself?" She asked softly, surprised with how young he could look at times. His voice started so quietly.

“I think all of it but mostly how much I liked all of it. It didn’t feel weird or strange or wrong.” He paused, thinking for the right word. “It just ‘felt’, and Veronica, I haven’t ‘felt’ for so long now. I was beginning to wonder if I ever could again.” He admitted.

"What you're experiencing is perfectly natural, John. I think," She began, "That most people, in fact, all people are born bisexual. I think that people who are open enough to accept that and to explore that are truly more healthy emotionally than those who think its wrong." She explained.

"You sound like a psychologist." He said, closing his eyes to her touch. It was motherly yet comforting, a feeling he didn't experience often. Veronica smiled.

"I am. I specialize in sexual therapy." She admitted. John's eyes widened and then he nodded.

"So, this whole thing is treatment?" He kidded.

"Uh, no. I don't make it a practice to involve myself in my patient's treatment." She smiled, hugging his body. "How's your back?" She asked.

"Perfect. Not even the hint of any pain." He smiled.

"Great. Brandon went out to get some things for tonight. Are you hungry?" She asked.

"Nope. I'm fine just sitting here with you." He said, kissing her hand.

"You, Dr. Carter, are simply irresistible." She cooed.


Brandon came home and found John and Veronica cuddled on the couch together. Veronica smiled when she saw him.

"He ok?" Brandon asked, watching Veronica get up slowly, not wanting to disturb John.

"He's fine." She said, leaving the room and following Brandon to the kitchen. "He's worried about liking what you did to him too much. Nathan didn't, did he?" She asked.

"No. On his way out, he told me John did become aroused and they did kiss but that's all. I trust Nathan. Remember that I reacted the same way?" He reminded her. She nodded.

"Yes. I explained I was a therapist and what he was feeling was perfectly normal." She said. Brandon was worried.

"You told him you were a psychologist? Man, Veronica. We said we wouldn't tell him. I don't want him to think he's here for some therapy sessions or anything like that. He didn't do well with being forced into therapy in Atlanta and he doesn't see one now. He has this thing with people thinking he needs therapy." He protested, worried she had ruined their entire plan.

"Honey, he's fine. It seemed to relax him. He asked if our inviting him here was therapy and I assured him it wasn't. I don't think anything we've done so far could be misconstrued. A bit of therapy for us but not necessarily for him. Let's just keep things light and I believe he'll be all right. He has relaxed since arriving yesterday." She said. Brandon laughed.

"That's because we keep wearing him out." He smiled.

"Speaking of wearing out, did you find what you went out for?" She asked, looking in his bag. She squealed with delight upon seeing the contents. Before she could pull them out, John appeared in the doorway, rubbing his messy hair.

"You know, if you two keep letting me fall asleep, it'll be time for me to go home before you know it. I'm missing out on some good times here." He leaned against Brandon's back, resting his chin on Brandon's shoulder.

"It's still early. It's just after noon, dear. We still have the entire day. And then there is the night." Veronica teased.

"Just send me back with enough strength to work my shift." He smiled, very contently.

"I think this requires some physical activity." Brandon suggested.

"Physical activity is what got me into this shape." John snickered, taking a seat at the counter. Veronica handed him a cup of coffee.

"Why don't you and I go for a ride on the horses. Do you know anything about horses, John?"

"I do." He smiled. He was actually looking forward to having a chance to do some riding as soon as he'd seen their stable. In boarding school, he'd had his own horse but since then, he never seemed to have the time.

"English or western?" She asked.

"English." He smiled.

"Wonderful. I believe Brandon has some riding cloths you could borrow. I certainly hope you're up for a race." She challenged. He cocked his head and smiled.

"You're on."


John was able to prove his equestrian knowledge as he and Veronica prepared the horses. He was caring and thorough in his attention to the strong animal, showing a comfort level he'd almost forgotten was there.

They saddled up the horses and began their trek out onto the property. Veronica had packed a light lunch and planned on having a picnic by the pond.

John had chosen one of their stronger horses and he was enjoying having the horse prance and jog. They were warming them up so that they would be able to race without hurting the animals and they both had their own way of doing so. John was looking forward to the race, it having been years since he'd won one of the many ribbons that lined his dorm room in school. His heart rate had increased in the anticipation.

"So, what's Brandon doing to keep himself busy?" John asked, running his horse up a steep hill. John looked so handsome on his horse.

"Oh, he's preparing for tonight." She said slyly.

"Sounds like he's going to an awful lot of trouble for tonight." Veronica laughed.

"My husband has a very creative imagination." She said as their horses trotted side by side. John looked around at the beautiful property, squinting in the warm sunlight.

"He's very lucky to have you." He smiled. "He told me so much about you when we were in Atlanta. He told me about how he fell head over heals in love with you the first time he saw you."

"I knew I'd be with him for the rest of my life when I met him." She smiled. "What about you? Why aren't you with the love of your life?" She asked. John shrugged.

"Women," He paused. "They don’t seem to stay around for long. I don't know why but they always leave." He shrugged.

"Have you ever been in love, John?" She asked, watching his body language.

"I thought I was several times. I fall in love pretty easily but they never seem to love me back. Not for long, anyway." He said.

Veronica's heart ached for him. Brandon had told her what he knew about the Carter's and from what she heard, Veronica had already decided she hated John's mother. John was never brought up with a loving and nurturing female role model and he had in turn, spent years searching for that bond in his lovers. It had always made it difficult for John to accept true love, subconsciously pushing them away, not allowing them to see his real emotions. John had always tried to become who ever he felt they wanted; not knowing how to be himself or really believing it was him that they wanted.

This man riding next to her, this was the real John Carter. He was smart, young, energetic, sensual, and deeply compassionate. He was desirable and carefree. Veronica wanted to be the woman who could help him gain his confidence with women but four days was hardly long enough to undue all the damage that had been done. She only hoped it would be the beginning.

"Race you to the pond." He challenged. She returned to the present time and smirked.

"You're on!" She said, smacking her horse on the butt. They both took off at a high speed run, pushing their horses to the limits.

"Yes!" John cried as he made it to the edge of the pond just before Veronica. He jumped off the horse and did a happy dance in victory. Veronica couldn't help but laugh. "Hah, I beat you! Yep, I still got it!"

"Ok, you won." She laughed, also climbing off her horse. John was talking to his horse.

"Good girl. You did a great job. You are such a good girl." He coddled. Veronica took the blanket she'd packed and laid it onto the ground. This was the perfect spot for a picnic.

John was exploring by the edge of the pond, allowing his horse to get a drink. He seemed so content.

"I bet the two of you spend a lot of time down here." He said, tossing pebbles into the water.

"I wish." She said, setting out some fruit. "Although it seems like we live in the lap of luxury, we work long hours, just like you do. We both took a few days vacation but come Friday, we'll all be back at work." She said.

"I wish I could stay here." He said dreamily, joining her on the blanket.

"That, my dear friend is the only drawback of fantasies. The real world is always waiting for you." She handed him a glass of wine.

"Well, not for a few more days." He smiled. "To fantasy." He held up his glass. Veronica tapped hers against his.

"To hunger." She said.

"To trust." They said in unison, both smiling.


They returned several hours later. As they walked up to the house, they were arm in arm, talking quietly. Brandon was on the deck, enjoying the sun.

"You look relaxed." Veronica giggled, seeing Brandon on the lounge, ice tea next to him.

"You both look happy." He smiled looking over the top of his sunglasses. John relaxed back on the other lounger with a sigh and a grin. Veronica kissed both men and went inside.

"I could die right now and I wouldn't mind." John sighed.

"I know what you mean." Brandon smiled.


John pushed off the side of the pool, with all the grace his long body allowed, looking like a professional swimmer. His arms broke out of the water and his strokes were strong and hard. The crest of the water rippling beneath his defined muscles. His skin, although fair from the Chicago weather, looked to have a healthy glow from the exertion. He reached the side, turned his body in the water, and continued back to the other side.

"He's quick." Veronica said, joining Brandon by the side of the pool. Brandon had been watching John swim for nearly an hour, pushing himself to the point of exhaustion.

"That he is. He used to be on the wrestling team during the winters and the swim team during the summers when he was in school." He said, watching John reach the other side and return towards them. John looked so comfortable in the water. "He says it helps with his back."

"Hm." She said, watching him. "We should probably get to dinner soon." She suggested. Brandon nodded. John reached the edge and he finally came up for some air. His face was flush and he was panting.

"Oh, hey, Veronica. Are you coming in?" He asked, splashing some water towards her.

"No." She smiled. "We have dinner reservations at six. You getting hungry?" She asked, John laughed.

"You guys sure are feeding me well." He laughed, getting out of the heated pool and grabbing the towel Brandon held out for him.

"Kerry did say you could stand to gain a few pounds." She said, watching his thin frame.

"Yeah, I thought so." He laughed. "So, where are we going tonight?" He asked, laying by Brandon and putting his head on Brandon's stomach.

"Hey!" Brandon jumped. "Your hair is cold." He laughed. With that, John shook his entire head, getting Brandon all wet. Brandon got John in a headlock but John knew exactly how to throw him off and he ended up straddling Brandon, his face so close to Brandon's, who just looked shocked. Veronica laughed. It had been a long time since she'd seen her husband play like one of the kids. John had been good for him, also. "Jeezus, you are wiry!" He laughed, looking into John's eyes.

John still had him pinned and he couldn't help himself. John leaned down and his mouth met Brandon's. His urgency caught Brandon by surprise as John hungrily seeking entrance to his mouth. Their lips parted and John held a limp Brandon by his arms up above his head. Brandon had completely surrendered, not having John or ever expecting John to take such control.

"Uh, guys?" Veronica interrupted. "Dinner?" John and Brandon looked up, not remembering that she was standing there. John rolled off her husband, smiling.

"Oh, yeah. Food." He snickered, his arm still tangled with Brandon's.

"Reservations." Brandon nodded, turning and rubbing his hands over John's still panting chest.

"Reservations." John smiled, looking over at Brandon and then up at Veronica. "Don't suppose we can eat in?" He suggested. Veronica laughed.

"Not on your life." She stated. "Now, the two of you need to get ready. We're going to Anderson's so put on your suits." She scolded.

"I wore mine last night. I didn't pack another suit." John stated.

"I had yours cleaned this morning while I was out. Race you to the shower." Brandon took off with John right on his heels. Veronica just shook her head.


"I won!" Brandon gasped, having had to fight hard to keep John from taking him. They had wrestled and fought the entire way through the house and up the stairs, pulling and grabbing at each other the whole way. Brandon leaned up against the wall of the shower, reaching inside and turning the water on. John came in and he grabbed him at the waist.

"Oh, no you don't. You play dirty." John complained, pulling Brandon from the shower. They found themselves in an embrace and John noticed Brandon's arousal. Both pulled away from each other, Brandon looking embarrassed. He climbed into the shower.

John stayed out in the bathroom for a few moments, thinking. Had he actually done that to Brandon's body? Brandon was a happily married man, to a beautiful woman but could Brandon be feeling something for him?

In Atlanta, John had felt Brandon's attraction towards him. They had never spoken about it but John would often catch Brandon looking at him. It wasn't always a look of concern or trust. At times, John felt like it was a look of desire. At the time, he'd been so messed up that he chose not to do anything about it. That wasn't what the program was about and it certainly wasn't a time to explore new emotions. Of course, now he was better. What was stopping him now?

John climbed into the shower with Brandon. Brandon was rinsing his hair when he noticed that John had joined him.

"Finally. I thought we'd run out of water before you decided to join me." He joked. He noticed John's stare. John had come in to the shower, expecting to just wash off but he stopped when he saw that Brandon was still erect. Brandon followed his stare. "Give it a few minutes. It'll go down." He said, somewhat embarrassed. John dropped to his knees in front of him.

"It's so beautiful." John gently touched Brandon, making him jerk from the attention.

"John, you don't have to do that." Brandon protested. He was sure John had never given head to another guy and he didn't want John to think he had to. His body screamed to let him, to be John's first but his rational mind told him to pull away.

John placed his hand around the base, stroking it, feeling it's hardness. It was not unlike his own yet it was thicker, more mature. John ran his tongue up the side to the base and back up to the head. He looked as the precum began to coat Brandon's tip.

"John, please. You don't have to." Brandon said. Then John placed his mouth around the head, making Brandon gasp. "Oh, God, John." He cried, leaning back against the wall. The water ran over John's back as John stroked with his hand.

John tried to take more of Brandon into his mouth. He slightly gagged when he took too much but he began to concentrate, relaxing his throat muscles. His mouth slid up and down, tasting, exploring. He went back down on Brandon and he was able to take almost his full length into his mouth this time. His teeth slid gently along the sensitive underside, sending the most exquisite sensations through Brandon's body.

Brandon couldn't help but to thrust forward, causing John to choke. John recovered quickly as he found a rhythm that seemed to make Brandon's body respond the way he wanted. Soon, he could feel Brandon's scrotum retract into his body as he began to spasm into John's mouth. John held onto Brandon as he tried to take it all in. His mouth was filled and he tried but was unable to swallow it all.

John hadn't realized that was what it would taste like, not unlike a woman. It wasn't unpleasant by far and something he could get used to. The feeling, the strength, surprised him and coming from having been on the recipient’s end for many years, he knew just what to do to make Brandon respond favorably. He continued until Brandon's breathing seemed to return to normal and he stood up next to him, rinsing his face and mouth. He spit before he kissed a very satisfied man who remained against the wall.

"You ok?" He smiled, the water making him squint.

"John, was that the first time you'd ever done that?" Brandon managed to ask. John smiled.

"Uh, yeah. Let's just say I paid attention last night."

"You have got to be the fastest learner I have ever met." Brandon exclaimed breathlessly. John laughed.

"I take that as a yes." John smiled, knowing by the look on Brandon's face that he'd done ok.

"Oh, yeah. A very fast learner." Brandon exclaimed.
Bidder Eleven by Simplyshelly
Both men were joking quietly as they came downstairs dressed in their best. Veronica waited at the landing.

“Wow!” John said upon seeing her striking figure. She looked stunning.

“Thank you.” She smiled as he kissed her lightly. “So, what are you two talking about?” She asked, seeing a playful look in both their eyes. Brandon cleared his throat.

“Well, I was just talking with John about tonight. He’s been so open to trying new things since he’s been here that I’m not sure if tonight will be as anticipated as I expected it to be.”

“Are you giving private lessons and not inviting me?” She teased as Brandon put her coat around her shoulders. John blushed.

“Well, lets just say something happened that I hadn’t expected and he’s pretty good for a beginner.” Brandon teased.

“My goodness, I had no idea you held so many talents, Dr. Carter. You two must give me a oral presentation later this evening.” She cooed. John couldn’t blush any more than he already was.

“Uh, can we just go to dinner?” He requested. Both Veronica and Brandon laughed. They followed him to the car where their driver stood waiting.


Throughout dinner, they each shared stories of their jobs, the occupational hazards that went along with being doctors. John told of some of the stranger patients having been brought into the emergency room, Brandon spoke of people wanting this and that tucked or removed and Veronica had them all in stitches with some of her therapy stories. The atmosphere was very relaxed between them and by the time they began the finished their meal, they were beginning to speak of their plans for the evening.

“Johnny Carter? Is that you?” An elderly woman said, approaching their table. John sat more upright and smiled when he saw her. He stood and gave her an awkward hug.

“Why, hello, Mrs. Ramsey. How nice to see you. Is your husband here?” He asked, looking around for Mr. Ramsey. The elderly gentleman joined them. As he spoke, both Brandon and Veronica noticed how differently John held himself. One minute he's a handsome man talking about sexual desires and the next a twelve-year-old boy, unsure of his every action.

“Well, young Dr. Carter. How are you? Fancy seeing you here. We heard about your grandmother. How is she doing?” Mr. Ramsey questioned, not at all minding the fact that he had interrupted John and his companions.

“She’s recovering nicely. She’s back home and already scheduling her social functions.” He explained.

“I heard your parents are back in the states. Rumors around the country club say that they’re getting a divorce? Such a hardship, after what? Thirty years of marriage? What is going to happen to the business? Are you going to be finally taking a position with the company? Take Chase's place? I know that would have made your grandfather so proud. I’m so sorry he passed away. Must be so hard on Millicent. At least it was sudden. I supposed if you have to go, then that’s the best way. Well, looking forward to working with you, should I say Mr. Carter? Well, look at us, we’re interrupted your dinner. It was nice to see you, John. You’re looking well.” Mr. Ramsey dominated the conversation so John couldn’t even get a word in edgewise. He just kept smiling, nodding, and attempting to say something. By the time the older couple left, he sat back down looking exhausted and embarrassed.

“Well, that was something.” Veronica exclaimed.

“Sorry about that. Gamma's friends.” He explained, finishing his entire glass of water in one gulp. Brandon filled in the gaps and now understood why John was such an emotional basket case. If he had been dealing with all that just since his return from Atlanta, then it was amazing that John hadn’t turned back to the drugs as a coping mechanism.

“Let’s see if I got all that. Your grandmother was sick?” Veronica asked.

“Broke her hip. Diagnosed with Shy-Drager syndrome.” John stated sadly.

“And I bet you’ve been her doctor and probably even diagnosed her.” She said. John nodded.

“Her husband passed away and he was head of the family?” She added. John again nodded.

"Who's Chase?" She asked.

"My cousin. Came into the ER with a heroin overdose. I revived him and now he can't even dress himself. He was supposed to take over the business." He shrugged.

“Your parents are divorcing?” She asked.

“Found out right before Christmas. I was just happy they decided to spend the first holiday in eight years here until I found out why. Kind of a surprise.” He smiled sheepishly.

“And everyone still thinks that your being a doctor is a faze and you’ll finally take that job with the family business as soon as you grow up, right?” Brandon added. John shrugged. “John, you're thirty one years old. When are they going to let you grow up? Do you at least have your own place where you can get away from all this stuff?”

“I’ve been staying with Gamma since I got back from Atlanta. I have to be there to make sure her nurses show up and help her if she needs me. Someone has to run the house.” He smiled. Veronica shook her head. No wonder John was in the shape he was, she thought. He has no control over his own life. They all sat silently for a few minutes, John playing with his empty glass.

“All right, gentlemen. I am appointing myself Dr. Carter’s personal physician and I believe he is in the need of some serious therapy.” Veronica stood. John smiled. He wasn’t going to get depressed again or withdraw tonight. It was his life and he would deal with it when he got home. Until then, he was with two very erotic people who had some very nice things in mind for him as long as he stayed coherent.

“Doctor, I will do whatever it is you prescribe.” He smiled, trying to push his personal issues aside. He held out his arm for Veronica to take it as they walked out of the restaurant.

“Such a willing patient.” Veronica smiled.


John sat in between the couple in the back of the limousine. Practically the minute the doors shut and Brandon was attacking his mouth, unbuttoning John’s dress shirt so he could get his hands inside. John knew this night would be interesting but he had no idea he would be the one being attacked. He figured that maybe he and Brandon would work on Veronica but so far; he seemed to be the object of their desire.

The minute he came up for air, Veronica engulfed his mouth, probing the insides with her tongue as she pressed her breasts against his chest. Her hands fought with Brandon’s as they both searched for skin, pinching and stroking every inch of his upper chest.

Brandon’s mouth located an earlobe and John moaned loudly as Brandon drew it into his mouth. Brandon had found a very sensitive erogenous zone he hadn’t known about before and he was going to use it to drive John crazy. Veronica finally allowed John to gasp for air as she kissed down his chest, pulling his shirt open, searching for flesh. John’s hands caressed whatever they touched, his concentration not focusing at all. Veronica's hand grasped John through his cloths and she was thankful for his youth. It took so little to get John fully aroused.

"Forget about everything, John. Concentrate on my hand. Do you feel my hand holding you, rubbing you? I want you, John Carter. I want to feel you, to feel your strength, your muscles, I want to hear the pleasure I bring to your body. I want you to tell me how much you like it when I touch you. I want to touch you, John Carter. Brandon wants to touch you, don't you, Brandon? Nothing matters except our hands, our mouths devouring your body, John. Tasting it, sucking it, loving your beautiful body. Do you want me to touch you, John Carter?" She purred into his ear. He was moaning and nodding his head in short, jerky movements, unable to speak. He licked his dry lips and Brandon licked them for him, running his tongue all over John's face, appreciating the structure, the thin yet strong characteristics that were all his. Veronica slowly unzipped his pants and as she pulled him free from the material constraints. Brandon quickly applied a condom with John completely unaware, having prepared ahead of time for their attack. Veronica moved from whispering in his ear to slowly moving down his neck, his chest, his stomach and as she engulfed him, John's hips bucked upwards as he released a groan. Brandon reached down and roughly massaged his testicles before joining Veronica on an all out oral assault. John’s hands were on both their heads as they kissed and licked him and each other.

John leaned back as far as he could, his body becoming rigid as a result of their attack. His hand reached up and he braced himself against the ceiling, his long legs stretched as far as they could go without him kicking the back of Fredrick’s seat. His thoughts went to Fredrick for a brief moment, thinking what Fredrick thought of this whole scene. There was something definitely going on in the back seat, judging by all the moans and groans. He figured though that most chauffeurs had seen it all and heard it all. Besides, with bosses like Veronica and Brandon, this was probably not the first time something like this had happened in this backseat.

John could see their lips wrestling for one another as they surrounded his latex encased length. Veronica’s lipstick had smeared and Brandon’s hand was reaching up his wife’s dress.

Brandon moved away for a brief second and Veronica took the opportunity to pull up her evening dress and climb on top of John as if her life depended upon it. John thrust up into her as Brandon squeezed her breasts from behind. Veronica’s cries broke the sound barrier and she screamed into John’s shoulder. He stopped thrusting, watching her orgasm rip through her body with such an unbelievable force. He concentrated, calming his own breathing down and he lay completely still.

After a few moments, Veronica opened her eyes and she looked at John. He was smiling but still hard inside her body.

“You didn’t . .” She said, almost apologetically. He shook his head but he looked happy.

“Not yet. I was watching the two of you. I can’t decide who’s sexier.” He smiled, still remaining in place. Veronica contracted her vaginal muscles but none of the rest of her body. She saw John’s eyes close with pleasure. “Now, you think you can bring me over the edge without moving?” He asked, feeling her contract again. He moaned.

“Veronica has talents you haven’t even seen yet.” Brandon whispered, gently licking John’s earlobe again.

"Oh, man." John gasped. "If you don't stop now, I'm going to be done for the night and I don't think that's on the agenda." He reluctantly stated. What she was doing was feeling quite good but he knew they had more planned for back at the house. Veronica carefully slid off. She still lay on top of him, occasionally kissing his chest.

After several minutes, with John not moving, Brandon picked up John’s wrist and he felt for a pulse. John chuckled a bit and soon Veronica joined in.

“Well, I suppose we should pull ourselves together.” Veronica said, prying her body from John’s.

“Sure seems to be taking a long time to get back.” John commented, carefully removing the condom from his very sensitive organ. He then attempted to fix his shirt. It was almost hopeless. Brandon laughed, wiping Veronica’s chin where her lipstick had smeared.

“Oh, Fredrick knows when to just keep driving.” He nodded. John laughed, feeling quite embarrassed.

“So, we’ve been just driving in circles?” John began giggling hard, unable to stop, the visual images only urging his giggles. Veronica tried to suppress hers but she soon exploded in gales of laughter, making it impossible for Brandon to keep a straight face. By the time the car stopped and Fredrick opened the door, all three were caught in a frenzy fit of laugher, dragging their haphazardly pulled together bodies towards the door.
Bidder Twelve by Simplyshelly
As they made their way up stairs, their giggles were beginning to die down just a bit. Both Veronica and Brandon stayed a step behind John as he went straight for the master bedroom suite. He opened the doors and stopped cold in his tracks, all laughter gone.

“Holy shit!” He gasped. Brandon slipped into the room unnoticed.

The whole room had been made over, sheer materials hanging around the room, draping the furniture, and candles of every size and shape illuminating the room. John could see that there were candles also in the bathroom as the whole room had a warm, safe yet very erotic glow. The air was lightly scented and soft music played in the background. Veronica glided up beside him and she handed him a bottled water.

"Do you like?" She asked, running her fingers down his arm.

"I, uh, I," He stammered, looking around the room. "How?" He motioned through the room.

"Well paid hired help." She smiled. Veronica took a hold of his hand and led him towards the bathroom. "Follow me." She whispered, holding his hand against her backside. All the lights were out except the glow of the candles. They entered the bathroom and there was Brandon, completely dressed, sitting in the hot tub.

"Care to join me?' He said seductively. John smiled. Veronica stepped onto the step and she held out her hand to John.

John knew how much his suit cost him. He didn't care if they wanted to risk ruining their cloths but there was no way he'd ruin his new jacket. He slipped it off and laid it on the counter. Veronica stepped into the water, gown, and all. John slipped off his shoes but the rest of his cloths stayed on as he joined them in the tub.

"Now, this is something I never imagined doing." John stated, laughing.

"What's that?" Veronica sat across from him, her feet playfully in his lap. "Relaxing in a hot tub?"

"No. Relaxing in a hot tub in $300.00 pants." He said.

"We'll replace the pants." Brandon reassured.

"No need." John relaxed back, allowing the hot water to relax his muscles. He gently stroked Veronica's foot. "So, care to give me some sort of hint at to what you two have planned for tonight?" He asked, tossing his long legs up into Brandon's lap.

"I have this fantasy." Veronica purred, her arms up along the back of the tub, body outstretched touching both her men. John and Brandon snickered.

"I bet you do." Brandon said. Veronica looked at John.

"Uh, oh. It involves me." He smiled, his hand playing with her palm.

"Oh, my darling. If I had it my way, I'd keep you locked away in this room purely for my own pleasure." She smiled. "I know society thinks one of the biggest turn on's for men is to watch two women together but for me," She paused and licked her lips. "I'd love to see you two make love." She suggested, running her foot up John's inner thigh. John turned his head towards Brandon, who was already watching him, looking very pleased at his wife's idea.

"You up for that?" John asked, smirking at Brandon's smiling face.

"Oh, I could be convinced pretty easily." He agreed, taking a hold of John's foot and raising it above the water. He turned to John and began kissing up his calf. "I do believe you have way too many cloths on, though. I believe that I should do something about that, don't you John?" He moved himself closer, coming in between John's legs. His hands ran up the inside of John's thighs.

"You two do realize that you've spoiled me forever." John smiled, watching Brandon work his way up, massaging John's thighs. "When I leave here, every sexual experience I have will be so dull in comparison."

"Uh, John dear. Sex should never be taken lightly or ever, ever be dull." Veronica stated. "Even sex just for the sake of sex is a beautiful thing and each experience is just that, an experience unto it's own. Sure, some may produce a stronger orgasm or some may last longer but the act itself, no matter how simple or erotic should never be looked upon as dull." She analyzed. "Besides, you're welcome here anytime. We plan on having you back, John. Not just for the sex." She smiled, John was engrossed in Brandon's face, but he was listening to Veronica. When she said that they planned on having him return, his eyebrow raised.

"Really?" He asked, almost a whisper. Brandon leaned forward and kissed him gently. John's legs were wrapped around his waist.

"Really." Brandon whispered. "Although I could make love to you every day of the rest of my life, John Carter, I also consider you my friend." Brandon pushed his body closer, his hands against John's chest.

"I could, maybe call you and talk if I've had a bad day?" John asked, feeling the strength of Brandon's body against his, stretching his legs.

"Or if you've had a good day and just want to talk about nothing." Veronica whispered from behind his head. She had gotten out of the hot tub, removed her gown, and was wrapping a robe around herself. Brandon began to slowly unbutton John's shirt, sensually kissing his neck.

"Or maybe visit and not talk?" John had his head back and eyes closed. Just enjoying Brandon's slow seduction. Veronica sat on the step behind John and she gently stroked his temples.

"Yes. Just visit and not talk. Both Brandon and I spend a lot of time in Chicago, also. You never know when we'll just show up and take you out for lunch." She purred as Brandon pulled John's shirt and suspenders off his shoulders.

"I could do that." John smiled, feeling Brandon unbutton his pants. He gasped for breath as Brandon's hands found greedy flesh, begging to be held. Brandon ran his hands up John's torso as he kissed John's neck.

"I want you on the bed." Brandon ordered. John nodded, under his spell.

Veronica helped John out of the hot tub, lovingly stripping the wet garments from his body. Brandon watched, John's body moving so gracefully.

Brandon led John to the bed and had him lay directly in the middle. He covered John's body with his own, kissing and feeling, flesh against flesh. After several moments, John felt like something was different. He could feel the lamb's wool around his ankles and wrists, unable to do more than pull against the restraints.

"Oh, man." John moaned, realizing he was shackled, spread eagle on the bed.

"Now, this is how I'd keep you in here." Brandon kissed his way down John's neck to his stomach. He noticed that John's breathing had increased and he was beginning to sweat. "Do you need to call RED, John?' He asked, pausing. John shook his head.

John had been tied up before just his arms but playfully and he'd never had a problem. This time, with both his arms and legs trapped, he began to have a panic attack. He remembered back to his boarding school days. John was an honor roll kid, who didn't exactly fit in with the bullies of the school. He was small for his age, timid and rich, and subsequently beaten or picked on regularly. During some of his worse beatings, several boys would each take a hold of his limbs as another punched and stomped on his stomach. In fact, one of his worst beatings had ended up with him in the hospital with internal injuries and the school had been unable to reach any family member because they were, as usual, out of the country. Ever since then, he'd had a fear of being in just this position.

John pulled against the restraints, testing their strength. Brandon had gone out and picked up fleece lined horse shackles. They were strong yet comfortable but it didn't help John feel any safer. He was going to fight his fear, though. He knew he was safe, with people who cared about him and he wouldn't be hurt. Brandon hesitated, kissing his neck again, watching John experience increased anxiety. He looked over to Veronica, a bit concerned.

"John, are you ok?" He asked the rigid man beneath him. John instantly nodded that he was fine but his eyes were clenched shut. Veronica moved to the head of the bed.

"Does this scare you, John?" She asked, stroking his head. His eyes shot up at her and she saw pure fear. "Do you want to continue?" She asked. He nodded again. "All right, John." She smiled, looking up at Brandon. He nodded and began kissing John's chest. "I'm right here, John." She said as he closed his eyes tightly. His breaths were coming in short gasps as he tried to calm his heart rate.

"Can you cover my eyes?" John asked her in a throaty whisper. What Brandon was doing to his body was beginning to take effect, having totally lost his errection when he realized he was tied down. If he was going to face his fears, he wanted the whole experience, not wanting to be distracted. He wanted to experience Brandon and just Brandon. With his arms and legs tied up, his movement was limited and now he needed to keep his eyes from looking around.

"You want me to blindfold you, John?" She asked, knowing what this meant. It meant that John had reached a security with them. The blindfold would only amplify the sensory deprivation he was experiencing and he trusted them enough to work through this. She smiled and kissed him gently.

Brandon was lying next to John, stroking his chest and stomach. John turned to him and smiled.

"Hey, you." John whispered. Brandon smiled back.

"Hi there." Brandon said, kissing John's forehead.

"Don't stop, ok? Don't leave anything out. I trust you." John said. Brandon couldn't help but to kiss this man who had just handed himself over to Brandon. Veronica placed the blindfold gently, kissing his forehead. John took a deep breath. "Ok, Brandon. Show me what you got." He directed. Brandon laughed.

"Now, he thinks he's the one in control." He kidded, happy to see John trying to relax.

"This isn't so bad." John said, feeling Brandon move back down his neck. All the sensations were so much more amplified, his skin so much more sensitive, the arousal climbing higher.

"John, have you ever had kinky sex?" Brandon asked, his voice coming from John's left. John laughed.

"Kinky as far as your definition, probably not." He laughed. Then he felt the heat, burning heat near his face. He quickly turned away.

"Have you ever had hot wax poured on your body?" Brandon's voice asked, right next to his ear. John's heart rate increased. He shook his head. Then he felt the burning, hot wax dripped onto his inner arm, burning his skin. It was instantly followed by the cooling from the piece of ice, ran over his skin to stop the burning. He was amazed to find it strangely erotic. He moaned, showing that he wanted more.

More burning, more cooling, down his arms, his chest, his thighs, all awhile getting closer to his groin. He felt wax dripped on his stomach, burning, causing him to buck his hips up, trying to escape the pain but the ice didn't follow. The wax cooled and was peeled from his skin gently. He then realized that his breathing had increased and his own body throbbed with desire. Each touch, followed by a warm mouth, doing things to him, making it feel. He could tell Brandon was over him but he had no idea where or what he was doing. He then felt the familiar sensation of a condom being applied.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he felt skin; hot, tight skin engulfing his penis. It took him a minute before he realized that Brandon had straddled him and was slowly lowering himself onto Johns' groin.

"Oh!" A very strangled moan came from John's throat as he felt how tight Brandon was. He had never imagined it being so tight and the flesh being so warm. He thrust his hips up gently.

"Slowly." Brandon urged, pulling back. "I haven't done this in a very long time. It's going to take me just a minute." Brandon said, stroking John's chest. Soon, he was able to take the full length and he waited for just a minute, relishing in the feeling of having John inside. He began to move up slightly, until just the tip was inside before sliding back down the entire length. John groaned, trying not to move but he couldn't help it. It felt too good.

Brandon ran his hands up John's torso, strong hands touching him without tenderness but with a need, a need that only John could fulfill. Brandon began to move, having adjusted to the pressure he felt. John also began to move his hips upward, timidly at first and when he discovered that he received no protest, he began to move more. He could hear Brandon's breathing, deep and slow but he clearly heard the slight gasp each time he thrust into his partner.

"Oh, my God, John. Yes. Oh, God." Brandon cried. John pulled at the restraints, wanting to be able to hold Brandon, to touch him, to be in control. Instead of being in control, he was the one at Brandon's mercy, only capable of minor movement. He felt the sweat run from his face down onto his neck.

His back burned with the position he was in and that his lower back muscles were the only ones being able to move. He tried to block out the pain, gritting his teeth and shoving upward. Veronica was monitoring his reactions and she whispered in his ear.

"Are you ok? Do you need to stop, John?" She whispered. John adamantly shook his head, groaning loudly as he thrust upwards.

Brandon was in another world, his own body responding strongly to what John was managing to do to him. He was oblivious to John's condition, his own climax holding him captive on the edge, teasing with his body, torturing it. He moved almost violently, slamming against John's hips, stimulating his prostate with each stroke.

John was panting, his entire body covered in sweat. He could feel his orgasm building, going higher with each thrust. Veronica could see John's body straining against the restraints and she decided it would probably do him some good to have them free. She freed his hands and they immediately went to Brandon's hips, holding him tightly. Veronica released his legs as quickly as she could, hearing the urgency in both Brandon's and John's sounds. She no sooner released his first leg before John violently rolled Brandon under him, thrusting with all his strength as his climax slammed through his body. Brandon exploded with the brutal attack, screaming John's name as he came.

Both men collapsed onto one another, John in the position of the aggressor, chests heaving, trying to breath. Their bodies were slick, their skin flush as John kissed Brandon's neck and chest.

"Oh, my fucking God." Brandon panted. He didn't have the strength to move. John had forced his last ounce of energy from his body and he was sure it had shot through his cock. John kissed the sweat from his chin, licking it and gratified with different feeling of a man's body beneath him. He found he could use more strength than usual and that alone was frighteningly exciting. Finally, his head fell limp on Brandon's shoulder.

"That was fucking incredible." He smiled, still trying to catch his breath. He had long since lost his blindfold, it being the first thing he freed when he regained the use of his hands.

"That is going to hurt like hell tomorrow." Brandon joked as he painfully pulled himself out from under John's body. John chuckled.

"Oh, but it was so worth it." He panted. Brandon laughed, sitting tenderly on the edge of the bed. He reached back to reassure John that he also felt it was worth it. Brandon stood and he carefully walked to the bathroom. Veronica curled up around John's head, gently stroking his chest. He smiled and turned his head towards her.

"I'm glad you're still here." He said, his hand finding hers. After going to the bathroom, Brandon came back into the room.

"That's it, I'm out of commission for the night. You managed to draw blood, Dr. Carter." He said lightly.

"You ok?" John asked. He wasn't surprised with how rough they'd gotten but at the same time, Brandon was the last person he wanted to hurt. Brandon nodded.

"I'm no worse than you will be when you realize how raw you are." He teased.

"That's nothing. About half way through that last one, my back went into a spasm and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain." John admitted. That, she thought, had been the look that she saw come over his face right before she released the shackles. Now, she was glad she'd released him.

"How's your back now?" She asked tenderly, playing with Brandon's wet hair.

"It hurts." John smiled. "But it's bearable. You ok with both of us out of commission?" He asked softly. She smiled at his concern.

"Of course I am. I just witnessed the two men I care about most do something absolutely amazing. Besides, the ride home from the restaurant was it for me. This has been probably the most sex I have had in some time." She joked. John laughed.

"You? Heck, the most I've had in a year had been the phone sex I had with Abby the morning I came here." He admitted.

"So, she is more than a friend." Veronica teased. John smiled and shook his head.

"She's still just a friend." He stated.

"A very good friend." Brandon smiled as he rolled over, cuddling against the warm bodies in his bed and they all fell into an exhausted, totally spent slumber.
Bidder Thirteen by Simplyshelly
John woke slowly, feeling the still sleeping bodies wrapped over his, entwined with each other. He looked towards the window and noticed the early morning sun. Glancing at his watch, he realized he'd slept just over an hour, in a peaceful slumber without nightmares. He smiled to himself. So now he knew. The cure for insomnia and a year and a half of nightmares was sex, desperate and ravenous sex! He wondered if he could paten the idea.

"Hey, sexy." Veronica purred sleepily.

"Shh. Go back to sleep. It's early." He brushed the hair from her face. She smiled. "I'll be right back." He said, moving as carefully as he could. Brandon groaned but released his leg.

John quietly went to the bathroom. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the mess. Water still in puddles on the floor, cloths in wet heaps, the hot tub still full of water. After using the facilities, he looked in the mirror. He looked tired but different. He felt different. He'd explored fears, fantasies, and dreams. He'd been taken to the edge, held hostage and brought over the edge safely. He felt desired and appreciated. He felt loved by two people who'd become so important to him so easily and without effort. They hadn't asked anything from him except to feel, to allow them in. They'd brought him along in their journey and he'd been a willing passenger. He'd been able to make the experience pleasant for them as well, showing his appreciation.

And the most important part was they had said they wanted him around. They liked him for who he was, not the doctor, not the rich heir, not the conquest. It was what he'd given Brandon so long ago that made the impression and the bond. It was him doing something without any effort, without trying, without thinking.

John's hand felt the bruising on his collarbone. He looked at his body and noticed that he had marks all over, little reminders of the night he'd had. He wished he had something else, something more than a few hickeys that would heal and eventually fade. Something more than his memory, which would also lose the desperation and the passion he felt in his heart. Well, he thought. He'd have their friendship.

He carefully crawled back into bed, taking up his still warm spot he'd vacated just minutes before. Brandon reached out and wrapped his legs around John's as Veronica smiled and placed a sleepy hand over his heart. John fell back to a comfortable sleep.


John opened his eyes and he smiled, coming out of a wonderful re-enactment of the previous night's exertions in his head. He was alone in the bed, after having one of the most restful night's sleep he'd experienced in over two years. John had always had trouble sleeping, ever since he was a child and woke often. He glanced at the digital clock and realized he'd slept another four hours without any nightmares. Yes, this was definitely the prescription to his sleep problems. He just wondered whom he could find in Chicago to help him out. He chuckled to himself, running the people he knew through his head.

He stretched out, flexing his back and realized that although it was a bit stiff, the pain still had not returned. He figured with some of the positions he'd been in and with his spasm he'd experienced in the heat of the moment that he'd be paying for it today but there was no pain.

He could hear Veronica and Brandon talking downstairs, their voices comforting him the way his parent's voices used to when he was very young. He found himself waiting for the arguing to start, for the voices to become harsh and combative but they didn't and he smiled.

He found it very strange with how comfortable he felt here. Brandon and Veronica were indeed older but he didn't think it was a nurturing, parental comfort. At least he hoped it wasn't. The things that they'd done together were not activities he wanted to share with his parents by any means. No, it was more like a level of protection or respect; similar to the feelings he'd gotten from his colleges at County. Mark and Doug had made him feel like this but they were too afraid to get too close. Kerry definitely made him feel like this, but more so when he lived with her. She always kept an air of separation at work but at home, they talked and comforted each other without barriers. Now, Benton, even with his anger and over protectiveness definitely made him feel like this. Even when he yelled and broke his self-esteem down to nothing, John always could feel the compassion under everything. He knew Benton cared about him and he always would.

Back in Atlanta, he felt the connection with Brandon right away. They were both experiencing being professionals who'd lost control and had bottomed out. They both relied on a chemical substance to help them deal with the pressures of life although Brandon's didn't stem from a particular event as John's did.

Brandon had let his life get out of control, his marriage, his practice and he'd just been caught up in the idea of being rich. They'd helped each other back from the depths of hell and grew a special bond no one would understand but them.

Veronica, well, she was everything John had found himself drawn to. She was attractive, older, strong and of course, blonde. He'd always had a special place in his heart for blondes. He figured it came from one of his first crushes. She had been his fourth grade teacher at his boarding school. Miss Baker had seen how John was picked on and how he just never fit in so she took him under her wing. She would have him and his older sister over to her house during the holidays because their parents rarely sent for them. She was single and unattached and she became John's nurturer during his rough years. As he grew, she remained to be a supporter of his ideas, his emotions, and his feelings, often reassuring that he would make it through yet another crisis.

When John was thirteen, he'd stopped by her house, which he'd done often in the past to help her with her yard work. Even though he was small for his age, he would help her with many of the things he thought 'a man' should be helping such a beautiful woman with. John had knocked on the door and a man answered it, looking at this young man strangely. John's heart broke. Miss Baker had him come in and told John how excited she was to be getting married the following month. The man treated John nicely but John never returned to do her yard work. He was invited to the wedding also. Barbara, his sister went but John faked stomach flu and stayed in bed all day, crying over losing his first love.

Ever since then, John found his stomach jumping at the sights of a pretty, strong blonde. He'd had relationships with several in the past but none had ever worked out. They all left for one reason or another. He analyzed his current situation in his head. Veronica fit into his mold of the perfect woman but he wasn't drawn to her in the same way. He went into this relationship knowing it's levels, it's boundaries, it's basis, and he was all right with it. For the first time, probably in his entire life, he hadn't fallen in love with them. They gave him all the same feelings and emotions but not the commitment. And it felt good.

John thought about what he'd done and he couldn't help but to smile. This had definitely been an eye opening experience for him. He'd done things, positions, as well as acts that he'd only read about but had never seen himself actually doing. The whole wax and bondage thing had been a fantastic experience and he could now understand people's attraction to it however as far as repeating, he could only see himself doing it with people that he trusted as much as he trusted Brandon and Veronica. He'd never reached that level of trust with any of his sexual partners before. Now, when he thought of the things he'd done with Brandon, that was another story.

John realized what he had missed out on with Jason. He'd also known other openly gay people who he considered his friends. Maggie had been a very good friend of his and now, if he believed the rumors, Kerry. But as far as he knew, he hadn't known any men who did both. It wasn't exactly something the guys talked about in the locker rooms. Not if they wanted their reputations intact. John thought about it for a few minutes. He couldn't deny that he'd liked what Brandon did. He liked the feeling once he got past the pain of being so completely filled. He felt the thrusting up to his heart and back down to his groin. With Brandon, it didn't feel strange. When Brandon took him in his mouth, well, Brandon knew exactly what to do. Guys just knew another guy's body better and Brandon hit John's right in target.

When John took Brandon into his mouth, John felt sensations he'd never experienced. He liked the contrast of the strength, of the hardness compared to the softness of a woman. He liked being able to tell if what he was doing was right from the hardening and the ejaculation, where as with a woman, she could fake her climax and the guy was usually convinced. Brandon hadn't faked anything. John had been able to please him and that turned John on in a way he'd never been turned on before.

So, now that John knew about this, did this make him gay? Well, he chuckled to himself at the thought but he could live with all the physical things Brandon did for him but he sexually enjoyed Veronica. Emotionally, he could relate to men but sometimes, with how things affected him, he felt like his emotions were similar to a woman's. Maybe that was why he'd never been able to connect with women in the past. Had what he felt for Benton been more than just mentor/student?

John sat up, laughing to himself at the thought. No, he hadn't had a crush on Peter Benton, man of emotional steel. He shook his head, realizing the truth for the first time in his life. John Truman Carter had indeed always had an attraction to men and liked it. He was indeed, without a doubt, completely down the center - bisexual.

John pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from his bag and went to the bathroom. This would be his last twenty-four hours in heaven and it was his day. He would get to live out his own fantasies for the next twenty-four hours and hopefully return with enough memories to get him through his many sleepless nights in Chicago. He turned on the shower in the perfectly straightened up bathroom. He wondered if Veronica had cleaned up or if they'd had the maid return to do it. If it had been the maid, she certainly got an eyeful with him in bed, stark naked, half aroused and the blankets bunched on the floor.

John stepped into the warm water and let it pulsate down his face. There were times when a shower felt so good, like after a long shift, or after being puked on by twenty or so patients and their cousins or after a night of totally incredible sex, like last night. He ran his hands over his chest, feeling a few tender areas. He smiled, knowing he'd return to his normal life marked, branded by his lovers and he again wished the marks would be lasting. They were reminders of their commitment to him, to their skills and talents and to his own surrender. He reached for the shampoo bottle and was reminded of burying his face into Veronica's shoulder as he climaxed into her. It was a good smell. He made a mental note of the brand and the scent. He'd make sure he bought the same when he went home.

He completed his shower and got dressed. He stood before the mirror, looking at his face. He hadn't shaved since he arrived and he was beginning to look a bit scruffy. He had needed a haircut for a while but looking at his slightly bushy self, he realized he looked relaxed. No dark circles under his eyes; his lines, which had begun appearing on his face in the past year, were almost nonexistent and his skin had a healthy color to it. He smiled, liking his face for a change. He knew Weaver would have a fit when he returned, believing all her doctors should be clean-shaven but he decided to leave his face alone. 'Don't mess with perfection'. He kidded out loud, brushing his teeth and slipping his shirt over his head.


"Good morning." He smiled widely as he came down the stairs. Veronica was reading on the sofa, enthralled in her romance novel and Brandon was doing some paperwork at his desk, which was in the same room. Veronica glanced his way over the top of her glasses.

"Good afternoon, sleepy head. We figured you'd stay up there all day." She teased harmlessly as John gave both she and Brandon a kiss. He helped himself to a cup of coffee.

"I've been up for a while. Just doing some soul searching." He smiled, taking a seat at the opposite end of the sofa.

"Come to any conclusions?" Brandon asked, grateful for the distraction of his work. He really wasn't ready to return to his real life, not with John's body still so close. John nodded, looking mischievously into his own coffee.

"Actually, yes I have." He said, looking years younger and carefree.

Veronica watched him for several minutes, his relaxed state rubbing off on her. She smiled, seeing pure happiness radiating from John.

"Well, John. The entire day belongs to you. What would you like to do?" She tucked her bare toes under his hips for the warmth. John looked up and smiled.

"How about ask for another four days off?" He teased, gently stroking Veronica's bare calf.

"Well," Brandon came and sat on the arm of the couch. "I don't think that's very realistic but I did have an idea. I remember you saying that you have some sailing experience?" He suggested. John's eyes lit up at the possibilities.

"You have a boat?" He asked, looking hopeful at Brandon. Brandon nodded.

"How about a day on the water?" Brandon asked. John smiled.

"Can I play captain?" He asked. Both Veronica and Brandon laughed.

"Sure." Brandon stood. "It's your day, John. You can do anything you want."


"This is fantastic!" John said more to himself than any one in particular as he steered the large boat into the open waters. The sun was shining and there were actually several boats on the water, all taking advantage of the warm weather. John was proving to really know what he was doing so Veronica and Brandon were relaxing on the deck, also enjoying the sun. They had a tray of fresh fruits spread out before them, truly finding the comfort of letting John manage the controls.

John smiled as the boat sailed a smooth right turn, out away from the shore, away from the other boaters. The breeze ruffled his hair and shirt and the smile that had been on his face was genuine. He looked out across the glasslike waters, squinting from the shine even though he wore sunglasses. He stood and lowered a sail, allowing the boat to bob freely in the waters. He watched a speedboat zoom by, smiling at the looks on the passenger's faces. They were having fun and so was he.

"John?" Brandon joined him by the controls, handing him a soda. John accepted it.

"Thanks. How's Veronica?" He asked as he and Brandon sat comfortably next to each other. While they were not the only one's on the water, they did have privacy on the large boat.

"She's catnapping on the deck." Brandon took a hold of John's hand and began playing with his entwined fingers. "So, what kind of conclusions did you come to this morning?" He asked, thankful that John hadn't pulled away from his open display of affection. John smiled, looking out on the water.

"Not conclusions, just realizations I guess. Things that were always there but I hadn't seen. That's not true. I'd seen them. Just always ran from them before." John said, Brandon understanding without the details.

"Good realizations or new fears?" Brandon boldly put him leg on top of John's. John laughed.

"Good ones. Ones that I hope don't end with my going home tomorrow." John said, sounding sure of himself. He watched Brandon's thigh on his own.

"Oh, I think that pretty much goes unsaid. John, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about these past few days. I love my wife dearly." Brandon stated.

"And you should." John said, nodding, looking into Brandon's eyes. "Don't worry, Brandon. I'm keeping this whole experience in check." He smiled, leaning in and giving Brandon a reassuring kiss. He leaned back, relaxing.

"So," Brandon said lazily. "You think I'll be the only one?" He questioned. John chuckled silently.

"Oh, I don't see me seeking out anyone else. It's not like I'm going to become a regular at The Pumper." John laughed, mentioning the only gay bar he was aware of in Chicago. He figured there must be more but the name of this one had always intrigued him. Brandon chuckled.

"Good." He relaxed back against John, John's arm gently wrapped around him. Because of the size of their boat, they were out of view from many of the other boaters but far enough from the shore for those with a wider range of sight to distinctively make out their faces. They sat comfortably for a long time, the boat bobbing smoothly in the water, the sun warming their skin.


"John, your cheeks are getting sunburned." Veronica broke the silence that had surrounded them for over an hour. John opened his eyes and smiled.

"You got some sun, too." He saw the pink tone to her shoulders.

"Yeah, but your skin is much lighter than mine. Too many Chicago winters." She smiled, sitting on the other side of John and cuddling up against his warm body. He kissed her shoulders.

"That's what was missing." He smiled, placing his arm around her shoulders in the same manner that he sat with Brandon.

They stayed on the water for several more hours, talking and sharing a very comfortable level of friendship that had been created just days before. They laid in the sun, usually one or the other keeping the physical contact, which had been so strong. They talked, ate the fruit, and napped, all taking advantage of their carefree vacation knowing that all too soon, they'd have to return to the hustle and bustle of their normally chaotic lives.


John was back at the helm, steering the boat closer to the shore, all three of them having had almost too much sun for comfort. He could feel the sunburned areas of his back and chest and he knew he'd feel it tomorrow under his scratchy lab coat. He knew everyone would wonder where he'd been, returning with a smile on his face and a sunburn, too. This obligatory dinner had been one of the best things to happen to him in a very long time and he'd have to make sure to thank Dr. Weaver for butting into his personal life.

"Whoa, slow down there." John said, watching a speedboat zoom way too closely to the front of another boat. Veronica looked up from her book.

"What's wrong, John?" She asked. Brandon was also looking in the direction of the boats. John pointed.

"They are going way too fast." John stated, his eyes never leaving the racing vessel. Judging by how many people were on the small boat and how they were screaming and laughing, John figured that they'd all had too much alcohol to be safely behind the controls. John mentally chastised himself for not having his medical bag with him. "Hey, Brandon. You got a first aid kit on board?" He asked, watching closely. Brandon laughed.

"Uh, yeah, tough guy. You planning on being a hero?" Brandon kidded. He knew that both he and Veronica were also physicians but neither had done any real emergency medical treatments in years. Brandon couldn't see himself doing anything other than the elective plastic surgeries that had made him rich and Veronica was much more experienced with a notepad than a tracheotomy kit.

"Hope not." John's entire body was on high alert, his adrenaline increasing, prepared. They were getting more and more reckless by the minute, playing chicken with several other boaters. John steered closer, not wanting to put their boat in danger but he had a bad feeling that he'd want to be as close as possible. "Brandon, radio the coast guard or the police or whoever patrols these waters and get them in the area, ok?" John instructed. Brandon looked at him like he was crazy.

"John, they're just being silly. They haven't done anything yet. Let them be. You're just being paranoid." Brandon laughed, putting the radio back down. Just at that moment, they all heard the crash, followed immediately by the screams of terror.

"Paranoid, huh?" John emptied his pockets and flipped off his shoes. "Get us closer now! Veronica, get the first aid kit ready." He instructed.

"John!" Veronica stated as he dove into the water. Brandon radioed for help.

There were several people in the water as it quickly became red with their blood. The speedboat had hit another sailboat head on, going at least 50 miles per hour, exploding the sailboat into splinters, and sending almost everyone into the water.

"Help us!" A woman cried, her face covered in blood. John reached a male first, his face down in the water, his unconscious body bobbing in the red water. John reached out, flipped his face up, and checked for the man's pulse.

"Shit!" John said out loud. He pulled the man to the side of the boat he'd been relaxing on just a short time ago. Brandon was reaching down to pull the man up. "No pulse. His chest is crushed." John yelled, helping Brandon lift the man. A second later, John pushed back off, going out to find someone else.

"They're five minutes out." Veronica said, coming to her husband's side. He tried to begin CPR on the unfortunate man but John was right. Brandon could feel his entire chest broken beneath his skin.

John reappeared at the side of the boat.

"Brandon!" He yelled, out of breath. "Help me." He assisted them to drag two more bodies from the water, both with facial lacerations and one with a huge gash across her stomach.

"Check her blood pressure." John instructed when Brandon pulled the first woman out.

"John, I don't have a BP cuff. My kit is just basic bandaging." Brandon cried, feeling totally out of place. John gave him a terrified look as he panted for air, holding onto the other woman. Veronica reached out for her.

"She's got a penetrating wound to her abdomen." John explained to Veronica. "Apply pressure and try to get it to stop. She's critical and goes first as soon as help gets here."

"I'll take care of her, John. Come out of the water. It's freezing." She urged. John shook his head.

"Not yet. There's gas pouring out of the speedboat and there's still another guy in the water." John explained. He took a deep breath and again swam towards the splinters littering the water. Other people had come over and were helping get the less injured out of the water. John swam back to the site, his chest aching, and his arms feeling like they had one hundred pound weights on them. He searched for the man he'd just seen.

"Where'd he go?" He asked anyone.

"Under there." A young man pointed.

"Shit." John said, taking a deep breath and going under. His eyes stung from the gas and his chest felt as if it would explode. He searched under the murky waters, searching for a body. His arm reached out and he could feel the man's freezing skin. John clutched onto his arm and he began pulling the man back towards the surface. Just as John's head reemerged, he could hear Veronica's blood curdling scream in the distance as the speedboat exploded. John jerked the man and himself back under the water just in time as the entire surface engulfed in flames.

Eternity seemed to pass as Brandon and Veronica watched the flames. The rescue squad finally arrived and began dealing with the people that had been pulled from the water. Several of them boarded Brandon's boat.

"Is that all of them?" The man asked. Veronica held her hand to her mouth in a silenced scream and Brandon was riveted, watching the water for any sign of life.

"No. There's still two out there." Veronica managed. Finally, she heard a group on another boat cheer wildly as John emerged with the unconscious man. They were pulled onto one of the rescue boats.

John was in serious respiratory shape himself but he was acting the role of emergency physician and no one would stop him.

"He's not breathing!" He panted, checking for a pulse. He began CPR, finding the strength to continue. He gave the man two breaths and used his entire body to compress the man's chest, feeling the bones cracking below the surface. Well, if he were successful, the man would recover from the ribs John was breaking but if he weren't, then John would know he was too late.

The others on the boat watched in stunned horror as John continued. He finished his repetition and felt for a pulse.

"Come on, come on." John urged, thankful for the faint pulse under his fingers. He continued rescue breathing.

Suddenly, after several agonizing minutes, the man began to violently cough up all the water he'd taken in. For the first time since John had hit the water, he took a deep, relieved breath.

"We got it from here." The captain of the rescue team stated as he moved to John's side. "You saved his life, Mr.?" He questioned John. John smiled.

"Carter. Dr. John Carter." He said, looking around at all the people watching him. He suddenly felt very dizzy. The captain smiled.

"Well, Dr. Carter. I believe that there are several people who owe you their lives today." He said, listening to John's chest. John nodded, knowing that today had been a good day.

"Is everyone ok?" He asked, trying to brush off the stethoscope against his chest. If his equilibrium would just balance out again, he'd feel fine.

"The first man you pulled out was probably dead on impact but everyone else is fine. Couple of broken bones, some contusions, probably a concussion or two but yeah, they're fine. Where do you work?" The man asked as he placed a blanket around John. The boat headed for shore.

"Cook County General, Chicago. ER department." John rattled off, looking around to make sure everyone was all right. He tried to stand but quickly fell back against the seat. His eyes met Brandon and Veronica's for a brief second as their boat followed them in. They were smiling and looking very relieved.

"Well, I'll have to make a phone call thanking them for giving you some time off." The man said, checking John's head. "Were you in the crash?" He asked, looking at the large cut on his forehead. John shook his head, confused.

"No. I just witnessed it. Why?" He asked, noticing what the man was doing. He reached up and felt the laceration across the right side of his forehead. "No, I think I hit my head on something when the boat exploded. We got slammed pretty hard. I think it might have been the propeller of the other boat, I'm not sure." He rambled as they pulled into shore. A large crowd had gathered on the shore and they began cheering as John was helped from the boat. There was already a news crew there and they rushed to John's side.

"Are you the man who saved all those people?" A brightly dressed woman asked.

"Huh?" John asked, confused by the chaos. Brandon joined him at his side. He could see that John's coordination was off balance.

"Yes, he is." Brandon told the reporter.

"What's his name?" She asked, turning her attentions to Brandon.

"John Carter. Dr. John Carter from County General in Chicago." Brandon said.

"The same one that was stabbed?" The reporter asked having instantly thought John looked familiar.

"One in the same. Look, we've got to get him to the hospital." Brandon brushed past the news crew and helped John into the back of the ambulance. John was beginning to become altered from his own head injury.

"Brandon?" He asked as he was being laid down on the gurney and having the blood pressure cuff wrapped around his arm.

"I'm right here, buddy. Right here." Brandon patted his arm, reassuring John that he wasn't alone.
Bidder Fourteen by Simplyshelly
John was wearing a dry pair of scrubs as the doctor walked him to the admit desk. Brandon and Veronica jumped up at the sight of him. He had a large bruise covering his forehead and had received thirty-two stitches from the gash, all neatly covered with a white bandage. They'd been observing John for several hours, making sure that his head injury wasn't severe.

"Hey, you." Veronica came up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. John smiled.

"They say I can go now." He smiled, blushing slightly. "I just heard from Kerry and she said I can have tomorrow off, considering." He smiled, signing his discharge papers.

"How'd she find out?" Brandon asked, taking the bag of John's wet cloths from the nurse.

"I guess I made the news." John shrugged. "And that the captain and that lady reporter both called her. She just wanted to make sure I was ok." He smiled, refusing the wheelchair and walking out with Brandon and Veronica.

"So much for being your day." Veronica said, thinking he looked awfully cute in the scrub outfit he was wearing. John smiled.

"Oh, it wasn't so bad." He said. "Out there, helping those people, I remembered why I do this every day. I'm kind of looking forward to going back to work but I'll take the extra day."

"Can you stay here or do you need to go back to Chicago?" Brandon asked, hoping to have a bit more time.

"Kerry said to come in for my regular shift at seven on Friday night so I guess there's no real reason I need to be in Chicago. I though you and Veronica needed to return to work on Friday." He said.

"I think we could rearrange our schedule, that is if you want to stay." Brandon said, hoping he was sounding convincing. John smiled.

"Well, I do believe that we had some plans that we never got to. I'm not sure if I'm up for them tonight but I'm sure I'll be all better tomorrow. I'd like to stay, if you don't mind." He smiled.

"I don't think we'd have any problem with that, Dr. Carter." Veronica teased, holding tightly onto John's arm.

"The doctor told me to take it easy so I guess that means I get to lay back and let you two do all the work, huh?" He teased back, letting them both know that just because his head hurt, he still wanted to continue with their plans.

"I think we could do that, don't you Brandon?" She asked. Brandon smiled.

"We certainly can."


Veronica brought John a tray with soup and a nice salad. John sat up in bed as well as he could, having been pampered since they'd gotten back from the hospital. He felt kind of silly having them doing everything for him but his head did still throb.

"Well, doctor. You understand concussions so you know that we need to keep you awake for the next twenty-four hours." She smiled wickedly.

"You may have quite a battle on your hands, Dr, Montgomery. I get sleepy after soup and I've been known to be a difficult patient. I may be needing some of your professional advice." He joked, watching her set the tray over his lap. She sat beside him, watching him eat. After a few bites, he smiled self-consciously.

"John, what you did out there today was purely selfless. I didn't know people like you still existed." She said, smiling. He turned a bright shade of red.

"I didn't do anything that someone else wouldn't have done. I just jumped in faster." He shrugged. Veronica shook her head.

"Kerry talked a lot about you. I've just spent the last hour on the phone with her and she admires your heart." She explained. She wanted to tell Kerry herself about what happened, having the feeling that John had downplayed the entire episode to her when they spoke. She had been right.

"I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time much more often so I guess I just got lucky." He said. "Where's Brandon?" He asked, wanting to change the subject. He didn't feel as though he really did anything that anyone wouldn't have also done, if given the chance. He always entrusted that people in general, were good. Veronica smiled, feeding John a mouthful of salad.

"He's taking a nap. He's going to take on the second shift with keeping you awake. The first one's mine." She smiled, wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin. He smiled at the idea. He set the tray on the far side of the bed and picked up a cherry tomato. He smiled at it.

"Remind you of anything?" He asked, his eyes quickly turning to a deep shade of brown. Veronica couldn't resist his seduction.

"Looks awfully juicy." She purred, watching him bite a small hole into the vegetable. He held it out for her, the juices beginning to run down his long, slender fingers. She moaned seductively.

"Want some?" He asked. As she bent forward, he pulled his hand back, making her come closer before she could reach the tomato. Finally, she was able to pop the entire thing into her mouth as she stretched out over his body. John rolled her over and his mouth joined hers.

The taste of the tomato quickly became an aphrodisiac as their hands began exploring each other's body. John's hands cupped onto her breasts, his fingers finding the hard nipples through the fabric of the dress she wore. His mouth slid down her face, to her neck and to her chest, teasing the perk points through the lace bodice. Veronica groaned, his oral talents to be perfectly honed.

"Think I could make love to you for the next twenty-four hours?" He whispered, his mouth teasing her arousal.

"I believe you probably could, John Carter. I believe you could." She giggled, feeling his mouth on her flat stomach. One of his hands stayed on her breast; never stopping its caresses while the other teased the bottom hem of her dress. She spread her legs, hoping he would touch her soon as only he could.

John took his time. He kissed down her legs, worshipping the smoothness and thanking God for electrolysis. He covered every inch of flesh, adoring her ankles, her soles, and her toes until she was moaning and writhing in pleasure. He began going back up her inner leg, snaking his tongue along the sensitive skin.

"Yes, John. Please. Now, John. I need you inside me now." She begged. He smiled, choosing to ignore her cries. He continued up her legs as they spread wide. He loved the fact that Veronica had never worn underwear as he was given a view of his ultimate destination. Just as his head came within inches of her mound, he sat up and sat back on his heals. She groaned painfully, startled.

John stared at her squirming body panting in anticipation to his touch. He smiled as her eyes met his. Slowly, he pulled his scrub top from over his head. She sat up and loosened the tie around his waist. As she pulled the materials down over his hips, she smiled at her reward.

"Oh, I have got to get me some of these scrubs." She cooed, bending over and giving John's penis a kiss. It jerked at the attention.

"They do make it easy to get undressed." He chuckled as she engulfed him in her warm mouth. This time, John moaned loudly. Veronica had his entire length down her throat before she began to contract her throat muscles. John almost got lost in the sensation before snapping back to reality and pulled back from her. He put both his hands on her wrists and he laid her back down. He returned to his oral attack, kissing her breasts, teasing them to even greater hardness. He pulled her dress up over her body, Veronica helping him get it completely off over her head. He kissed his way back down her stomach, down over her mound and he pushed her legs apart.

He ran his tongue and teeth teasingly around the outside of her pubic area, taking in her scent. Then he separated her lips and warmed the area with his breath. Then his tongue extended, running in long, loving strokes up to her clitoris, which he avoided on purpose. Her skin was so smooth and her taste was intoxicating. He dipped his tongue inside, watching and knowing she would buck from the sensation. Her moans of pleasure had long since changed to groans of desire, as she tried to guide his head to her core.

"What do you want, Veronica?" He asked, softly, licking with each syllable.

"Oh, John." She cried, sounding very much in pain.

"Do you want me to taste your sweetness, Veronica?" He asked, burying his face in her depths, She gasped at what his tongue was doing to her. His tongue felt as long as his fingers. He pulled out and flicked over her clitoris. Her hips thrust up from the bed; the pleasure being almost more than she could stand.

"Oh, yes, John, yes." She cried and he clamped down and began sucking and nibbling. He would bring her to a writhing frenzy then stop and go to her inner most self, penetrating her soul. He knew how to read her body as if he were the author as he made her climb higher and higher the way no man ever had.

Finally, out of nowhere, her brain exploded and her screams bounced off the walls as her legs clamped against John's ears, holding him in place as he continued riding out her orgasmic climax. After several minutes, his assault never tiring, she released his head from her grips and he gently lapped up the remainders of her juices. He slowly made his way back up, his after-loving just as intense as his seduction. He finally collapsed on the pillow next to her out of breath. He quickly wiped his drenched face on the sheet.

Not a second passed before Veronica was covering his body with her own, hoping to bring him at least half as much gratification as he had brought her. He knew it wouldn't take much because making love to her had almost brought him to a climax even without a single touch. He had always gotten totally into making love to a woman and she was no exception. If he never climaxed again, he'd be satisfied just making love to them for the rest of his life.

Well, on second thought, he figured what she was doing to him at that moment was something he didn't want to live without. Her hands moved lower. Ok, or that either. She grasped tightly onto his shaft. Ok, forget what he'd thought about never having to be touched again. This was too good. This he wanted again and again. Then he felt her wet mouth, teeth teasing his shaft and his mind turned to total pudding.

John lasted as long as he could, which was longer than most men could have. He figured he'd gone through the entire medical procedure book, figuring Veronica would want to stop and let him do something else but she seemed determined to bring him to climax with her mouth. Not that he was complaining. His mind went from the individual bones of the hand instantly to an all-encompassing upsurge of bright colors. His hips arched forward as his breathing ceased with his groan. Veronica depleted him of his body's liquid, surely sending him into a state of dehydration. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop." He laughed breathlessly, pulling her up on top of him. "There is no more." He giggled as she kissed his throat.

"What ever you have been eating, John, keep it up because you taste so good." She purred into his ear, draping her leg over his and stroking his chest.

"Well, whatever you're doing to keep those thigh muscles of yours in such good shape is working. You just may not want to let a guy down there with a head injury next time." He laughed.

"Sorry. Did I hurt you?" She asked feeling embarrassed.

"The ringing in my ears has stopped but I don't know how many brain cells I lost while I was down there. A little hard to breath being clamped that tightly." He teased. They lay wrapped in each other, giggling and feeling like old friends.

Just as John felt himself nodding off, he felt Veronica begin kissing his hand. He smiled in his sleepy state.

"I'm going to need an ambulance before the night's out, aren't I?" He chuckled.

"Just trying to keep you awake, doctor." She whispered, moving to his chest.

"Oh, I'm awake. Very awake." He chuckled. He could feel Veronica's smile against his skin.

"Why, John Carter, you must have the most remarkable recovery time of any man I know." She giggled. He looked down at his own penis. It was definitely coming back to life from her touch.

"Come on, buddy. I told you to play dead for a while." He mocked, his head dropping back down on the pillow. "Do you do this torture to your husband?" He asked. She giggled.

"John, ten years ago my husband could recover as quickly as you do but some things change with age." She ran her tongue around his nipple.

"Brandon is far from having any problems in that department." He sighed, relaxing to her touch. This would be slow and sweet.

"What department would that be?" Brandon appeared at the door, watching Veronica bring John's body back to life. Brandon walked to the bed and he handed John a bottle of sports juice and a straw.

"Oh, thank God." John took the drink and sipped like a drowning man. "I know I'm supposed to stay awake but this is crazy." John complained. Veronica bit his nipple to get him to stop talking and in his gasp, he got the idea. "Oh, man." He groaned, feeling his groin respond instantly to the pain.

As Veronica continued seducing John with her mouth, Brandon undressed and stood by, stroking himself as he watched. Veronica was on all fours over John's body as her mouth had his full attention. Her hands fondled his chest, rubbing his rib cage, occasionally running to his groin, briefly teasing him before returning to his chest. Brandon quickly applied condoms to both John and himself and then began running his hand between Veronica's legs, inserting his fingers. Veronica moaned, her body squirming above John's. John's hands fondled her breasts and he moved his hand lower. He found Brandon's hand already there and he added his fingers to his, playing with each other and Veronica at the same time.

John found this sensation an incredible turn on as he throbbed with desire. Their fingers were coated with Veronica's thick juices as they tangled with each other. John switched hands, the one slick reaching out and finding Brandon's cock pointing towards them. He slid his lubricated hand down it's length, making Brandon moan and thrust towards them.

Veronica positioned herself over John and she slowly slid the tip into her stretched depths. John felt Brandon pull away and he could feel Brandon get on the bed behind Veronica. He remembered how Veronica had stated that anal penetration was out of the question so he waited with baited breath to see what he would do. Veronica also seemed to be waiting, clenching her muscles around the head on John's penis, not allowing him to push any further into her.

John felt Brandon grasp his errection as he did his own, grinding his scrotum into John's pubic hair. Then he felt Brandon push his own penis against John's, both of them entering Veronica at the same time. The groan that came from Veronica was deep and low as she slowly pushed against them. She was stretched to her limits and would need a few moments to adjust to their combined size.

John reached above his head, grasping the headboard, his eyes closed in complete surrender. He could clearly feel Brandon's cock against his own, Brandon still gripping them together, Veronica's insides sucking them in. Soon, he felt Veronica begin to thrust, slowly at first but deeply. John opened his eyes, meeting Brandon's own glassed over stare as they began a rhythm, in synch with each other. Brandon's hand released them as he braced himself with both hands on either side of John's head, as they thrust.

John could feel Brandon's thighs straddling his own, surrounding Veronica as she straddled his ribs, bent almost in half. As their trusting increased, John could feel Brandon's thighs slapping against his own, grinding against John.

Veronica's body exploded first, contracting around both men as she pulled away. Brandon grasped both their erections and began stroking them together, their climaxes quickly following hers. Brandon collapsed against his own wife's sweat covered body. John lay under them, panting for air.

"Can't breath." John gasped, half-joking, half-serious. Brandon and Veronica rolled off as one, their wetness soaking the sheets. John began to chuckle.

"What is so funny?" Brandon asked, cradling his wife's depleted body.

"I didn't think that one was even possible." He laughed. "Veronica, I do have to say, you keep surprising me. You are a woman of incredible talents." He chuckled, kissing her smiling face. They lay together for a long time, occasionally kissing, moaning, or just sighing in physical pleasure. John listened to the sounds of their breathing, becoming slower and more rhythmic and he knew he'd be falling asleep if he lay there much longer. Slowly he stood, a serious case of vertigo causing him to fall back to the bed.

"You ok?" Brandon asked, feeling John sit back down hard. John snickered.

"I'm fine. Go back to sleep. I'm going to shower and then go downstairs for some coffee." John gently stroked Brandon's arm, which was wrapped over Veronica's sleeping body.
Bidder Fifteen by Simplyshelly
After drying off, John slipped a pair of sweat pants on and headed down to the kitchen. He'd had plenty of nights where he needed to stay alert working at the hospital so he would be able to do this. He fixed a pot of strong coffee and sat down to glance over the paper. He looked at his watch. It was only ten in Chicago. He wondered what Abby was doing right now, wanting to share with someone what he'd been through during the past several days. After his coffee was done, he poured a cup, went to the sitting area, curled up on the couch with a comforter, and dialed her number.

"Hello?" Abby said on the fourth ring.

"Hey. It's me, John." He said, his voice sounding very relaxed.

"You home yet?" She asked, lying in bed half asleep.

"Not yet. I'm on medical watch for another eighteen hours and then they'll let me get on a plane. At this point, I think the altitude would make it explode." He laughed.

"Word has it you're a hero." She said, a smile in her voice. John chuckled.

"I wouldn't use those words. My attempt at being a hero got me one hell of a headache." He groaned, touching the lump on his forehead. Abby snickered.

"Everyone at County is talking about you. Even Romano was speechless when we watched the story on the news." She informed.

"What? No snide comment, no sarcastic remark?" He asked.

"Not a one. I got it on tape when you get back. So, how's your trip going?" She asked, hearing how relaxed John sounded. John sighed.

"I'm sitting on the couch of a house that would put Gamma's house to shame." He sighed.

"So, it's not a former patient?" She asked, having wondered for days who John was with. John laughed.

"No. Actually, I'm with a friend from Atlanta and his wife. They are, well, treating me very well. Turns out he thinks I saved his life or something. Something about his realizing his own pain watching what I was going through or something like that." He said. Abby giggled.

"Healing people with just your presence again, are you Dr. Carter?" She snickered.

"What can I say? Just call me Saint John. I will say, though that they have helped me heal more than they know." He admitted.

"Should I assume that you've been doing some physical therapy?" Abby asked.

"Physical, mental, emotional, name it. I've probably done it in the past few days." He smiled. He could hear her hesitate on the other line.

"Did you.. well, you know?" She finally asked. John chuckled.

"If you ever say anything to anyone, I will kill you." He threatened, smiling. Abby laughed in surprise.

"So, is this on the DL?" She giggled. John joined her.

"Uh, well, no. And I'm not gay." He said, unable to admit this to anyone but Abby. He knew she would understand.

"Yosh will be so disappointed. I hear he's had a thing for you for a while." She teased. "So, John Carter found out there's more out there than blondes, huh?" She laughed, having known this about John for years yet happy that he finally found it about himself.

"Well, Veronica is a blonde, a true blonde. Abby, I have done things that I had only read about, you know? Things I didn't think were even physically possible yet I am here to tell you, exhausted and dehydrated that they are possible and actually a hell of a lot of fun." He smiled.

"Well, it's about time you got fucked silly!" They both laughed. Abby took more of a somber tone. "You doing ok emotionally?" She asked, knowing how fast and hard John could fall. He snickered.

"This whole experience has been purely physical and about trust. Brandon is someone who I got really close to while in Atlanta and we've been doing a lot of talking. You'll never believe what his wife does." He smiled.

"What?" She took the bait.

"Sexual therapist." He said. He could hear Abby laughing.

"Well, why hadn't we thought of that?" She laughed. "You have got to give me the details when you get back, though. So, how many times?" She asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

"How many times what?" He asked, unsure of what she meant. As soon as he realized what she was asking, he blushed. "Oh, that. Abby, to tell you the truth, I lost count the first day. I am sitting here right now, drinking coffee and Gatorade, trying to replenish my body. You know, I never thought a threesome would be anything more than a twosome and an observer but they proved that wrong right away."

"Oh, now you're getting me turned on." Abby complained. "Sure, I call you and I put you out of your misery. You call me and now I'll spend the whole night lying awake. Thanks a lot." She teased.

"Well, maybe when they come to visit, we can make it a foursome." He teased. Abby laughed. "So, how's the rumor mill?"

"Usual. Everyone is sure you're having wild sex for the amount you brought in. They did redo the lounge, though. We actually have a decent couch, and a coffee pot that doesn't spill the grinds into every pot. Not quite worth a quarter of a million dollars but hey, at least they followed through." She said.

"New lockers?" he asked.

"Nope. Same old crappy ones. So, when are you really coming back?"

"I was supposed to come home tomorrow but since I have this knot on my head, Weaver gave me an extra day off. I'm on next at seven Friday night. I'll probably stay here until the last minute. The later I can leave this place, the better. I think Weaver has me on for a double." He said.

"I start back up on nights then, too. We'll have to get away sometime to talk. How bad is your head?" She asked.

"I hit the propeller when the boat exploded. I was sure I tore it open but I guess my head is pretty strong. I have one hell of a goose egg on my forehead and thirty-two stitches. I thought I would pass out it hurt so badly but everything turned out ok. The guy I had gone back in after made it." He explained.

"Concussion?" She asked, understanding why he was calling her. He was trying to stay awake.

"Yeah. Hurts when I move too quickly and the nausea when I stand is bad but I should be fine by tomorrow. I'd love to just take some . . ." He stopped, realizing what he was about to say. He was thinking about painkillers for the first time in a long time. He then realized that was one of the reasons he'd chosen Abby to call at this hour. He was in a house with medications. He knew it because he'd seen them the first time he'd been alone in the bathroom. Had his subconscious sprung into action without him even realizing it? Had he been tempted to take pills again and not realized it?

"They didn't give you any narcotics at the hospital, did they?" Abby asked, feeling out the silence she heard on the other end.

"No." John said, silently thinking.

"So, rumor has it that Dave may be coming back."

"Really? What are they saying?" He asked. Abby had needed to change the subject, to get his mind off the pills as quickly as she could and it looked like it worked.

Abby kept him on the phone for three hours, talking about everything and everyone until John told her that Brandon was awake again. She made some kind of rude sexual joke and asked Carter to put Brandon on the phone.

"Brandon? My friend Abby wants to talk to you." John said as Brandon brought his coffee into the sitting room with John.

"Why?" Brandon asked, taking the phone from John's outstretched hand. John shrugged, smiling sleepily. "Hello?' Brandon hesitated.

"Hi, Brandon. My name is Abby and I'm John's friend." She explained feeling better knowing someone was awake with John who would understand. She was past the point of exhaustion and had to keep catching herself from falling asleep on him.

"Yes, John told me who you were." Brandon said, watching John close his eyes.

"Good. I don't know if he also told you but I'm also his sponsor. We've been on the phone for a few hours now and he seems ok but he was talking about taking some painkillers for his head. He said it hurts pretty badly. You don't have any narcotics in the house, do you? I don't think he'll take anything but it's been a long time and I know it crossed his mind earlier. How's his back? He told me a little bit of what you guys have been doing without details and you need to know he still has trouble with it. Don't let him exert his back too much if the temptation is already there. He said he knew you from Atlanta so I hope you understand. I'm just worried about him." She rambled on, barely taking a breath between thoughts. Brandon laughed quietly, touched by the concern he could hear in her voice. Brandon had gotten up and walked out of the room, seeing that John seemed perfectly comfortable with his talking to Abby.

"Abby, he's fine. He's very tired but I'll figure out a way to keep him awake and diverted, all right?" He said quietly, hoping John didn’t hear him. He could hear Abby sigh with relief.

"Ok. Good. He sounds very happy." She said, feeling that John was safe. "He means a lot to a lot of people here in Chicago." She said. Brandon smiled.

"He's touched us, too. Good night, Abby. He's in good hands." Brandon hung up the phone and went back to John's side. He brushed John's hair gently.

"She's worried about me taking something, isn't she?" John smiled, looking up at Brandon with sleepy eyes. Brandon nodded.

"Yes." He said simply, sitting next to him.

"I'm ok. I won't deny it didn't pass through my mind but if Abby only know how often it went through my mind, she'd be a basket case." John admitted. Brandon pulled him into his lap, laying John's head down.

"Me, too, John. Me, too." He stroked John's forehead, figuring a short nap wouldn't hurt him.


Every half hour or so, Brandon would wake John up to check on his condition. After about the tenth time, John was beginning to become quite grouchy. Each time, just as he would begin to fall asleep, Brandon was shaking him or poking his side. He was used to being awake for long periods but not tortured mercilessly like this for hours upon hours. He would get up and pace the floor for a while, then wear out again and lay down but as always, Brandon was right there, shaking him again.

Brandon was also getting a bit testy, he himself being exhausted, and sleep deprived. They'd gone through two pots of coffee and were beginning to get on each other's nerves.

"John?" Brandon called from the couch. He hadn't realized how comfortable this couch had been this morning. It was soft and seemed to be just reaching out to him, pulling him into its billowy folds. He sat up, shaking the sleep from his head. John sat curled up in one of the chairs, head buried in his cradled knees.

"John!" He yelled, startling the young doctor.

"What!" John yelled back, groaning at yet another interruption.

"Come on, get up." Brandon urged, getting himself up and pulling on John's arm. John protested.

"No." He mumbled, trying to pull away. Brandon was stronger, though, even in his weakened state.

"Come on. We're going for a walk outside." Brandon pulled John to his feet and led him toward the patio door. The sun was just coming up and Brandon could see the dew on the lawn. He opened the door and pushed John through it.

"Oh, Jeezus it's cold!" John complained, his warm bare feet hitting the cold wood of the deck.

"It'll wake you up." Brandon reassured shocked at how cold it really felt out there. He wrapped his own arms over his chest and rubbed.

"Brandon, I'm fine. The vertigo is gone, my head throbs, and I'm tired. Just let me go back in there and get some sleep, please?" John pleaded, staying away from Brandon's body. They'd worn out the need for physical comfort a few hours ago.

"You know that you need to stay awake for a few more hours, doctor." Brandon stated, emphasizing the word 'doctor'.

"Screw that, Brandon. You know it's all bullshit. I'm fine. I need sleep but my head is fine!" John paced like an angry bull.

"Do you realize how hard you hit your head, John? They didn't even want to release you but they did so because I promised I'd watch you so you'll stay awake and I don't care if you like it or not! You think I'm enjoying this? I haven't had to pull this kind of shift since my med school days. You? You're used to it." Brandon yelled back.

"I am not used to being jerked awake every few minutes by someone who I thought was my friend!" John spat.

"Thought I was your friend? It's because I am your friend that I'm doing this!" Brandon snarled. Veronica appeared in the doorway.

"My goodness." She laughed. She looked well rested, wrapped in her satin robe, her hair cascading down her shoulders. She took one look at her men and had to hold in the laugh. They both looked awful. "You two sound like children." She mocked. They both looked at her, hoping she would protect them from the other. She walked over to John, held his face, and looked at his pupils.

"Please let me sleep." He begged, putting on his best puppydog face. She forced to keep a straight face. "Well, your eyes look fine. Why don't the two of you head upstairs and get some sleep."

"But, honey?" Brandon protested. She stroked her husband's tired face as John disappeared.

"It's all right, baby. It's been close to fifteen hours since he hit his head. He needs sleep and by the sounds of it, so do you. Why don't you join him upstairs and I'll wake you both for brunch." She gently kissed his nose.

"All right. But make sure you check on him once in a while." He reluctantly agreed.


John was already curled up under the covers by the time Brandon arrived. Brandon crawled under the covers on the opposite side of the bed, both too annoyed with each other to get very close. They pulled the blankets back and forth between them for a while until they finally found a happy medium.

Brandon was dozing his way to a well-needed rest when he felt John change position again. He snuggled back down even further into his pillow, letting its cushion envelope him. Again, just as he felt his body drifting, John sighed loudly and flipped over onto his other side. Brandon rolled over also, both with their backs facing. Darkness descended once again, only to be snatched away from him by his restless bed partner.

"What the hell is your problem?" Brandon sat upright. John lay with his arm draped over his eyes.

"I can't sleep." John said dejected.

"What?" Brandon questioned, incredulous. John sat up, his face wide-awake.

"I can't sleep. This happens to me all the time. I force myself to stay awake for so long that when I get to finally sleep, I can't." He shrugged.

"I thought doctors could sleep at the drop of a pin when they needed to." Brandon said, feeling sorry for the sad look in John's eyes. He could tell that John was now fully conscious.

"Sure, when I'm at the hospital. It's more from the adrenaline deprivation than anything else. You know. The highs are really high and the lows totally suck. Go on to sleep. I know you're tired." John got up and shuffled to the bathroom.

Brandon wanted to go after him, to help him get to sleep but he just didn't have the strength. He'd fully intended on telling John to crawl back into bed when he came out but he didn't get the chance. Within seconds, Dr. Montgomery was sound asleep.
Bidder Sixteen by Simplyshelly
John came down the stairs, figuring he'd get something to eat. Maybe that would help.

"What are you doing down here?" Veronica asked, getting her gardening hat on.

"I can't sleep." He smiled his impish grin. "Hazard of the profession."

"Well, my dear." She led him to the patio. "Why don't you lay here and talk to me while I do my gardening, ok?" She hoped the cool morning followed by the rising sun would relax him enough so that he'd fall asleep.

"It's cold out there." He protested weakly.

"So, I'll bring you a blanket. It will warm up in an hour, though. Should be a beautiful day today." She said, sitting him on one of the chase loungers. She wrapped a blanket around his body and went about her gardening.

It was only a matter of minutes before his sentences became unrecognizable for words. Veronica peered over her sunglasses at his sleeping figure curled up on the lounger and cuddled in the blanket. She smiled. Hopefully, he'd finally get some much-needed rest.


John woke abruptly when he rolled over and fell off the lounger, banging his throbbing head on the deck.

"Oh, shit." He groaned, holding his head. The rest of his body had landed on the blanket, which had been tossed from his sleeping frame sometime midmorning. He lay there, feeling the mild sunburn on his chest, the throbbing of his head and the sleep leaving his body. Sitting up, he realized that he felt rested and the throbbing was fading into a minor ache. He looked up at the sky, squinting from the sun, trying to figure out what time it was.

"I thought you'd sleep all day." Brandon said from the other lounger. He smiled widely, trying not to laugh. He closed the book he'd been reading.

"Oh, hi. Didn't see you there." John smiled, embarrassed to have fallen in front of Brandon.

"Your head ok?" Brandon asked, sipping his iced tea. John managed to sit back on his lounger.

"Yes, doctor. Where's Veronica?" John looked around, trying to spot the blonde.

"She went into town for a late lunch with some girlfriends and shopping. She'll be back for dinner. Are you hungry?" Brandon looked at John from under his glasses. John looked so much better with a bit of color to his face and chest, sort of like an eternal blush.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted this morning. I know you were just trying to help." John said. Brandon sat up, facing John. He placed his hands on John's knees.

"We were both pretty tired. You should see the way Veronica talks to me when she's tired!" He kidded. John just shrugged.

"So much for my special day, huh? Figures I'd blow it." John slumped back, lying on the lounger, turning away from Brandon.

"Hey there, don't go closing up on me again, baby. You don't have to be back until tomorrow. We have plenty of time, Johnny. We still have this afternoon, this evening, tonight, and tomorrow until you leave. How long do you want to stay?" Brandon was instantly at John's side, touching him, trying to get John to turn towards him.

"Did you just call me 'baby'?" John's eyes were glittering and he had a huge smile plastered across his face. Brandon thought for a second.

"I guess I did. Wow. That slipped." Brandon blushed. John took a hold of his face and leaned in for a kiss. He had been called 'baby' before but never with such ease, never had it rolled so casually off anyone's tongue and feel so, well, good, John thought.

"Yes." John said, suddenly feeling much better. Brandon looked at him, questioning.

"Yes what?" Brandon asked.

"Yes, I'm hungry." John smiled, releasing Brandon's face. Brandon stood, laughing to himself.

"What are you hungry for, John Carter?" He asked, walking towards the arcadia door. He turned back to John, who smiled mischievously at him. "Food, Carter. You need food!" He scolded, going inside. The young doctor was definitely insatiable.

"Meat." John said also coming inside. He leaned on the kitchen island, stretching his back. "I need something to chew on." He smiled. Brandon shook his head, the visual images too much.

"How about we barbeque some bratwurst? Would that satisfy your need?" He asked, knowing what he was implying. John nodded, smiling.

"It's a start." He played with a trivet, not looking at the man but they were both extremely aware of each other's presence. "So, hear from your son?" John asked, deciding to redirect the subject. He remembered the troubled relationship Brandon had with his son.

"He spent last Christmas here with his new wife." Brandon shrugged, handing John a tray of sausages. John followed him outside to the grill.

"A new one? How many does that make now?"

"This is number three. He's not even twenty five yet and he's been married three times." Brandon shook his head as he lit the grill.

"How long have you and Veronica been married?" John asked, not remembering.

"Twenty eight years this year." Brandon smiled fondly. John shook his head.

"What's the secret?" He asked, wishing he knew the secrets to happiness.

"Hm, I think it's a combination. We've had our troubled times but I think down deep, we're still as in love with each other as the first day. We've grown up with each other. We change with each other and we grow together. We have our separate lives, our careers, our interests differ. I think we try hard not to spend too much time together so that we don't get too tired of each other. The past couple days is a treat for us, too. We're both usually so busy with work that we see each other in passing. We stick it out together, though. We're there to support the other one when we need it. What about you, John? Are you going to get married someday?" He asked. John shrugged.

"I don't know. I mean, I like the idea but I'm not sure. Let's face it. You guys have lasted so long and then I see my parents, who have been married just a bit longer and they've smothered each other. I can't seem to get a woman to stay around longer than a few months." He sighed.

"John, I see you married. You're a married type of guy." Brandon said, placing the sausages on the grill. "Problem is you are attracted to the dating type of girl. I don't know if you even notice the marrying type of girl." Brandon observed. John thought for a few minutes.

"Maybe I'll end up with a guy?" John suggested. Until recently, he'd never seriously considered it but this had been an eye-opening trip. Brandon shook his head immediately.

"No, no, no. You're not gay." He smiled, sitting on the lounger. John sat across from him as their food cooked.

"Well, I never thought so until a few days ago. I can't deny that what you do to me doesn't make me consider it." John smiled, happy to find someone that he felt like he could talk openly to about anything. John hadn't had someone like that since, well, since Abby. And he couldn't tell her everything. The last guy he could be this honest with had been Chase.

"Do you think I'm gay?" Brandon asked.

"No." John laughed at the thought. Brandon smiled.

"You aren't the first guy I was with, John. Listen, a few years ago Veronica and I were going through a very rough time and we decided to try new things. We'd gotten so caught up in our daily existence that we were no longer growing as people. We tried all kinds of things. I joined a bowling league. She began writing and in our search for something new, we opened ourselves up to new sexual experiences. Veronica slept with a few women, a few men, just trying to find a newness to get the spark back. That was the first time I slept with men. We did so with each other in the room, under the pretense that it was experimental. We tried all sorts of wild things. I discovered that I liked having sex with men. I'm no gayer now than I was years ago but I am honest with what feels good. I'm also secure enough with who I am to admit that sometimes I need a bit more than a woman. Sometimes I need the strength and the feeling that I can only get from men." He paused, seeing John hanging on to every word, occasionally nodding in complete understanding. "What about you? How much experiencing in life have you done besides working, going to school and dating blondes?" He kidded. John smiled.

"Up until a few days ago, almost nothing." He admitted.

"What about this Abby?" Brandon asked. John looked surprised to hear her name brought up.

"What about her?"

"Have you had sex with her?" he asked. John shook his head adamantly.

"No, I don't think that would be a good idea. Nope, I don't think I've ever just had sex. I've been in love with every woman I've ever been with. I don't know how to have sex. When I share that, I've always considered it making love." He said.

"What about us? You're not in love with us, are you?" Brandon looked him directly in the eyes.

"No. You two are different. I don't love you that way. I mean, I care about you and respect you but I'm not in love with you." John said, thinking about each word.

"And Veronica?" Brandon asked. He knew he was getting honest answers.

"No. I mean she's great but I don't feel anything for her but friendship."

"So, didn't you tell me that Abby was your friend?" Brandon questioned.

"Yeah, but with Abby, well, several months ago I was in love with her. I was in love with her for over a year ever since I got, well, got stabbed. Abby was the one I could turn to. Even when she was the one who turned me in for using fentanyl, I still loved her. When I came back from Atlanta, we became very close. It was one night when we were out taking a walk after our shifts when I made a complete fool of myself. I professed my love for her, you could say. She ended up breaking up with her boyfriend thinking I wanted her to and when she told me that she did it for me, I freaked. I told her she was still emotionally with the guy she'd been with for a year and I ran. I ran straight into the arms of another doctor who had just moved back to Chicago that had worked at County when I started. I'd always had a crush on Susan and even tried to kiss her once but she was way out of my league. Well, I began dating her and we even had some fun times but I ran to her because I was scared of Abby. Over the past several months, Abby and I have gotten our friendship back and I think we've moved beyond. We're both single but we need our friendship right now. We're best friends." He smiled.

"So, if you are that close, then why don't you suggest the two of you have sex? Sex is different than making love, John. What we've done is sex. You can have sex with someone who you are emotionally bound to also. You just have to be able to see the lines and not cross them." Brandon explained. John thought for a few minutes.

"I'm afraid that would probably send me over the edge. I don't have to look at you every day so it's easier with the two of you. No, if I were going to have sex with someone, it would have to be someone outside of work." He decided.

"So, who do you know outside of work that you trust enough to reveal your most intimate self to?" Brandon asked. He could see John's mind working.

"Plane fare isn't too much between here and Chicago, right?" He cocked his head and grinned. Brandon ruffled his hair as he got up to check the grill.

"John, you are welcome here any time. Neither of us was kidding when we said we'd love to lock you in the bedroom as our own private sex slave." He said. John came up behind him and placed his hands around his waist. John lovingly cupped Brandon's cock. Brandon smiled. "We have plenty of time for that later, John. Right now you need food."

"I know it." John kissed the back of his shoulder. "I just needed the contact."

"You didn't get hugged much as a child, did you?" Brandon teased. "Go get me a plate. These are done."
Bidder Seventeen by Simplyshelly
"I'm stuffed." John exclaimed, setting his empty plate on the deck. They had decided to eat on the patio, enjoying the peacefulness of the late afternoon. John laid back and stretched out, it feeling good on his back to have his legs elevated. "Man, I'd love a cigarette about now." Brandon laughed.

"Go ahead. It doesn't bother me."

"No. I finally quit a few weeks ago but there are moments when one would really be good." John chuckled to himself.

"Giving up all your vices, huh John?" Brandon joked, also stretching back. The afternoon had been so relaxed with John. They hadn't really gotten the chance to just talk since Atlanta and they found that addictions aside, they could be good friends.

"I think you've awakened another vice that I didn't know was there." John laughed to himself.

"So, Dr, Carter. This is your time, until you leave tomorrow. You never told me how long you could stay." Brandon questioned, turning his head and glancing at the handsome man next to him.

"I'm on at seven. Get me to my shift on time, that's all I care about. Hell, I don't even care about going home first. Just slow the car down and roll my happy body out towards the ambulance bay. I'll take it from there." He smiled. Brandon watched him for several peaceful minutes.

"So," Brandon said. John turned his head towards him. "Any secret fantasies I should know about? Any dreams you want to make come true tonight?" He asked. John thought for several minutes.

"This is nice. Ever since I got here, I've had more fantasies become reality than I ever could have dreamt of." He said. "As far as what do I want to do that would make tonight special? Well, it's not what I want to do. It's more of what I want to try again." He smiled mischievously.

"Veronica should be home any time to help out." Brandon said, sure that it was Veronica that John needed. John slowly shook his head, sitting up.

"I don't think we'll be needing her for a while." John faced Brandon.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Brandon smiled as John sat next to him. He reached up and brought John's face down towards his own, capturing John's mouth. John's kiss was passionate, hungry, and strong. Brandon couldn't believe what a good kisser John was. It was as if he put all his energy into it as their lips parted. Brandon moaned. "John." He whispered as John continued down his neck. Wet kisses, followed with his tongue, searching, tasting. With a sudden gasp, John stopped, his body rigid.

"What's wrong?" Brandon asked, seeing pain written all over John's face.

"Spasm." John gasped through gritted teeth. He should have known better than to lean over at this angle. His fingers were nub as his back screamed in pain. After several minutes, the pain subsided and he was able to move again.

"That happens a lot, doesn't it?' Brandon wiped the sweat from John's forehead.

"Yeah but I should have known better. Since this position obviously isn't very good for me, how about we move this inside?" John suggested, standing, cautiously forcing his left foot completely on the ground. Brandon stood next to him.

"Are you up for this? I mean, we could just lay here and talk." Brandon offered. John pushed him towards the doorway.

"Go. I want to do this." He pushed playfully.

"Upstairs?" Brandon asked, holding the door for John.

"How long do you think it will take the hot tub to get warmed up?" John stopped, pushing Brandon against the glass and kissing him roughly. Brandon smiled. He liked this side of John. Brandon pulled his mouth away, simply to get a breath.

"Not long." Brandon's body was becoming aroused quickly feeling John's pressed against his own. John kissed and nipped at his neck. "John, you have to stop if you want to get upstairs."

"Maybe I've changed my mind." John said, taking Brandon's wrists and lifting his arms up against the arcadia window. He held them there, only their bodies touching as John attacked Brandon's ear and jaw line.

"Have you ever been told that you have a talented mouth, Doctor?" Brandon gasped, his breathing increasing. He could feel John smile.

"Once or twice. Those restraints still attached to the bed?" He asked, pressing his hips against Brandon's attentive groin.

"No but it would only take me a second to get them back out. What did you have in mind?" Brandon squirmed himself out from under John and walked towards the stairs.

"You'll see." John smiled, taking the stairs two at a time.

The minute they arrived, Brandon turned on the hot tub and he went back to the bedroom to get the restraints. He began placing them on either side of the bed but John stopped him.

"Put them in the center." John commanded. Brandon did as he was told, John's authoritative tone acting as an aphrodisiac. "Now lie on you back." John instructed. Brandon was surprised.

"They're for me? I was hoping to get you tied up again." Brandon joked as he lay in the center of the bed. While he did so, John took advantage of the time and took off his own sweatpants. Brandon smiled when he saw John's response to the impending session. Brandon lifted his arms, waiting for John to buckle the shackles.

John's stomach did a leap when he saw the older man surrender to him completely. Yes, he was very happy he'd chosen to repeat this but for memory sake, he wanted it be special and different from the previous.

John first pulled off Brandon's pants, freeing his bobbing member to point at the ceiling. Without hesitation, John climbed upon the bed, straddled Brandon's thighs, and reached up to fasten the imprisonments. While in this position, John's hips ground onto Brandon's, both bodies responding to the friction.

"John." Brandon groaned. John began at his detained wrists and began what he hoped would be a lengthy and antagonizing oral assault. He wanted to touch every bit of flesh, tasting it, biting, making Brandon wriggle under his body. There was nothing tender or soft about what he was doing. Only urgency and craving.

Without a word, John continued to cover his face, neck, earlobes, first one side then the other. Brandon had begun grinding his hips upwards, but John pulled back with his own, making their contact less intense. John continued onto his shoulder, his chest, and down to his stomach. John purposely was avoiding the erogenous zones, driving Brandon wild.

John caressed his chest, fondling his hair covered pectoral muscles. His mouth moved from Brandon's stomach back up to his chest and captured a tiny nipple. Brandon gasped loudly as John roughly pulled and bit at the overly sensitive skin.

Both of their cocks throbbed with need as the electrical jolts shot into Brandon's groin. John knew just when to lick and when to bite. He seemed to be reading Brandon's mind, knowing what Brandon wanted next.

John worked his way back down Brandon's stomach and to his groin. John took in the scent of Brandon's body, never wanting to forget. He kissed along his length, making his way to the tip. There, he paused, looking fondly at what he was doing to Brandon's body. No one else, just John Carter. Brandon bucked his hips up slightly.

"John, I need to feel your mouth. Please. I want to feel your mouth." Brandon begged. John licked the tip; Brandon's taste even better than his scent. Brandon groaned and thrust again. John placed his mouth around the tip. "Oh, God, John!" Brandon thrashed on the bed, wanting desperately to take a hold of John's head and thrust into his mouth. John slowly slid his mouth down, taking more of him each second.

John relished in the taste and the feeling of the hardness that filled him. He had never imagined that having another man in his mouth would be so satisfying. He concentrated on relaxing his throat, wanting to take all of him in.

Brandon resisted the urge to thrust until John was able to take his entire length. John slid back up, swirling his tongue around the head. He removed his mouth and placed Brandon's scrotum in his mouth.

"Oh, you are definitely a very fast learner." Brandon panted, feeling the mouth of a pro. John's hand grasped him tightly, slowly running up the length and back down. John moved and knelt between Brandon, spreading his legs without losing contact. He took Brandon again in his mouth, taking the entire length quickly, proud of himself that he didn't gag.

"John, don't stop! Please don't stop!" Brandon begged. John continued for a few strokes and did just that – he stopped. Brandon's cry was from deep in his throat. "Oh, God." He mumbled, feeling John reach up and unbuckle the restraints. Brandon's hands went directly for John's body, John being positioned too low to reach his errection. John reached for the lube and the condoms and Brandon took the opportunity to capture John's chest, instantly finding a perk nipple.

"Hey, that's not fair." John laughed, pulling away.

"What? You think you're in charge here?" Brandon laughed. John sat back on his haunches, squeezing a dollop of lubricant into his hand.

"Actually yes." John smiled, warming the thick liquid. Brandon smiled.

"Ok. I'll do what ever you ask me to do." Brandon pulled his hands away, watching John's eyes smiling.

"Anything?" John asked, bringing his hand to Brandon's groin.

"Anything at all." Brandon bucked his hips at John's slick touch.

"I think you had me at a disadvantage the other night, doing all the work." John smiled, his hand moving down to Brandon's backside. He gently massaged the opening.

"Really? Well, by all means, take advantage, John." Brandon spread his legs as far as they would go. John inserted a finger and he went directly for the prostate. "Ugh. Man, I am so happy you took that anatomy course." Brandon smiled, John hitting his target the first time. John smiled. With his other hand, he expertly ripped open the condom packet with his teeth and applied the condom to himself.

"I want to be inside of you, Brandon." John said, adding another finger. Brandon's eyes were closed as John remained on his own haunches.

"I want you inside of me." Brandon gasped, the sensations John was creating inside of him taking over his entire body.

"I want you to touch yourself, Brandon. I want to watch you touch while I'm inside of you." John said, running his hand up Brandon's length while adding yet another finger, stretching Brandon. Brandon did not need any convincing as his hand went immediately to his own cock, stroking the head and down the length. John touched himself to the same beat, amazed to feel such an increase in sensation watching Brandon.

"John, I'm ready. Please, I need you inside me." Brandon begged, pulling a pillow around and putting it under his own hips, raising them for John. He knew this position would be harder on John's back than John knew and he didn't want him having another spasm.

"Oh, is that the way it's done?" John asked, bemused. Brandon smiled, lifting his legs.

"Yes. If I can put my legs over your shoulders, you should be able to reach without hurting your back."

"Don't worry about my back." John smiled, kissing the inside of Brandon's knee and he scooted closer. Of course Brandon had been right. Their hips were aligned perfectly. "You ready?" John asked, watching Brandon still stroking himself.

"You wait much longer and I'm going to be all done." Brandon smiled. John placed himself just at the opening, feeling the heat radiate off Brandon's body. He carefully slipped inside, watching Brandon's facial contortions before he moved any further.

John liked this position much better than the other night. This way, he had full control of the thrusting. He could also watch his partner's body, which was frighteningly beautiful. Brandon nodded and John pushed in a bit further.

Soon, John was immersed completely and they began a slow bump and grind. Brandon continued stroking himself, stopping occasionally to prolong his own orgasm. Sweat dripped off of John's body as his thrusting increased at a painfully slow pace, their moans, and groans the only sounds.

Much before he wanted it, John felt the pressure building in his own body. He took a hold of Brandon's hands and stopped all movement. Brandon looked at him confused.

"What's wrong?" Brandon asked, his throat getting hoarse from his panting. John chuckled.

"I'm going too fast." John admitted. Brandon tightened his muscles, hugging John's member.

"Not too fast for me." Brandon thrust his hips up slightly. John looked at him with a face of desire.

"I want this to last." John admitted. Brandon understood. This was probably the last time they would be doing this for a long time and he was touched at John's visible emotions. He lifted his legs off his shoulders and pulled John down on top of him.

"Come here." He kissed John's sweaty hair, moving only enough to keep the sensation but not enough to bring them to the cliff.

They lay together, kissing, touching for a very long time. One would occasionally thrust slowly into the other to keep the arousal but relished in the feeling of their two bodies, connected. Brandon gently rolled John onto his back as he wanted to see the complete vulnerability written all over the young doctor's face. John's glaze was in another world, his breathing deep and concentrated, each of his movements purposeful and controlled.

Their pressure began to build and this time, both were ready for release. Brandon began stroking himself again in time with the bucking of John's hips. Their breaths began to get shallow and their moans echoing on top of the others. Suddenly, John rolled back over, pulling Brandon's legs back up over his shoulders and he began to thrust with all his strength into Brandon.

"Oh, God, John. Yes. I want you deeper, yes, like that, yes, oh, God, yes!" Brandon urged. His own stroking racing himself to the heavens.

With one last thrust, John's entire body stiffened as a scream emerged from his throat, the colors flashing in his head, his entire body on fire. John's orgasm set off Brandon's and the older doctor felt sixteen again. After what seemed like forever, John's muscles lost their strength and he collapsed onto Brandon's heaving body.

"Oh, man." He mumbled, his mouth muffled by Brandon's chest. Then he heard Veronica giggle.

"My goodness, that was one hell of a show!" She applauded, making her way to the bed. Brandon chuckled.

"How long have you been there?" He kissed his wife, John still collapsed on top of him.

"Long enough to practically climax myself. You two are just beautiful together." She stroked John's sweat covered back, sending chills down his arms. John disengaged himself and rolled between them.

"It's his fault." He said, smiling, looking completely spent. Veronica went to the bathroom and brought back two warm washrags. She crawled up the end of the bed, straddling one of each of their legs and she began washing them tenderly.

"You two are also very messy." She teased, the warmth making Brandon sleepy.

"Well, I bet if I put my hand between your legs, you'd be dripping." Brandon mumbled.

"Actually, it's down to my knees but that's beside the point." She kissed his sleepy face. "Why don't you take a nap, darling? I'll go put dinner in the oven and wake you when it's ready. Brandon nodded and rolled over. "Do you want to take a nap also, John?" She asked, still holding the washrag on his stomach. John was lying back watching her.

"I'm not sleepy." He smiled.

"Well then. Why don't you go relax in the hot tub for a while and I'll put dinner in? I'll be up to join you in a few minutes." She kissed his chest and got up.

"You don't want help with dinner?" He asked, slowly sitting up. Veronica laughed.

"Uh, no John. Kerry told me not to let you near the kitchen!" She giggled, leaving the bedroom.


A short time later, John felt a stirring in the water. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to see Veronica holding out a glass of tea to him.

"I thought you might be thirsty." She smiled, relaxing across from him, touching his legs with her feet.

"Thanks." He said, the grin unable to leave his face. "How was shopping?" He played back with her feet.

"Wonderful. I bought you a present." She smiled teasingly.

"Really? Why? Don't you think I've cost you enough?" He smiled.

"Oh, please, John. The donation to the hospital is a complete tax write off. You haven't cost us a penny." She reassured.

"So, what'd you get me?" he asked, looking twelve. She couldn't help but giggle.

"It's a surprise." She said.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. Now is as good a time as any." He suggested, surprised that she had gotten him anything. He felt it was him that owed them, not the other way around.

"Not until you walk out that door tomorrow. Besides, I want Brandon to be there also. It was actually his idea." She smiled. John sighed, relaxing in the bubbles.

"So, how long until dinner?" He asked, spreading his arms along the edge of the tub.

"About an hour. You hungry?" She asked, scooting up next to him. She kissed his neck and fit under his arm.

"Not yet but I will be. How about you? You hungry?" He asked, capturing her lips and kissing them softly. He could have sworn she purred.

"I will be soon. The plane is ready to leave at 4:30 pm tomorrow and Fredrick should pull up at the hospital right about 6:30 pm, barring any traffic problems." She explained, running her hand caringly over John's chest.

"I really can get a commercial flight home." He said, every muscle completely relaxed. She gave him a look he'd often see on his grandmother's face.

"You will not! No, we brought you here in style and we will send you back in style." She insisted.

"Wow. Ok, that gives us almost twenty hours. Hm, think of anything that we could do in that time?" He asked suggestively.

"Well, I'm sending you home after a good sleep so there goes at least eight hours." She said. John shook his head.

"I haven't had eight hours of sleep at one time since before I started college and that was a long time ago." He laughed.

"So, we'll sleep in shifts. We'll wear you out, let you sleep a few hours and wake you up again and start again." She smiled, brushing his chest, playing with a nipple. John chuckled.

"Well, then. What are we wasting time for then?" He leaned in for a kiss. John wrapped his arms around her back as their mouths opened to each other. Veronica wrapped her arms around his neck, tangling her hands in his hair. She ran her tongue along the insides of his mouth, tasting a hint of mint that always seemed to be there. Before long, John was pulling her up into his lap and she straddled his hips. He held her close, his hands firmly placed on her buttock as he kissed down her neck.

John took her breast into his mouth, worshipping the flesh. Veronica tossed her head back, moaning. One of John's hands made it's way to her front, easily slipping several fingers inside her warm depths. His thumb found her clitoris, brushing against it purposefully, scissoring his fingers inside.

"Oh, John." She pressed her chest against his face, lifting her hips a bit stretching herself for him. John found if he held his hand right, he could fit almost the entire thing inside of her, thrusting against her inner moistness. Her flesh was so warm and soft, her moans adding to his arousal. John didn't think he'd be able to physically do anything for quite a while but Veronica was a very vocal lover and her cries of pleasure went directly to his groin.

With one smooth movement, John pulled his hand out and pulled her down onto his member, groaning with the sudden impalement.

"Oh, man, Veronica." He gasped as she rode him with all her strength. She braced herself with her hands on either side of his head and John was there for the ride. Veronica took over; thrusting herself, clenching her muscled inner walls, sliding down and up and back down again. John leaned his head back, eyes closed as she raped his body.

Veronica's breathing became ragged as the squeaks and squeals increased in tempo. John felt his heart rate increase, his chest pounding.

"Oh, John!" She screamed as her entire body began convulsing as her orgasm took control. John had intended on holding his own back but with her attack, he shot up, only then realizing they hadn't used a condom. Soon, he felt Veronica collapse against his chest, her breathing directly next to his ear.

They listened to each other breathing for a very long time, not wanting to break where they had been joined for so long. After several minutes, John could smell something burning.

"Veronica?" He whispered. She didn't move. "Veronica?" He nudged. She stirred sleepily; She had actually fallen asleep against him, still on his lap, his flaccid tool still inside of her.

"Hm." She moaned, kissing his neck in her sleep.

"I think dinner's burning." He said.

"That's nice, John.' She said, curling up against him. He chuckled, hugging her tightly. Suddenly, her head popped up. "Burning?" She questioned, a look of shock on her face. John nodded. Instantly she pulled herself from him, a sudden rush of cool air covering John's chest as she wrapped a robe around her frame and ran downstairs. John turned off the hot tub, got out, and toweled off. He wanted to make sure everything was all right so he headed downstairs in his robe.

The table was set, candles lit and a fanatic salad was ready for their first course. Veronica was sitting at the table, looking very relieved.

"Brandon got it out before it got too bad." She smiled, holding out her hand for John. Brandon came out of the kitchen, also in a robe with a tray of lasagna. He smiled when he saw John.

"Well, you two woke me up with all your screaming. I don't know what you were doing to my wife in there, John, but I haven't heard her scream that much in years." He set the tray on the table.

"Trust me. It was much more what she was doing to me, Brandon. I had very little control in there. She made sure of that." John kissed the top of her head and accepted the glass of tea she poured for him. "Burned or not, it smells fantastic." He said, Brandon motioning him to have a seat.

"I think we saved it. Help yourself. There's plenty." Brandon began dishing himself some of the salad.
Bidder Eighteen by Simplyshelly
After dinner, the three of them retired to the library where they spent hours talking medicine. It was the first time John had ever spent such a close time with fellow doctors who he did not work with and he found the conversation exhilarating. They argued treatments, diagnoses, and case scenarios for hours. John's age showed in his philosophy and knowledge of the latest procedures, his ideas were by far the most creative and innovative due to the type of work he did. They were both amazed at the frequentness of the major traumas and the level of care that John had performed himself in the ER. Knowing generally what happened in an emergency room and listening to him talk, along with seeing him on the lake gave them just a glimpse of the type of doctor he was. His stories and very strong opinions proved that not only was he a compassionate doctor but highly skilled as well. Brandon was amazed with some of the stories, such as the field amputation John performed at the train wreck or the time the girl blew the brains out of the girl John had just saved, spraying gray matter all over him. It was no wonder to him that after the stabbing John had turned to drugs. His entire life was filled with pain of one form or another. The thing he found truly amazing was the passion he heard in John's voice when he spoke of his work. John was an emergency medical physician, a complete trauma doctor through and through.

After several hours of just being close, Veronica yawned.

"I saw that." John smiled; his head buried in a medical journal, curled up on the end of the sofa, afghan wrapped around him. Veronica stretched.

"Well, that's it for me, gentlemen. I need some sleep." She said.

"I'll be up in a minute." Brandon said, going over his schedule at his desk. He also looked tired.

"John?" She asked, touching his hand.

"Not yet. I need to stay up a few more hours if I expect to get any sleep. I’m starting a double tomorrow at 7 and I can’t come in dragging my ass. I'm fine here." He kissed her hand. "I'm just going to read for a while."

"All right, then. Good night." She made her way to the staircase. After a few more minutes, John heard Brandon close his appointment book and stand.

"You ok?" He touched John on the shoulder. John looked up.

"I'm fine. Get some sleep." He smiled, running his hands subconsciously through his tousled hair.

"Feel free to wake me when you come to bed." Brandon gave him a quick but caring kiss. John nodded.

"We'll see how asleep you are." John smiled. Brandon turned off all the lights in the house on his way up, leaving John sitting with just a reading light behind him.

John listened to the sounds of the house. It was so quiet and peaceful. The house itself reminded him of his grandparent's house where he was currently living. The peacefulness was foreign, though. He could never really be himself, always waiting for someone to judge the youngest Carter sibling, the rebel in the family. No, the peacefulness he felt in this home was something he could never get at home. This was a comfort, a physical calm, an emotionally supportive, and mentally relaxed feeling. He closed the medical journal, hugged his knees to his chest, and smiled. He was truly happy.


Veronica and Brandon had both been up for hours; rescheduling their appointments and doing the little bit of work that they needed to get done with taking the extra day off. John had crawled into bed with them sometime in the early morning hours and they did everything they could to keep the house as quiet as possible. Every once in a while, one of them would tip toe upstairs, peek in on the sleeping man in the bed and return downstairs, satisfied that he seemed to be sleeping soundly.

"Brandon, dear? Do you think it's about time we wake our sleeping prince?" Veronica asked, as she glanced at the clock. Less than five hours left and he would be gone from their bed, from their home but not from their hearts. John had touched them both, with his compassion, his willingness to open up to them and for just being the kind man that he was. They both felt a sort of parental protection over him, wanting to shield him from the harms of the world yet another part felt connected, passionate, a sensual depth that was felt by those who shared their most intimate moments and understandings of each other.

"I suppose we have to eventually, don't we?" He smiled. Brandon felt so much better having had the time to truly thank John for all that he'd done for him. He was able to repay his gratitude and in turn found someone who was turning into a very good friend as well as very passionate, needy, and satisfying lover all in one.

"I say we go up and wake him up in a way he won't soon forget. Are you up for it, darling?" She smiled wickedly, her finger hanging on her pouty lips. For an older woman, she was as attractive as any twenty year old. Brandon smiled.

"Not yet but as soon as we get up there, I'm sure I will be." He stood and followed his wife.

They quietly made their way up the stairs and found John almost buried under the comforter and pillows. About all they could see was an arm slung across the top of a pillow. Veronica moaned. Both lovers shed their cloths and gently crawled under the warmth of the blankets, Veronica from the front and Brandon scooting behind. John stirred slightly, lying on his side, the previously visible arm now across his face, covering it from the daylight.

Gently, they each began their own oral caress, touching him so softly as not to wake him too quickly. Their mouths and hands had no intensions of leaving even a centimeter unloved. Brandon nibbled up his back and he smiled at the appearance of a thousand tiny goose bumps breaking out on John's warm flesh. He spooned his body against John's back as his hands stroked John's chest and his mouth cherished his spine, his scars, and his ribcage, up to his shoulder blades and to his neck. Veronica busied herself with the one hand she could reach, down the front of his chest pausing only slightly at his nipples, now tiny peeks of flesh, down to his stomach and to his slowly responding maleness.

They both noticed the quick intake of breath followed by the moan as Veronica awoke the sleeping monster with her mouth. A pillow still mostly covered his face but Brandon could tell John was smiling.

"Please don't stop." John said, his voice sounding weak from sleep. He moved his neck back slightly, allowing Brandon access to more flesh and to his ears. John's earlobes, they discovered were connected directly to his groin. Brandon elicited a deep moan as he sucked one into his tightly pursed lips, teasing the flesh with his tongue. "Oh, my God." John gasped, his upper arm reaching down and grasping Veronica's hair.

Brandon pressed his body tightly against John's back, grinding his very erect cock against John's backside

"You are the most beautiful man I have ever met, John Carter." Brandon whispered into his ear, running his strong hand up John's neck. John just nodded, thrusting himself into Veronica's famished mouth.

"This is one hell of a way to wake a guy up." He chuckled, turning his head up towards Brandon's mouth.

"Is that a complaint I hear?" Veronica asked, sliding her tongue down under his scrotum. John shook his head.

"No, way! I just wish I could wake up like this every day." He smiled. Brandon left his neck and began to return down his back. Brandon trailed his mouth down his spine, creating a new set of goose bumps and he finally made his way to John's hips. Veronica kissed her way up and the couple kissed each other just above his flesh, sharing their moisture.

Brandon inserted a finger into John as Veronica stroked him tightly. John didn't care if they were kissing each other as long as they kept touching him in the way they were. John's hips didn't know which way to go as Veronica held him securely and Brandon thrust inside his body. Their lips parted and returned to John. While Veronica took his length, John felt Brandon parting his cheeks and a tongue begin to penetrate someplace it had never been before. The sensation was quite new for John and he was surprised by it.

Veronica reached onto the bedside table and got the condoms and the lubricant. She handed them to Brandon while keeping a condom for herself.

"Oh, my God, Brandon!" John gasped, totally unaware to what Veronica was doing. All he knew was Brandon had inserted three fingers rather quickly after applying the lube in a somewhat rushed state. Veronica turned around, her back facing John's chest and she inched her hips back towards John's cock. Brandon pressed his penis against John's opening and he slid his hand around, grasping John as he guided him to glide into his wife from behind.

"Oh, yeah." John mumbled, trapped between the bodies of his lovers as Brandon entered him strongly. Veronica and Brandon took a few strokes to get in sync with each other but quickly found a smooth rhythm. Time seemed to hold still for an eternity, both slamming into John harder and harder each time. John could barely breath much less move. He did manage to get his arm under Veronica's chest and he rubbed and pinched her nipples. Brandon reached around and to help him hold John's hips in place, he found the core to Veronica and flicked it expertly.

"Oh, fuck!" John exclaimed, feeling the sweat build on his skin. The language came as a slight shock to Brandon. He'd only heard John cuss using that word once before in Atlanta. The difference was this time, it was gasped out of a total overtake of his body, a confirmation that what they were doing was good.

John bit into the side of the pillow as his climax soared up to the skies. His chest heaved and he felt lightheaded as the tempo increased.

"John! Oh, my God, John! I'm . .I'm" Brandon screamed, as his body was the first to explode. John clamped down on his flesh, tightening his muscles, not allowing him to withdraw and he thrust into Veronica. Brandon felt as he himself was inside his wife as John kept their connection. Veronica was babbling in some strange language. John didn't need words. He knew she was loving his every move, as was Brandon.

"Harder, John!" Veronica begged, bending slightly at the waist, giving John better access to her from behind. He held tightly to her hips.

A deep-throated scream that bounced off the walls of the room escaped from Veronica as her climax hit her with superior strength. Brandon could tell that John had not reached his own climax yet, although it was painfully obvious that he was teetering on the edge so as Veronica's screams began to subside, he moved quickly. He pulled John back, had the condom off and his mouth over John's fully swollen cock in seconds flat.

The second he felt himself hit the back of Brandon's throat, John lost all control. Brandon gulped him in, needing to remember what John tasted like. John's back arched as he convulsed repeatedly into Brandon's mouth. Veronica's mouth joined her husband as they shared in the fruits of their labor. John had lost complete control of his body and he'd seen more fireworks than a New York harbor on the fourth of July. They lapped up his juices and sucked him until there was no life left to his drained body. He panted, feeling as if he'd just run a marathon and won. Unable to move, he lay quietly as Veronica and Brandon finally rested their heads, one on his stomach, and one on his thigh.
Bidder Nineteen by Simplyshelly
"Well, I guess that's it." John came down the stairs carrying his bag. They were waiting for him and he felt a pang in his stomach when he saw their faces.

"We'll miss you, John." Veronica kissed his lips, then his forehead.

"I'll definitely miss you, too, Veronica. You are the most fantastic woman I have ever met. And so much more." He smiled; kissing the hands that cradled his face. John finally pulled himself away and he turned to Brandon.

"Let's say we make next time a little sooner than our last time seeing each other, huh?" Brandon said. For the first time in a week, both men stood awkwardly, having trouble with a manly display of emotions. Finally, John reached out and pulled Brandon into a hug.

Brandon had always loved John's hugs. When he hugged someone he really cared about, John hugged with his entire body, not just his arms. Brandon could feel his entire body press up to his, feeling a bit strange to actually have cloths on again. John did look good standing there in his slacks, dress shirt, suspenders, and tie. It took all Brandon had not to rip them right back off of John's frame.

"I guess it's time for me to go." John said, wanting to say so much more but the words betraying him. He pulled away from Brandon, needing the break in the physical contact. Veronica handed him a small box.

"Here. This is just a little something from us, hoping that by wearing it, you'll remember how special you are and how much we love you and care about you." She said. John stood there looking at the box, utterly speechless.

"Don't open it now. Open it when the plane lands back in Chicago." Brandon instructed, taking the box from John's hand and placing it in John's coat pocket.

"I, uh, I don't know what to say." John managed to get out. He smiled at the two of them, knowing they'd changed his life and he was walking from their home a different person.

"You really need to go if you're going to get to work on time." Veronica warned. John nodded and he walked toward the door. He turned one last time, looked deeply into their eyes and he walked out.


"Dr. Carter." Fredrick smiled, holding the door open for John. John got into the limousine and Fredrick climbed into the driver's seat. As they began to pull out, away from the house, Fredrick rolled the window separating them down. "Should I assume you had a relaxing vacation, Dr. Carter?" He said, smiling into the rearview mirror. John looked at him for a moment before breaking into a huge grin.

"You could say that, Fredrick. You could say that." He leaned his head back against the leather and closed his eyes.


It wasn't until the limousine pulled up in front of County to drop John off before he remembered about the gift. Standing in the ambulance bay, limousine pulling away, John opened the simple package. Inside was a leather bracelet, very masculine yet a touch of feminine style. He smiled and looked closely at the etching into the leather. The simple initials "FHT" were repeated over and over the entire length. John smiled. Fantasy, Hunger and Trust. Indeed.


"Carter! Welcome back!" Haleh said, coming up to him. "Well, your head doesn't look so bad." She touched it, trying to take off the bandage. John had almost forgotten about his head.

"It's fine, thanks." He said, pulling away.

"How many stitches, man? Malik asked from behind the desk.

"Nearly fifty." John said, bragging just a bit. Everyone was watching him and he just wanted to put his stuff down.

"You just getting back from your 'dinner'?" Chuni asked with a mischievous grin. By the looks on their faces, they had temporarily forgotten where John had been for a week. John blushed.

"I gotta go to my locker." He said, looking down, listening to Chuni and the rest of the nurses giggling.

John went into the lounge and he saw Abby, who instantly smiled and gave him a hug.

"Hey, there. I was thinking you'd never come back." She said as he set his bag inside the locker.

"I didn't want to." He smiled, knowing that she knew and being comfortable with that.

"I bet. If I was getting it around the clock, I don't think I'd want to be here either." She kidded. John rolled his eyes in the typical Abby Lockhart roll.

"I have got some stories to tell you." He chuckled, putting on his lab coat.

"Well, the important thing is you look happy. I mean, really happy." She said, walking towards the door.

"I am. For the first time I can remember for years, I have to say that yes, Abby. I am happy." He stated, more to himself than to her. Just then, Dr. Weaver walked in.

"Give me the dirt later, Carter." Abby called on her way out. John stood nervously for several minutes, watching Dr. Weaver get a cup of coffee. His stare was making her uncomfortable.

"Did you need something, Dr. Carter?" She asked, turning around.

"Uh, no, Dr, Weaver." He said, chickening out. She looked at him for a bit.

"How's your head?" She asked, knowing he wanted to say more.

"Fine. Only a slight headache." He said, nervously shifting his weight from foot to foot.

"Good. Let me know if you get dizzy or anything." She said, heading towards the door. John figured this was his only chance.

"So, what happened with you and the boys from Harvard? Some wild night involving maybe some tiquella?" He asked, grinning. Kerry blushed a bright shade of red. He knew she knew.

"How much did she tell you?" She asked, smiling.

"Enough. So, how much of what they had planned did you know about?" He in turn asked. She winked.

"Enough." She smiled; both knowing Kerry probably knew intimate details about what had happened. If she didn't know them yet, she would know them the next time she and Veronica spoke. Kerry noticed the bracelet. John rarely wore any jewelry so it caught her eye. She walked to him and held up his wrist. "What does 'FHT' stand for?" She asked. John smiled fondly.

"Fantasy, hunger and trust." He said quietly but with a smile. Kerry met his eyes and they looked at each other for several seconds.

"Hm. Pretty good motto to live by if you ask me." She turned back towards the door. "I expect you out here in two minutes, Dr. Carter. Not all of us have had a week's vacation." She turned on the business tone but she managed to smile and wink before she walked all the way out.

John sighed. Here he was, back in his own real world. For some strange reason, it didn't seem so bad. He slung his stethoscope over his neck and headed out towards the admit desk.

"Well, well, Dr. Carter." Robert Romano placed his arm around the young doctor in a frighteningly warm gesture. "You must tell be all the details of your quarter of a million dollar trip."

John rolled his eyes to Abby, who just giggled. This would be a long shift.
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